Artist Spotlight: Teeko Performance + Interview

We recently hosted another open house in our San Francisco pop-up store, featuring tutorial sessions, the new Kontrol S8 hardware and a smoking performance from DJ Teeko, who expertly combines turntablism, controllers, and analog synths! Fortunately the cameras were rolling so we captured the best moments along with an improv Q&A session that covers his musical tools.

DJ Teeko has a wide range of gear in his setup including:

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Want more Teeko? Watch him rock Boiler Room SF for 45 minutes:


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  • scamo

    Very nice post. Love what Teeko does and that it actually sounds good. And IMHO, he is showing what “the future of DJing” is really all about and a great ad for Traktor. “The mix decks gave me everything I needed!” Yeah baby.


  • Jared Keller

    When is dj TT going to do a bio on parris Hilton? She’s a pretty big traktor fan!

    • CUSP

      I actually giggled out loud when I read this.

    • calgarc


  • kebzer

    Teeko is probably the greatest turntablist performer out there. He is a living advertisement of the possibilities that turntablism can offer to a DJ. Minus the countless hours of practice required, of course, lol!

  • CUSP

    Ok, while I really like what Teeko did (and I’d like to hang out with him to talk shop), this is a turntablist showing his skills and not a 4 (or more)-hour set of these skills, or people dancing to his grooves. I know it’s hard to show this, because it requires a director and a lot of hours of editing (montage).

    Use of any effects over a long dance set can’t be this glamorous, just like you can’t have a whole set of drops or guitar solos. Turntablism would be the racing equivalent of a sprint, whereas most Set DJs in real life DJs run endurance.

    You can do a lot of what is shown here in a set, but you have to be a lot more reactive to the dancers needs. When people start to show signs of ticketing out, pop in with a little freestyle and slow it down a bit. When people are raging in their happy-joy-moment, that is not the time to start busting out with a groove-killing scratch solo.

    Again, I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, I’m simply trying to point out where Turntablism is not the epitome of nightclub (or mobile) DJ, and it makes almost no sense to scratch over a stream.

    • Dan White

      Great point. I’m going to add another embed to the article of Teeko playing for 45 minutes at Boiler Room SF (I was there on the other side of the decks for half of it). He’s very much capable of being reactive to his audience and playing the field.

      • CUSP

        I’d like to go to places like the Boiler Room, to associate with people whom are pushing the envelope, but that environment just doesn’t seem conducive to conversation. Networking seems really hard now.

  • Tubab Lamin

    Just believe in turntable again with this one! Proper use as an instrument

  • bigbeatzz

    Mega fresh…

  • sdzfromtocho

    Synth – SCI Six-Trak
    Delay Unit – Line 6 Echo Park

  • Ken Sheldon

    Wish we had a DJTT outpost in Chicago! Ean maybe you could plan another U.S. lecture tour?