Traktor Pro 2.7: MIDI Mappable Freeze Mode, Kontrol S8 Support

With the Kontrol S8 controller set to be arriving in less than one week, Native Instruments has released a brand new update to Traktor Pro, bringing it to version 2.7.

Aside from complete built-in support for the S8, the new version boasts a major feature update: Freeze Mode has been ported over from Traktor DJ on iOS. It is MIDI-mappable, so any controller can take advantage of this new slicer control.

Additionally in 2.7 Native Instruments has fixed a whole plethora of bugs, including the blurry waveform bug when jumping around in a track and quite a few iTunes browsing issues. Here’s the full list of fixes:

  • This version is now compatible with both MK1 and MK2 timecode records for all TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO owners.
  • SYNC automatically enabled for Remix Decks when launching TRAKTOR.
  • The full waveform to the left of the playhead in a Track Deck will now be rendered – eliminates blurry waveform when using HotCues or BeatJumps.
  • Beat Ticks enabled in any Decks are automatically turned off when quitting TRAKTOR – prevents accidentally-enabled Beat Ticks on Channel Outputs in External Mixer mode.
  • When browsing through the iTunes Node, you can now edit tracks which have been imported into the Track Collection.
  • When browsing through the iTunes Node, the full context (right-click) menu is now available for tracks which have been imported into the Track Collection.
  • When browsing through the iTunes Node, Cover Art is now shown for tracks which have been imported into the Track Collection.
  • When browsing through the iTunes Node, analyzed Key is now shown for tracks which have been imported into the Track Collection.
  • iTunes Playlists now show cumulative time and disk usage in the Status Bar.
  • TRAKTOR now automatically chooses the newest iTunes Library version if multiple versions (old and new) are found in the iTunes Folder.
  • Mix Recorder level is no longer dependent on the Main Out volume.
  • Undesirable filter sweep when enabling the Z Filter on a channel is now fixed.
  • Canceling the “Delete from Collection” dialog still deleted the tracks from the Collection – fixed.
  • TRAKTOR crashes when moving effects around in the Pre-Selected Effects list – fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the ID3 “Year” tag when non-standard date formats where written by other programs.
  • When creating a new Playlist, the cursor is now automatically placed into the Playlist Name box.

Traktor Pro 2.7 is now available on NI’s Service Center application – or you can log into their site and manually download the update here.

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  • Oddie O'Phyle

    that was a quick update… 2.7.1 just released

  • Apex Predicate

    surprised no one’s said anything in the comments yet (that i’ve seen at least) about ALAC support being entirely broken on windows. also the crackling when multicore support is enabled. both issues are REALLY fuckin me up and unfortunately i doubt theyll patch it in a timely manner at all…

  • Gustav M

    hy there, can anyone help me? i installed the traktor 2.7 on osx mac (mavericks) macbook pro 8.2 and plug is my s2 mk2. now all the effects parameters value what i see when i turn the knobs right or left is in percentge (%) -100% and +100%. how can i get back the old look? like 4/4, 3/8, 1/4, 3/16 etc… ?

  • Ado

    “Canceling the “Delete from Collection” dialog still deleted the tracks from the Collection” Haha wow, glad I never got that one

  • endaghoor

    wow, the new freeze effect is working fine.. I mean the #$#$%#$% screen freeze effect 🙁
    when will they learn to fix things BEFORE sending it out??

  • DJ gerard

    I hate to rant but this is almost the most disappointing Traktor update yet. First problem I ran into was trying to us the “date added” field in Itunes node. They are not in chronological order but it used to be. I won’t continue with the rant BC I won’t be using Traktor now after 4+ years. Useless and unnecessary that I should find a work-a-round for a feature that worked properly in all previous versions. Like I said in an another post on their website forum “who’s job is it to test these things before release?” “What am I paying for?” ” I figured out this problem the first 10 minutes trying the update along with hundreds of other users”. Seriously, is their testing guy even a DJ? They bragged about new iTunes features with the update description so it is not like a bug. They messed up.
    Aside from all that it is obvious Native-Instruments “future” is really about production and it’s Traktor software is made with intention to be a producer’s performance software. NI dedication to a DJ is just one department of a company that focus on a DAW and sound packs and plug-ins.
    I am extremely disappointed but it is obvious Traktor has made its choice to cater preference in one direction to producers mainly, so we will make our choice too. Bye Bye Traktor.

