Pioneer XDJ-1000 $999 All-Digital Player Ditches The CDs

Pioneer has sneakily debuted a brand new media player for DJs – the XDJ-1000 – that takes the CD out of the CDJ. Instead, it’s purely designed for Rekordbox, USB drive, and HID control purposes – finally bringing to the masses a relatively affordable solution for digital playback in a professional CDJ-style design.


The unit has the exact same form factor as the CDJ-2000 Nexus units – same dimensions and control layout – although keen-eyed CDJ users will note the lack of cuepoint buttons, touch strip for searching, etc.

The new touchscreen interface

Instead, the XDJ-1000 has a 7 inch touchscreen – which allows control for setting loops, beat sync, cuing, slip mode, and a new function, Beat Jump / Loop Move (a basic function that Traktor has held alone in the digital DJ world.

Jump beats and move loops – just like on Traktor!

There’s also now a QWERTY-style keyboard for searching through your tracks- way easier than just rummaging around folders.

Also of interest is a new automatic import of player settings (things like Quantize and Master Tempo) from whatever you have them set at in Rekordbox – and a color-coding for playlists that actually corresponds to an LED that lights up around the USB stick plugged in.


Pioneer’s website lists the suggested retail price as being $999 – which implies we might see even lower prices as the minimum advertised price. We’ve reached out to Pioneer to find out if this is an expected street price, but no answer yet.

This is confirmed to be the STREET price – which is what retailers will be selling it for.


Anyone who’s ever moved a CDJ-2000 before knows that they’re around 10 pounds (4.7 kg) – pretty heavy for a piece of DJ equipment. Removing the CD drive (the only moving parts on the player) would seem to reduce the need for at least a few of those pounds. The XDJ-1000’s weight is down a bit to 7.27 pounds (3.3kg) – enough to still keep the unit stable when James Zabiela or DJ EZ inevitably get their frenetic mix sessions on these XDJs, but slightly more portable.

The rear of the player – all fairly standard fare for Pioneer.


Pioneer has a very interesting note on their video description:

“… the XDJ-1000: the first in a new line-up of digitally focused, USB-only, rekordbox™-ready players.”

This makes it pretty clear that Pioneer isn’t stopping here – and we’ll see other versions of this CD-free XDJ line in the coming months. Will we go up to a higher-featured XDJ-2000, or perhaps we’ll drop down into serious budget territory and make feature-slimmed XDJ-400s that are easy for any DJ to add too their setup?


Something strange about the press release stuck out to us – a hint that perhaps Traktor HID mode might not be enabled when the product launches:

“USB-HID control possible with Serato Inc.’s “Serato DJ” software (More information will be published on the support site once available.)”

With Native Instruments very focused on selling their own screen-laden Kontrol S8, it wouldn’t be a surprise if there’s some feet-dragging on both sides to get Traktor HID integration.

****UPDATE: Traktor Pro 2.8 now supports the Pioneer XDJ-1000 in HID mode

Get your XDJ-1000 here in the DJTT store

Read more about the XDJ-1000 on Pioneer’s site here.

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  • calkutta

    add a spinning platter and a fader and I will pay $2000- and sooner than we think,the computer will be inside too,like a digital only QFO DVS….thats where we are headed.

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  • qwalee

    I think his is a good step forward. But i hate the way pioneer “dib dabs” out little things on its players to get us all to pay more . Its the cold world of sales i guess.
    But makes me feel sick to know we will pay like a couple of grand more for like a “digi out” and some “down load” for the screen to look “a little bit nicer”. and maybe some buttons? i mean wth!
    I hope tracktor does make a cdj/xdj type of thing too . As this will make the market competative once more. (Although tracktor needs to realise , jog wheels have to remain. i hate thoughs ribbions to mix with the s8 is just inches away from a laptop bar nothing else. )
    But can i ask anyone? Whats anyones take on the original ” cdj2000? ” I still have a pair. And thay do everything i need!?!?!. …Wifi at home?why what for? dont need it . Sync? i can mix fast enought to not need sync? as im a skilled dj? slip… nice but a little gimicky.
    They have hid too
    To me its about the music, Effects and f1 ones aside. (which i love) if its straight mixin you want… Why do we even need any of these things? Are we all rats .. following the pioneer pied piper? i think so ….
    P.s. “GS” you know ur stuff man. hat off to ya. 🙂

  • penguinsdoom

    im confused. Why take the CDJ out of the CDJ.

  • Kaos

    I think its time to a mixer with built in timecode. You plug one usb drive, and control it using any media with timecode signal.

