Is Vestax Out of Business?

Some potentially sad news reached our inbox this morning as a Japanese reader tipped us off that Vestax Corporation has apparently “ceased operations as of August 31st” (according to a Japanese news source). While unconfirmed, this doesn’t come as a big surprise. Vestax has been noticeably missing from action over the past few years. Lacking any new products at NAMM 2014, the trusted manufacturer was also completely absent from the recent BPM tradeshow in the UK leading many to wonder if a demise was near.

Update November 1 2014: Several recent key employees at Vestax have confirmed they are no longer operating as a company. No word on support for past customers. 

A Japanese news organization, Teikoku News Online, has reported:

Indispensable in helping to talk about the music and club scene in Japan, name-brand DJ (disc jockey) for mixer, turntable “Vestax”. Co., Ltd. has ceased operations August 31″

This was part of a larger story about the continuing slow down of Japanese manufacturing.

The news of Vestax’s closure on the front page of Teikoku News Online

Vestax has been under pressure for years, first with the decreasing value of the Yen, which made it difficult for them to remain competitive in the face of lower cost controllers from Pioneer, Reloop, NI and others. More recently they’ve faced challenges due to their lack of software and ability to compete with those who have software platforms.

DJ TechTools has reached out to representatives from the company for comment, and at this time does not have an official confirmation. There is a lot of evidence to support the idea that Vestax has ceased operations entirely:

  • All of their social media accounts stopped seeing updates in July
  • Their new LA Vestax “To The Core” store was shut down at the end of August
  • There were no Vestax reps present at BPM in September
  • There have not been any new Vestax products released in the past year.
  • American Music & Sound, Vestax’s US distributor for a number of years, dropped them in 2014
  • Vestax’s main support phone number in the US still calls up AM&S
No social media updates since mid-July – but the company was posting with weekly regularity for the entire year prior.
The LA Vestax store was quietly closed – just a Yelp review reveals it’s absence.

Finally, there’s been a lot of secondary confirmations on the Serato forums as well of people learning that the company has apparently gone under:

Link to the comment in context on Serato’s forums

If true, this would be the end of a very significant era. Our friends in Japan were responsible for many innovations over the years in turntables, mixers, and controllers. Most notably, it was the Vestax VCI-100 which inspired a new generation of DJs to take up DJing using only their laptops.  That controller, and it’s various incarnations, was a significant part of our story as a blog, and as a DIY community.

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  • Derek Greebe

    Can anybody out there get me a copy of the operating instructions for the MR-300?

  • Eric Hunt

    so fucking sad
    i had many vestax mixers and a pair of pdx-2000s, not to mention a 6 band eq

  • Paul Newhouse

    Shame, love vestax…….

  • Aaron

    People Rane is still in business making quality mixers, in fact here’s what they have on offer for this year (I can see Joe Clausell practically chomping at the bit to get one of these). Yes it won’t be cheap but you get what you pay for. Also there is Allen & Heath with the xone series. There are still companies out there making top quality stuff.

  • G Aaron Barbosa

    I just bought a PBS-4 and it did not come with a driver, so my new iMAC does not recognize it and I’m sure now there will not be no updates for Yosemite. Why in the world would Amazon sell me this $600 paperweight!!?? Sad and VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! I wish someone could help. $600 is a lot of money for a family man trying to make it by.

  • DJ Deals

    […] Rumors of the company’s closure first began to spread after Vestax went silent on social media earlier this year, failed to unveil new products at trade shows, and reportedly ceased operations August 31. The company’s liabilities appear to be around 900 million yen (around $7.5 million). Mixware’s statement refers to “the leadership of its original founders,” so it appears that the company has not been sold, and that its leadership remains intact. […]

  • Licensed Driver

    Always wanted a Vestax and this made me want to grab one fast. I found this VCM-002XLU for a good deal at guitar center used, all 4 bolts that hold on the faceplate were broken off (possibly an unused floor model as there are no signs of crossfader marks or knob rub off use).

    Opened the mixer up, backed up the screws, replaced with new ones and it’s all good! Really like it so far and I like that I can upgrade the cross fader, it has xlr jacks, a usb to record your set, and looks perfect with technics (as most of their mixers did). As of today, Guitar Center is still selling parts and controllers from Vestax. I’m hoping it is more of a restructure.

  • Tony Mitchell

    I’m still going to buy a VCI-380.