  • sonicsnares

    I am pretty sorry NI but Traktor is disappointing me more and more. I have a few controllers and about 10 controller mappings.The big issue is NOT fixed that preferences open so f***ing slowly…. it lasts for more than a minute to reopen the settings!

    Next big disappointment: the so called “iTunes-Integration”. haha. I was really looking forward to use intelligent playlists now. funny thing: I created a new intelligent playlist and tried to sort it by import date – what happened? suddenly all tracks imported in the month september 2014 are listed ABOVE october and november? cmon are you kidding… who needs 12 faders for DJing when finding the right track lasts a minute due to file management issues?

    and beware of clicking on the iTunes symbol if you have a big library. this is killing your nerves when you are at a gig and have to wait over 30 seconds to open the browser and search for the next tune!!!

    my setup:
    MacBook Pro 2011
    8 GB RAM
    1 TB SSD
    i7 2.6 GHZ

    depending on gigs:
    DDJ – SZ
    DDJ – SP1
    CDJ 2000 NXS
    Traktor Z1

    the good thing for the NI guys is, that there is no possible alternative software where you can map your controller easily. otherwise they would have lost a lot of customers the last days….

  • Dre Morningstar

    Not downloading until my controller supports it or I get a new one haha. Freeze mode sounds interesting though.

  • tricade

    There will be a S5 as well !!!!

    This files is saved in the Traktor APP!

  • PresCamacho

    Is the new update safe, have a big gig coming up and don’t want my playlists ruined.

    • tr4gik

      you know the rule. If you have a gig, never update until you have several days to test it.

  • tr4gik

    No CDJ-900NXS HID integration yet NI ?? why ?

  • Big Blender

    As far as I am concerned the most important feature is still missing in this 2.7 version of Traktor.. thit is Automatic syncing of all assigned playlists in iTunes. A feature like this would for me be most ideal, because it now costs me loads of time every time I want to update all the smartlists from iTunes to Traktor (got a pretty dynamic collection with all kinds of smartlist). And I believe i am not the only one..

    Recently RekordBox built this and called it “Sync manager”. It think this must be one of the best features in a long time. Recently I did a feature request to NI a few times but their R&D is not really communicating, open and transparant (to say the least). The only thing they say: “thanks, we will put it on a enhancement list, but we are not allowed to tell whether if and what we will develop”

    A pretty bureaucratic and old-skool R&D if you ask me..

    • Big Blender

      The other thing is the fact that (*) chaning the Star rating in iTunes still does not change it in Traktor (not even after a re-Import). This IS working in RekordBox, but NI still isn’t capable of fixing this…

      (* also mentioned by: killmedj • 3 days ago)

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    3 days of running 2.7 on Win8.1 with no problems so far.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      scratch that… on the 4th day 2.7 did a faceplant. re-installed 2.6.8 waiting for 2.7.1

  • Dj.ExtasisMIx

    When They Go To Put The Option To Color The Songs Like In Serato And Pcdj

  • Guest

    If you

  • kino

    anybody else’s old delay freeze mapping messed up by the update? any ideas on how to fix it??

  • LP Liang

    Some advise… make a back up of the data base and playlists, just did the update and all my playlists are gone……

    • Sascha Wesseler

      my guess is that you did not read the pop-up after the installation properly. When you start up traktor for the first time after an update, it will ask you if you want to copy your collection and continue using it… or if you wanna start from scratch. If you opted to start from scratch, your old files are still all there. You just have to copy them to the new user folder manually.


    Ok… who’s going to map this to the Kontrol F1 now… It could be like a 4×4 monome

  • K Jovan

    prior to the 2.7 update, if i were to start beat jumping or cue juggle (While the deck is currently playing) ; the beatmasher fx and other tempo-synced functions would sound slightly off – mind you, my grids are perfectly aligned … the beatmasher and such would sound perfect if the deck was played only through “cue” … I didn’t think much of this again up until the 2.7 update and freeze mode – with freeze mode active, I’m running into the same issue as I did with the beatmasher formerly explained .. so if II’m playing around with kicks and snares on a 16 count phase with freeze mode, the sampling doesn’t sound right making freeze mode obsolete … how do I correct this??

    • kino

      is snap or quantize on? they need to be off if you are doing the timing on your own.

