Virtual DJ 8 Sets Sights On Being The Best DVS DJ System

Virtual DJ holds an unfair reputation as being an intro level piece of software that serves as a great starting point for many younger DJs. Virtual DJ has been around for a long time and even though their software isn’t as high-visiblity as Traktor or Serato,  the Atomix Productions team has put in the resources to develop what they claim is “the best DVS system on the market”. There are a lot of interesting features that come with Virtual DJ 8 and inside we uncover what the user can expect out of the software’s DVS system. Read more about VDJ’s DVS and see it live below.

Virtual DJ’s Take on DVS

DVS control is a unique feature that is sought after by many and is usually held to some pretty high standards. That is understandable considering the purpose of DVS is to mimic vinyl which is a very unique form of media. In VDJ 8, the DVS system does a lot more than just support current DVS hardware. The system inside Virtual DJ does not require anyone to buy hardware specifically designed for the VDJ engine. Virtual DJ worked to make a system that is compatible on the market and one that Atomix claims, “works out of the box,” with anyone else’s system.

“Several months of development time went into making the best DVS engine on the market, it’s truly a game changer as the first cross platform compatible DVS software that will work with virtually all existing DVS hardware and records on the market,” said Andrew Van Almen of Atomix.

Atomix feels very confident with their DVS system considering the assumptions they are making regarding the compatibility of the software. The new DVS system is also reported to work with any DJ audio interface with two stereo inputs and two stereo outputs. That also means controllers with the ability to connect turntables or CDJs and the user can use their current timecode with Virtual DJ or the VDJ timecode solution. Atomix is really trying to show the world that Virtual DJ really can compete with the rest of the market and they are challenging DJs to download the software to try for themselves. DJs such as DJ EtRoNiK, DMC USA Champion/WMC Scratch Champion have gotten behind the software by tweeting:

“This new DVS system really kicks ass. It’s actually at least as good as the others, if not better. I didn’t expect that from Virtual DJ. But I’m having a blast using it!”

Watch Atomix’s new Virtual DJ feature series Power Room below and see the DVS system in action.

To be honest, I personally only thought of Virtual DJ as the intro level software you find inside any affordable controller package. However, their new DVS system does seem promising and if it can really perform at the caliber that Atomix says it can in, the software may have a chance of competing with Traktor and Serato. Only time will tell but I am glad to see Virtual DJ taking pride in their work on the platform.

You can test out the new DVS system by downloading the Virtual DJ 8 demo.

What are your thoughts about Virtual DJ and their DVS system? Is this something you would consider using for your DVS needs?

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  • kebzer

    I can only wonder how is it possible for VDJ to have a better DVS engine for Rane soundcards than Serato themselves, while at the same time Serato is still trying to figure it out with SDJ.

    • deejdave

      It is not always up to the software developer alone. Somewhere in that equation the user has some responsibility. I am running four separate machines with NO issues whatsoever. Three are DVS.

  • Rob Ticho,Club mU

    The problem here is that even if VDJ is just as good for DVS, that’s not enough motivation to switch from a platform you already use. Most people that are using DVS already have their soundcards and timecode vinyl for their current platform so the versatility of VDJ using any timecode isn’t that interesting.

  • noxxi

    I started out on virtual DJ, i loved it, since then though (moved to traktor) i’ve always kept a quiet interest in their progress, like stalking an ex, an when i see stuff like this I think “good for you, i’m happy for you”.

    Still though, i wouldn’t be seen dead with Virtual DJ. no need to point out how stupid or prejudice that is, I already know!
    I just cant help feeling like using virtual DJ makes me look either 15, or 55 and unprofessional.

    • Chaser720

      I just agreed with everything said in that post. Haha

      If I see VDJ on a computer then it’s tough for me not to judge. One of our local guys uses VDJ and a LOT of air horns.
      And just to further that point, why use vestax turntables and a windows laptop in the promo video. To me that’s just the lesser (read cheaper) versions of Technics TTs and a Mac laptop. I hate to be so materialistic but if you’re trying to be the new industry standard then use industry standard equipment.

