Traktor Kontrol S8 Launches: Exclusive First Look

The new Kontrol S8 flagship Traktor controller from Native Instruments is finally getting it’s official launch today, and we’ve got an exclusive in-depth video that reviews all the S8 functions in our studios. Click in to watch it now and read all the details of this exciting new controller.


In a nutshell, the new Kontrol S8 brings the following developments to the table:

  • Expands the mixer into a fully functional mixer with analogue inputs
  • Replaces the jog wheels with high-resolution color screens and a touch strip
  • Merges the X1 and F1 style controllers into a single interface with level controls for Remix Decks
  • Adds many dedicated buttons for popular features like Freeze, Flux
  • Introduces touch-sensitive encoders and knobs with matching screen updates


The mixing section is wider and taller and brings a number of dedicated mixer functions to the center console. This sets the S8 apart from the S2 and S4, making it more realistic to use the controller as a dedicated club interface or at least your full-time mixer at home.

Along with cross fader assignments and curve and curve, there is a full four channel mixer with CD or Phono inputs. The dual mic inputs can also be assigned to the channels for EQ and gain adjustments, essentially making this a full Z4 mixer.


Instead of owning a F1 and a X1 to control Remix Decks or traditional tracks, this new interface allows you to flex between two deck styles with ease. The four buttons can trigger remix cells, cue points, and also unlocks the popular Freeze mode – which was previously only in Traktor DJ (on iOS).


These screens could allow you to almost entirely put away the laptop and keep attention on the mixer. Detailed browser panes with album art, BPM and key.

The Remix Deck implementation is particularly good with a clear view of what is happening with your loops and samples.


There are now eight touch-sensitive encoders, and 8 touch sensitive potentiometers (knobs with end points) on each side of the mixer which can be used to control all 4 FX units or parameters of the remix cells. When any of the knobs are touched, the screen updates to show you the details of that section in a very clear manner. The traditional knobs above the screen have end points while the encoders bellow are endless.


Along with the new features, there are a host of minor updates which could be a big deal for some DJs:

  • Replaceable faders – with room around them to avoid dangerous accidental button press
  • Custom fader technology purported to be very long-lasting.
  • Main out can be XLR out or RCA out
  • 1/4″ jack booth out
  • Crossfader assignment and curve adjust
  • Can work as a standalone mixer but does always requires a power supply to run
  • Filter On/Off buttons on each of the filter knobs
  • MIDI in and out for syncing with Maschine and other external music products.

A Few Missing Items

Only a few things stuck out to us as being missing in action from the S4/S2 lines:

  • Loop recorder section is missing – we suspect NI wants to focus on recording into Remix Sets instead on this controller
  • Tempo faders have been replaced by a master tempo encoder in the middle of the unit – considering most users of this controller will likely sync, it’s not that big of a deal


We run very limited advertising on this site, so ambitious efforts like detailed videos, MIDI mapping, soundpacks, Midi Fighters, etc. are only possible through your support. If you plan on purchasing a Kontrol S8, please consider grabbing it from us. To make it a great value, we have put together a very special package for our readers.

  • Free one hour tutorial on how to use the Kontrol S8
  • Exclusive 10 minute performance tips from Ean Golden
  • Exclusive performance MIDI mapping that adds a lot of function to the basic interface.

Preordering is highly recommended to reserve your controller as there will be very limited supply and it’s expected that they will sell out quickly in all stores.

Interested? Preorder Kontrol S8 here in the DJTT webstore while they’re available.

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  • Sanjay Bhatia

    Can Traktor Kontrol S8 work with i3 processor , 4gb ram and 32 bits ? I’ve some issues with the software , it crashes as soon as i open it .

  • manoob1

    the reviewer need to update the review with a important thing. the standalone mixer isn’t really one. one of the important part of having one is to be able to quickly change over to another source of music and why most of us want one. and one of the reason I bought it.
    until u find out that the mixer crashes together with traktor and than need to be restarted!!!!
    please add that to the review if you want a real review here of it as its a impotant part for many djs. personally I am a bit dissopointed with s8, still too many bugs in there an ni just to sow fixing them. a bug like when you are in browser mode the efx on that screen side will turn off!!!
    and putting away your screen just impossible if we cant search for a specific track on s8. the problem is that now I have 3 screens to look at and actually will end up looking more at screens. focusing on one screen is better than 3 of them!!!! s8 is good fun when it works. I just hope ni fixes the multicore bug in traktor soon, its been there for years and many people cant use multicore support on traktor because of it which makes more strains on a single core of the cpu that can lead to cpu overload. (the bug may have something to do with the way it is using the cpu cache…..

  • Foldable

    And then came the Pioneer XDJ, with touchscreens and you can use them with a mixer of your own choice… Anybody has thoughts on that?

  • Björn Ecke

    Can I record all four channels at the same time and into four different files ?

  • noisykiwi

    Can i use the s4 and s8 together with one laptop?

  • Addison

    Nice piece of kit, sadly it’ll be stuck in studios and bedrooms which is too bad. No hope of being a built-in at a club with only one usb input. Changeovers between DJs would be a nightmare if both are intending to use it. Serato figured this out years ago with the SL boxes, why didn’t NI include a second USB input for seamless transitions?

  • Hed

    hello, i’m looking for how i can use the pre listen function of traktor with the Kontrol S8 (not with Cue of course). I didn’t find it and it’s a really good function with Kontrol S4 when you press the browse button. Thanks a lot.

  • Nogui

    How does the mic work on this thing? Because frankly, its shite on the S4. You couldn’t run a mobile gig with it without an additional mixer.

  • Manolet DjPapi Santos

    I was sooo excited to read this article to find out more about the S8. Then you got me at “Tempo faders have been replaced by a master tempo encoder in the middle
    of the unit – considering most users of this controller will likely
    sync, it’s not that big of a deal…” — WHAT??!!! No Pitch / Tempo sliders?
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!! I’m not one to bash the “auto-sync’ers” but, I need that Pitch slider to manualy beatmatch… say… the 80’s / 90’s tunes… Native Instruments, you just broke my heart! tsk tsk tsk

  • Slak Jaw

    Can you control MacroFX with this controller?

  • Percy

    I may be missing something but is that demo not live? No cables other than the USB and power are plugged in.

  • Bammbeats

    I love it, I can ditch my S4, F1, and X1 and just have this, alongside my Maschine Studio. Awesome

  • Louie Cato

    Increasingly similar to Novation Twitch. I do not think compact. Should make a 4-channel model with 2 faders and name it as S6

  • Ferdinand

    Is it possible to use the NI S8 with 2 behringer cmd pl1, cause then we have the jogwheels back and i think for someone its useless without jogwheels.

  • Calub

    Ok folks!!! this thing will be out of my price range for a while but how can one map the FREEZE mode to an s2/s4!?

  • Ferdinand

    Is the NI S8 compatible with maybe 2x behringer cmd pl1, cause then we´ll have the jogwheels back 🙂
    Without jogwheels it is useless for the most people who are djiing not so professional

  • Club Megamix Radio

    So we just pre-ordered and look forward to using it on the station soon!

    • Club Megamix Radio

      We received a “verification order” call last night from Canada. I thought you guys were located in San Francisco, CA. It went to VM and when I tried to call back no one answers. Is this normal?

  • marvin

    Hi!! i don’t understand one thing! can i use the kontrol s8 with the traktor digital vinyls?

  • Electro Italia

    I tried it a few days ago and I had a chat with the designer … Product truly unique! I recommend it to anyone: D

  • frenkee

    Today I had my first experience with the S8 at the NI playground at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)
    What can I say about it?
    First that discussion about the Jog wheels:

    If you prefer Jog wheels: buy another controller, the S8 is for DJ’s who will / wont never use these wheels (For example Techno DJ Richie Hawtin uses a mixer and tractor X1, no jog wheels)
    I personally still using the Jog wheels on my DDJ-SR controller for nudging the track into sync and position search in a track.
    I think I can get use to a controller without wheels, although it will take some time….