  • Vestax Officially Files for Bankruptcy – JC EDM Music News

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  • Vestax Officially Files for Bankruptcy

    […] Rumors of the company's demise began to spread after the Japanese manufacturer was dropped by its US distributor back in October. Vestax's subsequent silence on social media, coupled with its failure to unveil new products at trade shows and further reports that it had “ceased operations August 31,” appeared to seal its fate […]

  • -XYZ-

    I think Vestax products are great….I have worked with Numark full digital 24bit/96Khz digital mixers, Pioneer DJM-400, Allen & Heath Xone Series & Ecler Smac, Nuo 2 & Nuo 4 mixers too…..
    For me the Vestax PMC-280 beats them all by far….
    I also don’t think if you’re using a MIDI controller it means you can’t rely on your ears……Beatmatching is a very good game to play BUT all that time you spend on adjusting the speed…….. you can spend it on many other creative thing to make your set more unique.
    I would never buy anything else but Vestax.

  • Timothy Dobesh

    Anyone have latest typhoon driver?

  • John

    Hi everyone. I recently purchased a VCI380, and in the past week Vestax has taken down their website. I am tyring to find a download for the VCI380 Audio driver, but all of the websites i have searched on google redirect to the Vestax support website (which no longer is active). –Does anybody have a copy/file/zip of the audio driver file for the VCI380? I would be extremely grateful if someone could find this file for me! Thanks for your help. I am really happy to using Vestax.

  • GS

    R.I.P. Vestax PMC-50, the “mixers mixer”. I still have two of them, and still to this day they sound better than most current rider friendly DJ mixers.

  • Jerry Alan Carroll

    Well f#%k me, as soon as I got the VCI-400 I got this news (2 weeks ago). still, my two 300’s are the bomb, they take a beating and have no problems. Serato DJ still supports it and that is all that matters as the hardware is completely stable and sturdy. I would not buy reloop because I hate plastic flimsy toys with no dedicated sound card.

  • djcrossfade1979

    someone needs to buy them out and bring there midi gear back . maybe a vci 380’s with high end line faders. also that last o5 would have been nice with a sound card in it

  • riddimdojo

    This just in from a Vestax service rep on the Serato forums:

    “Right, hopefully this will put this one to bed!!

    I have received a email from Hidesato Shino, Founder and owner of Vesta
    Corporation. I can not post the complete contents of the letter, as some
    of its content is of internal information, however, this is the
    important bit.

    October 27, 2014

    Dear Mike,

    I trust that your business is prospering well. After receiving many concerned enquiries from all over the

    world about the status of the Vestax Corporation, a company which I proudly established and grew, but

    retired from operating many years ago, I write to you to inform you of its current position. The company is

    still in operation, web reports are inaccurate, and we are re-structuring operations.

    Importantly, Vestax Corporation has not closed; it is not bankrupt; it
    is being renewed/restructured; and web-statements will be issued soon.”


  • gleebs

    For those still interested:

    I’m a guitar center employee. I recently spoke to a rep for Vestax who said that Vestax HAS NOT gone out of business, but is “restructuring”. He alluded to something similar to what is happening to Pioneer DJ being the same case for Vestax. I can’t say without a doubt this is the case, but as far I know, they are still going to be releasing products, and allegedly have some new Serato controllers slated for late 2015.

    • seenematic

      thanks for the update. would like to know if Vestax is working on a software update for the VCI 380 to allow it to use for Serato DJ’s DVS function. if by any chance the rep you know has access to this info, would be greatly appreciated !

    • Jerry Alan Carroll

      as you see now….someone was yanking your chain. too bad tho

      • Jerry Alan Carroll

        looks like they weren’t

  • Anthony Gomulka

    Just bought a VCI-400 off of ebay last month…so sad. :/

    • Jerry Alan Carroll

      bro, still supported by Serato DJ so no need to worry. that unit is sturdy as hell and can take a beating.

  • trollinhomothugs

    They had good trick mixers. I had 07 Pro and that crossfader was the smoothest one I have ever used on any mixer to date.