      • noxxi

        i never picked up on that, but yeah your absolutely right!

        its like they are saying to people that their software is the best software for pirating!
        They really do have this unshakable image of cheap crap, but the reality is the complete opposite. its a shame that a certain type always uses virtual dj, but i wonder if they used traktor instead, would traktor get that bad image?
        i suspect, as you already touched on, that it is a marketing issue, even the name “virtualDJ” sounds dated and cheap.
        its a damn shame…

        • HardDiskJockey

          Maybe Traktor’s too complex for them? 😉
          Well, if you got no idea how to do anything, VDJ is quite simple an easy to use.
          If you use Traktor at the beginning instead, you may need to read the manual just to get Traktor running properly.

          • Stephen Snow

            Traktor is great for running effects and mashing up live, but for turntablism, it really doesn’t matter, all you really need is the mixer and a responsive timecode system… flashy effects just seem like crutches in competitions. I don’t use VDJ, I do use Traktor and Cross, serato never held my interest, it’s too primitive, but if you think that Atomix can’t come out with something awesome after years of development you’re wrong… Cross is some of the best software out there, and it’s not that popular because the only thing people like you pay attention to is Traktor and Serato… maybe we should only have 2 car manufacturers also.

          • Chaser720

            More people drive cars then DJ.

          • Stephen Snow

            for now, everyone is becoming a dj lol.

          • Chaser720


      • Stephen Snow

        Lol… plenty of producers and DJs use PCs, macs look sexier, and are undoubtedly more popular among producers and DJs, but they aren’t any better, at all… their OS is nicer, and it could be argued that for someone with no idea what they’re doing they are easier to keep running stable, however there is nothing a mac can do, dj wise, that a pc can’t, period. As far as Vestax vs. techs, honestly for scratching the vestax are far superior in the eyes of many DJs, you obviously have no clue what you’re talking about… Q-bert uses Stantons! If you’re going to pay that much attention to gear, then you’re going to miss a lot of what’s important, I’ve seen DJs rocking a second hand set of off brand gear SLAUGHTER DJ’s using top end equipment… it simply doesn’t matter that much anymore man… it really doesn’t. There are industry standards, and then there are PERCEIVED industry standards, no one would argue that denon CDJs are industry standard, or that numark mixers are even in the pro league, but Mac vs. Windows, that’s preference, there is no “standard”, Techs vs. Vestax, well… Techs most certainly are the standard, however when you’re talking about scratch DJs, there is an argument to be made for more feature/torque heavy decks.

        • Chaser720

          And thats the comment I was expecting but much later than I expected.

          I am not arguing the functionality of windows vs mac but the stereotypes that are associated with them. VDJ has the reputation of being a beginner software that is “lesser” than others such as Traktor or Serato. Is that a fact… probably not. I’m sure VDJ 8 is fully featured and very comparable in their DVS system.

          I am arguing that if you have a bad stereotype, you do everything within your power to rid yourself of this stereotype. If it was me doing the video, I would have had a DJM-900 Nexus and a pair of Technics/PLX-1000s and a MacBook Pro.

          Why not associate yourself with the industry standard if your trying to be the new industry standard?

          And I do completely agree with the equipment doesn’t matter part in terms of sound (one of my favorite local DJs uses a tiny off brand controllers) but your advertising here and that makes things different.

        • Disorganized

          core audio

          • Stephen Snow

            Doesn’t matter… Asio Drivers and good soundcards on windows work just as well as anything on a mac.

    • deejdave

      I ran a residency at a medium club here in NY for a summer and I saw a LOT of DJ’s. Only ONE used VDJ and he was actually the only DJ I had to cut mid set as he could not cater to the audience. Coincidence??? Not sure.

  • Nicholas Polydor

    If Virtual DJ 8 supported Traktor Remix Sets then it would be great.

  • Andrew

    Did you ever wonder why VirtualDJ has 20 times more users than Serato?

    VirtualDJ traditionally focused on having much more functionalities than the competition (like sandbox, timeline editor, vst plugin compatibility, ContentUnlimited, LiveFeedback, radio broadcasting, scripts and macros, the best video engine in the market, infinite sampler, video samples, etc etc etc).