    Pitch control is hidden: you have to push a button next to the screen; a BPM value will show onscreen, with the browse button you can modify the BPM.
    Nudging the track can be done with the tough strip which did not work that well for me, something you have to get use to it.

    There was a tutorial later that day about the S8.
    I hear a few times the word, “intuitive”
    Intuitive? -> NOT always. (at the moment)
    For example:

    In deck mode; pressing the browse button, you would like to search into your track list.
    In Deck mode you want to search into your Remix list.
    Now you have to look at these tiny screens pressing back button, scroll and search to your tracks or remix files. pressing to confirm scrolling etc etc.
    You don’t need to look at your computer screen anymore NI says, RIGHT: now your face is at these tiny screens!

    Effect unit:
    Left side of the deck Effect unit 1 and 3, right side of the deck: effect unit 2 and 4.
    Pushing at the FX button, you can control the effects of 1 (left side) and 2 (right side)
    Now I want to control effect unit 3 and 4; logically I press the Shift and the FX button
    (expecting a color change of the FX button indicating the option FX control)
    Effect 3 and 4 is moved to the buttons and knobs above the remix deck faders; you can only control by selecting / scrolling to this option with a button beside the screen. and it is only available if FX 3 and or 4 is activated in a deck, so you can’t prepare your FX 3 and 4??
    Too manny handling to activate this control.

    I did like the remix deck section, although it is not a full 4×4 grid pad control, for me personally it is not a problem.
    I never use or fill all 64 cells in a remix deck; if you do, I think at the end the F1 is the best option to control the remix decks.
    It is easy to capture a sample from your deck track A or B and load this into a remix cell.
    nice feature is to control the FX for each row or even pitch. but you have to select these options with a button next to the screen.

    The screens look nice, they are the same screens as on the Machine studio and showing the information clearly.
    Although I got the feeling sometimes they are still a bit too small.

    For browsing my files, at the moment I will still use my laptop screen with this controller. unfortunately when pushing the browse button, the PC screen doesn’t flip to “only browser” mode.
    (again not intuitive)

    After the tutorial I spoke to another person, an American (forgot his name) who works for Native instruments.
    He told me that the software will get some more updates after 2.7 will be released at October 30 (same launching date of the S8)
    I think this is normal and ok, launching a complete new product / controller and see what the customer has to say / complain about it and fix these bugs or wishes.
    The software I saw today feels a bit buggy, it was a beta version of the 2.7 so (I hope) i assume it works better when it will be released.

    Will I buy this controller, still don’t know; I think it is the ultimate controller but I want to tweak it to my personal way of working with traktor.
    At the moment tweaking is not possible but it will be in the future they say.

    There are a lot of layers on some button and knob controls, you will like it or not, this is also a personal choice.
    I think this is a perfect controller for DJ’s who are those, I call it, Technical DJ’s.
    Not for those who only want to play from a MP3 stick on CDJ’s a mixer and some effects.
    then stick with the S4 or similar kind of controller!

    At the moment; I’ll wait and see how this controller will devellop in the future.

    • scamo

      Nice post there frenkee!

      I know I’ll take a beating on this. But isn’t “nudging a track” and “position searching for a place on a track”, with any part of a tool, all a bit “old skool” thinking? I don’t want to be impolite or start a flame war and absolutely no intention of insult here. But, proper track prep (beat gridding, cue point setting, etc.) means you only do it once and not every time you bring up the track. Yes, I understand, sometimes you do want to go somewhere else with a track, but the prep means efficiency in the DJ workflow, in order to free your time to do other things better, like concentrating a whole lot more on the energy on the dancefloor, even if it is looking up and dancing with the crowd. But actually, I think it is for something much more important. The performance.

      I am relatively new to the DJ scene and I don’t consider myself a professional DJ, so my comments might be even out of line, since I am not a professional. However, it doesn’t take a professional DJ to see the resistance to a change in DJing, which NI is following, as a vision for the future of DJing. They don’t see DJ’s as “mixers” of music (even though they called the new sample decks mix decks). It is so obvious, they really, really want DJ’s to be performers of music, with music. It is a bold move and might push out a whole lot of people from buying their products. But then again, those who accept the vision and move with it, could be very much ahead of the game, should it turn out to be the accepted future of DJing. The big question is, is it really the next DJ game?

      And that is where I am finding NI is actually not doing enough. IT is like they are doing a massive split. This could be so huge, yet I ask myself, are these tools, like the S8, F1, remix decks, etc., really what DJ’s need to be music performers? When I watched Ean go to town on the S4 videos,

      like this one

      or this one

      I thought, holy cow. That IS a performance. It can be done. I want to do it too!

      Yes it was a routine! But, don’t all performers do routines? Yes, they absolutely do!

      And that is where the cut from “DJ – the music mixer” to the new “DJ – the music performer” has its issues. A DJ must run a whole bunch of music to let people dance, if at all possible, with a whole lot of fun and energy. And, more and more, it isn’t just dancing, it is a senses tingling experience (unfortunately drug supported too). Fitting in a routine into a whole line of music isn’t easy. And with today’s music and the way clubs are often built, it would be really hard for anyone in the crowd of dancing maniacs to see that the DJ is actually doing a performance…..and thus, the “play button” argument arises with its ugly head.

      I don’t know. I think NI has to do A LOT more work impressing on how a DJ can move to be a very, very obvious music performer, with the tools they are offering. I also really wish Ean would find more time to also show how it can be done, like in the past. I said it in another post. To sell these tools, the fantasy of using them in a successful way must be given to the purchaser. Ean and NI were doing that in the S4 days. Now? I am simply missing it. I can see some potential in the S8. Just not as much as I say, when the S4 came out. Can you imagine that?

      In other words, if a digital DJ is going to be about the performance, then the performance on those tools needs to be front and center. Not a dry video about the new stuff and a “let’s use this feature and see if we can make it sound good”. I say, get back to making that the real point in your videos Ean, like in the past, then you (and inadvertently NI, it is their platform), will most definitely nudge everyone into the new era of digital DJ performing, not just mixing, which both you (and NI) have so clearly envisioned.


      • frenkee

        Hey Scamo,

        No you’re not insulting me 🙂
        Yes, Im old school, playing vinyl from 1989 for many many years.
        Thanks to the digital DJ software like Traktor, Im still playing music as a DJ.
        Nowadays more at home than at at party, that doesn’t matter, it is a hobby for me and I don’t have to buy vinyl anymore, now only online nice and relax at home…
        With my technical background, I like to midi map my controllers myself.
        Using effects, following DJTT looking at Eans tutorials etc.
        So I think I’m not stuck into my old school thinking and way of playing 🙂

        Ok, your right and I did not think about this during writing my comment:
        Track preparation is something you need to do these days specially you’re going to use controllers without jog wheels.
        I was used to prepare crates with vinyl in the past. things are changed these days.

        What I have to say about Traktor in general: I really love the software.
        For me personally it is better to handle than Serato.
        I never liked the Traktor controllers S4 and S2, funny enough I bought always Serato controllers to control Taktor!
        Allen and Heath DX, Allen and Heath K2 (not serato) now Pioneer DDJ-SR
        I almost chopped the DDJ-SR in half to use it as a Deck controller next to my DJM 900. (But I didn’t dare)
        Now suddenly NI is launching the S8 and I thought wow, the ultimate controller.
        But I was a bit disappointed when playing with it.
        Probably for me a modular system will fit better. Don;t know.

        Like the comment you have on Traktor and Ean, I think you’re right on that.
        DJTT did a lot of good things in the past with controllers like they did with the vestal vci400 and the midi fighter twister.
        The twister sequencer functionality should be integrated in the S8!
        I think than it is the ultimate all in one controller for future DJ’s
        (And you might have some more ideas as well!!)

  • Rich

    Ean Golden, Question, can you purchase and change the knobs on the S8 like you could on the S4 Traktor? I want to pre order it but I hate the black knobs. They are very hard to see them inside some clubs.

