Routine: DJ Shiftee “Keep It 100” Turntablism + Controllerism Routine

Controllerism routines are not hard to find – and scratching routines are not as prevalent as the once were. DJ Shiftee, however, is no stranger to incorporating his controllerism and scratching when it comes to wild sound manipulation of unique, expressive samples. In this routine,  watch how Shiftee blends turntablism and finger drumming in a short, energetic mix using two turntables and a Maschine controller.

It’s actually just the beginning of a more long-form set that he just put out on Soundcloud – listen to the full thing below.

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  • ?The Other Denzel?

    Shiftee is my favorite DJ. Showing that DMC style turntabilism need not stay in 1996

    • Alexander Nowak

      DMC style should remain what it used to be.
      I define what he does as controllerism and he is very good at it. Don’t like the ending tho