    But in the past, its audio engine and DVS system have been considered sub-par compared to some other DJ software that had less functionalities but focused more on the quality of the sound and the scratch. And that kept many of the “top” DJs away from it.

    But not anymore. Now, with VirtualDJ 8, you can use a single software that combines both the best sound and the best DVS accuracy in the industry, and the plethora of features that made VirtualDJ the most used DJ software on the planet.

    So don’t keep doing the same mixes all your life. Try VirtualDJ for free, and see how ‘more features’ can really help you mix even better, like it helped more than 150 million people already.

    • Chaser720

      I thought it was the most used DJ software because it was the easiest one to find a free torrent? That’s why I started with it….

      • deejdave

        That’s just about it. Not only that but in their 855 MILLION (or whatever bogus number they claim) they are also (without disclosing) including the FREE download versions. I have tried it all and regularly use Serato, Traktor AND Rekordbox. I started with VDJ and PCDJ but have since moved up myself.

        • Chaser720

          I think 9/10 DJs that start with VDJ then move up as well.

          Don’t get me wrong, VDJ is a great tool for teaching the fundamentals of DJing due to the visual waveform stacking.

          • deejdave

            Completely agree. It is NOT that I am trying to bring VDJ down. I just prefer Serato, Traktor & Rekordbox. The exclusive hardware a software offers says a LOT (to me) about who is running the show I have a LOT of gear (That is JUST my Pioneer family portrait LOL) for Traktor, Serato & Rekordbox. MOST are ABLE to be used with VDJ but NONE were designed to be.

          • Chaser720

            You sir have a problem. ha

          • deejdave

            I do. This is a fact LOL.

  • QCube

    To be honest I dont see why I should pay 300$ for VDj instead of just buying traktor scratch 2 for a hundred bucks or traktor scratch 2 + Audio 6 for just (nearly) the same 300€. There are some advantages in the VDj software but I would not pay as much for any of them. If it would cost 100€/$ I would consider buying and as I started in VDJ back then I gave it a chance, but with a price of 300$ its definitively not an option for me and for many other djs on budged I gues.

    • Chris Anson

      You do realize you can do video with VirtualDJ right? Not to mention free upgrades, plugins and skins.

      • Nacho Thompson

        Actually, I think a lot of us started out with Virtual DJ. And it’s amazing how they have reinvented themselves through the years. VirtualDJ 8 is great, although I am not able at the moment to test their DVS solution (I’m a controller DJ right now). But I think for the price it is a really great solution. It’s true it doesn’t look as fancy as Serato or Traktor, but their new audio engine is really great, the sampling and effects selection is great, the ability to create sample banks (a lot like Remix Decks but not limited in the best of my knowledge to a fixed number of cells) with even video samples is great, and the video engine is better than Serato’s, in my opinion.
        Ultimately, it goes down to the personal DJ taste. There are even DJs who would reject any kind of digital solution. But I believe there is no harm in trying out everything: it can only make you a more versatile DJ.

        • QCube

          Lets say its just realy not an entry level software anymore. It realy evolved towards a pro software and its good as it is, but its not worth if you didnt reached a certain level where you can reach to the bounds of the software.

      • QCube

        still 300 are too much. You can do video with serato as well(200US$ for DJ+VJ software bundle), I dont know how far the free updates gonna go (future versions? maybe but im not sure), plugins are a plus for sure but I dont realy care much about the skins when I dj. Maybe some people need some particular design/layout, I dont. There are also software that enable video mixing in Traktor( Article on DJ-Techtools as well, mixemergency i think), that will cost you less than VDJ as well. Like i said, generaly Im not against VDJ, its a great software – I just think the price is too high for the first product that is properly promoted as one of the best on the market.

        • deejdave

          Your comparison for Serato does not include the REQUIRED hardware to open the software. with VDJ you can have a cheap Windows laptop and ZERO dollars for the free version of VDJ. WIth Serato you NEED the hardware, need the licenses, and ALMOST NEED a MacBook Pro.

    • Stephane

      A VirtualDJ Timecode license costs $99, not $300.
      It’s the “Infinity” full-option license that costs 300.
      But if you don’t need video and controllers, you don’t need more than the 99$ timecode license.