    • scamo

      I highly doubt the current Chroma Caps can be used on some of the touch sensitive pots. It might be a new type of Chroma Cap to sell? Ean?


  • Jeroen

    Does this mean that the freeze mode function is now avalible for traktor pro?
    Or only in combination with the new S8

  • Luiz Toninato

    This equipment does summing in audio channels? like the xone 4d? Is internal mixed or external?

  • Dj Mesta

    Can you scratch??! I mean, the beauty of the S4 was that it combined the best of both worlds, turntables & CDJs/digital. So, am I missing something? Since the jog wheels are gone.. Or are they planning a version with jog wheels?

    • nagato

      If you plan in scratching, Do so with turntables Not jogwheels. And you sure can plug turntables to the s8

  • Robert Wulfman

    I hope clubs start using this as their mixer but I think that’s not very likely

  • vasenpolvi

    I have a twitch never had jog wheels, work just fine.

  • roga

    The only thing hokding me back is the Pitch…..i mean, how you tight mix 2 tracks without using a Pitch??? I dont know but i dont like those strips things…..maybe im wrong but i don’t like that.

  • Varun

    Hi Ean,

    Have you tried MIDI controlling other softwares such as Ableton with the S8 ? If so, how did it work out ?

  • Quenepas


  • Traktor Tips

    Great in-depth promotional review @eangolden:disqus thanks

  • synapticflow

    If this has screens, (which are too small in my opinion) shouldn’t it allow you to play music from your flash drive? I’m assuming it doesn’t?

  • Will

    Where is the Jogwhell? Fail

  • Ben

    How can NI boast about being the future of DJing but not push out new hardware? These are all other NI hardware combined into one controler not new nor very creative. Even with that said there’s a place for this and it probably will be fun for some.

    • dj_pierre

      What in the hells name would be some “new hardware” for you? Should they bring out a triangle shaped deck controller made of wood, just because no one has ever done such thing before? Of course it fucking looks like NI controller, because there is such thing as corporate design and know-how transfer.

  • audiomontana

    honestly looks like junk — I called Junk on the DDJ sz as well, good luck everyone.

    • audiomontana

      Novation Twitch was all this for 200$ wholesale. + twitch would run serato serato video, ableton, sure it used layers for four channels …. .. ahahahaha. NI keeps chipping away at the improvements I badgered them with 9 years ago but seriously they will never acieve the type of system I designed because they keep selling out.

  • scamo

    On the S8, it is nice to see NI included/ fixed a good number of customer complaints from the S4 in this model, like the booth output, two headphone jacks, the replaceable faders, getting rid of the crappy shiny plastic behind the faders, etc. I might buy this just for the two headphone jacks (although they could have been both been 1/4″), because I can get rid of our headphone amp and have one less piece of equipment to lug around. 🙂 Though, we might have to exchange the 1/8″ for a 1/4″ jack. The only disappointment is it is bigger footprint than the S4, which means a new totebag. 🙁

    I am anxious to see how much remapping can be done with this baby. Especially the touch-sensitive encoders.


  • LoopCat

    Might be a dumb question, but if you are using DVS will you still see the wave form and info the same?

    • bnoop

      It seems like the displays mirror whatever you choose. If its the waveforms of deck a and b and you control a and b with dvs, they will probably show everything!

  • scamo

    “We run very limited advertising on this site, so ambitious efforts like detailed videos, MIDI mapping, soundpacks, Midi Fighters, etc. are only possible through your support. ”

    I am not sure what this and the following text means. Does it mean this is as far as it gets, as a final full review of the controller and only if we buy it, we then get more “stuff” about it? Will we not be seeing articles/ videos on new techniques or “did you know you could do this” articles/ videos with the new technology? That would be a crying shame.

    Please don’t forget that awaking the fantasies of using a piece of equipment is what makes the sales, not withholding them for the sale. This is what I found fantastically exciting about to begin with. Granted, my purchase of the S4 wasn’t done here. I live in Germany. Maybe you should reconsider how our support can be given.:) Not everyone lives in the States, you know?


  • Rickle Moon

    Hello Ean & Co… first of all, congrats on the review its quite terrific… I was only left with a doubt, does the S8 mixer is really stand-alone (hybrid) like the Z2? I mean, can you can use it like any other analog mixer without a laptop connected?

    • Ezmyrelda

      As a Z2 owner.. just my opinion but yes.. it has 4 traktor buttons. One for each channel. the purpose of said button is to put the channel in either traktor mode or analogue mode.

  • Einstein

    In order for this to work in a Club booth situation it seems that there should be some sort of folding/removable stilts that would allow it to easily sit over other gear.

  • Einstein

    I would like to see the screen sections as individual Kontrol units almost like a new a F2 (F1 replacement) This way someone could get 4 if they wanted.

  • Riito

    Those decks need to be sold separately for modular setups!

  • Apex Predicate

    Wondering what kind of processor load the s8 presents, especially with those screens and the beefed up sound card.

  • Benny

    So how effectively can you scratch with the touchstrips? My main interest is seeing if they’ve come up with a more efficient way to emulate vinyl scratching than jogwheels.

    Was hoping to see this feature demonstrated in the overview video.

  • Fred Screwhead

    I love what I’ve been seeing about the S8, but there’s one thing that I’m really wondering; with the loss of the individual channel’s pitch faders, is there finally a way to set multiple tempos in individual tracks? I mix a combination of DnB and hardcore with dubstep/breaks/hard acid, and there’s a bunch of tracks that I use as transitions that start at one tempo but switch to another.. Is mixing like that basically impossible now that there’s not a dedicated tempo fader, or is this going to be another barely-useable-in-a-real-mixing-scenario feature like the X1 mk2 where you have to hold the SYNC button and twist a knob while magically growing a third hand to nudge the pitch up and down on the touch strip?

    • Don Stone

      I’m thinking I’ll be mapping the remix deck volume faders to pitch faders if possible. I don’t use the remix decks and just use 4 normal decks. So 2 volume faders on each side mapped to pitch fader and you should be good to go.

  • jason u

    ableton should make a controller like this

  • gmau

    Have you tested the DVS with the S8? I would want to continue to use my CDJs for better control.

  • Dave Starks

    Looks to me like a culmination of a tried and true product! Great to see the gain knobs finally have a physical indication of their current position! Was hoping that would be released on the MK2 S4. Nothing worse then loading a track up on a heavily gained channel! Hopefully they fixed the build quality on the terribly loose usb connector too!
    Been waiting months for Native Instruments to fix my S4.

  • x

    djs need to start saving something important in life like a car and not spending a grip on expensive dj equipment lol

    • Jay Dizzle


  • batze

    i really like the idea of this mixer, but why does every NI product has to look like a toy?
    for instance, the pioneer-ddj-sx2 mixer section looks a lot more professional.

  • Jason Spencer

    I primarily perform at weddings as both the DJ and MC. The mic inputs have been horrible on prior units, S2 and S4. I primarily found this to be the case because it routed them through the software if you wanted the ability to run the EQ or gain controls. Now that the S8 incorporates a standalone mixer, do I get those controls without being pushed to the software first? Do I have to run the mic mix dry with no ability to shape the tone if I don’t want it to interface with the software?

    I understand that NI and Traktor isn’t typically used for these kinds of events, but it’s been my software of choice going all the way back to Traktor 3. I’m tired of using an external board for mixing my mic channels, and even though they have given us two here, it seems they have missed the mark. It seems that the Denon MC6000 is the only one that realized a full EQ without sacrificing a deck (Pioneer’s DDJSZ is close, but the EQ works both mics together).

  • Arielle West

    It looks cool, and as much as I hate to see the jog wheels disappear. I’m happy to as as you said Ean, they take up too much space, and most younger DJs, and some older are using sync for their sets.

    I’m not in any hurry to spend $1k on the next cool piece of tech when I go to clubs, and many have the industry standard Pioneer equipment because of celebrity DJs requiring it in their contracts. One thing I was very happy to see amongst many things is that you can still beat match if so desired.

