DIY Mod: Get A Mixer To Work With Traktor Scratch

One of the frustrating things about using timecode systems is that they require an official soundcard that works with your DJ software of choice. If you want to use an alternative piece of hardware, you’re out of luck. Today we’re sharing a tutorial found on YouTube from “DJChadG” on how to get a mixer (in this case the DB2 or DB4) working with Traktor Scratch Pro.

Warning: The steps below may damage your installation of Traktor. Back up your entire Traktor folder (you should have a regular backup scheduled anyway) and don’t be surprised if things act strange. Always test any type of modification extensively prior to using it in a live performance environment. 


Hex Editing: It’s a little scary, so make a backup.

Scratch functionality in Traktor Pro is limited to specific audio cards and mixers that are officially Traktor Scratch Certified – often times as a result of a hardware partnership of some kind between the hardware designer and the software developer. This is the same with Serato Scratch Live (although there’s not yet a similar hack).

The way this process works is by adding the ID number that your USB device sends out to a group of devices that are marked as Traktor Scratch compatible. It does involve using an advanced hex editor, but nothing too complicated.

Throughout the comments around the web, we’ve seen reports of users using this method to get scratch functionality on:

  • Pioneer DJM-750
  • Allen & Heath Xone:DX
  • Allen & Heath Xone:DB2
  • Allen & Heath Xone:DB4


The video above does a pretty good job of explaining how to execute it yourself. Note that the above video is for Mac users. PC users should watch a comparable video here – also by the same person. Here’s the steps that DJChadG includes in his YouTube description for the Mac version:

  1. Download and install a hex editor if you don’t have one already. Hex Fiend is recommended.
  2. With Finder, navigate to Applications, Native Instruments, Traktor. Right-click and click Show Package Contents. Navigate to Contents, MacOS, Traktor. Make a backup of the Traktor file and place the backup on the desktop. Once a backup is created, open the original Traktor file with Hex Fiend.
  3. With Hex Fiend, turn on overwrite mode via Edit, Overwrite Mode.
  4. Perform a text search for “Xone:4D” without quotes.
  5. There should only be one found result. Notice how after the “4D” there is a blank space. The blank space is “00” byte in hex in the left panel. A “00” byte indicates a new item in the list of Traktor Scratch Certified devices. Change “Xone:4D” to “Xone:DB4” followed by a “00” byte. Type in the “00” byte using the left hex panel. Continue to type “00” until you replace the next Traktor Scratch Certified device, in this case, “DN-X1600”. Your screen should look like the one below:
    What it should look like when you’ve added the DB4
  6. Since you should already have a backup created, go ahead and save the file. Load up Traktor and you should be able to use timecode. Your sound card / mixer may require a bit more configuration as discussed in the video. At this point, if you own a DB4, you’re done.
  7. What if you don’t have a Xone:DB4? First, find out the USB name of your device by opening up Terminal and use the following command (no quotes):  “system_profiler SPUSBDataType”
  8. Scroll up until you see your sound card listed. Take note of the name.
  9. Open up the Traktor executable with Hex Fiend and search for “Xone:4D” as described above.
  10. Follow the same steps, except replace the entire “Allen&Heath…” entry with the name of your sound card. It needs to be exact! Then fill in the leftover bytes with hex “00” until the start of the next certified sound card. Save the file, start Traktor, and configure your sound card accordingly.

Need help or need to see if someone else has succeeded with a piece of hardware that you want to try it on? Check the YouTube comments or this reddit /r/DJs thread.


Again, we want to caution anyone who wants to try to do this about a few very important things:

  • Do this on a backed-up copy of Traktor. It may break your installation.
  • Don’t use this live – it’s a hack. If you want guaranteed crash-free solid performance, get hardware that’s certified, supported, and tested by the developers.
  • This could very easily not work in the future. Native Instruments could find a way to patch this so it’s not possible on future versions of Traktor.   

Note: In the past posting about this type of  software modification has been restricted on the DJTT forums in an attempt to curb software piracy. There’s an ongoing discussion here – we encourage everyone to discuss this and help determine what our community values are around this subject. 

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  • Anthony Alonso

    Let’s see if this still works. :-p

  • Nacho

    Any chanve to get this working with the new xone 43:c??

  • ??????? ??????

