Bitwig Studio Released: Download Demo Version Now

At long last we’ve reached the launch day of Bitwig Studio, the self-proclaimed “next generation of music software” for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Starrted by a group of former Ableton employees, the new DAW hopes to stake out a strong claim on the production market with a set of features that directly respond to many of the frustrations of working on other platforms.

The demo version of Bitwig Studio is available now for download on any OS, with the limitation of not being able to save or export any work – but all the other features are unlocked.

Some of the standout features included in Bitwig 1.0 include:

  • isolated VST sandboxing: an instrument crashing won’t crash the whole DAW
  • linked modulation system: link any controls together for macros, grouped assignments, etc.
  • open controller API: allows a code-based integration of your controllers (similar to Virtual DJs VDJScript)
  • MIDI histograms: easily create new grooves and ideas with some controlled chaos

There’s also a load of included instruments and FX – the full list is on their Tech Specs page.

Bitwig Studio is out now, and costs $399 / €251.26 / £208.33 for a full version of the software. 

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  • mannix

    It’s broken and unfortunately can’t be trusted for serious work

  • Hugo Saval Calbo

    I have tried it out, it is a very nice product. It combines ableton and logic pro. The integrated instruments it has are very good. It has instruments to create bass drums, snares, hats… something that is missing in many DAWs. For ableton users that want to try something different that doesn’t go very far away from what they are used to, this is an amazing option. Personally i am considering purchasing it.

    • Jack

      If you buy it, you might sell it when you realize it’s not working, watch out. Lost of people having trouble with it.

  • lexicon

    There are lots of people disappointed because the software has been in beta for 2 years and it’s still pretty broken and unusable. The quality of the release is crap, still a beta.

  • Saint Rob,Club mU

    I’m not sure the features are enough to pull me away from Ableton considering I’ve been using that for 8 years and it’s already paid for. Anyone know of killer features that would persuade me otherwise?

    • Toontown

      That “bounce in place” feature is worth a serious look if you’re a producer.

  • samsteeno

    Looks like a ‘Maschine’ skin put on Ableton Live 😛

  • antifm

    i wonder if the VSTi (1 /2 / 3) plugins i already have are cross compatable with Bitwig studio?

  • David Schroeter

    Anyone know if .mp3s are decoded on the fly or decompressed to .wav in the background like Live?

  • padi_04

    Pretty good for a 1.0 . UI is a lot more fluid than Live