Serato Updates Video and Serato Remote: Slicer Now on iOS

Straight out of New Zealand is the latest from Serato, a series of updates to their softwares: Serato Video, Serato DJ, and Serato Remote.


First up, Serato DJ and Remote have both seen minor updates, the most exciting being the addition of the Slicer functionality to the iOS app, allowing control of the currently playing track in a unique way. If you haven’t seen it, check out a great overview of Slicer techniques in this tutorial. This makes the Slicer no longer a hardware only feature – watch it demoed on iOS in the video below:

To celebrate the new feature addition, Serato Remote is on discount – 50% off for the next week. It’s in the App Store here (note that some countries may see a delay in the discount to Serato Remote – it should be $10).

At the same time, Serato DJ is being updated to 1.6.1, with the integration of the new versions of Serato Video and Remote, as well as official support for Windows 8, the CDJ-850, and the ability to show as many secondary panels (SP-6, FX, Slicer) as you want.


Serato is also rolling out a new version of Serato Video, which is now integrated directly into the Serato DJ codebase, making it an even smoother experience for users. Major features include the ability to record a video mix, a number of linked FX that can effect audio and video simultaneously, and Syphon support in the event you want to send your videos out to an external visuals software.

Watch the overview in the video below:

Serato Video is also seeing a 50% discount for the first week – to buy, users need to just install the Serato DJ 1.6.1.

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  • Johbremat

    Sadly, still missing control for three, four decks simultaneously, as well as a facility for browsing library and providing search parameters.