A Look Inside Matthew Dear’s Incredible Audion Stage Setup, Subverticul

Matthew Dear’s Audion techno guise may be 10 years old now, but its latest incarnation—in a tricked-out, spherical performance pod called Subverticul—is a game-changer for how techno is presented in the live forum. We spoke with Dear from inside his vessel at Montreal’s MUTEK Festival earlier this year to get a deeper glimpse into how he performs and how this new stage setup changes it all.

Dear, who was in the middle of a mini-tour which would see the set travel to Barcelona for Sonar, commissioned Heather Shaw of Vita Motus (responsible for Amon Tobin’s amazing ISAM live show) to design the Subverticul set. The pod’s material reflects a series of projections from the booth, but it’s also stripped out with LEDs that Dear controls himself during the set. Check out the video for a closer look at how it all goes down.

Additional video shot by tobias c. van Veen


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  • Josh Butler

    Did he mention what he’s using to trigger clips in ableton?

  • Ginkgo

    He mentions “the classic reverb on reverb send effect chain.” Anyone know what he’s referring to? reverb chained into another reverb? Got me thinking.

  • Fatlimey

    That’s a really interesting little setup – three stereo sound sources, one a supercharged drum machine (can play anything) and two layers of effects on busses. That’s perfect, I’m stealing that.

  • Andrew Maile

    he’s in an “A Hole”

  • André et Michèle

    Very cool, thx for this! The setup is both simple (4 audio channels + efx) yet complex (midi mapped lighting) . . .

  • zenmaster

    its like hes mixin in a big vagina…club vagina.

    • chris

      in search of vagina (south park movie)
      – oh my god they have kenny beheaded –

  • chris

    nice vid
    (it is a bit of an extraordinary position in this sort of an cube, but well. – obviously hands him his music alone)