  • Garrett Cox

    This is not going to be the high end (probably). look on on the product page, look at the photos, this is advertised with the DJM-850. If it was the top player it would be featured next to djm900/2000. So potential room for a flagship player w/ more of the physical buttons of the 2000 and 900. This does remind me of an upgraded 850 anyways (near price also)

  • allstar720

    $1000 is flat crazy. You are all crazy. Considering you also would need another $1000 XDJ along with a mixer just do duplicate what I can do with VDJ and a decent controller, I think you are all crazy. Why would you need $2000 worth of player just to spin the same Beatport 100 EDM tracks you wack club djs play?

  • Brad Shaw

    I think your title and newsletter article summery are misleading. Where has Pioneer stated that they are removing CDJs from their product line-up? From what I understand they’re still offering all their CDJ products, and these CDless controllers will just augment that selection.

  • blackflag jack

    affordable price more control less pain,we call it digital world,that’s what i expect.

  • Samuel Agius

    With this xdj pioneer will loose market, 1 it’s expensive , 2 touch screen for common features makes djs hate it, 3 with the price of the xdj one can buy 2 gemini cdjs 650 with a mixer. I hate pioneer because it is expensive and with the same features you find different brands that are cheaper and perform the same way

    • nabs

      CDJs cost a small fortune, but they’re everywhere. If cost were that big of an issue, Pioneer would have gotten out of this market years ago.

  • Sternenberg

    Terrible idea with the touchscreen.

  • Stephen Nawlins

    Well if they just wanted to make a Setup that allows to Play from USB and that’s more portable, then why do they work on the base CDJ???
    Way more portable is a solution like Stantons SCS4DJ…in the case of the XDJ I still Need 2 of those Players and a Mixer in between….that makes still over 10kg of weight WITH 2,5kg SCS4DJ is 1/4 as weighty….then next Advantage of such a Setting is: no wires anymore…just have to plug in Power and the PA Wires….Then Comes the Price: 2 XDJs + 1 Mixer in between 1500 and 2000 USD…so I can Buy 4 of the Statons (Just as example).
    I then still prefer buying CDJ2000 NXS so I still have the possibility to work with either USB or Cd if the only Advantage of the XDJs are around 6 Pounds weight difference.

    • Andrew Peek

      No where did they say they were trying to make a standalone unit more portable. the advantage of this is obviously a new touch screen. and now the “performance” units have Rekordbox link functionality. HUGE jump from the cdj-850 which this replaced.

  • Boats97

    next thing you see is mixer with usb port and large touch screen…..

    • Andrew Peek

      oh you mean the djm-2000 nexus???? I’ve tried it, but don’t like the layout. the djm-900NXS/SRT is the way to go IMO.

  • Mark Smith

    What is the digital output that everyone is talking about that is missing from this player that is on the CDJ-2000 Nexus players for? Sound output quality?

    • Comme Erçial

      It’s one less signal conversion when hooked up to mixers with digital ins. It will be present on higher end XDJ units.

  • calgarc

    the touch screen killed it…

  • midiman

    i would rather shoot a bullet in my head than buyin two 1000$ units for hardly the same functionality than a cheap x1 with traktor gives me. i like the mixers from pioneer but all their players are overpriced shit.

    • Andrew Peek

      Except these don’t require a laptop.

      • pion_no!

        You can buy a nice macbook pro, x1 and a soundcard (even DVS) at the price of 2 of these players. And compared to the plastic usb players you can still use the macbook to do shitloads of other stuff, than spinning a platter.

        • Andrew Peek

          And you still look like an amateur without industry standard gear. And still have to use a laptop.

          • midiman

            if you go by the look and not by the result you are a poser not a dj but i know that in many cases it means the same..
            ean golden looks like an amateur to you?

          • Andrew Peek

            True. I don’t judge on just the gear I’ve heard guys rock with that type of setup and I’ve heard train wrecks on full pioneer setups. When it boils down its preference. If you had unlimited funds what would you use?

          • midiman

            pioneer mixer 900nexus or better (great mixer) and x1 but the old one. i am really happy with it.

      • midiman

        yes. never understood all the hate for laptops. never had problems and even the cheapest one can run traktor. i love my öaptopscren dont like small displays.

        • Andrew Peek

          It isn’t a hate for laptops. It’s a distaste for controller dj’s from many viewpoints. it adds a bunch of unnecessary time and annoyance switching wires for kids who’ve been djing for 3 months who think they are gods gift to a lineup. learn on industry standard gear and learn how to dj without staring at a laptop making sure your wave forms line up. These players are great for people who may wish they could afford cdj-2000 nexus’ but want the closest thing to the real deal. Granted these aren’t meant for club installs.