    How to sertify traktor 2.10 on MAC OS El-Capitan. I’ve olready solved the issue with 2.6.3, but after installing new version, the HEX redactor can’t find the Pioneer 750 in Traktor file. May be it’s because of the language… How to fix it? Thank you.

  • val

    hi is this hack possible with the akai Amx ?

  • Martin Wilson

    Anybody gotten this to work with a DDJ SX2 and timecode vinyl (or CD, I suppose).

  • SebastianS

    !!!! I know by fact that traktor only guaranties that their product will work 100% of his potential if you use what they’ve specified …. No more , no less …. You can hack what you want except changing the sourcecode itself … So what some se as hack is for me just like plug-in you use in other programs [ like downloading mp3 on soundcloud and etc …. ]

    But in a way it’s logical by design to use the recommended gear because it’s suppose to work any day , any hour , at night or day when you are Deejaying somewher in a gig …..

    So hack if you want or need it …. but keep in mind that if you go to far maybe a re-install windows may be needed … that’s the only risk you could encounter when Murphy [ the law of ] is loose ….

    Keep the faith , Vive la piraterie a la mike hunter !

  • SebastianS

    Well Well ….. Good old vinyls and a pair of sl1210mkII and your only worry will be replacing faders on your mixer from time to time 🙂 So bye bye JUkebox-Deejay’s

  • Dj Scratch Application | Computer DJ Midi

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  • Anonymous DJ Industry Pro

    Hi Everyone,

    My apologies for the size of the post. It wasn’t my intention for it to be this long when I started typing it but I got a bit worked up over it.

    Props to DJTT for the article!!! Keep it up guys!!! Been loving the stuff this last couple of year.

    I’m unfortunately posting anonymously as I work for a company that deals with native instruments and I cannot say what i need to say openly but I would like to share my thoughts on this matter. (Albeit a bit late)

    For starters I too am very disappointed at the “hacking is bad” reactions here. Corporate marketing is doing a good job and programming some people it seems. Anyways, just wanted to share a few points.

    1) I am an old school DJ and I use to hack the shit out of everything I could (to this day)

    Prime examples are game consoles: Turning my first XBOX into a media center as well as an emulator for my old Nintendo games. This doesn’t mean I didn’t purchase games I just Unlocked the potential of my machine. Hacking your tools to make them do what you need/want them to do is resourceful and rewarding.

    Another more relevant example is when I use to run DVS with Torq. I loved the software but hated the hardware. That connectiv sound card was just a POS. I use to run it with my Audio 8 instead. I unfortunately had to carry both sound cards. I would have to plug the m-audio one when launching the program (sort of like a dongle but then I could unplug it after the program started, great security there m-audio I thought). One day I came across a “Hack” and I was happy as a clam. It allowed me to run Torq with the audio 8 without having the m-audio card. Eventually when Torq 2.0 was released they
    removed the hardware lock (i guess someone was thinking straight at avid) However by that point I deiced to Migrate to traktor and haven’t looked back since. Traktor is the
    Cat’s Meow, Serato with their plug and pray system can suck it.


    2) Traktor has been losing allot of traction (no pun intended but that came out kind of funny) in the last couple of years. Allot of the new controllers from Pioneer DJ, Numark and Vestax are all Serato DJ controllers. I feel that NI has been focusing way too much on their controllers and have abandoned us who use their software but prefer other
    hardware. Almost like were being punished for not using there mediocre controllers.
    (However there soundcards are monsters, my Audio 8 is awesomesauce!)

    We Traktor DJs use Traktor because we can make it our little bitch and do what we want it to. (Even though sometimes she is stubborn and crashes cause of flakey updates)

    The fact that Virtual DJ Pro natively supports more Controllers and CDJs then Traktor is shameful.

    3) Serato has learned this lesson and created the “CLUB KIT” for $169. It will allow you to use Serato with Traktor Certified Mixers like the DJM-850/900NXS and even some of the Allen and Heath Ones. I really dislike Serato but I have to give it to them on this one. (I’m sure if there was a traktor equivalent most of us would happily pay it)

    My message to Native Instruments is stop being such tight wads and let us do what we need to do. Let us use your amazing software the way it was intended. (Before you guys got heavy into hardware and lost sight of what traktor is) As an open and free flowing platform that can be bent to our needs.