  • lord

    If it is indeed true that Vestax has closed its doors it will be sad, I own a VCI 400 se before that I had an s4 which was replaced under warranty 4 times! i eventualy gave up! NI build quality is shocking, as are many other brands (Pioneer isnt much better) Vestax had the best build quality in the market, but because people didnt recognise the difference this didn’t benefit Vestax, I work up to 5 times a week and so I need reliable equipment, people who sit in there bedroom and buy Numark are partly responsible for such situations, if we dont recognise and demand quality products, the manufacturers will make them as cheap as they can to increase their profit margins, most DJ’s i know use macs to DJ on because they are well made and wont crap out in the middle of your gig, perhaps we should be using the same yard stick for our other equipment, if we had maybe we wouldnt have lost one of the companies who have supported our industry and our needs better than most!!

    • Jerry Alan Carroll

      the only folks to truly appreciate the VCI series were the mobile DJs. club DJs have over-inflated egos that they need to stroke by showing off their turntables……that are connected to a Mac.

  • Trey

    Can anyone comment on a potential fire sale with their remaining inventory? I’m in the market for a 4 channel controller

    • Shaun Rodriguez

      Check AMS……They just lowered the price of the VCI-380 to $349…..or $116 a month……awesome deal!!(considering you can choose the limited edition white or red…I got the red one) I bought the Pioneer DDJ SX and on three different gigs it would not power up… no power at all, I checked everything. Returned it and the VCI-380 is on the way!!! Should have bought the Vestax to begin with. Hope this helps

      • Jerry Alan Carroll

        dude, he said 4-channel, not 2 channel.

        • Shaun Rodriguez

          yeah, that’s valid I guess. The VCI 380 is only a 2 channel mixer…..but it’s also a stand alone mixer that you can use for your turntables or what not……the main point is that he was asking about a “fire sale” for their remaining equipment, I don’t think you can beat $349 for a limited edition VCI 380….that’s a great deal!

  • Mark

    I’ve got fond memories of playing on the PDX 2000s that they had in some clubs at the time. Yeah, I love Technics, build quality blah blah blah, but the Vestax decks were just so much… fun; trickery like mixing in reverse or with the wide pitch.

    I don’t think I imagined it, but Vestax also had a stab at a top-loading DJ CD player in the 90s? They would have been up against Denon rackmounts, and such a thing was only a glint in Pioneer’s eye. Can anyone remember the details/model number, and did anyone own one?!

    • audioetc

      Yeah I’m fairly sure they did, I had an old vestax catalogue and I think there was a top-loading mixer in that. I’m not sure whether that was pre-pioneer though..

      • Platinius

        The CDX-12? I bought one in Tokyo in ’98 or ’99. Sold it after a few months, didn’t like it much.

  • ItsWesSmithYo

    oh we had some fun didn’t we;) RIP, or should I say RIM in peace…another “go the way of the blackberry” story.

  • Niko Budas

    it is indeed a shame! i still love my VCI-100! in my opinion it was the controller which started the whole midi-controller / controllerism hype going on over the last years. and still it has the best built-quality of all the controllers out there (especially compared to all the NI stuff)

  • djlogic

    The key is to make pieces of plastic with a lifetime of 1 or 2 years at most, if you manufacture good products, people do not change and you sell less…is what happened to Ecler and Vestax…still have my VCI-300 MKI and works perfectly and still see many Ecler Nuo 2 and Nuo 3…as I mentioned, best plastic “made in china” as Pioneer does and what does not spend on the product, spend on advertise

  • djlogic

    Pioneer dj sold, Ecler has just closed, now vestax…echoes of the crisis still persist…

  • rip

    Goodnight Sweet Prince

  • David David

    Sad news, I’ve just read that Ecler was in the same sh…
    I dont’ understand because Vestax was a one of the best mixer maker and Ecler too.
    I’ve got an old PMC-CX from Vestax, it’s a killer, I will keep it until my death! And I would buy a new one!
    I always think that Vestax has to continue to produce their best products and not often change them. By exemple, I’ve got many friends who want to find a PMC-55 or PCM-CX but Vestax stop to produce them! WHY ???
    AH never stops to produce their best mixer Xone 92′. (even I know that the DJ market for AH is not the most important).
    I hope that Vestax can continue!

  • Graham Nicol

    there mixers were good but for me vestax decks looked like cheap plastic toys.give me technics 1210s anyday

    • Jerry Alan Carroll

      really? you obviously never touched one….because if you did you would never make an ignorant comment like that. look at this guy trying to make an excuse to brag about his 1210s.

  • Fred Garde

    This is SAD DAY for dj industries!

  • Flash McCabe

    Love their mixers still. Tanks.
    Thank you for everything Vestax!

  • Will Hart

    Worst day ever

  • audiojunk

    Sad news but i will keep my VCi400.

