Numark NV’s Screens Demoed With Serato Flip; Denon MC6000MK2 Gets Serato DJ Bundle

Serato is all over the news with their recent software development and additions to their device support list. Serato Flip is at the head of the recent news, and today Numark announced the Serato Flip Expansion Pack for the Numark NV controller, used with the NV’s built-in color screens and velocity-sensitive performance pads. Numark wants to keep away from the laptop screen during a DJ set by adding the extra support. Watch a demonstration video and read about today’s Serato developments below.

Serato Flip on the Numark NV

This is pretty much a no-brainer – the Numark NV was already an attractive controller and with the expansion pack Numark is offering even more functionality out of this device. Included in the expansion pack is the ability to record your cue points and censor actions, which can looped, ready to trigger instantly. By using the NV velocity pads, the user can create up to six Flips for a performance. 

More details on Serato Flip in our article outlining the software – and the full plugin will ship bundled with the NV when it is released this Fall. Read more about the Numark NV here.

Denon’s MC6000MK2 Includes Serato DJ

It has been a while since DJ Tech Tools talked about the Denon MC6000MK2 – the controller  was first announced in December and released in January. This controller is a 4-channel, 4-deck controller and mixer that is an updated version of the former MC6000. Denon has announced that they will include a free, full version of Serato DJ with purchase. The controller is already competitively priced at $699 and now with a free copy of Serato DJ, Denon is attempting at add more value to the purchase.

Denon also shared that the recently unveiled Serato DJ DVS expansion pack is fully compatible with the MC6000MK2 hardware.

Denon is really showing they mean business with the MC6000MK2 by offering a full version of Serato for free.

 More Serato, More Competition

These recent developments put of faith into Serato and their improved software. It feels like Serato support is being slapped onto a lot of new products, which may put the fire on Native Instruments to come out with new software updates. Personally, I’m a Traktor user – but seeing all the recent developments at Serato, including the Denon MC6000MK2 and Numark NV support, have many DJs considering making the switch with their next controller purchase.

Would you consider purchasing a Numark NV or Denon MC6000MK2?
Do you think Serato is going to become a new standard for controllers with all their new developments?

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  • mikefunk

    Nice try Numark. Maybe next time 😛

  • Michael Daugherty

    I use Serato and Traktor but thinking about going strickly to Serato. Which means I may have to trade in my numark 4trak. I have the ns7 so to go along with it I’m thinking about the pioneer ddj sx2. Still deciding.

  • thebradkrause

    For me, the one kei

    • QAMRONparq

      I’m right there with you.

      I’ve bounced around with both Traktor Scratch and SSL – I love Traktor’s advanced features like the Remix Decks, but, I am a weekly resident at (basically) the only dance club in my town and I need to find tracks FAST. I have a pretty big library and Serato just does me right.

      Need to search your entire library? “CTRL-F”
      Need to search just that one crate? Cursor to the search box.

      By the way, crates are so much better in Serato.

    • Dokumentary

      Why does everyone seem to think you can use a NV with your laptop closed? It works with Serato DJ. Until they make SDJ an iPad app or they build it into a controller, then this product is just an XDJ-R1 with nicer screens and a few more features. Although that’s arguable because the R1 is much more versatile and you can actually use it without a laptop.

  • Phil Gaitan

    I purchased a Denon MC6000MK2 Yesterday and I am still waiting for my Free Upgrade to Serato DJ. Make sure before you buy you get all of the details.

    • Tyhrese

      I do agree with you. I bought a Denon MC6000mk2, January 2015, and I am also still waiting for my free Upgrade to Serato DJ. All I have received is a 14 day free trial. After that I will have to pay US 129,00 for the full serato dj

      • Phil Gaitan

        Tyhrese what you have to to is contact serato and they will give you a code for the deck


    You said it yourselves: “…new standard for controllers” Plural word. Since NI has decided to stop supporting third party controllers, Serato might as well take that bunch of the cake.

  • Toontown

    That video! I think that was the worst product demo I’ve ever seen. I’d fire my marketing team over that.