    My final message is to the haters out there who think this is hack is a bad idea. Start using the brains you were given and you will see you can accomplish amazing things.
    We unfortunately now live in an era where allot of the hardware and software we use which was once predominantly used by industry professionals is now predominately a prosumer, armature or iZombie* market. These are people who mostly have no idea about the tools themselves and are not tech savvy. We DJs use to be Audio/DJ Tech Geek uber Nerds who knew how to tear our shit apart and put it back together in our
    sleep. Not so much now.

    Back in the days most DJs, producers, sounds techs, etc would always have something in there setup hot-wired in some way. That’s just how it was. This is the legacy we are from and we shouldn’t so easily throw it out the window cause corporations whose
    only interest is to sell you a new controller or sound card every year tells
    you otherwise.

    *iZombie; An iZombie is a tool who knows nothing about the technology he wants, who just keeps consuming it cause he was told he needs the new version and does stuff like walking into the apple store and tells tell the apple store IZombie salesman “So I kind of want to do what deadmau5 does…”

    Yes Folks I’ve seen this kinda thing first hand.

    Alright I’m stepping down from my soapbox now.

    Peace All! 🙂

  • yoyoma

    Can Confirm that this works with a Rane 62 on traktor 2.7. I am stoked I really like the Rane mixer but do not like Serato DJ near as much as Traktor, Serato’s software may improve but for the time being Traktors remix decks are killing it and offering way more ways to be creative than serato (I had such high hopes for the bridge but having it all in one program is so much better anyway). Also, Traktor uses less resources even with all of the extra features. I wish that they would expand the list of certified mixers because clearly there is not too much that it would take to do so. Even if it was just high end mixers (Rane, Pio, Ecler, Allen & Heath) it would help them get some serato users. If .TSI files were included and all the SSL people had to do was run the wizard to get up and running. I think that they could really grab some more of the market and start to get serato users to convert. They are already paying to have SDJ work with some mixers (club kit) and paying for SDJ upgrades, why not expand the opportunity to sell some timecode and software kits.

  • Chris

    This process works flawlessly with a DB4 and Traktor Scratch Pro (incl. Most recent update, late 2014)….

    I wish NI would be more inclusive of non native gear (no pun intended). It’s really doing loyal consumers an injustice when certain groups or gear is made incompatible through programming just to sell a few more audio cards. It would be like a car manufacturer selling a car that’s only compatible with their tires or their oil. Stuff like this should never fly in the real world, which is probably why the concept of dvs will remain a niche market and fall into obscurity. Too bad, it’s a hell of a lot of fun playing digital files with a real vinyl controller

  • Neil Fernandes

    I have followed the same instructions above with my Pioneer DJM 750 mixer but it does not seem to work on traktor scratch 2.6.8 for me. I wanna use the time coded cd’s with my mixer’s In-built usb sound card instead of using the audio 8 dj sound card and all the cables..

    Please can anyone help me out… Thanks….

  • chris

    Thank you for posting this video and walk through. It works every time, and with every update. I had to search for “ALLEN” instead of “XONE:4D” in Hex Fiend with the 2.7.3 software update to find where to edit the text FYI.

    Very much appreciated. My DB4 works seamlessly with vinyl now and without an NI external Audio interface!

    P.S. I bought my copy of Traktor. Enjoy your day.

  • MoMo [runningoutofspace]

    I strongly disagree with people tip-toeing, eggshell walking, throwing out caution while claiming its a hack here….no matter what people thought about this. The OP that exposed a way to access the part of your already owned & legitimate version of Traktor Scratch Pro did what NATIVE INSTRUMENTS could have done since before 2011. The software file that is modified with replacing the name of an older certified device with your device is simply a user update action to make your mixer work in place of a certified mixer that NI authorized but refused to support anything after that. The situation would suck if you didn’t have that file after NI got hip to what was going on but I know people that I can say that after 14 months it works as stable as the 4D is supposed to. So only your computer. While video’s information appears to be old, a backed-up version of the modified hex file works on all versions of Traktor Scratch Pro. Sadly for NI, Allen&Heath has been looking elsewhere for this type of support from a key Top Tier competitor whose DVS software has consistently beat Traktor in DJMag’s annual Tech Awards (hint).
    DB users who have been turned-off by the NI’s ignorance will welcome a DVS with full-support…

    hack1 (hak/)
    cut with rough or heavy blows.
    “hack off the dead branches”
    use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.
    “they hacked into a bank’s computer”

    a rough cut, blow, or stroke.
    “he was sure one of us was going to take a hack at him”

    an act of computer hacking.

