Mashup 2.0: Garageband For Mashups

Mixed In Key has announced the release of a brand new 2.0 version of their Mashup software this morning, bringing the software into 2014 with a slew of new features. The software has come a long way since we first reviewed the software in it’s 1.0 release (there wasn’t even copy/paste or clip editing back then!).

Mashup 2’s Edit Screen (click to zoom)

Playing around with the new version for a few minutes, it’s clear that Yakov and the team at MIK have put in a lot of work to respond to early criticism and feedback from the community. The software still has an entry-level production feature set, but very much has a dedicated set of tools that help make the core goal of the software very easy: making mashups. The new features in Mashup 2.0 include:

  • The latest Mixed In Key 6.0 algorithm for the world’s best key detection
  • Support for Audio Units on Mac, and VST plugins on Windows so you can use FX in your mashups
  • Ability to reorder segments – just drag them past each other
  • Ability to select and move multiple tracks at once
  • Better automation envelopes so it’s easier to make changes
  • Left/Right panning support
  • Show/Hide the song list so you have more screen space to work with
  • Other speed and usability tweaks/improvements

Mashup 2.0 is available on Mixed In Key’s site for $39, and is free for many who has purchased the software in the past.

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