Native Instruments Kontrol Z2 Price Drop to $600

Native Instruments announced this morning that they’re dropping the Kontrol Z2‘s price for a February “Heavy Valentine” sales special – marked down about $200 (25%) to a new price of $599 / €599.

This becomes especially valuable to new Traktor users who don’t have a full version of the software yet, as the $599 pricetag includes a copy of Traktor Scratch Pro, timecode vinyl, and timecode CDs.

Of course the natural speculation is to wonder what the driving force behind the sale is. We don’t have any information about an upcoming product release, but Native Instruments does regularly do price drops in advance of a new product launch. Maybe the four-channel Kontrol Z4 that we predicted as being a potential new mixer this year might be a reality.

Grab a discounted Kontrol Z2 with Chroma Caps in the DJTT store  or watch Ean’s walkthrough of the mixer.

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  • tsutek

    Desperately awaiting for a Z4 for connecting my HW synths/tonegens with the decks. I don’t really see why they have a S4 with all those faders/channelstrips if there’s “no need for them”, so I don’t think it’d be impossible at all.

    IMO the best of the bunch is still the A&H XONE:4D, with 4 channels (each usable as a computer audio out/MIDI channel or a physical input channel), FX send returns, analogue filters, and all those MIDI mappable extra controls. Take out the redundant (and ugly) jogwheels and you’d have the perfect DJ mixer for hybrid jams/setups! If NI would come up with something like that, it’d be an instabuy for me.

    And make it iOS compatible as well 😉

  • Weaver2

    I’m hoping for a standalone 4 channel mixer where each mixer channel can be put into a “traktor” mode, much like the DX1600 can put each channel into midi mode. That way each channel can act as a stand alone physical channel or control a traktor mixer section.

  • Strategy

    Personally I’m hoping for a Traktor Kontrol z2 mk2, with some improvements over the current modell:

    1.) A second usb input / sound card (just like all current rane mixers /
    the Pioneer DDJ-SX Controller has) to make switchovers between DJs

    2.) 2 more fx-knobs to control all 3 FX slots per bank.

    3.) Fadercurves for the linefaders.

    4.) Send and return FX loop + the needed connections on the back, so one could use f.ex. a Kaoss Pad alongside the mixer .

    5.) Footswitch input connection on the back.

    And (even though) I already fixed this by buying some DJ Techtools Chromacaps:

    I’d wish the Z2s knobs weren’t all black but in different colors, differentiating on their purpose,

    (like on the pioneer DJM T1 / all current rane mixers) to make navigating the mixer in dark club invironments easier!

  • KoenraadVDS

    They made it cheaper to match the build quality. 😉 Don’t know where they are getting they’re buttons, but mine get stuck sometimes. Also the knobs are inconsistent to each other.

  • stefanhapper

    Hmm, I can’t imagine there is a MK2 on the way, with the Z2 released just a year ago.

    On the other hand, simply upgrading the Z2 to a 4-channel Z4 would not make sense to me as the Z2 is primarily a battle-mixer and even lacks play/cue buttons.

    So the hope would be to have a Z5, a full-featured 4-channel mixer/controller without jog wheels.

    • Ezmyrelda

      Actually.. It does have cue buttons.. those 4 on each side serve as cue plus the rel/intl button for each deck serves as a play button.. But you are correct, a Z4 would not likely be the direction they are headed.. Actually I don’t even think that your idea of a Z5 is likely… That too would get away from the model that they are based on.. More likely I think it will be additions that will cement a Z2 like mixer as the centerpiece of the fully decked out Traktor setup.

  • Ezmyrelda

    I’m not so sure about a Z4.. The model doesn’t really set up right… The Z2 is already as 4 channel as their workflow needs.. 4 physical channels gets away from their paradigm as a software driven hardware manufacturer. If you have an F1 or X1 you have more access to using the C/D decks as viable mix sources. Plus the hardware knob for volume.. 4 traktor channels are already there. The Z2 is a pretty much an adaptable purpose driven scratch/personal mixer.. There will likely be something new and exciting on the horizon.. but I think that it probably includes getting Z2s in as many hands as possible to make their intentions tech wise apparent. Can’t comment as to NIs build quality.. I like my Z2 but since its the only high quality personal mixer I’ve ever owned I baby it like it’s my own flesh and blood. That said.. It’s never given me problems of any nature.

  • Tiago

    djm t1 also dropped the price to 600€, maybe that’s the main reason

    • Dan White

      Interesting – do you know when that happened?

      • stefanhapper

        Could it be that this was in October 2012 (!) ? See Or are we talking about another price drop now?

        Also, the Z2 seems available at most places for 600 EUR since mid of 2013.

        I’m confused.

        • Kraal Wiggins

          the djm t1 is officially discontinued.