  • QDef

    first Vestax, Now Ecler, Rodec will be next to go under, we need some proper DJ company who manuactures quality DJ products for DJs who keep it real and not fake the funk on damn boring controllers

    • brassprophet

      Boring controllers? LOL.

      Are computers too complicated for you? The mouse thingy helps you to click on stuff on the screen. The keyboard is for typing.

      Let me know if you need more help…

  • Zahi Abdelmalak

    Even though I never bought any of their products,I felt that this company knew what dj’ing is the dj controlling the machine and not vie versa,now some people might not like what i will write,but the progress and innovation has killed the unique dj skills,anybody with cash and lacks the talen can call himself dj.
    he/she simply read the BPM,analyzes the key, press sync and then play… and people jump up and down and saying that they have been in a party with the best dj…
    what about the real dj’s that harmonic mix by ear,really beat match and have the real skills….they are poor.
    while a person with few bucks buys a controller and the hardware + the software do the mixing all he/she has to do is press play and lower the fade (MONKEY say MONKEY DO)
    it is up to the music domain to educate the crowd on real djing,other wise you will end up paying to go for a live gig where the dj runs on prerecorded sets while the crowd are jumping like monkeys.
    this what made vestax and Technics loose,they trusted the real dj community will back them up and buy their innovations but unfortunately we let them down…
    Y2K dj’s (or at least they think they are) go and buy all-in one controllers press sync and lie to yourself and to all that you are mixing….
    later dont start saying that the quality of the controllers are crap,it is rap because as a consumer you are not fighting for your right.
    stop buying pioneer crappy products and force them to up their game interms of quality,don’t be like sheeps in the slaughter house and follow the trend,the color of the day is blak so you wear black.
    Buy DenonDj,Technics A&E,RODEC,VESTAX these are quality products , a real true investment.

    • Fred Garde

      Technics is DEAD almost 4 yrs ago

      • Zahi Abdelmalak

        well Fred, thank you for the enlightening reply, I didn’t know that Panasonic had shut down Technics Brand ….
        I’m talking about quality Dj products

    • brassprophet

      You bring up very good points, and for the most part I agree. Besides CDJs (900+2000), I use controllers as well (VCI-400s), and not really turntables. They’ve never been my style, frankly.

      However, I will say this. Innovation is not a bad thing, let’s take cars for example. An old-school mind set would say “Why do I need power steering? In the old days, we just used grunt force to steer the car.” Power steering makes things easier, but I believe great drivers are great drivers whether power steering was present or not.

      That being said, personally, I don’t use sync on my controllers. I find it unreliable, actually. I just do my manual beat-macthing. I do use software to find the key and BPM. However, I can tell when the software makes a mistake in labeling the right musical key & BMP, so I just make note of it. The software does make life easier, like power steering in a car.

      Vestax’s problem was from a business point of view. I don’t believe every DJ has the time and skills to configure or customize their specific controller like the VCI-400 or S4. Honestly, in order to properly map a controller, there’s a certain geekiness and know-how with computers that a lot of DJs don’t possess. Pioneer was smarter. They started with the DDJ-SX and included Serato DJ (less customizable than Traktor, and works out of the box). It literally is just plug-and-play, and that’s what most DJs want. Less hassle to get things going on, specially if they don’t have the computer skills to get it done. Pioneer pulled an Apple on the industry, and that’s why the SX has sold so well.

      Vestax attempted this, but too late. They released the VCI-400TR and VC-400DJ, but it was a little late in the game. This was their biggest mistake. A company must have vision and execution to survive.

      • Zahi Abdelmalak

        I agree with you 100%,you have to be with the technology,I myself have controllers,along with1200 MK5, and it takes me weeks to map them the way i want them (mapping then remapping …..)my point is simple if you have a mixer and don’t know what is beat matching and harmonic mixing and why A minor will not work with C major….so on and so forth,and simply push sync…you cannot call your self a dj.
        you can use controllers,analogue or digital system, but the basics should be there.
        I agree pioneer R&D are forthcoming,but if you watch the trend they see what impact is done on the market from the competition,then they mimic the product with pioneer touch, that i agree comes out much better in terms of function…
        my argue/beef with pioneer is that why i should pay for the product they are selling prime currency, while the material quality is plastic b graded substance.
        having a car with all bells and whistles is great, but no need for autopilot….
        I think you will understand and agree with me on that

        • vic

          So now you need to know music theory to play good tunes. It’s about the music remember. I agree with the whole “just press play” thing, but you don’t need harmonic mixing to play a good set. If the tunes are selected properly and people dance, isn’t that what it’s all about. All these people worrying themselves about sync and beat matching by ear and harmonic mixing and its cheating if you let the software key the track for you. Do what you want to do, whatever works for you. It’s sad that the meaning of djing has gotten so very lost with all this bickering,
          To just have fun.

