Routine: Rheyne’s Live Jam #107: Live Looping With Ableton, Twister, iOS Instruments

We’re always excited to see a new video from live performance wizard Rheyne, who has made a name for himself on YouTube for posting regular “Live Jams” that are incredible on-the-fly production spectacles. We’re spotlighting this one because he’s brought the Midi Fighter Twister into the equation, using it alongside Sugar Byte’s Turnado effects palette. Watch here, and read his full explanation below:

In terms of the Midi Fighter Twister, Rheyne writes:

Here’s how the Twister is mapped:

Knobs 1-8 control eight devices in Turnado. Knobs 9-16 are mapped to Ableton’s reverb, delay, overdrive (amount and mix for all three), and a lowpass filter (cutoff and res). The push-button on knob 1 toggles Turnado. The push-buttons on 9-12 toggles the reverb, delay, overdrive, and filter.

After I record some hi hats and a kick drum, I record a MIDI loop of some percussion sounds triggered by the QuNeo. At 1:40 I start switching-on plugins with the Twister to control effects on just that new MIDI percussion loop, leaving the hi-hat and kick drum loops unaffected (I have a second instance of Turnado mapped to another page on the Twister for recorded drum loops, but it’s not seen in this vid).

At 2:56 I capture a small audio loop within that MIDI loop via Turnado for some more twisting, and then I grab another snippet towards the end at 6:12 and fade it out with the rest of the song.

For those curious as to the rest of Rheyne’s setup, he elaborates in the YouTube description:



  • Enttec DMXIS
  • 5x Chauvet Slim Par 56 LED

Custom PC running the following software:

  • Ableton Live
  • Max for Live
  • “Vizzie” add-on for M4L (visuals on monitors)

Macbook Pro (2011) running the following software:

All audio is coming from the 1/8″ output on the Macbook. Audio from the iPads are recorded through the iConnectMIDI4+. The iPad running Lemur is connected to the legacy iConnectMIDI. I’m switching presets on the QuNexus to control MIDI on the iPads as well as an instance of Kontakt for piano. An M-Audio Uno connects the PC to Lemur through the iCM, allowing Lemur to control both the Mac and PC simultaneously. The PC senses audio for the visuals through an M-Audio AP24/96.

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