Cross DJ 3.3 Update: Better Track Selection + 64-Bit Compatibility

There are DJs who want to focus on just the music they mix and those who want to add another layer to their set. Mixvibes’ Cross DJ software is the mixing solution for DJs who are looking for the a blend between audio and video mixing, all in one cohesive package. DJ Tech Tools reviewed the software back in January and today Mixvibes announced the 3.3 update which adds better support for 64-bit systems and an improved system for track selection. Read more about the update and what it means for the DJ/VJ.

Track Match + Enhanced Collections

Cross DJ 3.3 is icing on the cake considering where the software was just over a year ago. Cross DJ allows the user to mix video just like one would mix audio in any other software. This means that cue points, looping, scratching, pitching, ect. are all included. That being said, Mixvibes took the time to improve the way the user feeds tracks into their sets by adding the Track Match feature.
A pane on the right side of the library displays a list of suggested tracks and the user can choose to interact with this list in three different modes: Automatic, History, and Manual.

Automatic Match displays a list of recommended tracks to be mixed with the ones currently playing based on BPM and key compatibility.

History Match displays the tracks already played with the track currently playing to avoid playing the same tracks and remember which tracks mixed well together.

Manual Match is utilized when the user plays 2 tracks that go well together, and wants to recall the combo later by hitting a button to ‘match the tracks’. The matches are kept in memory, and displayed anytime those tracks are played.

The Enhanced Collection allows tracks to be synced and analyzed based on BPM and key. Cross DJ 3.3 pulls tracks from files, iTunes, and Soundcloud. The update also includes advanced search tools, improved navigation history through a widget in the top-left corner, and better column sorting using a waterfall search.

64-Bit Support + Improved MIDI

Cross DJ 3.3 will also be released in a 64-bit version which allows the system to pull together more resources to run the program more efficiently and this is especially important if the user is mixing large, HD video files. The 64-bit version will improve overall stability and audio quality. Cross DJ 3.3 will also include more responsive MIDI control and the option to search a MIDI controller by tapping its name in the settings menu.
Mixvibes recent update adds some interesting and need features to the software. This may not be your choice of software if you are just mixing audio but if you are a VJ, this may be the one for you. Mixvibes is really starting to show that Cross DJ 3.3 is more than the average, introduction mixing software.

Cross DJ 3.3 is available for $49 and Cross 3.3 is available for $129.

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  • BoldFaceType

    I wish they would get someone actually USES the software to write these articles. This reads like a rehash of a press announcement. They never do Cross justice; never do they mention some of the cool and unique things you can do with it.

  • BoldFaceType

    Cross DJ is not just for VJs. It’s certainly not “average” or “introduction” software either. It’s PROFESSIONAL DJ software with the quality, reliability and feature set to compete with the other 3 on Equal footing. Is Cross perfect? No, but neither are Serato (cock-blocker), Trackor (complicated), or VDJ (over-priced). MixVibes made RekordBox for cryin’ out loud. MixVibes has been making DJ software for as long or longer that Serato or Traktor. Cross specializes in *sound* and the features reflect that. It just so happens that Mixvibes recently added some kick-ass video capabilities. It’s got the most extensive recording options, able to play the most formats, best beat-grid editor (your welcome RekordBox), imports Traktor and Serato libraries, exports natively to Rekorbox, features the most compatibility for CDJs (you can control it with a CDJ 400), AND it’s a dope-ass *OPEN* DVS. Oh yeah, the Key Analysis BLOWS AWAY (79%) everything else out there with the exception of Mixed In Key (90-95%). That includes Serato, Traktor, RekordBox, and VDJ ( Don’t hate, it’s a waste of your life. So, if you care about how your mix SOUNDS, I honestly think it’s the best choice. Clearly the most underrated DJ software on the market.

  • chris

    i need some hippie-stylish
    (always this black grey red light – makes me nervous, and a bit horny, too)

  • Cap Bon

    Definitely a great software ! I’m not a VJ but I use it every week .
    I got the new update and it rocks the boat. Manual match is very handy because I can bookmark 2 tracks that I often play, maybe 3, it makes my options more clear to me when I mix. So I can focus more on other important stuff such as samples or stuff.

  • ClaytonKimber

    Still the most underrated DJ software out there. Works great and is rock solid.

    • Chris R Schneider

      just bought it yesterday. was a PITA figuring out how to analyze tracks.. but the sound is killer. and well if you are staring (home user) at a screen for hours. serato is just so ugly. traktor still sounds “digitalish” if thats a word. good for dvs thought. virtual dj ive been using for years. but it lacks the polsih and really isnt the software to do long transitions on. i mix house and its variants. anyway for 50 bucks its a steal. i had crashed a few times so i set it to windows 8 compatibiity mode. and that seems sorted.