    As many people also wonder if like most, you receive a piece of gear from company X, Y, and Z. They might nudge you a bit to give a more biased review as is done in many magasines. Most people look at reviews such as these and either see or suspect disingenuity.

    One thing I can easily see happening with touch screen is besides the cost associated, are the amount of people whom will come up and be curious as to your new “toy” and for whatever reason when you’re playing live will put their finger on part of the track which is going to happen in 3 min or so, and cause a needle skip to that area. You already have a needle skip which isn’t highlighted (probably on purpose) to keep people from doing such things.

    I don’t know if there’s anything on the controller that you don’t like, but I’m assuming you haven’t had that much time to experiment and see what possibly bugs you. One thing I hear people all over forums and pages such as this say is that they want the device to be more stand alone. Requiring no more than a controller, headphones (IEMs), and flash drives. I really like that NI is pushing people away from their laptop screens, and more towards the crowd.

  • orig

    I hope that NI is thinking about a standalone jog wheel unit Like the behringer CMD PL-1. That would be the best addition to the S8 for all of the 1s and 2sers out here. It could have the pitch fader

  • Mauz

    I wonder if it could be possible to have Maschine runing inside Ableton with a second soundcard , have both soundcards synced trough midi clock , and connect mashine to a mic input on the s8 without loosing the 4 decks.. that way we would have ableton signal running directly to the main mix and still have the 4 decks in traktor..
    4 traktor decks and mashine on top of it totaling 5 channels..
    Can you answer this tech tools??


      You can sync Maschine & Traktor with or without Ableton, so yes, this should work. There is an article and video on how to do so on this site if you search for it.

  • Kosta

    i dont understand why did they make the screens if i MUST use my laptop and have everything on the screen…if they made a USB stick friendly controler and somehow implment the Traktor software in there it would be a blast..still staying with my X1mk2 and Z1 setup..cheaper and lighter..and if i need FX ill just buy the F1 or MidiFighter…so not a big fan of S8 but i love its concept

    • Jay Dizzle

      Exactly my thoughts too

  • manoob1

    First no fan if no pitch and platter. Than why not 2 usb input for dj sharing? And searching for specific track needs using your laptop still if a usb keyboard could be connected to it it would have made sense saying putting away your laptop. Build quality of encoders on nu hardware always been poor wonder if this will be differen.
    and finally is the sound quality of this better than s4? S4 sound quality was mid range.


    Everyone’s getting screens on their controllers and I’m here with a pair of V7’s…

  • FXSW

    I strongly think that it has to be practical. A bigger and heavier controller is not a very good idea. I love native instrument and every time they’re announcing a new product I’m exited to see where their technology goes. Although on this one I have to say that I prefer the s4 on most levels. I’m supporting progress and new technology but… A dj controller without jogwheel ? Waw no more scratch training for beginners that want to experience differents styles of music with one practical piece of gear. Faders to control remix decks sample volume? is it really necessary ? It takes space. There’s some good intention with the new screens but that’s the only thing that I feel like an improvement…

  • Vincent PXL

    Too much “don’t touch the jog” people here !!! hey the S8 is another model you can keep your S4 if your not happy with !!! or buy other controler from different brand who do exactly the same thing and innovation between us !!! also you check the abandoned brand “Pioneer” (y) peace

  • an3

    please o please please a version with the left (or right :p ) side. i dont want a tankShip :))

  • Christiaan Gombert

    Do the filters in the mixer section also work on a channel when using a external audio source as input?

    • rene

      The mixer section including the filters can be used fully standalone like any 4 Channel mixer.

  • Romi Rockstar

    You always have my support Ean

  • Dickies

    It’s good and all but how do you pitch control with this? Other than that it looks like a solid piece of equipment.

  • Eric Allen

    Really the big thing I wanted was velocity sensitive pads hopefully their reason for not doing this is maschine integration!!


      All I care about is if these don’t “click” like the Kontrol F1’s do… not very comfortable with clicky “sample triggers” just doesn’t feel right (as a Maschine User, I’m spoiled by nice lush pads lol)

  • Jonathan

    How do the eqs compare to say the Pioneer mixers? One area that IMO traktors controllers are lacking is eqs. Sounds much better when using an external mixer vs traktor as mixer.

  • rsearle

    Can you use a cdj as Jog wheel controlling traktor but with the full fuctionality of the s8?

  • nukage

    Is anyone planning on buying this and lugging it around to the clubs? It looks really cool and fun, but I feel like most gigging DJ’s are happy to just grab some usb sticks and use the house gear. Don’t get me wrong, it would be amazing if this style of DJing caught on and people really started performing the music as a rule instead of the exception, but I feel like this is an overpriced toy for bedroom DJ’s. It’s like the super deluxe version of Novation Twitch.

    • Don Stone

      We used to lug 3 turntables and a DJM500 to the club. Kids are spoiled now. 🙂

  • Mark Smith

    I like this and after watching Ean’s video respect and understand it better. I prefer my modular options built around using my S2 Mk2 or Z2 however I really like this. I look forward to using one some day when I have an opportunity. Thank you for the great overview video @eangolden:disqus.

  • extralooping

    I’d love to have it broken up in single components (maybe with an include usb hub) …

  • drno

    No usb flash drive input. No sd card input. Must use a computer. That sucks. Why not have the F1’s 16 pads on each side for some real fun? S4 still gives the best bang.

  • killmedj

    Please tell me there’s a Software upgrade that includes a revamped browser!?

  • Ken Sheldon

    What I’m really hoping for is just the deck section of this controller. I could totally see just a deck section of this with a soundcard and a usb input. Plug two or more into your laptop and then plug them into any mixer.

  • Einstein

    I’m out to lunch on this. Some open questions floating around in my brain. why is this still very 2 channel based? Yes there are 4 eq channels but there are only 2 fx and two screens. I would have liked to see them at least add 2 more fx controls. The screens- meh gimick. I use at least 3 decks and one remix deck so switching between them seems like its going to get annoying fast so I’m still going to have to look at my screen. Also Maybe it’s the graphic designer in me but a couple of things jump out that don’t give me that High quality feel. One- the traktor font. It just screams cheap. Two- every time i see clear rubber buttons labeled with negative space (filled black box with text cut out) it just looks cheap. Look at every dime store controller that comes out of china, they all have these types of buttons and they look horrible. My last question is from the front panel it looks like it’s compartmentalized. Like the plate around the channel faders. Is this to make it more user serviceable? Could one swap out faders for rotary knobs? If the panel is removable and there is enough space one could hack in rotary’s easily. Just thinking out loud. It just seems some of the features they are touting as game changing are just really gimmicky. I would have liked to see a usb hub or some way of linking multiple NI controllers. Clearly its impossible to please everyone and you shouldn’t try, but don’t give me a shiny object and call it game changing. I will hold full reservation till I get my hands on one. But Id like to see them focus on giving me controls that they already offer instead of giving me pages/ layers to jump through. wait what layer am I in again?

  • Clay Ford

    Very cool but I’m not sure if it’s enough to get me away from my x1, f1, and Xone:db2. I guess the portability would be easier because then I wouldn’t have to lug around multiple pieces of equipment but meh, I guess it’s just not for me. That’s cool though, there’s a lot of people out there that aren’t a whore and already have all the NI gear haha

  • Eduardo Dito Sempertegui

    are the screens available if we are not using Traktor? or they just turn off?

  • Chaser720

    I’m betting a Kontrol Z4 isn’t too far behind this.

  • MOO

    the back panel is looking pretty cramped, but I sure wish they would ditch the barrel pin power connectors in favor of a real nema 5 power cable. I know a number of people who’ve broken power connectors and it’s a huge pain in the ass to repair. much like the weak RCAs, it’s easy to end up with a dead S2/S4 if you’re not gentle when plugging/unplugging it.

  • Steven House

    Nice, but wish they would have left the dedicated tempo faders!