      • K Jovan

        i do always have snap on, i’ll see what happens w it off

    • Patch

      Make sure the deck you are “freezing” is set as the master tempo.

      • K Jovan

        the deck playing is always set to master, so that isn’t the issue

  • jprime

    How’s the CPU overhead with this new update? Any major change?

  • Vitus Benson

    Ok just mapped Freeze Mode to my Traktor S4 Mk1 and oh my gosh, so many possibilities!! Try out and set an 1/16 Beat Loop oder 1/32 and then use the Freeze Mode to play a Melodie on the Sinus Sound coming out. You’ve got up to 8 different Tones. So much fun.

  • Tom Beimel

    I simply can’t believe in this update NI didn’t include fixing the so essential metasync issue with TRAKTOR DJ software!! Really really disapointing I must say…
    Also, seemingly not “wanting” (?) to develop the variable tempo grid issue is a huge setback from where I come from, using a lot of music in my sets that is not always “static” in terms of BPM… PLEASE NI – look into these matters soon!

    • thedjally

      coming from Serato how do you deal with variable tempo? I always found that when the beatgrid failed it was hard for me to deal with Traktor due to the lack of stacked waveforms – or have people found a workaround of sorts?!?

      • Moren0

        You can basically start a new beatgrid the moment the bpm changes. but that involves having a controller with Tap function.

        Basically Serato does it better. And I’m gonna lose my shit next time Traktor updates and if the update log doesn’t start by “Metadata sync” or “Elastic beatgrids”. STOP developing software just to get more customers. Try to KEEP your customers for a change!

  • Paolo Andaya Lumbres

    is this compatible already with yosemite 10.10? im having problem with mine traktor version 2.6.7.

  • Ywe

    I guess I’ll try to map this to my X1mk2 or TouchOSC on iPad. Also disappointed that there won’t be Metadata sync fix…. that was very useful!

  • hidarikani

    Yay! Now I can see the key of tracks exported from Beatport Pro app.

  • Elliot

    i’m guessing that there is no mapping for cdj 900 nexus 🙁

  • rick james

    can you map the slice and freeze control to an f1 to control an s4 deck?

  • Calub

    super bummed this will not work with lion OSX, my macbook is officially outdated!

  • killmedj

    The editing in the iTunes node is actually a big deal for me, and something I overlooked on the first read of this article. The only downside (Thus far at least) is that changing the star rating in traktor doesn’t change the star rating in iTunes =( or at least it doesn’t for me. Which stifles my holy grail of rating tracks at gigs and then having the iTunes smart playlists dynamically adjust themselves accordingly. Maybe in 2.8 huh?

    • Patch

      That really sucks… I’d LOVE proper 2-way communication between Traktor and iTunes.

  • Gulli Johansen

    did a fast mapping of the Freeze mode and played with it for a short while then deleted what I had mapped. Just like the slicer in Serato DJ the freeze more is something I will never use

    • Micha? Pasternak

      Great. I’m totally pumped about the slicer, I e-mailed NI about it, I even created my mapping for beatslicer effect that was somehow similar to it and I plan to use the slicer every day.

  • Robert Wulfman

    people seem to forget that stability is one of the best features a DJ software can offer

    • youtubefriwend

      hey its robert wulfman that weird guy off youtube Boy in a band. Still making horrible Brostep?

  • Timmy

    Any body else having problems with window sizing on QHD 2K (2560×1440) displays with Windows 8.1 if the DPI is set to 125%-200% Traktor just appears in a small window and wont go full screen.

    • Frederik


    • Lamar LeRoy

      Same here temporary workaround is to drop your pc’s display resolution to 1400×900 or whatever then revert back to normal resolution. Traktor should actually fill the screen in fullscreen mode however details may still be a little small.

      Oh and after you reboot you’ll have to do it again, but hopefully itl’ll be fixed soon…

      • Timmy

        Yeah, I dropped the desktop resolution to 1980×1024 and set the DPI to the standard 100% rather than the 150% that I had it set to previously. Standard windows desktop looks shit. But Traktor is surprising clear and crisp when in full screen.
        Not ideal though. Not by a long way.

  • Tubab Lamin

    Looking for a Maschine control editor template for this!

  • talkaboutme

    On Kontrol S4 MK1 there is a bug. All lights are on and i can’t turn them off in preferences.