  • token420

    great read! I’m sure NI will add official support if it’s good for both business and users. In general I think NI deserves praise for compatibility overall. Traktor Pro 2 can be controlled by 3rd party MIDI devices like Korg padKONTROL & M-Audio Oxygen8. NI hardware can be used as MIDI controllers. I’d point to backward compatibility with earlier NI products as their bigger issue.

    • KarlosSantos

      No it’s not.

  • srDomoKun

    Do you really think that NI haven’t noticed about this? If so, you’re underestimating their developers. This procedure was posted more than a year ago…
    In addition, at least in Windows, you’re not modifiying any Traktor component or feature, just a simple registry key related to your soundcard’s ASIO driver…
    BTW… It works with a BCD3000 with 2.6.6!!!!


  • DJBNaut

    I assume this is generally for hardware mixers that already have a built-in USB connection to plug from the mixer to your laptop, correct?

    • Mantis

      It’s for audio interfaces, whether they are standalone or built-in to a mixer. Obviously the interface has to have some way of communicating with your computer, such as USB or Firewire.

  • Naived

    This is blessed 🙂

  • Singula

    I got my Maya44+usb external soundcard working with timecode in traktor scratch, thnx to the windows-version of the video of this guy. Very happy with this. Got it working couple days ago, right before this article.
    About the pussies in the comments whining about NI’s EULA, you are partly right. I don’t have a lot of money, sometimes I can only buy 2/3 tracks in a month because I need to eat aswell. So for me to be able to use this stuff in this way is awesome. I buy all my music, because obviously they are the most important guys in this music thing. And I love their stuff (I’m a original dubstep lover. Also dnb and garage ofc, comes with the scene.)
    Anyway, if I made a shitload of money I would buy all the stuff. Including the official soundcards. Also, a club needs to have all the official stuff aswell.
    Last thing: big companys don’t think about what their product is worth, they think about what most people are willing to pay for it. They still make enough profit, their future isn’t at stake here. Btw, I do agree on the fact that it might not have been smart to put this on the frontpage.
    Greetz, Singula, longtime reader, kinda first poster. (2nd post)

  • Luiz Zen

    Nice thing to see such hacks around 🙂

  • Chris

    NOT TO FAART MY OWN HORN (K maybe a little) lol but I can’t believe this hack got posted on DJTT after I posted this on reddit a week and a half ago considering the relations this site has with NI.

    Nevertheless its great to see this hack being endorsed and spread 😀 .. Fuck these companies and their restrictive software structures VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

  • Cosmodrome

    I had zero problems with a (allegedly not-supported) RME babyface and Traktor. I Just set it up the usual way, external and internal (the card’s internal 42 channel mixer, FX and EQ section with an Akai APC40 or a Korg MC2 as MIDI interface) mixing, MIDI controller, TTs, done. Works like a charm.

  • richard stallman

    windows version is much easier to “modify”. dose this pach not violates some of apples/NI end-user license? because this is not free software like mixxx

  • type_omega

    if this works by renaming the device as its detected by the software could you instead take a arduino board and make a usb in/out box that just renames you usb device prior to the connection to you computers usb port and then have it work with everything ?

  • Dennis Olivieira

    Is this possible on a DJM2000?

  • hmm

    You know, it is pretty frustrating that the only difference between a ‘traktor scratch certified soundcard’ and a regular soundcard is whether the USB device name is included in the startup script of traktor. They sell it like their hardware has a special magical component. Like when people say that the djm 900 SRT has the special serato hardware, and the djm 900 nexus has the special traktor ready soundcard, when actually they are just allowing/disallowing certain soundcards from understanding timecode in the software.

  • B3NNY

    I think DJTT just lost some credibility with this article

  • gary

    At least NI isn’t nickle and dime-ing loyal customers like Serato is currently. As soon as someone does a similar hack for Serato DJ to work with older Rane hardware, the better. I actually switched back to Traktor Scratch after watching the Serato cash grab called SDJ and feeling disgusted. Oh…I need a new 24-bit interface to play 2 mp3 files back-to-back and I need to pay an extra $20 each time you upgrade the effects…Bullsh*t! They could have easily made a SDJ add-on for legacy hardware and charged for it to make extra revenue. That would have been better than suggesting users spend $500+ and replace perfectly good working hardware just to stay current.