  • BW

    There has to be a new Traktor software release soon, the browser is all about playlist. Smart playlists are coming.

    • Jay Dizzle

      Sure hope so

  • Malcom Bronx

    58cm !?!?!?!? I’ll have to buy a whole new carrying bag.

  • decon

    I don’t understand why they haven’t made a simple browser for the two screens. Nice that you can have your laptop closed, but if you have to look at the laptop screen anyway, then why not just use the laptop for everything as has been the case for some time now?

    Looking forward to actually trying this myself.

    • Ezmyrelda

      Did you miss the part where the browse and other controls are touch sensitive changing the miniscreen state based on what you are doing? What you are wishing for is already included.

      • decon

        Didn’t sound like that was possible in the video? Ean didn’t show the browser. I don’t see how the touch sensitive knobs changes that?

  • gigax

    Is this going to work for Traktor DJ for ipad??

    • stefanhapper


  • shufflesam

    One thing I love about my VCI 400 EGE is how simple and intuitive the workflow is. The S8 kinda seems like I would spend to much time fussing with small things on the screen, and not enough time actually mixing music.

  • Leo marmentini

    Well… It’s cool and stuff but I am not ditching my Xone 92 sound for that. Thank you.

  • Dj Dawgy

    Its too over priced even half the ticket.price would be slightly a consideration at the very most…we like jog wheels and turntables this just feels odd and without…not great guys

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      it’s a mixer with midi function. it’s meant to have cdj’s and turntables hooked up to it, that’s why it comes with traktor scratch.

      p.s. a djm 850 starts at $1600.

      • Dj Dawgy

        Yea but you ddj sx2.for 809 or a Numark NV for 560….

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          price out a 4 channel analog mixer with a traktor scratch certified sound card and midi function. listing all-in-one controllers here means that you are bringing a knife to a gun fight.

          • AGREST

            but this is a controller first which he thinks is overpriced, which i agree with so why are you bringing guns to a knife fight?

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            this operates without a laptop as an analog mixer. it’s secondary function has midi control. not a controller… it doesn’t need a laptop to route through software. will run records and cdj with no laptop through the hardware. think djm, not ddj.

        • AGREST

          or S4 for that matter.

        • Guest

          Agreed, you could by less for less.

        • Guest

          Agreed, you could buy less for less.


    Why not have a built in storage and ability to plug a USB stick? Have the Traktor software built into it, then you can do away with a laptop entirely. Use the laptop at home to prepare.

    • Damien Sirkis

      Because this would mean implementing a complete embedded OS, port Traktor to it and add some kind of a SoC (System on a chip)/Controller to the hardware.

      It’s not impossible (CDJs run some embedded Unix-ish OS) but it’s not something NI has experience with at the moment.

      • AGREST

        Exactly like CDJ’s do. They are innovators so they should innovate lol. The whole point they advertise is that you dont need to look at your laptop, this way you wont need a laptop at all. Less things to carry and rely on in case anything. Unless you need it as back up incase something goes wrong.

          • AGREST

            Absolutely, but the whole point of this controller is that you dont have to and have an all around piece of equipment.

          • Damien Sirkis

            I think it’s probably impossible for them to do a controller that would please everybody. Yet everyone always tries to tell them what to do.

            Tell them with your money. Don’t buy this. If it doesn’t sell I’m sure they will head in another direction.

          • AGREST

            True that sir.

          • b

            but its about using traktor without a laptop in a self contained unit..with a cdj youre stuck to rekorbox or just “music”

          • Damien Sirkis

            It’s about picking what’s more important to you.

            If you want to use Traktor, this is the way NI is going and they’re not about to start embedding an OS in their controllers.

            If you want a self contained unit, then you can got the CDJ route.

            Like I said below, if you don’t like the S8 don’t buy it.If it doesn’t sell I’m sure they will head in another direction.

        • slim_fady

          For the price of a pioneer nexus set you could buy 3 S8 and a shiny new macbook pro… thats why they don’t build in a dedicated computer into the unit. because it doesn’t make any sense in a time when everybody has a laptop at home.

    • Jacob Stadtfeld

      Because building a whole computer into the unit would likely double the price, at least.

      • AGREST

        Components like memory and storage cost nothing nowadays and it has CPU in already, they could use a more powerful one. Its not going to double it in price at all.

        • Jacob Stadtfeld

          Apologies for the exaggeration, double is pushing it, I just lumped low level laptop-price into the original of the S8. It would definitely be at least a few hundred dollars more though, plus whatever NI feels appropriate to offset the cost of developing a capable operating system and what would likely amount to tablet-level hardware.

          • AGREST

            True. Everything is relative at the end of the day. You will see this unit at $999 in a few month. I’m 100% certain that NI will still be making a profit. They most deff. have the ability to do it. Will they is another story. I just simply had an opinion. Cheers.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      don’t forget Moore’s Law and the fact that over the next 3 years the requirements for Traktor to run will take more resources, with new updates and versions being released. your hardware for computing would be obsolete at that point as most embedded hardware is not upgradable. twice the price with a limited lifespan.

      • AGREST

        So is everything electronic you buy anyway. For few years im sure the hardware will be able to handle the software updates.

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          the UC-33e and BCR-2000 that i bought almost 10 years ago still work on my current computer just fine. although the P4 2.0 Ghz desktop it started with, running Ableton 5 are vastly obsolete. The old controllers have new homes in my studio, if they would have had windows embedded in them, they would have been garbage a long time ago.

          • AGREST

            I sure hope that your computer is in the garbage. I dont see where you going with this at all. There would obviously be software updates. It’s like new IOS update or android or any other software based system.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            my point again… software requirements change over time, new computer hardware causes this. when you invest in a piece of hardware why would you let an internal processing unit determine it’s life span? If you were to buy an all-in-one 5 years ago the way you want it, would it really run traktor pro 2.5 and up with an intel C2D with up to 4 gig of ram the way you want it too? ddr-2 and ddr-3 aren’t interchangeable and socket set 775 won’t use an i series processor, so how do you figure you’ll up grade it?

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            current case and point intel i3/5/7 series codename “haswell” 21 nm processor hasn’t even been on the market for 2 years. don’t be surprised to see a new 11nm processor by the end of the month. The updates I was talking about weren’t to the OS, but to the software. Traktor 2 had a lot lower overhead than Traktor 2.5 due to the remix decks and again for 2.6 due to the need for more volatile memory. Then again… you have the OS too, mac doesn’t collaborate with other OEM’s and if they did, you’d be paying for it just like microsoft. I’m pretty sure that NI hasn’t done a dvs platform off unix/linux since final scratch.

      • Joe

        Moore’s law has nothing to do with this arguement.

        1. Moore’s law has to do with processor complexity, which does not directly mean an increase in performance. The increases have mostly been to embedded GPUs and multiple cores for a while now. Things that don’t greatly affect the performance of Traktor.

        2. The pace of mature software such as Traktor does not mimic other apps that are more main market (Office for example). They don’t need to release a new version every year with new features to make new sales. They haven’t released a major update in years. The latest version of Traktor runs fine with 4 deck, remix decks and effects on my 32bit Macbook Pro from 2006.

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          ??? what are you talking about? MBP from 2006 had a G4 processor, RISC were 64bit. This thread with Agrest was about having a mini itx computer embedded in a controller, with me saying that long before it dies Moore’s law will make it obsolete. Whether or not you have an MBP doesn’t make a difference considering Apple doesn’t work with other OEM companies to make integrated hardware.
          Newer versions of Traktor require more resources. I’m looking at my Audio 10 box for Traktor scratch pro 2 (xp P4 2.4Ghz, 2 Gb RAM, recommended) and my Z2 box that says that the recommended is win7 2.0Ghz core 2 duo, 4Gb ram, recommended). Native Instruments has said that they will utilize the extra power that newer laptops have with every update.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            ok, the same year i bought a dell 1520 and vanilla kernalled osx

          • Joe

            I’m really happy for you, what’s that have to do with anything?

