Numark NV DJ Controller: Full Color Screens Built In

We originally saw Numark teasing at a DJ controller with integrated screens a few months ago at a Microsoft developer conference – and now it looks like that product will soon be a reality, called the Numark NV. This Serato DJ controller has dual full-color LCD screen that provide real-time feedback from the software. Keep reading for more details and photos:

Want your own Numark NV controller? It’s available in the DJTT store here.

Watch a complete review of the NV by Chris Brackley here. 


We suspect that almost every major company making DJ hardware has been inspired by the Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus’ full color displays and the onboard screens on Native Instruments’ Maschine Studio production controller. But Numark is absolutely the first to integrate LCDs into an all-in-one DJ controller. Each screen is full-color, coming in at 4.3 inches (measured diagonally) and positioned prominently above the jogwheels on the Numark NV. Like the CDJ-2000N, the screens have a forward tilt to them for ergonomic considerations. Note that these are not touch screens, but instead  have a full set of controls on either side of the screen.

The screens are integrated with Serato DJ for “vivid, real-time visualization”, including virtual decks, FX controls and feedback, cue points, waveforms, and music library navigation. It’s not unlike if Numark had taken Serato DJ’s iPad app, Serato Remote, and put the best features right into a DJ controller.


The NV looks very similar to a NS6 controller with a slimmer profile – it’s got four decks of control and channels to mix on, the same dedicated hardware controls DJs have come to expect from all-in-one controllers, 5-inch jogwheels, and 16 velocity sensitive trigger pads with full backlit RGB feedback. Numark notes in their press release that the NV takes on some of the best new hardware features from the Numark NS7 II controller, including touch-activated capacitive knobs and jogwheels and the many different pad-modes that Pioneer and Numark controllers all now sport.

There’s of course a built in USB soundcard, with booth outputs and balanced XLRs, a Mic input, and two extra pairs of RCAs for input and output.


The Numark NV is scheduled to be released in stores this fall, with a preview at DJ Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey in August. The expected price will be $699.99 – a pretty reasonable price tag considering the current state of the all-in-one controller market.

For more information on the Numark NV, visit the official product page here.

Wondering what a Traktor S4 might look like with built-in screens? Check out our mockup in this article.

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  • Blank_Disk

    excellent controller, shame they falsely advertisexcellent controller, shame they falsely advertise the screens showing beatgrid linese the screens showing beatgrid lines

  • djflako

    eventually this will be a laptop free controller or pioneer will take the step

  • manoob1

    serato has all the coolest controllers… time to leave native i. and their negative attitude and leave them to dust… cause thats where they will be going if this keeps up

  • Sessions

    hi there, from Portugal….

    so what i i understand about the new product, is that a dont need a laptop (pc/mac) opne in front of me. right ?

    i couil use this new controller with a Asus VivoPC (small desktop computer) for acess to my music. if i needed i use a mini monitor usb. the controller have all function to acess my music from this Asus Vivopc.
    let me know if i’m right or would i need other stuff.

  • vanderkarsten

    if you don´t want to use a Laptop, why not using the Stanton SCS4DJ?
    if has 90% of Features needed 😉

  • andre

    I hope that Pioneer will responce / update the aero to a 4 channel device with screens like 2000 / 900.
    And please a bit smaller (so that can fly with me in the cabin)

  • Willyg2

    If this would come with usb and cd stand alone I would pay 1000 even 1500 USD …the xdj-r1 comes with lots of problems and i dont fucking want to use an ipad either…. it seems they will never make a descent one cause the high end players, mixers and software sales would go down.

  • Greg Serenade

    if they take this concept with the screens with a USB input and produce modular versions I think more clubs would start using Controllers as a standard. plenty DJs go into the booth USB drives when using Rekordbox

  • Greg Serenade

    we all know whats next… Pioneer releases a controller similar to the SR or SX with screens and Rekordbox funtionality and shuts the game down. this is great, but no USB? kinda dropped the ball on that. ?

  • Eric J

    This is dissapoint. I was expecting this to be an all-in-one solution, not just another controller with “Screens”. Numark made an HD mix a while back, they could have incorporated the internal OS along with built in HDD, heck, put in a CD drive and you pretty much got it all…. close, but not this thing.

    • Eric J

      Xdj r1 looks more promising than this thing

  • Se.Bastion

    What are the dimensions of that thing?!

  • Fischer

    This is a good move for Numark. Its not quite there for me, but i really like the direction they are moving in. Next I would love to see a high end USB player (CDJ without the CD player) with a full size screen and full size Jogs for under $1000.00. that might peel some people away from Pioneer? Although it would have to scream quality.

  • black dominoes

    this might be the first real controller.

    • Toontown

      i don’t even know what that means.

  • black dominoes

    If this unit is reliable, it will do what a $3000-$4000 group of products do for only $600, because all of the CPU heavy lifting is done by a laptop instead of inside the units.


    I obviously don’t see this replacing the Nexus players and DJM 900s/Xone 92s at Fabric or Berghain, but for 70-80 percent of DJs, this seems like a perfect solution.

    One could have this rig at home, use it for practice, and also take it to gigs where you are the sole performer. Using this gear and learning this workflow would mean that CDJs and DJMs and Xone 92s would be easy for you to work with after cutting your teeth on the NV.

    Again: NICE.
    If this works perfect, Numark, you have done something really legit here.
    It looks pro and has pro functions, and isn’t extremely expensive.
    Plus, you can close the laptop if you want to!

  • dj freestyle

    The guy at numark who helped design this was at pioneer forever so explains the design a lot.