    • DeeJayIvan

      I’m pretty sure its only 1 10-year old legacy sound card and 1 8-year old legacy mixer SDJ doesn’t support. 😛

    • randomfantard

      Not to mention the fact that Numark’s NS7 will only work properly on Serato software… all somebody needs to do is just figure out how to get TSP to even recognize the platter, then set up a piece of software to run in the background to give off a persistent midi message that fills up the “scratch on” slot in the custom note settings. Hedgehog is going to get this crap figured out one day…

      • Mutis Mayfield

        If you want to know another workaround possible in the line of denon’s hybrid mode… Send a mail to mut….d ab gmail dot com


  • JeffnotJazzy

    Love this article, can’t believe all the comments from people who are rushing to NI’s defense. If they want to block this type of activity, they can, just a code update.

    But if more mixers can be used with Traktor Scratch, doesn’t that make it more likely people will use that over Serato DJ? Seems like a win for Native IMO

  • Alfredo

    what a bunch of pussies in the comments! jeeeeeesus! “hacking is worng” blah blah blah

    nice article, I wish you published more like this

  • DJ Possess

    Geez, all these comments coming to the defense of NI and bashing the writer and DJTT, it makes my head spin. Guys, Corporations are not your friends. They don’t need you coming to their aid.

  • WOW

    If i was from N.I , and by looking at the questions being asked below about serato , rane ect i would haul be seriously looking at the owners of this site and the same applies to the original poster of this info … give yourself a clap .

  • deeflash

    Pretty neat hack but I would just be careful with this, like Dan said, don’t play out live with the hacked binary. The antipiracy mechanisms probably check the hash checksum of the binary to check if any changes have been made from the golden copy file. If it notices it is not matching the expected checksum it will probably crash at some point.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      i wonder if the compatibility is due to the mixers soundcards sharing the same lines of code from legacy traktor ready components? this work around seems to be a bit of a dirty fix, but suitable for demo and learning purposes.

      • Mantis

        Traktor doesn’t really care where the timecode audio signal is coming from. Once the software checks to see if your audio interface is on the “approved” list, everything works fine. There is nothing really special about a Scratch-certified audio interface; it just acts as a dongle to initiate the timecode functionality.

    • Mantis

      It doesn’t, though. There are no apparent antipiracy mechanisms related to this hack.

  • GuessWho?

    If I worked on NI, I’d cache this webpage, patch the app and blacklist the user’s license on the next upgrade. Oh wait, I do work NI…

    • Toontown

      No you don’t.

      • GuessWho?

        You’re right… You got me… So much for the anonymity of posting as a “guest”…

        • Toontown

          Great point. We all *totally* believe you now.

          • GuessWho?

            We’ve all got to be idiots if we think NI (or other companies for that matter) don’t troll major sites like DJTT, DJWorx etc. for feedback… You may not think that they are listening, but they are… You don’t have to *totally* believe me.

          • Toontown

            Hm, interesting PR move to admit that your company trolls the people most important to them. Ok, let’s say I believe you. Why post at all? Is it that worth your time to police an exercise that at most 1% of your user base will even attempt let alone use regularly? Why not start working on your meaningless cease and desist?

            Side note – I never see NI participate in conversations about how its users want to see software or customer service improvements. So why did you feel the need to join this one?

          • GuessWho?

            Maybe there are people at NI who actually do care and trying to change the company image from within… And maybe my initial comment was a little “tongue n cheek”… and maybe a lot of times, employees at NI can’t say anything in detail other than “we appreciate your feedback and we are working on it”… There are legal reasons as to why certain companies are not 100% transparent even though the user base (us / me / you) wants them to be… Just think about the ramifications.

          • Professorbx

            Either you don’t work in a position that is high up enough to actually matter (there were a couple people I know that spring to mind) or you don’t work for them at all. I know people who work for NI, and every one of them I know would laugh because they would realize that, much like the MF3d spoof firmware, it doesn’t matter as beyond a couple lost sales and annoying support calls, this sort of thing makes almost zero difference to their bottom line, whereas it would take actual time and money to find out a new TS Certified copy protection method.

          • GuessWho?