          • midiman

            i use a x1 and a laptop. its installed fast and i find it ridiculous to use two super big nexus with a shity loop section and no beat jump when a x1 can do so much more for a cheaper price and you have everything in control without needing much space. big players are for the eye but a x1 is for working.

          • Andrew Peek

            Felix da house cat says the same thing. I’m not knocking your set up. If it works for you that’s awesome. I prefer no laptop in my rig. Having rekordbox USB and externals saved me from having to lug my Mac around.

        • Andrew Peek

          I also understand many producers love using traktor and NI products. which is cool!!! when it all boils down to each his own, right? for myself I learned on Technics and serato control vinyl. and I only use a laptop while using a DVS on Technics, but for simplicity and ease of use I prefer a full Pioneer Nexus set up using Rekordbox analyzed USB’s.

          • midiman

            recordbox is a pain in the ass. it takes lots of time to prepare the tracks and it writes a second version of the music file on the harddrive a recordbox user told me. i dont have such problems with traktor even if i download some track a half hour before my gig i can use them immediately withou preparing anything. time is money.

          • Andrew Peek

            There is a way to transfer all your traktor analyzed tracks into rekordbox. I’m not exactly sure how to do it. There is also the Rekordbox app that you can use to edit your tracks that aren’t anslyzed properly.

  • Ionmatika

    Thank God all Mighty. Praze Jebus! NO CDs! Buying.

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    Honestly If they’re good enough I might just switch to XDJ 2000 (if/when they are released) as a cheaper than $4,000 way to make the change from traktor to CDJ’s. My 350s are good for now but without the screens are best when used for timecode.

  • Scott Frost

    So their cd units cost 1k. Now we really know they were gouging the consumer all along. What happens if the touch screen fails ?

    The show can’t go on. Bad move I think.

  • Triggs

    Looks like NI is starting to paint themselves into a corner.

  • Clay Ford

    ugh not a fan of touchscreens. I’d rather touch a button or twist a knob anyday. Cool idea though but way overpriced.

  • Scott Brio

    I’m coining the term “MP3J” right here on DJTT. You heard it first.

  • Jim

    NEED to make one like this that plays VIDEOS too…I want to plug my
    hard drive of videos in! They discontinued the DVJs and I’d rather not
    use a computer at all. Come on Pioneer!!!

  • Autrelle Holland

    Wow. “Only” $999? Eff off, Pioneer. I’ll stick with my Z2 and control media.

  • RossH

    Almost….. this is a good direction they are going in. I’m very interested to see the professional model, XDJ2000? Pioneer have a massive opportunity here. This is something people have been crying out for Native Instruments to do but they don’t seem interested. I would be looking for the following features in the top end model:

    – Physical cue/loop buttons – at least 6 or more
    – Beat/loop jump functionality, preferably physical buttons
    – Improved/larger screen with high definition waveforms – as good as Traktor or better
    – Digital out

    If Pioneer can deliver that, at a lower price than the CDJ2000…. the have found the holy grail. It will be another Technics SL-1200 or CDJ1000. I would ditch eveything and move over to Rekordbox, empty my savings account and sell my kidneys for 4 of these!

    • manoob1

      the screen looks good on tis one…7″ as for buttons it would be nice if it could be connected to a small midi controller(like x1)….maybe in future….

      • efrazable


    • Garrett Cox

      Problem is space, it would be nice for more hot cue buttons. Possibly could do say 5 physical, and then use the touch screen for 5 more. That way they dont need to fit like 10 physically. Beat jump could be a knob, then a L/R button. So set knob to “2” then hit the right arrow to jump forward. The XDJ-1000 has better screen than the 2000 so it will probably be better on the XDJ-2000. And it will probably keep the digital output of the CDJ-2000

  • HardDiskJockey

    This one is going to make me think about leaving Traktor and move to rekordbox…
    It got all the features I want and still has jogwheels. (NI seems to stop using jogs in their new products)

  • Mike H.

    This Is Great!-The Touch Screen I’m Not Too Thrilled About Though,-It Can Be Easy To Make Mistakes On The Touch-Screen The Slip Of The Finger.. .I Would Prefer Buttons,-I Do Understand That There Is A-Lot Of Programming Going On In There & To Add These Functions To Buttons Would Asking A-Lot,-But This Is The Step In The Right Direction,-This Is What I’ve Been Waiting For!! ! Thank-You ! !! And To Get This Out For Holidays Smart Move!! !

  • Paul Muller

    Overall, this seems like a smart move – make it light enough and it starts to become reasonable to think that you could even throw two into a travel case and BYO to a club versus trying to plug in laptops, controllers etc.
    What I *am* concerned about is the touchscreen’s response to liquids. I know that when I get a drop of water on my iPhone screen it treats it like a button press – i have horrible visions of a punter spilling a beer over the screen and the XDJ going into a 1/32 beat loop or jumping to my secret Patsy Cline hot cue bank and ruining what little cred I have!