          • Zahi Abdelmalak

            You are Right Vic, I’m not saying you have to be a musician but have a musical ear

          • Seneferu

            I agree with you Zahi. If you’re going to be in the music game, know something about music. The original djs were musician-like. If you’re going to press buttons and play tunes, that can be done in your bedroom or family get-togethers. You expect to get paid, then skills need to be developed.

      • Ridemaster

        The turntable is what started the DJ business.

    • alfredo otero

      “what about the real dj’s that harmonic mix by ear,really beat match and have the real skills…”
      The only real art of DJing is selecting songs based on impeccable taste and knowledge of music.

      Techniques are not an art

      • Zahi Abdelmalak

        Do you know that you just said ,that having good music taste is all it takes to be a dj is like saying wearing a Real Madrid Shirt makes you A Real Madrid Player…..

        • alfredo otero

          I guess you don’t know how metaphors work at all, that is not a good analogy. btw I didn’t say “good”, I said “impeccable”
          And yes, that’s exactly what makes a good DJ, do you know who John Peel was? the most famous DJ of all time, never beatmatched anything in his life… you learn to beatmatch in months, but musical taste takes years and years, I would even say you are born with it (or not)
          Now, this would be a good analogy: knowing how to cut meat doesn’t make you a good surgeon.

          • MR. MIX

            Replying back to this comment means it has struck a note…
            In your own words, any person that searches for the best music and buys them automatically is the best DJ, because he will be having the best music, and as for the taste every person has his own music flavor and a great DJ knows how to mix and rock the crowd of different taste and music genres

          • alfredo otero

            “In your own words, any person that searches for the best music and buys them automatically is the best DJ”

            Exactly, although it’s not as easy as you make it sound, it takes years, and as for “different taste and music genres” that’s when you need the knowledge.

          • Derek Wilson

            Had to jump in dude your a joke, musical taste is a very small part of learning to be a DJ. It takes years to understand beat matching AND know how to use the controls to combine them in unique ways to create YOUR OWN UNIQUE REMIX OF SAID MUSIC. – that my friend is what a Dj does. I suggest you go buy some 1200’s, some wax, and a vestax. Then you can come with me and see how “easy” it is. And while I’m creating my OWN remixes and whipping the crowd into a frenzy you can go TAKE YOUR RANE BOX AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR A$$. There’s an art to it that is going to be lost because of this. You should have to carry around with 1000 records with you for at least 10 years before you should be allowed to use this kind of crap. Then you’ve earned the right to be lazy.
            (Sorry rant not personal – but your comments have shown you haven’t earned that right yet)
            DJ Swytch OUT! Since 88

          • Seneferu

            An audiophile has impeccable taste in good music or otherwise. Doesn’t make him or her a dj. Good taste in music, impeccable ears, and awesome technique makes a great dj. Check out Grandmaster Flash, Grandmixer Qbert, and Grandwizard Theodore just to mention a few.

  • Finetuning

    I’ve been a Vestax gear junkie since 1996. I have: PMC-17. PMC-25 (qty2), PMC-250R, VCI-100, VCI-400 EGE and VDA amplifier (qty2).

    Much respect to Vestax and the legacy they leave.

    • Finetining

      Oh and also a PMC-26.

  • LBM

    I never heard of them until I began learning about preforming my music live and MIDI controllers. I bought The VCI-100 about four months ago because it was the only DJ controller that I could find that was cheap and not a waste of money. It was durable (not cheaply made plastic box) and had all the necessities a beginner would need to learn how to DJ well. I’m sad to see them go.

    • QDef

      seriously a dj who never heard of vestax? oh wait youre not even a dj, just a controlerrist who has no clue what it takes to be a real DJ,

      Veastax is legedary for its turntables and mixers, if you dont know then youre not a DJ

      • brassprophet

        Oh looky here…it’s my computer-challenged friend.

        All the buttons on Traktor must look real confusing to you. I bet it gives you a headache because it makes your brain work extra hard.

