Livid BASE II: A Second Take on the BASE Controller

Livid Instruments has announced a second iteration of their pad-focused BASE controller, which first debuted about a year and a half ago at NAMM 2013. While the overall layout of the controller hasn’t changed a bit, they have updated the pads, LEDs, and enclosure to make the second iteration a better controller to use than the original. Livid writes:

Base II delivers thicker and more playable drum pads, brighter multi-color LEDs and an ergonomically redesigned enclosure for $349.

Base II puts your beats, synths and effects, or your entire mix, right at your fingertips. Thicker, softer pads make drumming more comfortable and allow a delicate touch for playing samples or velocity sensitive instruments. Ultra bright RGB LED backlighting can color the Base II to help you arrange your set, indicate effects, or organize the pads for different scales and modes. Base II also features on-board banking to save programs and update MIDI messages on the fly. The Base II controls are housed in a sleek and solid aluminum chassis, designed to maximize play and portability.

Wondering how the BASE stands up to other controllers? Check out our review of the original model here – the new LEDs should hopefully address some of the issues on the original, and we’d love to get a feel of the pads, which were previously good for the price but not quite at the same level as Ableton Push or Maschine controllers.

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  • Tommy Maverick

    I really want to get one so I can feature it in more of my live mix videos. These upgrades in the pad quality are really what I was expecting from the original. I’ve been using it extensively since I got it though 🙂

    – Tommy Maverick