    • Nikko

      You must play some weird clubs where you have to bring your own CDJ’s – weird.

      • Paul Muller

        Good point. What I am trying to work out is what Pioneer means by these being ready for the bedroom DJ to learn/prep and transfer their skills to the club. There’s a lot of features on these things that I would think of as high-end, Waveforms, Rekordbox, Quantising, Hot cues, looping which you don’t 100% get on 850s/900s or even the older 2000s. I recently played out at the W in Singapore where all they had was 900s – luckily for me I’ve grown up on old junk so my set worked out great – but if as Pioneer seems to recommend, you start out with these things at home, I can see more than a few DJ’s crashing and burning when they get to bare bones CDJs. Learn on the low end i say!
        Are Pioneer assuming we’ll start to lug these things into the booth the same way you bring slimmest and cartridges?

      • Paul Muller

        LOL, yep, last week I turned up to a club with CDJ 1000s and none of the DJs had any CDs – fortunately had the CDJs in the car just in case and away we went! (also they didn’t have a holdback – did NOT have a spare for that 🙁

  • ken

    i bet my money, that the XDJ 2000 (if it comes out) will have physical buttons for some of the features.

    but this is a great venture by Pioneer, like someone already said, this will definitely win some controller dis back to pioneer products.

  • GS

    Just alienated all “control media” type DJ’s who use Traktor or Serato to control their software. I understand there’s workarounds, that isn’t the point.

    For engineers to do a quick line check, they’ll no longer be able to look around the club/booth for a vagrant CD, and will now have to find a “usb drive” to line check.

    For 99% of you, you won’t get this, nor will you care. But there’s no longer a digital output!

    You’re now going from a *$h!tty* MP3, to a budget D/A converter (XDJ), back into a budget A/D converter (DJM), and back through a budget D/A converter once again (DJM). Keep in mind, you’re then most likely going A/D into a mediocre DriveRack, then D/A into your DSP driven amps, which then again are going A/D to DSP, then D/A to speakers.

    The average club is going through 7 conversions from analog to digital, back and forth. I’m not some hard core audiophile who buys wooden CD players or other audio fairy dust, but if you can take a conversion out of the signal path, DO IT! This lack of design just added two unnecessary conversions.

    Higher end riders demand a digital link from CDJ to DJM because these people understand. The digital signal is already there, I have absolutely no clue why they didn’t include the simplest of things. It’s cost would be $0.02 to include.

    • Damien Sirkis

      They didn’t take out the digital out. This is a replacement for the 850 which never had a digital out.

      The pro version of this (XDJ2000?) will be the ones found in clubs and they will have a digital out.

      • Garrett Cox

        +1. saw this after I commented it. haha every site is freaking out about how its not a 2000, but its not trying to be…

    • Bill

      Looool brilliant and pioneer are shit sound wise anyway definitely would have a xone 92 or even 62 over any of their mixers

    • Chad Lehew

      Because it will be on the higher end model…

    • b

      Youre talkin bs…a lot of top tier dj’s use cdjs with a xone 92, and a xone 92 doesnt have digital connections…never heard anybody complain…

      • MBJAY

        Difference is Xone has no conversion to digital for adding of effects like pioneer DJM do have.
        So if you connect XDJ directly to any mixer that doesnt convert the signal to digital (analogue like xone 62, 92 22, not DB4 or DB2) you will be fine, minimal signal conversion. (from XDJ -> analogue to mixer -> PA -> speakers). Just 1 conversion if the PA amplifiers doesnt apply DSP.

      • GS

        Yeah, cause a XONE:92 is an ANALOG mixer. There is no A/D or D/A conversions done, hence why it sounds better than the Pioneer DJM series, and why lots of DJ’s request it in riders.

        You obviously have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about.

    • discodan

      I completely agree with this reply. However the sad part is that if the source content begins with low grade Mp3 bit rates it sadly doesn’t matter what you do to the signal afterwards

    • Garrett Cox

      there wasnt a digital output in the first place though. this is replacing the CDJ-850, not the CDJ-2000. Its why the demo pics on pioneers site have it paired with a DJM-850 and its the same price as the CDJ-850

  • Haw Zorak

    I see a controller :v

  • Deksel


    • Damien Sirkis

      Great find. Makes it official that this replaces the 850 and not the 900 or the 2000s.

      • Gclef101

        Yeah I was I wondering the same thing if this was the flagship player, but it is not.

