Creating One-Button FX Builds In Traktor

Today’s article takes inspiration from the classic Instant Gratification Midi Fighter mapping. We’re going to show you how you can create your own one button FX build-ups. To get started, all you need is a MIDI controller and an available button to map the FX to.


With a single button, create complex FX build ups – as the button is held, the FX knobs build. Once released, the FX turns off and there’s a nice tail (when using Reverb or Delay).

At the same time, the buttons also snap the knobs to predefined parameters when the button is hit, then they will build/breakdown from there. This can be as simple as having a reverb build, or complex builds with multiple FX and knobs moving together.


By assigning knob mappings to buttons, we can use the auto repeat function in Traktor’s controller manager. “Auto Repeat” simulates multiple button presses when you hold a button down. With “Auto Repeat” an assigned knob increases or decreases as the button is held down. The beauty of this is that it will work with any midi controller.


Not that many mapping commands to get one button FX!

We’ve included a sample mapping for a Reverb build up. It’s actually pretty simple – here’s the list of commands:

Dry/Wet Adjust (FX Unit): There are two assignment here. One is set to increase with auto repeat checked. The other is set to Direct – Direct assignments snap the knob to a preset position.

Effect 1 Selector: Set to Direct, this loads a preset effect (Reverb) when the button is pressed. You can choose any effect you want.

Knob 1, 2, 3: There are 3 assignments here – all are set to direct. This snaps to the knob to a preset position. There is another assignment set to knob 3 which is set to increase and auto repeat is on. This causes the knob to increase/build up as the button is held. The resolution is also set to “Fine” for a gradual increase. It’s important to experiment with the right knob values to start. If they’re too high then the effect can build too quickly or be too intense (especially with a reverb).

Unit On: This mapping turns the FX on and only stays on as long as the button is held down.

Download the free sample mapping here to build on! 


These builds can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. You can have one effect build or a chain of multiple FX building up or breaking down. It’s important to try out combinations and see what works for you.

One awesome chain I’ve found is using Beatmasher, Transpose Stretch, and Iceverb assigned to a button. As the button is held, the Beatmasher and Transpose Stretch increase to create a pitched build up (make it a breakdown by setting the Transpose Stretch knob to decrease). Trying to control this with three knobs and three buttons wouldn’t be as easy.

Let me know in the comments if you have any awesome effects combos you find using this technique – or if you have any issues making the mapping.

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  • Butterfingers

    Did everything as described on the tutorial mappedcto one buttom and works fine but when switched to fx unit 1 as a group effect chained didn’t work oviously I’m not doing something right. ? Could anybody point me on the right dirrection. Need to know howcto map a group effects with one buttom the whole picture looks awesome .. big shout out to stewe for helping me with the TFP. Mapping. Cheers … mix on. Butterfingers.

  • steve

    🙁 Im really excited about this but cant get it to work. Any ideas what im doing wrong?

    I have down loaded the file, I can load it into control manager so all the FX are visible and loaded. Just cant seem to assign it to the F1. When I click ‘learn’, im getting no response or anything that say button 1 (the button on the F1 I have chosen) but on the traktor interface, when I press a button on the F1, the signal light at the top blinks. So this means the F1 in midi mode is working. Please help….Oh, and thanks for what u are doing, its awesome

  • djcrossfade1979

    o very nice . i wonder if you can do this with vdj ,cross and Serato DJ .
    yes i use them all but im missing one #DJNerd&lovingIt

  • Juan Labbe

    I dont know if this question is appropriate but I would like to know of these controllers (fighter and twister) work with other softwares as virtual dj since they are midi?

  • Joshua

    Do u have the mapping for Kontrol x1 mk1

  • FiXionNico

    Guys I have a problem, I mapped everything just like in the video and there is a response but the only thing that happens is that the effect selector goes to : no effect.
    If someone could help me it would be great 🙂

  • odin

    Hey guys,
    I done everythings which was explained and I’m still unable to make this mapping funktionning, please help me !

  • Lappen

    Whats the value in the Beatmasher, Transpose and Icereverb? Anyone?
    0.6, 0.5 and 0.3?

  • TheLocalHobo

    @RyanDejaegher:disqus I will be implementing this into my touchOSC setup. But I have one thing to ask, theres one effect that I want to do but I’m unsure on how to do it. I want to map a button so that when pressed, the track stops and it initiates a reverb or delay effect at the same time. Is this possible?? Hopefully you know what I’m trying to achieve.


  • lukas

    Ha cool wearing a pebble!..
    Wouldn’t it be cool to use the pebbles accelerometer to control fx?