    • Dimitar Pouchnikov

      Also Experienced this bug. It seems like it replicates the behaviour as if it were plugged in with the power adapter. If you go to settings window under Kontrol S4, you can change the on state and off state brightness. If you make the off state brightness dimmer, it may help.

      However, in my case, the cue buttons don’t light up when making new cues

      • L8

        Try uninstalling controller editor and re-installing Controller editor 1.7 (from the NI site) ..worked for me

        • Edgar Duijff

          Worked for me too! Nice one!

    • IronHelix

      Same problem here: impossible to reduce the brightness of my S4, X1 and F1 in the preferences (off-state brightness sliders are not diminishing the controllers brightness). Traktor 2.7 running under OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks) on a MacBook Pro 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo.

    • Unhappy DJ

      Very disappointed by NI: they really need to do more tests before releases their softwares. All the lights are on on my S4 and X1 too: can’t figure out what is on and what is not. PLEASE NI CORRECT THIS ASAP !!!

      • Moenir

        his is a known issue. Until we have a solution, the workaround is as follows:

        Please downgrade your Controller Editor to version 1.7.0. In order to downgrade,
        please follow the steps below for your corresponding system:

        • Disconnect your Native Instruments Controller from the USB port
        • Delete the following files/folders:
        Macintosh HD:Applications > Native Instruments > Controller Editor (folder)
        Macintosh HD:Users > *Username* > Library > Preferences

        ‘com.native-instruments.Controller Editor.plist ‘ (file)

        Macintosh HD:Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Hardware
        • download & install the Controller Editor 1.7.0 from this link:
        • reboot your Mac & connect your device

        • disconnect your Native Instruments Controller from the usb connection
        • open your Windows Control Panel
        • go to Programs -> Programs and Features.
        • uninstall ‘Native Instruments Controller Editor 1.7.1’.
        • download & install the Controller Editor 1.7.0 from this link:
        • reboot your PC & connect your device

        Best regards,
        Sara, Native Instruments Support Team

        • bentselben

          thank you very much, everything turned out and works fine

        • Christian

          Does not work, perform these steps several times and as usual, my traktor s2 still unresponsive, with all the lights on. I have the latest version of MAC (Yosemite) and traktor 2.6.7.

    • Ovdu

      This issue is also present with S4 mk2

  • killmedj

    Wow Serato will be shaking in their boots! NOT!

  • Fog Flynn

    Let me understand: so now in the S8 there are no tempo controls, only one knob and there is no variable tempo grid for non electronic music?

    They are crazy, completely crazy.

    • Justin Turner

      Yeah, I’m kind of bummed that Traktor still can’t support variable tempo tracks. Not just for non-electronic music, but also for electronic songs with tempo transitions halfway through. (raise your weapon, boy oh boy, right on time, just to name a few of the “popular” ones)

      • teufelzkerl

        As a wedding or birthday DJ I play more handmade than electronic tracks, and this is the only thing that still annoys me on Traktor. Created some loops with fixed bpm for favourites, but that’s eating time like nothing. Concentrating their market on new music only is short sighted and will hurt them in the end. If they don’t come out the bushes soon with this feature I wll seriously look to Serato or even Mixvibes, which is evolving fast and looks promising. Please wake up NI.

  • Darken

    I was hoping for retina display support.

  • Mark Smith

    Alright now to wait for someone to come out with a legit F1 mapping for Slicer and Freeze. What you got now Serato??? I use Serato too so please don’t consider me a hater or a fanboy. I’m just glad that I can use this regardless of which software I’m using.

    • Stuart 'Arthur' Hart

      i also wanna see this. which mapping u using on your f1 right now

      • marki

        send us a file of the cool effect,

  • Joseph

    Anyone else feel this is underwhelming? When are we going to get tagging in our library management?

    • Tommy Twitchfinger

      Don’t hold your breath. My first purchase of this software was back in Feb 2010 – it was Traktor Pro(1) 1.2.2. One of the first issues I ran into regarding tagging was that Traktor would replace my custom ‘year’ tags (yyyy-mm) with its own yyyy format – literally in my files. I had to retag all the date field (which took days) and write protect it all (preventing track analyses info from being saved). I wrote to NI about this after each and every new update – I also moaned about it on the NI forum, but nobody seemed to get what I was explaining(?).