          • Joe

            Also, great for you. Do you think that makes you qualified to argue software development, especially realtime embedded audio? Or does it just make you feel qualified enough to spread FUD all over message boards because you assume a site followed by DJs won’t have anyone on it who can call out your bullshit.

            By the way, I was also a dev on PearPC near the end before the project got cancelled. It was very important in my work to get the 10.4.8 Intel OS X leaks installed natively. Did I mention I was the first person to get it to run natively outside of VMWare using the dd after install method. So I beat you there too. You’re welcome for doing the work to get it to run on your good ol’ Dell. I told you not to bother with a pissing match.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            read your product specs. that clearly state that your processor is 64 bit. i even put a link for you.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            my bad, but being wrong about the G4 and the first intel by one year really shouldn’t set you off. it wasn’t what the thread was about in the first place. telling me that i know nothing… get bent. you don’t know my credentials. the diploma on my wall means that this was never a pissing match, but an exchange of ideas and facts. i can admit when i am wrong, it’s how educated people learn. it seems like you just get loud.

          • Joe

            You should Traktor’s requirements grew sufficiently to prove that embedding the software wouldn’t be a good idea. You also started your retort with an instigating number of ?’s and an insult. Don’t suddenly pretend you’re the internet intellectual. Every reply has been more off target than the last. You drive this thread into a hole.
            Looking at your post history there’s a pattern of fairly hostile and inaccurate in your conclusions, and that’s how I handled my responses.

          • Dean

            Joe, you seem to know a great deal of Traktor’s hidden secrets, imbedded coding and the like , I am not impressed …yet.. You would really impress me if you could explain how I could sync my maschine made patterns and use them live in Traktor via MIDI from my Machine with 1 PC (not Mac) and integrate these two together. I have looked high and low and have used every suggestion but still no joy. Do you have this knowledge and would like to share?

          • Joe

            You could have just asked instead of challenging me for your approval.

            I can only tell you that in my experience, which is limited to Mac, I couldn’t never get Maschine to sync while running as a plugin in Ableton Live, unless Ableton was the master clock and Traktor was slaved to it. You didn’t mention anything about using Ableton as a host, but I think it’s worth mentioning as it’s a common setup.

            Otherwise, just follow this article


            For the step where you choose “Traktor Virtual Output”, you would instead choose whatever the virtual port is from whatever software you find on Windows that creates virtual MIDI cables between software. This is built into OS X, I don’t use Windows so can’t tell you anything more. Try like the NI article says. Shouldn’t be that difficult

          • Dean

            Fair call, should have asked but I only challenged as this issue is exactly that. I have tried loopbe, also have tried other methods such as MIDI Cables from S4 to machine, connection through Audio 6 soundcard and it just does not communicate. The only method I have been successful with was using 2 PC’s and that did work but it tends to drift out of sync. And yes I do agree it should not be too hard to do but this seems to be a common hurdle I have found a lot of people have and posted over all sorts of message boards regarding this issue .. I do not own Ableton and have not heard of this setup .. Anyway I was hoping you may have the answer or understand why this happens??… Bit of a shame your expertise is only with Mac. Why do these things seem to be easier with Mac and not PC? I still do remain impressed with your expertise .. thanks anyway.. 🙂
            I wonder if anyone out there knows???? Please reply to me if you have a solution …… anyone !!

    • xXThresholdXx

      Thats what I say… Make a Traktor controller that runs like a CDJ 2000 Nexus… It would be still cheaper than buying 4 CDJ’s plus a mixer…

    • Rob Ticho,Club mU

      There is a great interview with the heads of Native Instruments here:

      They make it pretty clear that their strategy is that their hardware will continue to need computers based upon the insane computing power of an average laptop. And as computers get stronger, they will continue to build software that will take advantages of any CPU improvements. This goes for tablets as well.

      Of course, they may be saying this because they don’t sell any standalone hardware devices yet.

      • b

        well..there was this dj by the name of MK, who said that NI is making maschine a stand alone unit in the coming years…

  • Thierry Henri Côté

    I was hoping they would announce Traktor 3.0 at the same time… 🙁

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    the fact that this is stand alone, is making me reconsider my gear upgrade from a Z2 to a djm in the spring.

  • tr4gik

    No software update NI ??

  • Ren Reno

    This is pretty darn nice. It is all the Traktor Kontrol in one. The $1200.00 price is a bit too steep for me. I rather go with the Z2 mixer, and 2 CDJ900s or better. But it is definitely great to not be stuck looking at the laptop.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      have it the set-up, love it… but really want the 4 channel faders and high/med./low gain back for decks c/d. been eyeing up a djm, but this looks very interesting. although i wish they would have put a usb hub in it and raised it to standard mixer height.

      • Ren Reno

        It is an awesome mixer for Traktor but it is too wide. But, nowadays, nothing is conventional in djing. I wish they would have the screen on a slant. The lower height is easier to look at with out a slant. USB hub would be nice.

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          the mixer i’ve been looking at as an upgrade is the djm-850 and it starts at $1600, but i’d really be missing the midi control that i get from the Z2. this looks interesting enough to make me me stop and reconsider.

          • DrtCtRngD

            I have a like new DJM 900 for sale (never gigged, under warranty, sat in studio since July) – selling for $1400 shipped.

            As for the all-in-one “mixtroller”, I prefer traditional mixers with midi function and when possible, integrated sound card function (Kontrol Z2, Rane 62, Vestax PMC 05 Pro IV w card etc) or mini mixer like the Z1 or new Akai AMX. Then add module controllers.

            Why? 1) portability/flexibility. It’s more individual things to carry and keep track of but it’s not so as heavy and I can always work in the space given by the DJ booth. 2) Equipment failure doesn’t cripple me as hard both live (never happened thankfully) and waiting for replacement gear. 3) adaptability is high. It seems like the all in ones really just can’t keep up with new software features as well. With a modular setup, I feel like I have redundant and extra controls available which works even better in a midi-friendly suite like Traktor. Even Serato works well this way.

            These are just my $0.02

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            my local gear shop loves me… i had them dig up a lightly use DJM 850 for $900 cdn with a 1 year direct replacement on it over a year span. i was going to grab it when i get a few more payments in on my cdj’s.
            i prefer mixers with an integrated soundcard, as i feel that they have a warmer sound compared to a controller. it’s the reason why i used to drag around my SH-201 when i was running ableton, i felt that the roland had a warmer feel with a bit more crunch than most of what i could find 5-10 years back in a soundcard.

    • Dan White

      Wait, but a Z2 + 2 CDJ 900s would run you $3600…

      • Derrida

        I think he meant just the mixer. =)

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        hehehe… got mine for $2200 cdn 🙂

    • Dj Dawgy

      For me the laptop is just where the it’s all it was intended for people are so hung up.on who’s the real dj and forget were all doing it for the love of the music…right???

  • Vincent Halliburton

    I see that you are unable to use this with an iPad, i would hope that would change soon.

  • Dan Schmidt

    so when does freeze come to the controller manager?


      NEVER! Muahahahaha (well… Hopefully at some point otherwise that’s just not fair at all lol)

  • Club Megamix Radio

    Question: Have you had the opportunity to test outdoors? My concern is, as with laptops, the screens won’t be very useful in sunlight??

    • Dj Dawgy

      That’s why you have adjustable stands people

  • manjeh

    sorry native, this thing is mostly a fail.
    The screens are nice, but why not make them touchscreens and ditch those useless touchstrips?
    I mean touchscreens people! Just think about it => X-Y-Pads, Customization, still being able to spin back tracks, setting loops… basically everything Traktor DJ has and maybe better.
    Freeze mode is bullshit. As if people beatbutchering tracks wasn’t annoying enough.
    Scrolling through a thousand menus to switch between FX, pitch, filters etc.?
    Totally overloaded poor little 4 knobs and buttons.