  • Perdi

    U have no idea how much this helps…i have been trying to make this happen and couldnt figured out how it was done…gracias muy mucho yo

  • Will

    For some reason my effects don’t turn on.. any ideas? I see the knob effect but the effects stay off.

    • DJ Possess

      Everything has to be set to one button. That confused me at first. Also if Auto Repeat isn’t checked on nothing will happen.

      • noway

        will doublecheck tonight, but I’m almost shure I did everything right.

        Will @ other pc

      • Will

        after looking at the video 4 times I noticed my FX was on group, not single..
        Yes, I am retarded :/

  • DJ Possess

    OK so its early and Im tired and it took me awhile to figure this out. I programmed this onto an Akai MPD32 which I already have pretty well customized. Pad 5 does the effects as described except I left out the selector. Pad 6 changed the effect as an Incremental selector changing the effect each time. This is for Deck 3. Same effects are duplicated for Deck 4 on Pad 7 and Pad 8.

  • marcus dore

    I changed this a bit so effects parameters only increase while a modifier is set to 0. Holding another button sets the modifier to 1, which effectively puts a brake or hold on the parameters and stops them increasing. Releasing the button let’s the parameters increase again. This gives me more control over the sound and timing of the effect. Enjoy!

  • Chris Silver

    any chance something liek this will work in serato dj?

  • ndiLo

    Is there a way to keep the F1 functionality and assign a few buttons to FX?

  • J.sto

    autorepeat just changed my life. im thinking a MF3D mapping with rmx style build-up and break-down sections, using the motion for depth/dynamics. thanks ryan, awesome article

  • Kent Padilla

    Can I do this on an S4 MK1?

    • Ryan Dejaegher

      Hey Kent how’s it going? Yes you could, you just need a free button to map this to.

  • Toontown

    If you want after-button effects, shouldn’t Unit On be set to Toggle?

    • Ryan Dejaegher

      Hey Toontown how’s it going? What do you mean by after-button fx?

      • Toontown

        Like, when you release the button, the reverb or delay lingers–it doesn’t abruptly cut off. Almost like a post-fader effect. I think the unit in the mixer section needs to remain illuminated, which would be Toggle instead of Hold. Then when you go to use that same effect on a different deck, the button would turn the effect unit off on the previous deck, and toggle it on on the current deck.

        • Rayalon

          The “tail” of the FX should linger even when set to Hold, because the FX unit is still connected to the mixer section, and the D/W is still over 0, Even as “Insert”.

          • Toontown

            I feel honored that you recorded and edited this video for me. I will test this out tonight. I think you’re right. Thanks!!

          • Rayalon

            My pleasure 🙂


    hey ryan, cool mapping! When I try to use “learn” to assign buttons, nothing shows up as mapped tho. What could be wrong?

    • Rutger Willems

      Your input in the top right corner is probably not set to anything.

      • YNG LAViSH Luma BAE

        no…my inport and outport are both set to Traktor F1. Thanks

        • Ryan Dejaegher

          Is your F1 set to midi mode? (Hold shift + press browse to enter midi mode on the F1)

          • Chiefbates

            Hi Ryan. Love the mapping but I am having the same issue – unable To get results getting my F1 to assign the button using the learn function. I am in MIDI mode but no response when I hit buttons. Any troubleshooting suggestions? Thanks in advance

  • chris

    he calls the knob and button so sexy, that i have to put my fingers on

  • D

    Can this be used alongside the instant grat mapping?

  • an3

    great.. was also workjing on that 🙂 what i actually woyld like to implement is a button off reset command. is that possible ? casue now i have everytime i use the build up to quickly do another button shortcut for resetting

    • an3

      aka. whenever i let go of the button it resets the fx parameters 🙂

      • Stewe

        Sure can, what you need to do is to assign new commands for each parameter of the effect and click at “INVERT” box down it the button options. That way the parameter would instantly get back to what ever value you got them set to soon as you let go of the button/pad.

  • Patch

    Can you adjust the rate that the knobs increase? Is it just Fine or Coarse? or can you set a rate for the knob to increase (at 1/16’s, or 1/8’s, etc…)

    • Ryan Dejaegher

      There’s 5 different variables. The thing to do is experiment and find out what amunts/values work for you.

  • Kristian Savjord

    Thanks! been waiting for a tutorial like this one

  • Mike

    This works with Kontrol X1?

    • Ryan Dejaegher

      Hey Mike, Yes this will work with any midi controller.

