Routine: Zambusecta’s “That Kind Of Feeling” On Launchpads + Leap Motion

We’ve been tipped off to a brand new performance routine from a YouTube user going by the name of Zambuseta. The main attraction of the video is the presentation itself, probably one of the highest-production Launchpad routine videos we’ve seen so far. Watch as Zambuseta plays out Seta’s remix of Belöp’s “That Kind Of Feeling” on a Launchpad, on two Launchpads, on a drawing of a Launchpad…

Yes, this video is obviously not 100% live – but we appreciate the amount of work put into presenting controllerism in a more watchable, edited format. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Sketch

    Amazing how one controller has created a revolution in routines 😀 but I worry that in all this editing, a lot of the skill normally involved in a routine like this is lost 🙁

  • Polygon

    it’s ZAMBUSETA, check it 😉

  • DJ Rapture

    I hope novation was watching. We need a launchpad that big!

    On another note, is there any chance that djtechtools is thinking about a MidiFighter Launch? (8×8 arcade button controller would be slick!)


    Live or not. That was frikken rad!

  • Doctor Easy

    I don’t care if the majority of the video wasn’t live. It kept me entertained, and the editing was great. Nice video mate.

  • Dj Anubus

    Really, really great video editing!

  • Acker

    Good video, but Zambuseta’ll never play in Brazil.

  • Kalebbbb with a Kay

    Anyone else think that a launchpad that big would be really nice?

  • o

    Quality job on the actual editing. Extremely well put together, so much after effects I just don’t even want to think about it. Such a shame the song is just awful. Reminds me of cheesy 90’s euro pop like Scooter

  • www

    where is leap motion ???

  • efrazable

    What was real in any of that?

  • Jude Mangino

    That editing is really nice!