    I’ve heard from an NI insider that they’re moving towards layered designs. As in everything gets smaller and ‘touchscreenier’, so now we adapt and go LAYERS. F*** layers seriously, you don’t want to switch functions all the time to get where you want, don’t you?
    No, you want to be fast, intuitive, creative and improvisational – not looking at just other screens again and thinking “what mode was I in again” while you flyspeck wether your FX really are at 0% (You can probably push them to reset, but there still are several other problems, when it come to layers)

    To top it off, they had to go encoders. Yes unavoidable since you’re switching modes all the time, but encoders are so feedbackless and vage, especially when tweaking FX that work in the -100% +100% way.

    Ok, touchsensitive Knobs = awesome! (Hopefully, the filter knobs still have a zero position.)

    just sayin’ 😛

    • Dj Dawgy

      I like it you know.your stuff pal

    • Luis Hernández

      I agree with you, my good sir. Touchscreens can bring the live performances to the next level.

      • Arielle West

        Traktor DJ or iMaschine if you want touch screen control.

    • Ean Golden

      I have to disagree with you manjeh. Having played with the controller a lot over the last 2 weeks, it was intuitive and easy to use the screens. The idea that you only see information when it’s needed is generally accepted as a sound UX principle.

      Touch screens on it would have increased the price, complexity and eliminated many of the dedicated hardware controls. IMO this strikes a nice balance between flexibility (for many functions) and dedicated hardware (for reliable, easy performance)

      • manjeh

        can’t argue that ean, since I won’t be getting my hands on that thing until next month. But you got to admit that a touchscreen-based approach would’ve been pretty sweet ^^

        • bkbikenerd

          Touch screens become difficult when they are too small. If you need to press a tiny button on a cluttered touchscreen keyboard like the iPhone you can often mistype in the case of DJ software that could mean a huge blunder in front of an audience. I think the S8 screens look well implemented but, I would have to use it to confirm.

          • Dre Morningstar

            I recently got a touch screen laptop and have to agree it would create to much possibility for disaster. I would never use touch to control anything important and that’s with a full 15 inches to work with.

        • Naturally Obtained Skillz

          Touch screens…? Traktor Dj on your Ipad.


          Ain’t nobody got time to keep taking the microfiber cloth to the screens cause everyone’s little grimy fingers are always on it lol 🙂

          I have a hard enough time with the “Shiny Plastic” on the face of my mixer section of the Kontrol S4 MKII getting fingerprints everywhere. So glad the S8 is that brushed aluminum or whatever it’s made of.

          What they should do is just open up Midi Over Wifi (AdHoc, Bluetooth, anything…) for the iPad and give some kind of extra control for “touch” functions. Like Enabling the iPad to control more remix cells, or a more in-depth FX section with 4 XY pads for 4 single FX on each unit.

          • Bammbeats92

            TKFX app is pretty cool, it has an X/Y pad to manipulate FX in traktor. Needs a couple more updates though. Or make one with Lemur

      • Aken

        Did you participate in the design of the S8?

        • Ean Golden

          I did not participate in this design – they did do a great job though.

      • tony corless

        Will you be ditching the x1’s Ean to use the s8 for your dj gigs?

        • manoob1

          Nope he won’t because of sound quality. Every dj who promote for ni just use s4 on promoting videos. In real gigs they use proper sounding mixers like Allen n heath or pioneer. ……

          • Arielle West

            I’ve seen some DJs use the Kontrol series at gigs, but most can’t see spending a grand on new equipment every 2-3 years especially when they’re not being paid either anything, or very much for performing.

            The industry standard club equipment is free to use, and almost everywhere. I also almost never hear anyone doing much more than one deck to the other and back again, traditional DJ’ing. Hip hop DJs are the exception to that, but they’re almost always on vinyl of some sort. One reason is because you’ll kill the flow of the music if you’re throwing samples into a mix and not doing it really well.

        • Toontown

          Thank you.

        • Ean Golden

          good question!

          I’m really not sure. I need to really play around and see if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. My first instinct is no – it’s just too large to cary around to gigs. On the other hand it’s a really enjoyable experience to dj with, and makes remix deck/effects control really intuitive and natural.

          Hard decision for sure.

          • tony corless

            Thanks Ean please can you do a video sometime to show how the standard club dj can benifit from using remix decks. Perhaps using standard everyday club music to push home the advantages?

      • dur

        Obligated Ean is obligated to agree with NI. How Obligatory.

      • Einstein

        While I agree Layers works for some things. And yes touch screens would make the unit astronomical. There are just some things that should be available all the time. Adding another row another of FX would be great. I get having to switch between active deck on the screens. Since I use all 4 decks I will prob not use them for regular play anyhow. They just seem gimmicky. As it is dj booths are tiny and the S8 looks huge. Between this and a laptop will there be enough booth real estate to support them…that remains to be seen. and just a pet peeve the buttons look cheap. negative printing on buttons is a bad look for everyone. simple text printing or nothing at all. It’s like trying to get the look of an led ring around a button. Nothing would go a long way with those looking to remap functions (I had to remove to the text on my X1’s since I remapped everything).on the LED note I would like to see NI take their support of the remapping community one step further by offering rgb led’s on all led’s. maybe I just have an aversion to orange. It just looks cheap, when I know the unit is well built.

    • j

      The only thing I want to know is will the was on this actually kill?I have a z1 and a midi mapped apc 40 and neither was work particularly wel in comparison to a vested or Pioneer mixer

      • j

        Stupid auto correct. Meant to say will the EQ work

        • Arielle West

          I think you’re referring to infinite kill where the knob at value 0 actually silences any sound coming from that?

    • imnodj

      Touchscreens are a complete fail for live performance as a control surface.

      You have to look at it to use it, its wildly inaccurate compared to a smooth encoder, you can only control one thing at once without macros, its performance changes minute to minute depending on heat and humidity.

      • vasenpolvi

        Yes touch screens are a double edged sword. Awesome effects and tricky situations. I dj several times per week off a spinnin’ bike to a fitness oriented audience. The ammount of swet is immense. Solution for me is a towl mitten. Goes and comes off in no time. Just have to feel the dripplet before it is on the play pause button LOL. The body in motion becomes part of the user experience and has a fast learning curve like any new thing.

        I use DJ Player, excellent real estate and pro connectivity

      • paul

        This true hands on expriance bro?

    • KrimiJimmi

      If you want the headache that touch screens will give you, use you’re iPad for dj’ing.
      I sure as hell dont wanna fuck up, due to fat fingers in front of an audience.
      Next thing will be you’re telling me you need an autocorrect function on you’re damn screens 😀

  • enric

    interesting to see that mixer gains are no longer infinite encoders.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      Infinite encoder is for a software controller, it’s not an S4 without the platters. It’s the same with the Z2, because they are analog mixers. When it’s not “Traktor enabled” it needs point 0 to work from, just like any other mixer.

  • Todd Keebs

    Are the knobs above the screen AND the encoders below the screen touch sensitive, or is it just the encoders? The article above just refers to the encoders but I thought the video indicated the knobs were?

    ps – I noticed the only things plugged into the S8 in the video were USB and power… *waits for Swedish House Mafia-faking type comments*

  • chris

    looks nice. so, it looks that the evolution has started.
    btw: licking somebodys face will stops the conversation to 100%

  • Alfredo bicho Vargas

    “Can work as a standalone mixer but does always requires a power supply to run”. I swear I have never seen a mixer that runs on batteries

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      it has a power supply. it is located between to power on/off switch and the usb connect on the top left of the unit.

    • Dan White

      some run on USB power – like the Kontrol Z1

        • Alfredo bicho Vargas

          of course I was being ironic. No mixer that can work as standalone will power on without a power supply!

    • ChaZ


  • evolakim

    Definitely looks amazing. I use an s2, x1, f1, and I kinda like it just because it’s modular and if I really wanted to I could remove any of the controllers and still be able to play music. Which I do sometimes just because.
    Anyway, this thing is a beast and I’d love to try it out. Not sure if I’ll be getting one though.