  • kaps

    I downloaded the .tsi and i have an f1 connected but it is not functioning like the tutorial at all… i have no experience with the midi mapping portion of traktor, so i am completely lost

    • Ryan Dejaegher

      The F1 probably starting up in remix deck mode. The F1 is plug and play with Traktor’s remix decks by default. You need to switch it to midi mode (hold shift and press browse)

  • Chaser720

    My biggest turnoff for the beatmasher is its “immunity” to the pitch knob (I don’t think setting it post fader helps here but correct me if I’m wrong).

    Personally, I like to use the pitch and filter for builds. Map both controls to one knob and loop roll with the other hand. Makes a great transition effect as well because you can build a lot of energy or shave some off depending on what you’re dropping into.

    • muffintop

      Maybe add flux mode + loop size + set loop + snap (or quantize i never remember for this one) off instead of beatmasher

      Should do what you’re looking for

      • Stewe

        Sounds like my Looper Knob:

        • usa_is_dead

          I would love to see the mapping for the fader. Is that in ableton or traktor. Ableton is easy enough. Traktor mapping is a whole other rabbit hole.

  • Rayalon

    I would also add “FX Unit Mode Selector”:
    Type: Button
    Interaction Mode: Direct
    Set to Value: Single.

    To make sure the FX unit is in the right configuration 🙂

    Thanks for the cool video.

  • coolout

    I love these quick tip videos. My only critique is that there needs to be more of a “before and after” example…especially with the more obscure tracks. It’s sometimes hard to tell what the effect is doing vs what’s already part of the song. I would hate to go through the trouble of modifying my current mapping just to find out that my current reverb effect sounds basically the same.

    • flowirin

      you can make a new general midi instrument to test it out….
      the included map is rubbish, btw.
      also need to set up
      unit on (hold)
      button 1,2,3 on (hold)
      and while you are at it, effect 1,2,3 type select (hold)
      you can map a single button to chose a set off effects and slowly ramp them, as soon as you let go, it all returns to normal.
      i’ve mapped my effect select buttons to this – which means 6 mean combos at the press of a button, and everything returns to normal straight afterwards.

  • evolakim

    This is actually a really good tutorial. Mapping is not my strong suit. Good look for the simple, on point tutorial. Keep em coming.

  • evolakim

    “Reefer” on the mind much?

    • Ryan Dejaegher

      This is the second time i’ve seen someone comment about this and I didn’t understand why. Slip of the tongue haha

  • Jabba

    Auto-repeat + Inc!!!! GENIUS.

    • Patch

      Can you set the Auto-repeat rate? (1/8th’s, 1/16th’s, etc…)

      • Ryan Dejaegher

        Hey Patch, not exactly but you can use “resolution” to get faster/slower knob builds.

        • DJ_ForcedHand

          Yeah, this is the problem I had trying to build a keyboard layout for grabbed samples inside Traktor (like the Casio barking dog sample recorder piano). It would be nice if Native Instruments opened up the source code a little and let us poke around inside… I have a sneaking suspicion this will only be available once N.I. incorporates VSTs though. To be honest, I think the VST route is probably best anyway.

  • hellnegative

    Just had to add a page to my launchpad map. Thank you

    • Lappen

      like to share 😉

  • EQuBE

    I use the S4 and F1 to lunch my loops and play with my band. now i got Akai LPD8 and i wanna use it with your mapping. i followed all the steps you talked about and i couldnt get it to work my effects like the way you do. can you please telll me what should i do?

    Best Regards


    • Ryan Dejaegher

      Hey EQuBE, how’s it going? The issue is likely the mapping file. It was uploaded as a .XML when it should have been .TSI. The mapping has been updated so please download that one.


    Your couldn’t have been been! I was just in the process of reprogramming all my EFX. This has given me a bunch of new ideas.
    Thanks heaps!

    • KILLMeDJ

      your “Timing” that is =)

      • KILLMeDJ

        Far out my grammar and spelling suck! ????

    • Ryan Dejaegher

      I did this on purpose =) Just kidding. Glad to hear it’s given you some new idea’s!

  • Stewe

    Hey Ryan. One other thing I’d add is the “Store Preset” to load and set the parameters of the effect in one button action – let me know if that helps. If you find other useful FX combos please feel free share them in the Ultimate FX Thread.

    Best Regards,

    • Ryan Dejaegher

      Hey Stewe, thanks for the tip, that would definitely save some steps!

    • zzzuperfly

      but that would mean the preset is saved so if you use it on the fly it is on and set – before you are ready, at least I think so?

    • Xtian317

      ^^This! I was thinking the same thing (thx to Stewe’s help in the past).

      Good article Ryan. It gave me a few ideas of my own.