  • Toontown

    Looks like a replaceable crossfader. Balanced XLR outs is a nice touch. Still I’m seeing this as a weird transitional period for all-in-ones. Why give it displays, but still require a computer to drive it?

    • mellonhead

      i like that the computer is still outside of the controller. having used the same controller through a couple computer upgrades, i think it would be a pain to either migrate to a new system with each controller or just be stuck with an outdated built-in computer.

  • Mark Smith

    Are we sure those aren’t the same jogs from the NS6 which are illuminated?

  • klm

    the platters & the pads got shrink & no led indicator around the wheels as well, and they took off the touch strip, so its a no go for me.

  • Justin Herriford

    Aren’t the side-by-side/stacked waveforms a hugely beloved feature of Serato? When beatmatching difficulties come up, or when you aren’t sure if the next drop lines up, you have the waveforms next to each other to help see what’s up. This controller would need that feature for most people to feel totally comfortable tucking the laptop screen away.

    • Athinira

      Serato supports sync now.

      Beatmatching by eye has always been a mistake, because it uncounsciously makes you not use your ears, which is one thing, but also not use your brain. As a DJ, i switch between playing on a Traktor S4 and a Pioneer MEP-7000, and the way my brain works between playing on the two is drastically different.

      • Chaser720

        This. And beatmatching by eye isn’t beatmatching. Lets call it beatwatching. ha

    • Dave Nicpon

      beatmatching difficulties???? if you know how to mix then there isnt an issue. You should not have to have a computer tell you you are on beat or when to bring a mix in. If you know your music and have an ear then thats all you need. Jesus… this rate they wont need a dj ….just let people enter their songs into a queue and let a computer mix it…..done. Sorry…this may sound harsh but learn how to mix man…dont depend on the damn machine.

  • efrazable

    A few things to consider that makes the price more believable:
    Not an all-in-one, but that’s to be expected
    No touchscreens (unnecessary, good decision)
    Not an internal/standalone mixer, as you would almost expect from a $700 controller
    No internal filters as well, as opposed to NS7ii or DDJ-SZ
    No on-jog LEDs (screens make up for this)
    Not full-size EQ meters

    All things aside I still want one 🙂

  • Ben 360

    Game changer!

  • Guiltysounds

    This would be killer if I didn’t need a laptop. Just plug in usb with tracks, even I had to pay more. Thats what I want. No more laptop, just all in one.

    • Ben 360

      Exactly but this is a move in the right direction!

    • Guy

      You can do that with CDJs, but it’s not nearly as all-in-one

    • Jocoseman

      Pioneer XDJ series might be for you

    • Marco Hooghuis

      What you’re talking about has been around for years and years.

    • Adam F

      We are getting closer but still, Numark NV DJ needs a laptop, Pioneer XDJ series has crappy displays (no waveforms) and also plays music from external device (at least it’s wirelessly), then there is the Stanton SCS4DJ which is a small two channel player without gain knobs, then there are controllers which utilize ipad (doesn’t look more professional than DJing from laptop), we also have the CDJs which cost like a new car, and can’t forget the CDJ knockoffs which don’t support Rekordbox or any reasonable pro software 🙂 The market is still waiting for a better all in one controller.. compact standalone unit with USB reader, color waveforms, hi end design, good mixer with filters, gain knobs, and also an FX unit.. If I were to bet on who will create it first I would probably say either Pioneer or Native Instruments

    • Chaser720

      I think software integrated into all-in-one controllers is still a little ways out. Losing software sales would hurt a lot of these companies so development probably isn’t as funded as it could be.

      • manoob1

        hurt who???? numark or native instruments???

        • Chaser720

          Mainly NI and Serato but also any of the companies who sell lines of controllers that use any type software. Pioneer being a big one here.

          • manoob1

            Native and sera to are the ones that loses…
            hardware makers won’t be losing as they will sell their new hardware instead. and they can be free of restrictions software companies put on them like native does.natives attitude is really bad for djing industry . Serato looks better because of all the cool controllers they are getting .my next controller will most likely be serato based as I am getting sick of waiting for a cool new tractor controller. S4 just doesn’t cut it.

    • Guiltysounds

      I already have an XDJ, I love it, it works with Traktor as well but it has its limitations. An all in one package like the XDJ, with full waveforms, a wider array of effects would be awesome. Essentially a Pioneer SX. Remove the pads, and put waveform screens on. Allow a user to upload effects wanted or have a selector for effects.

      @Marco, if we already have that then show me where I can buy a legit complete all in one?

    • Tony

      Agreed !
      Numark should include some kind of hi level android hardware with an android DJ app like Mixvibes.

    • FunkyB

      I bet with this you could close your laptop and put it on a shelf under the controller and ignore it while playing for a crowd (set it not to sleep when you close the lid). No one but you would know it was there, and you would only need to take it out for track prep. It probably won’t be long until we get a true all-in-one with USB and screens, but I bet you’ll always have more functionality when connecting a laptop.

    • Jose Antonio Gonzalez

      Get the pioneer xdj rx

  • Sketch

    Just when I was set on a DDJ-SZ and had accepted that full colour LCDs on a controller was a distant future advancement, this turns up. I find the price tag hard to believe, this has got to be too good to be true.

  • justinbasile

    Expected price is impressing.
    I really hope Native Instruments and Pioneer will take this direction for their upcoming controllers.

  • James Paul Beattie


  • ScooterADAM

    Long throw pitch faders, hi res jogs, 4 full decks with channel filters

    Small enough to fit in a backpack

    Bad ass