      • Paul Muller

        yup – it looks almost identical to the old 850/900. agree that it seems odd there’s no SPDIF. Having said that I was watching some of the Mixmag live sets and they’ve got analog cables from a CDJ2000 going into a DJM900 – WTF!?

    • jojo

      Thanks for posting this. After seeing it more in use….yeah….it’s still lagging so far behind traktor that it’s ridiculous.

      I officially don’t care.

  • Nico S.

    Nice! Finally i can write Facebook Updates on a Player while DJ’ing! Oh wait…no App Store? :’D

  • ItsWesSmithYo

    Yeeeeeeeehaw! Hopefully By the time my 2000’s fade they will have this all square!

  • killmedj

    There’s lot to like about this. the price being one of them.

    • killmedj

      Ah crap! I knew it was too good to be true. no word of Traktor HID integration! =(


    Give me Traktor support and I’m sold 🙂

    • RogueDJ

      bloody hell me 2

  • dj nemesis

    But you guys don’t see it. Pioneer made these multi players to try and get rid of controller users. If you walk up to a club with serato and have 2 cdj 2000’s sitting there you just look like the elephant in the room. I’ve seen DJs walk into the booth with their laptop and all the cables and to me its pointless because 1, pioneer has everything that laptop can do, all you really need to bring is the USB stick and maybe CDs just for backups. And even the Nexus’s have the sync button so for the people that use serato or traktor for that specific feature. They have dominated the DJ booth for years now, and for the DJs that actually work and not use the sync button (like me) it is perfect. It is perfect for everything a DJ needs. So please if you guys are gonna complain about some thing you serato or traktor users can’t use, go get a controller, pioneer has amazing controllers, I have the ddj sz, 4 cdj 2000’s and a djm 2000 nexus with an rmx 500. The controllers are good and fun and I know for a fact pioneer makes the smaller controllers to fit in a travel case easily.

    • Andrew Peek

      I agree with you on most points… But I wouldn’t say to get rid of controller djs. I think this is directly aimed at the existing controller dj’s and people who want the industry standard at roughly 1/2 the price point. I got my 2000 Nexus models because I have to meet the headliners rider, and personally I wanted the best, but these things look AWESOME!!! can’t wait for the touch screen to come to the HIGH end models.

  • Damien Sirkis

    I’m interested. On a side note, I still think it’s a bit cheeky for Pioneer to say this has WIFI when what they really mean is, you can plug the ethernet into a wifi router. Well…duh… anything with ethernet has WIFI then…

    • tr4gik

      is that the same way the 2000NXS work?

      • Damien Sirkis

        oh yeah, there is no WIFI on the nexus. You just plug the ethernet into a wifi router.

  • Neil Walker

    Why is there only beat/loop jump in 1, 2 and 4 beats. That’s useless for me and my style of mixing. Can these be changed to 8, 16 and 32?

      • Neil Walker

        Sorry I don’t get the point you’re trying to make? With the music I play I use larger loop sizes and set them manually…

        • Neil Walker

          It doesn’t have anything to do with phasing or queing…

  • Heavie486

    I remember the Denon DN-HS5500 as the first unit that drop the cd players with a spinning platter, 40gig hard drive built in, usb link, and HID controller and played two tracks at the same time with effects. Also there were the Denon HD2500 that I own today. Anyone here remembers this unit?

  • lanceblaise

    I’m blind… wait till i step up to the CDJ and can’t read the screens and can’t zoom in like on my laptop, can’t touch anything since its all a smooth flat screen… no thanks

  • Niels

    Nice, pretty much what i was holding out for. Any ideas on what the street price will be based on experience with previous pioneer products?

  • Jon

    “digitally focused” yet it has no SPDIF output 🙁

    • Finetuning

      And what type of converters on on this? They better be as good as the CDJ2000’s

      • Chad Lehew

        No WOLFSON DAC in this one

        • Reticuli

          That and the lack of digital out are deal breakers. I need two options for fidelity if I’m shelling out a grand per frigg’n transport.

    • Chris MacKechnie

      And at this stage, why not introduce HDMI?

      • discodan

        Why would you want that?

        • Chris MacKechnie

          It’s a widely adopted 2-way digital standard.
          Few people use the Sony/Philips proprietary standard and nobody has cables laying around. But *everyone* uses HDMI.

          • The_KLH

            Lolwut? HDMI is used when HD VIDEO and multi-channel audio are being passed. S/PDiF is the standard for two-channel digital audio… which is what is being talked about here.

          • Chris MacKechnie

            HDMI is an excellent digital audio standard. Just because it was first adopted by the TV companies, doesn’t negate the fact it handles audio at a pro level. It’s also much more widely adopted than the Sony/Phillips standard, allowing considerably more flexibility.

