Featured Controllerist Artist: Kollektivet

A pair of brilliant producers from Germany  Norway show Dj TechTools their advanced system of controller djing in this exciting video. With upcoming releases on Kaumpact and Minous records, keep an eye on their career, which is likely to skyrocket!

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    This is hands down the funniest video I’ve seen in a while, lol…

  • Agent himzz

    They are soo firkin funny… Damn…
    I was in the library and the ppl around me were like Bro, stay quiet!!!
    But they are good…
    And they sould put in the mothers voicemail too.lol haha..

  • Dennis Parrott

    i wish i could just post the audio of me ROTFLOL! Funny stuff. Love how the “new box” controlled everything except something related to the music.

    still chuckling…

    ahh we do love our buttons…

  • Alexander Nowak

    They don’t sound German at all >.>

  • (++++)

    ahah oi love this that what djin is all about . intracting with the crowd,. remind me of the days i started wit DMC in 95 , that spirit always got people goin crazy at my gigs songs after each,,, and watchin cats like DJ DUMMY, Xecutionesrs, Rob Swift , Craze. Fuckin Awesome!! guy awesome vid. yea those boys dont play got their entire collection

  • Thomas Funck Dalgas

    No Germans looks like this 😉 They’re from Norway.. 🙂

  • a NonnyMoose

    They’re Norwegian and they’re gonna be HUGE!

  • Darilov


  • Sebastian Cavolina

    HAHAHAHAHA FUCK THIS IS SO HILARIOUS. the naked dude just made me crack xd

  • Nictwist

    I dont know what the hell just happened.

    But i like it