Space Is The Place: For Amazing Samples

Remember “Space Is The Place” with The Jonzun Crew? Released in 1983 on the magnificent label Tommy Boy, it was one of the most important electro tracks of the time. 31 years later, NASA has released a rocket ship full of Space sounds for you to use how ever you want. You can stack them up in your remix decks and shoot off a burner or two to get your crowds attention.


Everybody loves a good unique sample from a uncommon source, that’s never gonna grow old. Now it’s very easy to inject a little hydrogen into your productions. Just go to the NASA SoundCloud page and download all you can handle.

Unfortunately, the samples are in poor quality. But hey, it’s space and it’s free – as long as you credit NASA if you release anything with these samples. Just read their Media Usage Guidelines on how to provide the correct credit –  You don’t want to mess with those guys.

Good luck and remember – Space, the final frontier!

/Raffe Bergwall

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  • Chanelle Leslie

    How are people downloading these? There are no download buttons on the NASA page…

  • killmedj

    i can’t wait until Hi Rez is the norm again =( But none the less Gracias NASA!

  • Sean Cvtter

    Party Spock is in the house tonight, everybody have a logical time.

    • weR!0T

      I lol’d.