          • The_KLH

            By that logic, USB would be even more appropriate as it is more widely adopted than HDMI.

            Lets back up. SPDiF is a standard that thrived in the professional audio world. It is still found on recent CDJs and DJM mixers. I would expect that it would also be found on the XDJ-1000 as it represents the cleanest way of transmitting digital audio between the tabletop media play and a mixer. Using another interface – however popular – would require buying another mixer and threaten established standards and equipment.

            We both have our opinions and instead of saying that your opinion is invalid, I’ll say that your opinion has merit and I simply disagree.

          • Reticuli

            Why when S/PDIF works fine and that’s what plenty of soundcards, interfaces, and DJ mixers already have?


      That caught my eye too. To be perfectly honest, very few people use that (I’d say 1 or 2 times out of 10), even in permanently installed, all-Pioneer setups. Sad to see it go, though.

    • Garrett Cox

      The CDJ-850 didnt have it. This is not replacing the 2000nexus, which does have the output. The XDJ-2000 (if made) will probably have it.

      • Reticuli

        All the Denons, the Gemini, and all but one version of the Hanpin design has a S/PDIF. Weird feature bracketing on Pioneer’s part.

  • unknown

    Just map the controller yourself when ni support doesnt taken off

    • Dan White

      Unfortunately that’s not as easy to do with HID support- which is what gives the CDJ-2000 Nexus’ their impeccable latency and integrated library view / loading / waveforms

  • Hermit

    Great news. Once again DJTT brings these news before everybody!

  • blade

    This is exactly what i have been waiting for to come from Pioneer, it is a little overdue but looks dam good, basically a CDJ2000 without the point less CD bit and a lot more affordable (still a little high but better!)

    now where did i put the details for my savings account… anyone wanna buy some CDJ400’s…..

  • adam

    All of you are forgetting those DJs that don’t dj off of a laptop. This is perfect for that. Although I am concerned about the touchscreen.

  • DjAcido

    gentleman to pick your brains here is that a DJM900 or 850 on the video?


    • andreimatei

      It’s an 850.

  • Manoo Bahar

    traktor ditched again… as a traktor user sad times… s8 looks dissopinting after using it…. I might have to go to the dark side serato…

    • Mr P

      Don’t be afraid. You’ll soon realize that the dark side is a lot brighter than you think.

    • Moren0

      I really loved Traktor approach to DJing a few years ago, they were innovative (beatjump!). Now they feel narrow and boxed-in into the producer thing.

      The focus on sensationalism marketing from NI tells me that it tries to awe more than it tries to help DJs be more consistent/creative. Do you think NI can retain Scratch Pro users with videos of Craze showing off every few months?

      I have an S4, X1, A10 and a Maschine. Today I want them all gone because I don’t see how I can still DJ with Traktor using Pioneer gear in clubs without being a pain in the ass to other DJs (plugging A10 + X1 + put in Timecodes). Now that Pioneer has all the functions and that Serato has better DVS (USB time codes for example), my fandom of NI ends.

      It seems NI does not want to cater to club DJs who use Pioneer because they’ve already found their niche. This does not bode well for the next few years if you are Traktor Scratch user, what good will your gear/software be if you can’t plug it into a Pioneer set up in less than 20 mins?

  • Christopher Limit

    <3 XDJ 1000

  • bahahha

    is there a raspberry pi inside?

  • Chris Serious

    No digital output..

    • Chris Silver

      probably gonna save it for the XDJ-2000 or 1500 (whatever comes next) and sell it for over 1k :/

  • Jay Dabhi

    HID with a touchcreen is great! Im not really feeling the no cue point buttons but I wont judge until I try this.. definitely a move in the right direction and with the qwerty keyboard it may convert a few people to Rekordbox.

  • Garrett Cox

    one knob for start/stop brake adjust…

    • Mr P

      This indicates that there will be a 2000 version with separate knobs like the CDJ line

  • Dario De Lima

    IF this is true about NI not supporting this with HID, It may push me towards jumping to Serato, I love Ni, but it infuriates me how they want to keep everything in house..i mean this would be perfect to use with Traktor..

    • connie

      Why do you assume that if there was no HID support this would be NIs fault?

      • Dario De Lima

        I am not bashing NI,though if you take cetain things like when remix decks came out NI kept it in house and originially it was only for F1 and not mappable to any third parties, cdj900nxs is another example.. NI have a tendancy to not make there products comaptible with third parties..JUst saying and dont get me qrong, i support NI.. have the F1, 2 X1’s, Maschine MK1 and MK2 not to mention the k complete keyboard on its way..simply hoping Ni will jump aboard with this.

