Novation’s Launchpad App: iPhone Expansion means More Creativity

Mobile applications for DJing and producing are constantly evolving this summer and Novation has announced an expansion of their Launchpad App to iPhone. The Launchpad app is a free app that allows the user to make, record, and remix music live. Much like the physical Launchpad, the app gives the user an 8×6 grid to trigger various loops and effects that all sync up to the master tempo. The app that is extremely powerful on the iPad is now available to travel anywhere with the user and there are a couple of unique elements the Launchpad App brings into the iPhone.

Free Soundpacks, External Support, and Powerful DJ Effects

Aside from having a powerful piece of software at your fingertips for free, Novation is also including a premium sound library from Loopmasters. The iPad version includes a breaks, drum & bass, dubstep, house, and trance libraries so it is safe to assume that those are included (possibly more limited) in the stock app as well.The Launchpad App also gives the user the power to manipulate the included sounds via their powerful DJ effects, enhancing creativity with modular FX such as a filter, gater, stutter and delay.

Aside from all the free sounds included, the Launchpad app also allows the user to export their creations straight off the iPhone and into any DAW of their choice. Once the user has laid down some fresh drums or a funky bass line, the Launchpad App allows the user to import their sounds via Soundcloud, Dropbox, AudioCopy and email.

The iPhone now can be a mobile creativity hub with multiple Launchpacks and effects.

The Launchpad App doesn’t stop there. If there aren’t enough sounds for the user in the included library, there are more samples to be purchased in the Launchpad App’s store. The “Launchpacks” provide numerous different sounds and genres with each pack costing $1.99. Whether you need more electro house stabs or trap kicks, the store has you covered with Novation updating the sounds regularly.

Functionality of the Launchpad App for iPhone

The Launchpad App may not be the go to device for the users next live gig but it is a powerful tool to get the creative juices flowing. The notable functions of the app is the amount of control you have over the sounds. There is built-in time stretching and synchronization to ensure all the sounds stay in tempo. The user is also in control of each pads volume to ensure the proper mix is mastered.

Novation has shown the power behind including an iPad alongside their physical controllers and now with the expansion of the Launchpad App to iPhones, producers and DJs alike have the ability to create anywhere. Who knows when creativity strikes? It is important as an artist to get an idea out as soon as possible and the Launchpad App may be the muse to your creativity no matter where it strikes. As an added bonus, it’s free – this thing is a lot of fun and you can easily find yourself spending hours inside the app.

Download the app and tell us what you think in the comments? Is it a fun, creative muse or just a cool freebie?

You can download and learn more about Novation’s Launchpad App here.

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  • Pituto

    This app it’s really boring… there are nothing of creative with it: you can’t change the sounds, neither the volume of samples, you can’t juggling, it’s so limited!

  • CUSP

    I’m not sure how to sync this (or even iMaschine) with Traktor DJ.

    • Dean Zulueta

      I don’t believe there is a way to directly sync the app directly with Traktor. Beatmatching could be an option but latency might be a roadblock if you tried going that route.

      • CUSP

        Yeah, grrrr! Don’t these people think we want to be able to use their programs with other programs? I can’t use something in my mix that doesn’t play well with others.

          • CUSP

            Good find there. I had completely forgotten about audiobus.

  • Zach

    This app was great with the ipad and now it is even more portable for the iphone! This is one of my favorite apps and just like they said in the video, I could do it for days!

    • Dean Zulueta

      I have spent sooo much time in this app. Really helps with long flights or drives!

  • Pierre Xax Golfier

    For me, the effect controls are way better on the iPhone release than on iPad! Hope they’ll change the iPad effect management. Great app (on both iDevices) by the way.