      • Sketch

        Why did you make this comment

      • Jerry Alan Carroll

        oh shut the hell up. a real DJ would not diss another DJ. back when I spun in the 80’s and 90’s there was a brotherhood to the game…now just a bunch of punks is seems.

  • Guest

    I never heard of them until I began learning about preforming my music live and MIDI controllers. I bought The VCI-100 about four months ago because it was the only DJ controller that I could find that was cheap and not a waste of money. it was durable (not cheaply made plastic box) and had all the necessities a beginner would need to learn how to DJ well. I’m sad to see them go.

  • Vesta Fire

    I really like vestax products. They were better made when they were still producing in Japan. And I guess my Controller One Turntable is even more worth now (I would never sell it anyways). Best thing they ever did was to incorporate Shortkut’s and Rhettmatics mixer schemes, which were used in the PMC-05 (the game-changing mixer). They started to release too much toyish products (Atom, VCI’s, HiFi-Gear) which didn’t made enough revenue (I guess)…

  • Peter Aschengent

    Just only speculations. Wait for the official statement from Tokyo. Sorry but this report provides benefit only Vestax rivals (maybe NI ?)

  • Mutis Mayfield

    Someday all these failing Corps consider to put they R&D archives on open hardware and World will be a better place. Meanwhile capitalism eats their business to the “Only one standing Corp”. Sad news, Vestax was the innovation at 90′.

  • psionicz

    Thanx Vestax, thanx so much for showing me the way with the VCI-100, my first midi controller 🙂

    • Will Hart


  • Paul Saxton

    Such a shame, there stuff was always Rock Solid. I had the VCM600…loved it

  • Josef

    Horrible news! I just bought my first Vestax product ever (Pad One) and I REALLY love that thing. The built quality of that controller is just amazing. Maybe quality products are outdated nowadays….

    • Jerry Alan Carroll

      Sadly I could just not get the hang of the PAD one and I now can’t even get rid of it.

  • kebzer

    This is really bad.

    Vestax has always been the safest option for scratch mixers. The PMC-08 is still the best non DVS mixer in value/price/features, and it is almost 10 years old. The PDX is the only turntable line that came so close to the Technics empire. Even their controllers have been great.

    If Vestax goes out of business, it will hurt us all. Fewer companies in the top-end market will only drive prices up and bring new product releases down.

    Who’s left now? Rane and Pioneer? Rane has lost exclusivity to Serato, i.e. they will have to drop their R&D significantly due to dropped sales. Pioneer DJ was sold, so we have no clue what path they will follow now. And now Vestax got busted.

    Bad news indeed.

  • brassprophet

    Such a shame, Vestax is the epitome of quality. This is perhaps part of the reason of its shutting-down, they didn’t cut corners like other manufacturers. I am glad I own of of their controllers, which is fantastic, and I doubt now, that I will ever sell it.

    Great run Vestax. :-/

  • powerequalsgod

    Japan has a aging population and low birth rates. There’s no hope for many companies because its hard to stay in business when you have far fewer buyers in your own country.

    • Jerry Alan Carroll

      you don’t live here so don’t make stereotypical comments like that

  • scratch-a-lot

    Rane killed them

  • x

    RIP vestax

  • CUSP

    This confirms my suspicions that the DJ Controller market has achieved late-stage maturity. If we were in early-stage maturity, someone would have purchased Vestax supply lines and sales channels. Apparently, no one at Vestax thought these two established conponents of manufacturing was worth anything and pulled out, which is a shame because these are typically very costly, and time-consuming to establish.

    Vestax was right at the forefront of the DJ Controller market, but they just didn’t seem to want to keep investing when competition came calling. I guess the good news is that new-in-box controllers will be liquidated soon (probably at fire sale rates because there’s no support from the company anymore).

    I’m sad to see Vestax go, but the designs were a little dated and the prices were a little high (compared to other controllers).

  • Burned Paws

    Very sad news this is.
    I bet there’s a lot more to this then a decreasing value of the Yen.

    What’s up with Ecler Dj and Rodec by the way ?
    What do you really need to push DJ-gear ?

      • Burned Paws

        Ecler too ?!
        This article dates back only 2 days ago (14/10/2014)
        Whoa… 🙁

          • Burned Paws

            Interesting article, I assume Ecler sold most of it’s products in it’s native Spain then ?
            Do you happen to have any information on Rodec ? you wrote about them too.