      It is now end Oct 2014, we’re on Pro 2 v2.7, and only now has this been fixed. I like how NI says they fixed the issue when non-standard date formats where written by other programs. Like Traktor beholds the true format, pft.
      Because of this very issue I stopped buying Traktor after the Pro 2 upgrade, instead I turned to PirateBay. Maybe now I’ll consider buying it again.

  • Marco Hooghuis

    I’m glad they didn’t jump on the features train but went down to work on the fundamentals. There are quite a few bugs in Traktor that need fixing, however small they may be.

  • Alexey Popoff

    What about OS X Yosemite support?

  • Vanderfrass

    and what about support to Yosemite Os ?????

    • Synobazz

      I’m using Yosemite and Traktor 2.6.8. (soon 2.7.) and it works like a charm. I played 2 nights (8 hours each) without issues.

    • Sascha Wesseler

      Native has already confirmed that everything is yosemite compatible. There are only problems with native hardware when avid core audio drivers are also installed on your system.

  • shufflesam

    *everyone goes home and maps freeze to their respective controllers*

    • Chaser720

      I’m going to give it a try. I’m guessing it will be one of those fun for a week or two then forgotten features (aka flux mode).

      • Prof_Strangeman

        Hey! There are literally dozens of us!!!!

      • Ezmyrelda

        You forgot about flux mode? That’s a shame.. There’s a nice little pair of buttons on my Z2 that keep us happily reminded of it when needed.

    • mikefunk

      Is it possible to program Freeze mode to Xone K2? Or I have to use NI controller?

  • weR!0T

    Looks like I will be working on a new mapping for my MF3D! 😛

  • Chaser720

    That slicer mapping is about to get control of the MF3D.

  • Gonzalo Garreton

    I’ll definitely be mapping that freeze mode asap. But nonetheless, I kind of expected to see them fix the broken metadata sync between the iOS app and the full desktop version.


    • Chaser720

      Correct me if I’m wrong here but I’m pretty sure the whole metadata issue is fundamental programming flaw. It basically boils down to what system gets saving priority when editing a track. If both systems edit a track then what version is saved.

      That’s my understanding of the issue. I’d be fine with metadata only being pushed one way that would defeat their whole marketing scheme.

      • Einstein

        Yes as far as databases are concerned in general no two can be the master. For instance lets say an change is made on the main app and a change os made on the ios app, which one is correct? So you have to be resolved with one database being the master and one being the slave.

        • Matthew Wegner

          Sync isn’t *that* hard. Other services do just fine, and have UX in place to solve conflicts.

          Assuming your iPad and desktop/laptop are always online, you’d have to be working *pretty* quickly for a merge issue to occur anyway.

          And if you do get a merge conflict, just ask the user something like “there’s a conflict here–do you want the open version or the version from [your other computer]?”

          I’ve dug into the gzip’ed NML files that get pushed into Dropbox by the iPad app. This isn’t a computer science problem; this is NI just not prioritizing it for the engineering time to actually ship it.

          • Chaser720

            I think the issue here is that most iPads do not stay online most of the time. I understand what you’re saying about databases but the issue remains.

            If I spend 2 hours prepping track on an offline iPad then 2 hours on an online computer then I’m left with the decision of which chunk of time do I want to lose. Yes you can say don’t be an idiot and sync before you start working but you have to account for the idiot when programming anything.

          • gigglekey

            This is not a new DB design problem. Amazon for instance has a VERY good system for resolving version conflicts as you shop across devices. NI just isn’t prioritizing it. Probably not that many users need the sync.

          • Chaser720

            Is that sarcasm? You notice every top voted comment on any NI news announcement is “Fix Metadata sync!!!”. Like mentioned below, it makes Traktor DJ worthless.

          • fisdleer

            Duh, traktor DJ IS useless.

          • Chaser720

            When metadata was working I found some value in it. Definitely limited from a performance standpoint but I having all my cue points made it doable. Having to find all the mix in/out points in the app while mixing is frustrating and kills it for me.

          • CUSP

            Most multi-user databases use queries like this to keep the most accurate data in the e DB: when was the file updated by an authorized user? This generally works… unless you don’t want the changes applied.

    • Tubab Lamin

      yeah, until no metadata sync Traktor DJ is useless for all Traktor Pro users