            You’re right… This has very little impact on the “bottom line”… And maybe NI can (and should) just open up the world to the magic behind the software to get more users since it’s practically free anyway! On the other hand, all it takes is one “low level” (or high-level) NI developer to say, “oops, I should have thought of that!” and encrypt or obfuscate the list… I’m just sayin’…

          • Professorbx

            And I’m totally sure that is you. Because it isn’t like everyone that matters at NI posts as a well known alias or by their real name anyway, and doesn’t act like a troll. Say something when you actually get a job in the industry, instead of making the people at NI look bad by posting something not in their voice or character, at all.

        • LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster

          Would figure you’d be here posting instead of working to fix all the rampantly broken things in the NI arsenal. Any chance you can join modern times with your authentication software? Get some better compatability for my regular Mixtrack 1 & Audio 2 DJ with something like Serato DJ or another modern product? I mean, it’s not like your company is the gold standard for service, reliability, or responsiveness, so yeah, you probably do work there because you’re focused on things other than your actual customers. This article is in poor taste, but for you to join is laughable. Ointment is on aisle 3.

  • Nancy.

    What a bunch of nancies in the comments here… “Oh noes! You can’t DJ without following the rules!! EEEK!”

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      lol… you’re a nancy too. 😉

      • Nancy.

        Or am I ….? *cue twilight zone music*

        • Singula

          You made me laugh. Nice one. Also, I agree with you.

  • batzenlurch

    Hey DJ Techtools,

    i’ve also seen a Vestax VCI-400 [SE] and a Denon MC6000 using Traktor Timecode.
    Especially for products you sell on your own (vci400) it would be nice to get to know things like that 😉 and maybe you could publish some “how-to”s :>

    Greetings from Germany,

  • Teo Tormo

    Not sure, but I think Traktor’s EULA (End User License Agreement), as many other commercial software, does not allow to modify the code. So, maybe this is not a legit action…

    • Chaser720

      That is a good thought. I’m curious on that too.

      Although Apple had the same statement in their software license agreement for modifying the iPhone (jailbreaking) and the US Copyright office ruled otherwise.

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        but then again… apple EULA “You also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of nuclear, missiles, or chemical or biological weapons.” who knew that itunes could be so dangerous?

    • Mantis

      It definitely violate the EULA. If that bothers someone, they would definitely want to avoid the hack. There is nothing “legit” about this in NI’s eyes, but it is a safe and effective workaround for those who don’t want to buy extra hardware and are okay with the EULA violation.

      • TCMuc

        That’s why I was, let’s say – “surprised” to see this on the blog, since DJTT and NI seemed to have a rather close relationship, with Ean Golding involved in the development of some controllers, DJTT selling NI controllers in their shop, etc.

        Now DJTT posting a how-to-hack-TSP article in their blog which helps people how to violate NI’s EULA is something you might think NI isn’t too happy about…

    • 0.0!!!


    • Mutis Mayfield

      In the Soul of HipHop (and every underground music culture) hacking is present.

      “From slipmats to arduino midi crossfaders. Tales from the hacker labs” could be a possible title for a documentary… But maybe djing is only affordable for rich people who could expent money on the “standards”.

      Nobody put me a gun to use Traktor but EULA is not going to stop anyone to hack their licenses (at last NI will not support it and if detect it will ban the user… So it is a personal decision nothing else (Mr. Nicey)


  • KoenraadVDS

    I find this to be a great MOD. People are entitled to do whatever they want with the hardware and software they purchased. As long as you don’t bitch about it later of how often it crashes etc. Just enjoy the wonders of how everything these days can be hacked and liberated from the companies restrictions.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      cracked software is usually a bit flaky and is fine to demo and learn with, but i’ve always felt that if you truly enjoy software… buy it and support it when you realize that it is something that you’d like to use all the time. this pays for this like R&D, programmers for new updates, fixes and features… and all the things that makes you like and enjoy the software in the first place. then again, i also believe that people should be able to be paid for their creative and conceptual ideas.

      • KoenraadVDS

        It’s just that we can’t be sheep following NI where-ever it wants to take us.

        The problem with cracked software is they’re not up to date, they’re flawed and have nasty bugs that can not run away from (until you find an updated cracked version). There is a difference between cracked software and hacked software however. Software hacks rulez and makes my life much easier and no one gets the fall from them. Who cares I hacked my iphone so I can use 4G in Belgium on an unsupported operator? Just because Apple has had this stupid ass contract with Mobistar ages ago. Same with Pioneer and NI, NI should make EVERYTHING scratch certified if the hardware is really up to the task.