          • djlogic

            Ecler is a brand established in Barcelona, like Akiyama, although the latter is not as well known and their products are not of the same quality
            The court will auction this month Ecler production unit, including molds and dies, machinery, tools and finished products as well as brand and patents…About Rodec, I know that is going through financial difficulties, but I have no information to support an article

    • Jerry Alan Carroll

      that yen stuff is BS, what that does is open the market for better sales from abroad. with the yen rate at around 115¥ to $1 that means I can buy more Japanese products and perhaps pricier….that is still sales!
      no, there is something else going on here.

  • eugene

    Vestax I feel was definitely a pioneer in the early 90’s for equipment. I’m actually surprised they lasted this long. It was only a matter of time for Vestax. They came out with some innovative toys…but you can only re-invent the wheel so many times. They never really took off. They also had quite a few quality control issues with their mixers in my experience. Although some of their products really hit the nail-on-the-head righteously so.

  • Vestax Goes Out Of Business - Digital DJ Tips

    […] this year, but nobody has refuted the information we received when we asked them directly. And – as DJ Tech Tools reported today – its physical stores, its US support numbers and its web properties are all […]

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    The vestax vci380 group on Facebook has been worrying about this for a while now too… A lot of talk and speculation… Would be a real shame. We were awaiting the firmware update with baited breath. Will be the end of an era. As a long time user and fan I will be gutted if this is true…

    • Chris

      Yep I’ve been waiting for that firmware update as well. I have a brand new vci 400 waiting untouched. I wonder if this means it’ll raise in value or drop

      • brassprophet

        I’d say Increase in value. The VCI-400 is a fantastic controller.

  • akswun

    wow! Just picked up a used PDX2000S for $100 and a PMC05 for $40. Had to Mcguyver the legs on the PDX and resuscitate the 05. But for a second setup in the office for cutting and not breaking the bank=Priceless. You will be missed Vestax, but really, I have never needed to contact CS about anything.

  • mikefunk

    What about Stanton?

  • Scott Frost

    I wonder who will be next. I see a pattern.

    • Finetuning


  • Toontown

    Wow. I was inches close to buying a VCI-400 just a few weeks ago. The VCI-100 was my first controller. Never would have imagined they’d be next to close their doors.

    • Jerry Alan Carroll

      no reason not to do it……hardware is sturdy as hell and Serato DJ still supports it.

  • Platinius

    What sucks even more is that employees of Vestax UK has been telling us that the firmware for the VCI-380 is in the last stages of testing. That was like a month ago so they must have been aware of this.

    I know at least two people who just bought innofaders for them because of that.

  • simoniddol

    sad news, my first mixer was Vestax back in the 90s PMC-15s, and they had so many great products. the VCI series was a game changer

  • Awesomer

    I really love my VCI-100s, just like I loved my PMC-17a and my PMC-08pro… RIP Vestax.

  • Anthony Woodruffe

    This is a big shame.. Their QC was impeccable that put most other Manufacturers to shame. I found myself only buying Vestax and Allen&Heath products.

    • brassprophet

      Exactly…Vestax is second to none in quality.

      • dj since 2000

        in my opinion vestax QC is bad.
        i had a pmc 05 pro 2 from 2002 ,fader oil had resinified after 2 weeks.
        in 2008 i bought a vci 100 and the jogwheel optical encoding disk was dirty so the jog wheel didint work properly. after cleaning it worked again. the orginal firmware on the vci 100 is also bad.
        my last disappointment was the pmc 05 pro 4 in 2013. the send/return makes a noise sound when you switched a channel on.

        • brassprophet

          Well, I guess it is like every company and product, stuff happens. I mean, I’ve never had issues with Apple products (iPhones, iPad, MPBs, etc.) and I believe their QC is very good. Yet, I know of some people that have had issues. I believe overall, customers have been greatly satisfied with Vestax’s QC (even online reviews of their products make mention of this).

    • Quick Switch

      Your comments are heard and shared. I hope and pray Vestax stays in the game. This is sad and regrettable news. I’ve read the following comments and they’ve shared some helpful and credible perspective on the company. I defer on some of the price tag comparison comments, because its not always a 1-1 match between controllers. I guess we’ll see how this plays out.

  • James Brian Thomaston

    This sucks, but I am not terribly surprised. Glad I got my hands on their gear over the years, and still have one of their controllers. RIP.