        • connie

          Well on a business side you have to see, that HID implementation for these newer hardware devices (especially with screens) is very complex and costs NI a lot of money while it pretty much only boosts the sales of Pioneer. A lot of users already have Traktor or will simply use a cracked version. The money is made with hardware sales, but the software side needs huge investments and produces a lot of costs. I am sure NI would code a incredible HID implementation within weeks if Pioneer paid for the costs and gave them a piece of the revenue. But that again is politics and strategy. With the new investment shareholders of Pioneer I would not expect a very industry / customer friendly attitude on their side.

          • Manoo Bahar

            yes but this could be the new industry standard… big mistake on ni side

          • Fatlimey

            This is something where open standards would go a long way. Even Microsoft are loosening their hold on closed software, a public API for extensions or device drivers is surely needed from NI.

          • Dancin' Mark

            Hopefully HID however it is at least MIDI mappable axcording to what I have read.

      • Manoo Bahar

        it is look at all hardware makers… non making anything for traktor as ni makes harder for them…..

      • Dan White

        Follow the money – NI has their own screen-focused product around $1000 that they want to sell.

    • ithinkmynameismoose

      I thought that too but Traktor is just still so much better than Serato.

      • Nikko

        In your opinion…..

        • Marco Hooghuis

          Not just his, mine too.

          • Dj Flex

            Yeah some ppl prefer traktor, some serato, some other software, its good we have the choice. I don’t think the main aim of the new players from pioneer is hid control of software tho – they want us to use recordbox mainly – very few ppl bring laptops to clubs round here now, all usb – and because of NI’s stance with not opening hid to pioneer, if you want to control software then pick one that works with the gear wherever you play.

      • Jay Dizzle

        And mine

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    It looks like they do have cue points, just on the touch screen. (you can see them if you watch the video carefully).

  • Mojaxx

    Naturally I’m very excited about getting these in for review as soon as possible!

    On paper, I’m not regretting the purchase of my 2000 Nexuses just yet, but that remains to be seen after I’ve played with these…

    That’s certainly some very aggressive pricing on Pioneer’s part, these things are priced roughly where the CDJ-1000 used to be, and they ended up pretty ubiquitous as installed kit in venues.

    On the subject of HID, the fact that NI have STILL yet to release HID support for the CDJ-900 Nexus means I have doubts about the possibility of it for these, and that is a bit concerning…

    • Dan White

      Very good point – I had forgotten that there still wasn’t support for the CDJ-900Ns. IMO a very backwards step for the industry that Pioneer and NI can’t play nice.

      Also unless Pioneer puts loop/beat move into the 2000Nexus’, I really think that’s a clincher for me. It’s easily the most useful feature in Traktor.

      • Mojaxx

        I can live without beat jump, myself, coming from a Serato background, although it is rather cool.

        Pioneer do need to update the 2000 Nexus firmware generally, as it still doesn’t have features from RB 3 like the coloured cue-points.

        If NI and Pioneer don’t sort out HID for these, that’ll be a big problem for both parties, as NI don’t exactly make it easy to put their timecode onto a USB stick, unlike Serato, who have it available as a download. It can be done (I have both control tones on all my RB media for emergencies) but it’s a hassle.

        • tomhowson

          I run traktor time code off a usb.. just copy ur traktor timecode cds onto iTunes then put them onto usb not hard at all!!

      • Sagar

        I suspect beat jump will come soon to the cdj line-up. They have it on rekordbox already and now xdj-1000.

        true, that’s the feature that’s keeping me from jumping ship to rekordbox/serato.

        • Manoo Bahar

          same here…. beat jump is great but now no reason to stay with ni…

        • DJ Erik Thoresen

          I live on beatjump. instant doubles and I beatjump forward 16 or 32 thru a deadspot, mix back in

      • ithinkmynameismoose

        Does DJTT ever send out a ‘trial pair’ (or even just one) for perspective buyers? I’m interested but this change is a bit too much of a leap for me to want to buy outright.

    • ithinkmynameismoose

      Maybe, but I expect getting HID up and running on these would be a higher priority for Pioneer to compensate for the lack of CDs.

      • Nikko

        They have HID support for Serato

    • Nick Bohme

      This is their low end model similar to when the 850/900 came out. I would hold out for the top model ( similar to the 2000) to be released soon as well. Notice no sd card slot, no jog tension adjust, no sync, etc. Limited functionality and also shown with the DJM850.

      • Rayalon

        Sync is available via the touchscreen…

  • LoopCat

    Something native instruments should have got in first with.