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          i feel kinda the same way about apple, but enough though i’d rather not spend money on their hardware… i still bought a retail copy of OSX to vanilla kernal for my hackintosh because i like the OS.

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    i’ll start with i <3 hardware hacks… this isn't the pirating of software per say (the cracking and distribution of copyright software), more modifying of the install. having a purchased copy of a program (after all, how much can you really trust cracked software?) that you use and the fact the you still need time code means that N.I. will still get their money. it kinda looks like he's rerouting the application to the mixer by manually setting the mac address. i was thinking of doing this for an unsupported video card for my Hac Pro desktop.

    interesting read, ty.

  • lauti

    Would this work on a rane mixer? That has been my doubt for soo long.

  • Filippo

    Dear DJTT,
    I can’t believe of what I’m reading…. For me you are one of the best site in the world for professional dj. In your article you speak about technology, controller, reviews , tips&triks but your best articles are those that speak about Professional ethics of the dj. You teach me/us how a dj can promote himself, how a dj has to behave in certain situation… I found in your site all the secrets that today let me to be a professional dj.. I’ve changed what for me was a hobby in a job… So like you teach us… What is professional in this article?? Nothing… This article shows that, at the end, there is always an alternative to cheat and have everything a once… 10 years ago, if you want a song to be able to play it in a club, there were only one option: buy the vinyl. I know djs that have cleaned the stairs of buildings to buy a vinyl… This is a loophole for the people that today have soiled the craft of the djs, forgetting that being a dj is passion, sweat and sacrifice… And all the instrument that we need are better if they are purchased after a long time of sacrifice…

    Dj TT, don’t lose your style.
    With affection

    • Chaser720

      DJTT is presenting users with another option other than buying additional equipment. This was not presented as a “professional” solution. And I quote ”
      Don’t use this live – it’s a hack. If you want guaranteed crash-free solid performance, get hardware that’s certified, supported, and tested by the developers.”

      I look forward to additional articles like this one. Pushing the envelope and taking equipment usage to the next level is what this site has always been about and I am glad it continues to do so.

      Another great article Dan. I’ve been impressed with the variety of tech articles as of lately.

      • Filippo

        “DJTT is presenting users with another option other than buying additional equipment.”

        Yes, sure man! But it’s not legal… Because the “law” said that if you want use timecode on Traktor you need a NI soundcard, or a TSC Mixer… this is not innovation… is hacking… now a person with a db2/db4 or many other mixers will not buy an audio 6/10… so less money for NI… less money for NI mean less money for developers… so in italy we said “is a dog that bites his tail”…. i saw the vid, it’s interesting, but i prefer Ean showing magic setups or mad zac with his ableton tips… de gustibus non disputandum est. 😉

        • Chaser720

          There is nothing illegal about this. You buy Traktor which is software. Software is made up of coding. Because you bough the software (aka coding) you are free to alter it as you wish.

          If this “hack” allowed you to use a full version of Traktor without paying for it then that would be illegal but modifying something you pay for isn’t.

          And what developers will this hurt? A couple people are going to get by without buying an NI soundcard. Thats a stretch.

          • Guest

            Chaser720 – buying a software NEVER gives you the right to change the code (unless it’s open source and even then there are usually some restrictions, stuff you can’t do). You’re never buying/owning the code of a software – you’re paying for a license which only entitles you to use it in the way it was intended – and under all legal restrictions that come with it. Your argumentation in the opening sentence would even put some seven-year olds to shame.

            From a legal standpoint, you’ve agreed to said terms already by the time you’ve installed the software. Just sayin’.

          • Chaser720

            As I stated in the comments below, I wasn’t considering the EULA from NI which still hasn’t been posted. I appreciate the personal attack but I try to keep my arguments about the arguments.

    • Saint Rob,Club mU

      DJing, as we know it, would not exist if a bunch pioneers didn’t decide to hack technology and hardware to make it do cool shit. Do you think the idea of slipmats came from a hardware company? There are countless examples of HUGE djs that hacked together their own hardward/soundsystems/etc. The idea of taking technology and morphing it to do your will is at the very heart of DJing. Buying “professional” equipment by brands like Technics and Pioneer came much later.

