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  • Fuller

    I’m with Fatlimey… I have quite a few cheap controllers that provide this functionality. Florian has come up with a cool concept, and it’s cool looking, but it also significantly limits what you can do with your iPad. Once you have a bunch of blocky controls on top of your screen… what separates this from a MIDI controller? You can no longer see the display… It might be a solution for someone who wants multiple custom layouts but you’re sacrificing everything else the iPad does to make it into a static controller. Why not buy a dedicated controller and map it to your software, or, for the price of the tablet and the interface- have someone build the custom controller of your dreams?

    As someone who has a lot of MIDI/HID gear to allow for tactile control of my software I wonder what niche this fills. I primarily use my laptop, so maybe I’m missing a gap that needs filling for people producing/performing from their tablets. That said, it seems like a better solution to the tactile problem there would be a simple cable connection to your outboard controllers.

  • marki

    it is cool that like Steve Jobs left us with ‘things should be practical,but above all,still beautiful.this has ‘steampunk’ written all over it ,cept it is totally use full and the faders and knobs arent there for ‘show’….this could work…im backing

  • Fatlimey

    It’s beautiful, it’s sculptural, it’s creative and it invites tactile engagement. But… you buy a $600 tablet and attach another $300 of hand machined parts to it for the equivalent functionality of a $200 device. Hmmm.

  • Felix

    I think this is the kind of thing you’d go into a shop and notice, and think “wow, that’s interesting,” but using it at a gig, or even some producing, it would be clunky, difficult, and a solution to a non-existent problem… Very smart though.

  • Tubab Lamin

    Nice prototype

  • Steve Francesco

    Looks nice, but totally over-engineered IMHO. Mass manufacture it in ABS plastic and it’d be a winner – the way its shown right now is just too “boutique” and most likely really expensive to machine all those parts for what it does.

  • Phil Worrell

    My view on this is that the power the Ipad has a any form of midi / DJ controller is the ability to switch screens / pages to use multiple control surfaces at the flick of a finger. Thus opening up all the controls you cannot get to with out using the mouse or from your existing hardware controller.

    This is great for button pushing, X/Y pads etc and having visual feedback. e.g. meters , setting status etc. (Just waiting for someone to add Track info and waveforms. Anyone?)

    Having hardware on top of the ipad is fine, if you want it in that configuration always and only want to access certain controls. Do you really want to deconstruct the hardware and reattach it to change your configuration each time or have multiple ipads set up for different situations. Fine for home experimentation but would you use this at a gig?

    Great innovation though hope he does well out of it.

  • Mark Smith

    Very innovative. I think this would do well.

  • Chaser720

    Cool idea but that thing looks kinda freaky.

    • Is

      It looks like it belongs in a gynecologist office, lol