  • Alvrz1908

    Ugh, the touch sensitive knobs are genius, but it makes a good number knobs on my existing hardware just seem so obsolete now 🙁

    Is there any hope for a clever solution??? (Probably not)

  • Scott Frost

    it would be nice if you could use tractor DJ to search for your tracks on an iPad then send them to the controller like Denon’s Engine or Rekordbox.

    • JG

      yess!!!! That would be amazinggg

    • Mutis Mayfield


    • Scott Frost

      They had that – the X1700.

    • Spencer Graham

      Get me one too plz

      • Damien Sirkis

        Done! Might be a paper one though… 🙂

        • Moises Hernandez

          print him out picture! lmao

  • Rob Ticho,Club mU

    I’m curious on what people think about the need for screens. Like many of you, I thought having on device screens would become this revolutionary improvement. Now I’m less sure. I wonder if people are going to stare down at the screens just as much as they do their laptop. At least with a laptop, I can place is higher in the booth and see the screen and crowd at the same time.

    As for wanting to close the laptop, I like the idea of being able to place is out of harm’s reach but I feel no guilt about having a laptop in my dj booth.

    • Spencer Graham

      I like the idea of a DJ looking at his controller rather than a laptop. Whenever I see a DJ with a laptop I assume they are on AIM or MySpace ya know?! lolz

      • Moises Hernandez

        people still use myspace? j/k

    • Jay Dizzle

      Totally agree with you. Plus there some many features that you can’t see in the built-in screens. For instance, I sometimes prep tracks (beatgrid & cue points) on the fly at a gig. Since I have a large collection. For that I still have to use the laptop. And what about searching for tracks. Maybe it’s OK for djs that play from playlists, but if you do open format. Such as let’s say wedding gigs for example. Then searching is a must. Speaking from my perspective, as an all round Dj. It’s more convenient to use the laptop screen. Plus the hight. If one’s using a stand.

  • Scott Frost

    Is that a prototype you have there or the final build? Impressive – I just bought an X1MK2 – Would be nice if they would come out with an updated Z2 with the screens. Will wait and see as I am sure there will be updates to all products.

    I would imagine there will be a tractor update to take advantage of these new features.

  • Jay Dizzle

    No tempo faders?

    • Spencer Graham

      I agree. No tempo faders is a drastic change. I looked all over the controller for somewhere to adjust the tempo but couldnt see anything. Midi Mapping and actual turntables would solve this problem tho. Midi Mapping would be easiest, I would maybe use the channel fader along with like a shift push or something.

      +1 – Ive actually DIED waiting for on/off buttons for the dedicated Filter Knobs. Knew theyd come eventually. I LOVE DEDICATED FILTER KNOB. ftw

      Personally I love the screens instead of the shite jogwheels. My homie could scratch good on the S4 but I think thats bcuz he has downs (JK, i know im mean, but come on fuck those 4 inch platters) AMIRITE?

      • Nick

        No, No you’re not.

      • Jay Dizzle

        I’m sure their will be some great mappings for this controller.

      • mellonhead

        you’re so right. i’ve never used platters. 15 club hours a week, constant requests, and somehow i still manage to find the right place to start! for those who still really need jogs why not just plug in some control vinyl? i like the

        • Noisedisturbance

          If I ever get this and probably replace my newly bought Z2 (Which I doubt I will because I love it to bits) I’d use Turntables because that’s what I prefer these days. If I ever see turntables at a venue I choose them over CDJs and controllers everyday. For mobile gigs I still use 2 Turntables and my Z2 but I might shrink it down 2 1 turntable and Z2 in 2 separate Roadcases compared to the all in one roadcase I have right now.

          Anyway enough boasting about my gear, yeah it’s personal preference as it always has and always be, someone will always be annoyed or upset because you are not using *insert apparently amazing piece of DJ technology ever here* and therefore you are a shit DJ. Just do what you are comfortable with.

      • Ezmyrelda

        Shift+touchstrip.. Easy.. or hell.. shift+encoder or.. CDJs in HID mode.. It’s not a huge omission.

    • DJ Semi

      Tempo Adjust will probably be performed by default as with the Traktor X1Mk2 (i.e. Hold Sync and turn Loop Encoder). Not ideal compared to a dedicated tempo fader with a longer ‘throw’, but I guess these would waste controller space & become redundant if the SYNC workflow is embraced…to be honest, the way this thing is designed, the idea of trying to manually keep 4 decks in time manually looks a bit daunting anyway – why have 4 dedicated tempo faders for each channel taking up space on the deck when the SYNC button will achieve the same thing in a fraction of the time?

      • Jay Dizzle

        I agree with you. I’ll be sticking with the s4 for now. Since I’m not using remix decks. Also since it’s the first Controller With screens from N.I, I’m gonna wait for the next one.

    • Dan White

      There’s a dedicated “Master Tempo” encoder in the middle of the controller.

      • ithinkmynameismoose

        So pretty much a giant SYNC button on top?

      • Per Jakobsen

        That’s cool. because i use that a lot and having to set the master tempo ,via the laptop is not optimal.

    • Ren Reno

      This is made to work in conjunction with turntables and CDJs which have their own tempo faders.

      • Jay Dizzle

        ok. If so. I would not invest in this controller. I’m running sl1210 decks and an z2 + x1mk2 + f1 in my studio. But for the road. Its more convenient to have an all in one controller right?

        • Ren Reno

          You are so right. I must say, if I had to money to spare I would buy this just for the thrill of it. I rather have your setup. I am actually looking to get a setup like yours with the pioneer decks, CDJs and the PLX turntable. With the pioneer CDJs running in MIDI mode, you don’t have to look at the laptop either.

          • Jay Dizzle

            I’m very happy with my setup. Though it’s only for home/studio/club purpose. No way I would drag all that stuff around. If I do private parties I usually bring my s4, laptop + stand. But I got hype up about the latest x1. So I bought it. Then I bought the f1 and later I bought the z1. Turns out I love that little setup. I bring it to nearly all my gigs. It all fits in a messenger bag too. So convenient. In a way I regret buying the s4. Not because it’s a bad controller. But the hassle off carrying it around. I wish I bought the z1, f1 & x1 from the start.

  • DJ Semi

    Overall impressive stuff (especially those wonderful screens!) but was rather expecting a Traktor 3 announcement to coincide with the launch of this new toy…the sooner elastic track beat gridding and Machine style ‘sequencer decks’ are added to Traktor, the better IMHO!

    • manjeh

      I just got a boner, when you said elastic beatgrid. but their timestretching algorithm better be THE shit to make this also sound good!

  • Darilov

    I’m on a wait and see situation. I have to admit it’s a radical change from what I’m used to mixing with which is the S4 and 2 F1’s. Plus it’s huge in comparison! Hopefully you can midi-map the filter knobs to activate effects Pioneer style!

  • DarkFox

    Will the freeze mode be available for MIDI mapping on other controllers, or will we have to wait again, like for remix decks?

    • KarlosSantos

      Yes it is possible to map freeze mode. It works really well with an F1.

      • DarkFox

        Awesome! Time to dust off my Twitch and get mapping! 😀

  • Ash

    Why is the price difference so high between euro and USD?

    • TJ

      It isn’t. In Europe is $63,- cheaper.

    • DJ Semi

      Probably because Obama won’t lay off the printing presses! 🙂

    • Dan White

      We’ve just updated the article, those prices are actually the same.

    • DJ Semi

      US price is $1,149…Euro price is €1,145…UK price is £999…with current exchange rates in the mix, the Euro Price works out to €905 and UK price works out to £715 – so between 200-300 £/€ saving if the Europeans bought this in the US. Even if sales tax is added on top of that, it’s still a pretty high price difference in my book!

      • Markku Uttula

        Since US is outside EU, import duty is also a factor. For example, in my country the lower price plus shipping plus import duty plus value added tax sums up to… well, about the same as it is in the EU in the end. I think I’ll prefer to order from Thomann, enjoy my two business day delivery and 36 month warranty 😉