      • John

        Hacking stuff together is one thing, hacking to enable a feature that infringes on someone’s revenue stream is different…

        • DJ Possess

          What defines ‘hacking stuff together’ that makes it ok in your book? Do you understand that people have purchased Traktor. People have purchased a mixer. Im in this situation; I bought a USB mixer (For Traktor Pro) but I do not want to buy another piece of hardware (Audio 6/10) just to get Traktor Scratch to work when I already have a sound card in my mixer. I will pay for the software but Im not buying a second mixer or card. Out of the question.

          Why do you think NI opened up the Midi mapping functions of the F1? Because we were going to hack it anyway. Eventually, they will change this too.

  • OMA

    That is the problem with mixers with soundcards. If those are not supported what is the point of all that. I need to pay lot of money and not have to use it? I will stay with analogue mixer like X:92 and just buy traktor or serato. If for ex. AH does not have support why pay extra for sound card? Just do X:92 mk2 and skip the sound card part. I have X4D and the idea is cool but software upgrade is difficult and you can hear how SC is working through monitors and phones. I have heard that thise same is with DB2 and 4. The best solution rock solid analogue mixer, dvs or if going mobile controller.

  • Frank Smidt

    Anybody know if there is a similar hack to get Serato DJ to run on non certified hardware?

    • Mutis Mayfield

      I was wondering the same… Since serato dj is not ssl anymore and the soundcards are asio compatible, maybe it could be possible do the same trick.

  • Ian Williams

    An interesting read, but sticking this on the front page of your website doesn’t seem the brightest of moves.
    Surely, all you’ve done by posting this on a widely read DJ website is almost guarantee that N.I. will fix this loophole (Condoning hacking of licensed software may also damage your credibility, but that’s another argument).
    Doesn’t this also put one of your own forum admins who has a similar role on N.I’s forums in a slightly tricky position?

    • TCMuc

      I agree, posting this in your blog may not be the smartest move you’ve ever made, DJTT…

      I’d be interested to know what NI thinks about this, since it’s basically an instruction how to hack the hardware dongle they use to guarantee their revenues from selling different versions of their software and from giving licenses to hardware companies.

      Which means, this is truly hurting NI’s business model…

      • KoenraadVDS

        This means more Traktor users 🙂

      • Toontown

        This is a good point. I remember when people started modding X-Boxes, some provided how-tos on their blogs and drew enough attention to themselves that it turned out they were doing so to turn a profit. Clearly, modding software for personal use (note the recommendation to not do this for professional use) is different than installing mod chips to allow others to play pirated videogames, but the attention may be unwanted. I can buy that. But DJTT isn’t doing anything illegal by posting other people’s research.

    • KarlosSantos

      Hi Ian, no this does not put me in a tricky position. My feelings on this hack are well documented. However, I may post something more lengthy later today.

      • audiomontana

        HIIIIIIIIIII <3 <3 <3

        signature X

      • randomfantard

        Waaaaaaaaaait wait wait wait wait… KARLOS is cool with hacks? Karlos mod of N.I.’s -forums- is cool with hacks??????????? Mind blown.

        • KarlosSantos

          When did I say I was cool with hacks? What I said was that this did not put me in a tricky position. The reason being is that I have made it clear on DJTechTools and on the NI Forums that I find the posting of this hack on DJTechTools blog “disappointing” to say the least. Far from being fine with this I totally disagree with it. I didn’t want to answer anymore posts on this topic but I thought I should at least clear this up.

        • KarlosSantos

          No I am not cool with hacks, far from it. It is “disappointing” that DJTT decided to blog this article and my thoughts on these hacks are well documented. You misread my previous answer.

    • Paco Loco

      I also don’t understand why you have posted this.
      Anyone who had the bright idea that this was possible would have easily been able to find it out with a bit of googling.
      As said above, all you’ve done is potentially ruined it for everyone as NI are far more likely to try to stop it now. Nice one.

    • Chaser720

      NI can’t even get their existing software to work correctly. If fixing a hack to a very small percentage of the market (that will provide more Traktor users/sales) is a priority then I will lose what little faith I have left.

    • audiomontana

      yea NI noticing a hole in thier Code ? When DOES THAT HAPPEN HAHAHAHAHAHA. Should only take em a year or two to fix it. …

    • randomfantard

      Whatever… N.I. shouldn’t have pulled support for the NS7. Especially when -both- they and Numark hyped the crap out of the fact they were working -together- making support for the motorized platter happen.

  • Richard

    Or you could save yourself all the effort and use VirtualDJ