Serato DJ 1.7.1 Release: Akai AMX Support + Routine

Serato DJ is making major developments with their software and as of October 8th, Serato DJ 1.7.1 is out of beta and ready to download. If you have been following the developments of Serato DJ, you will know that the latest release includes Serato Flip, multiple effect commands, and extended support over a wide range of devices. With the release of Serato DJ 1.7.1 comes support for the latest Akai Pro AMX controller. Read more inside about the official software release and Akai’s new Serato native controller.

Akai Pro AMX and Serato DJ

We covered the AMX back in August but it is now confirmed that it is fully supported by the release of Serato DJ 1.7.1. This controller is a dedicated 2-channel mixer that sits as an affordable solution for DJs who need a native mixer for their set-up. It is compact like the Kontrol Z1 and features the much appreciated mini innoFADER. The controls are what you expect to find on a mixer and this controller is definitely one to consider for Serato DJs looking for a compact mixer. You can read more about the AMX and its sister product, the Akai AFX.

Serato DJ 1.7.1 features all of the anticipated functionality that we have seen in the beta the past couple of months. The latest update contains the notable features such as Serato Flip, the SERATO DVS Expansion Pack, the improved MIDI mapping panel, and other important updates such as AM Mode, Chronological Cue Points which we have seen in the previous 1.7 release.

The newest version also patches two major bugs of not being able to rename session names in History panel and Sampler mode not functioning with the Pioneer DDJ-SZ. You can download Serato DJ 1.7.1 now and be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below!

Looking for a dedicated, compact Serato Mixer? Pre-order the Akai AMX and support DJTT!

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  • KrushKore

    Amazing demo of another scratch video .whooped Do…

    maybe a new product but new on the scene .. blah blah .. how about something that innovative and can wow people ..

  • Sleepydog

    Im wondering .. – These and Djay2 for ipad? Im new to both iPad and
    DJing. Traktor DJ is an option but S2 is too expensive for my bedroom
    fun and the Z1 too tiny and not enough controls. WeGo3 is probably the
    way to go.. thanks for listening haha

    • guesswho

      Imo traktor or serato depends on the type of music you will play. I definitely feel traktor is much better suited for dance, club, electronic music. While serato is more geared for hip hop, rnb. This is just my opinion though. Keep in mind too when getting a controller you can not map a controller that was not made for serato to be used with serato, but you can use a serato controller usually on traktor.