SECTOR: Probablity-Based Sample Slicer + Loop Sequencer

Calling itself a “stochastic sample slice sequencer”, Sector starts by laying out a simple looped sample on a circular grid. Press play and the app slices and sequences each sector (up to 32) of the loop – introducing random Markov Chain connections that jump between sectors.

The sequencer gains order with a built-in pattern sequencer,  as well as warp functions for time-bending and glitching effects. The result is chopping, stutter-filled, glitch sounds – perhaps best seen firsthand, watch Sector in action in the video below:

In terms of integrating this app into a larger live production/performance setup, Sector has a 32-bit audio engine, Audiobus and Inter-App Audio integration, and promises MIDI clock sync and loop recording in the next update. Sector  is available solely on iPad, with a price of $6.99 in the iTunes App Store.

[Spotted via Create Digital Music]

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  • Cosmodrome

    Hehehe, the old problem with algorithmic music creation. Mathematically it works fine – it just sounds terrible. That’s a fundamental thing and it won’t change until we have machines with enough intelligence to be considered soulful. But enslaving an intelligent being and forcing it to work as a composition tool might cause severe ethical issues…


    high probability of sounding absolutely terrible

  • Panpan PanPan

    Is this future music? I want out now if so….

  • danny

    what the f–k is that all about…. sounds wack..

  • ????†?????? ???? ??

    Trying to see the cool in this… Nope

  • Rudi-J


  • killmedj

    Well it least it sounds terrible.