    • Manoo Bahar


    • Moren0

      They literally had years. So disappointed. It seems Pioneer listens to feedback a bit more.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        Pioneer had even more of those years….

  • Joseph Paterson

    Love the ditching of the CD player section but I’m really against the using a touch screen for common features. Way to easy to hit the wrong part of the screen IMHO

    • Manoo Bahar

      depends on how good the screen works… I like physical buttons better too

      • andrewg798

        Have to agree, at first very interested, but I wonder how much abuse they could take! in a sweaty club environment, heat of the moment, slam your finger down…waduush haha train wreck

        • chtan

          well… UNER & Edu Imbernon have been using an ipad as their only controller for traktor for 2 years minimum… Imbernon not anymore though (moved to cdjs I believe)

          • tr4gik

            wonder why he moved to cdjs …

          • chtan

            I guess he got tired of connecting cables here and there… ???

            The move to djing with just usb with cdjs is about simplicity + portability + reliability…

            I would say the probability to hit the wrong part of the screen is just a little bit “more” than hitting the wrong buttom in a X1 though.

    • Mr P

      They should allow you to attach a mini keyboard via usb or bluetooth to solve this.

      • Brad Sartor

        full size keyboard is easily added by connecting laptop over ethernet. This will greatly extend the tracklist/playlist function

        • Mr P

          Not too sure how this would work as the Ethernet cables are used for linking the decks together.

          • Brad Sartor

            Just like CDJ900s and 2000s, you can also create a network of CDJs and laptops with an ethernet hub. In recordbox all CDJs are visible and you can drag tracks directly from your playlists onto any deck.

    • Garrett Cox

      As this is a replacement for the CDJ-850, the touch features are all stuff that was not on the 850 (except the auto loop and cue/memory) so its better to have the option available than not (like sync, hot cue)

  • Rohan Yellore

    now his is more like what i was hoping native instruments would start doing instead of the kontrol S8…i think the kontrol S8 is a bit impractical…it’s not industry standard…clubs won’t install it…and its bigger than the S4 so you can’t carry it around as easily (at least not as cabin baggage) i really hope NI has something similar up their sleeves because now I’m really torn about which my next controller should be. i loved the S4…and i might be one of the few that will miss the jogs a little…but my main concern is the size…i think what would be ideal is if NI just took the deck section of the S8 and created an X2 or X1 mk3 and made the mixer section into a full fledged X:ONE style 4 channel mixer+interface.

    • Dan White

      I suspect we’ll see a Kontrol Z4 mixer next, myself.

      • ithinkmynameismoose

        Do you think you’ll be carrying these in the DJTT Store anytime soon?

        • Dan White

          Pure speculation on my part. If they make them (and we think it’s a good product) we’ll carry them in the DJTT store. Them’s the rules!

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        Would be nice to see as I am currently looking at a DJM 850 or higher. Don’t get me wrong I love my Z2, I just miss the extra 2 channel faders and the high/med./low gains… it’s a level of control that the rotaries for decks C/D just don’t have.

        • Matías J. Padilla

          If you are controlling the FX with another controller like a X1 you can repurpose the side knobs on the Z2 to act as EQs! Just needs a quick mapping.

    • Manoo Bahar

      I used the s8 yesterday, disopointing unit that really not made for djs but producers …
      xdj looks good and once agai traktor ditched for serato…

    • Garrett Cox

      I dont think a club would ever install a controller IMO. To many softwares to support. Its easy for anybody with a computer to build a folder and dump some MP3/WAV into even if you dont have rekordbox. Its better to have a standalone that can be used as a controller if the DJ needs it, then rely that everyone will use the software that works with that controller.

  • proben

    and only about $700 overpriced.

    • The Tourer

      Were it not for the touch screen I’d agree… those aren’t exactly cheap, especially if it’s capacitive. I think this could be $799 or $849 and they could have sold like hotcakes, but Pioneer is Pioneer so they’re gonna squeeze that extra $150-$200 out.

      • Dancin' Mark

        Don’t forget they’re going to sell for less than the initally announced retail price so I think $849 or so will be the range you’ll see them go out the door for plus tax or shipping.

        • Dan White

          Just got to see pricing. $999 is looking like street price.

          • Nikko

            Yeah and UK street price of £829 – around 30% more than US as usual ($1299 @ current rates)

      • jojo

        According to a quick alibaba search, you can get 7″ capacitive touch screens for less than $20 if you’re willing to buy 10,000 of them.

    • Garrett Cox

      considering the CDJ-850 is the same price, this is a fantastic deal. If you dont mind the touch screen, you can save $2000 per pair vs CDJ-2000NXS

      • proben

        lol yes of course it looks like savings if you compare it to an even more overpriced product.