Native Instruments Traktor 2015 Feature Wishlist

2014 has been a very exciting year with Native Instruments, Pioneer, and Serato introducing new products and software updates in an ever-increasing rate, yet, I have to confess, in the rush to LED glitz and glory some basic functions are still missing. Here are six Traktor features we’d love to see Native Instruments implement in 2015:

Native Instruments Traktor Wishlist

As mentioned in the introduction there has been a lot of new product releases and software updates. Native Instruments recently released Traktor 2.7 alongside their latest all in one controller, the Traktor Kontrol S8. While Serato launched Serato DJ 1.7 with a new feature called “Flip” to coincide with the new Pioneer DDJ-SX2.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Traktor features we’d love from Native Instruments:

  • Smart Playlists – Automatically create playlists from specified rules
  • Auto Cloud Sync – back up Traktor collection to cloud
  • Highlight Played Tracks – Easily identify played tracks
  • Automated Consistency Checks – Easily manage missing tracks
  • Search for Tracks NOT in Playlists  – Show tracks not located in playlist
  • Easy & Graphical Midi Mapping – Easily map controllers from the GUI

For a detailed breakdown of the features, keep reading!

1. Smart Playlists

iTunes has a brilliant feature called Smart Lists. It allows you to create and manage playlists based on rules. For example, you can make a smart list of all Techno tracks by a specific artist in a defined BPM range. When you add a new track that answers to the criteria, the Live Updating service will automatically add it to any matching lists. Wouldn’t it be great to have this right inside Traktor?

Solution: Smart Playlists!

  • Ability to create Smart Playlists
  • Live Updating service (similar to iTunes)
  • DJ Endo has a video tutorial here

2. Auto Cloud Sync

How many of us have suffered a laptop failure and had to re-install Traktor and it’s library, only to discover that tags, cues, playlists and settings did not restore as hoped? Technically this is possible, however the process is manual, cumbersome and not very useful if you haven’t backed up your library as directed. Imagine being on a tour and suffering a c0mputer crash an hour before your show. What d0 you d0?

Solution: Automated Cloud Sync!

  • Secure and Automatic Cloud Sync of your entire library, collections, playlists, settings
  • One-Click Restore option
  • “Always On”. If you’re out of range, your files will be synced next time you’re on wi-fi.

3. Highlight Played Tracks

Notice that little “checkmark” next to tracks you played? That one is pretty hard to see in the midst of a set, right? A simple solution has been suggested several times by various Traktor users: highlight the entire information row of a played track. Let’s go further and request a setup panel allowing us to determine the color and brightness of the highlighted track.

I can see clearly now…

Solution: Simple Track Highlighting

  • Adjustable color and brightness of highlighted track
  • Highlight entire track information row

4. Automated Consistency Checks

Have you had this problem: you decide to “clean house” and sort your tracks. Perhaps create some new folders and rearrange your tracks in a new file structure. Once a track has been moved, Traktor’s Collection will no longer be able to locate the track. You need to use the Consistency Check to relocate the missing track. However, it doesn’t always work.

Solution: “Always On” Consistency Check!

  • Traktor automatically scans for missing files
  • Traktor Relocates by itself
  • Manual override available

5. Search for Tracks NOT in Playlists

Traktor has a wonderful feature that shows you which playlist(s) a certain track has been placed in. What was the gig I played that track? Right click the track, Traktor gives me the Playlist(s) the track is included in. However, there is no way to know which track was NOT used in a playlist. This could be very useful when you’d like to play tracks you have yet to showcase from the last batch purchased at Beatport or Juno. How cool is that?


  • Right-Click to show “Tracks Not in Playlists”
  • Right-Click for “Add Tracks NOT in Playlists to a New Playlist”

6. Easy & Graphical MIDI Mapping

How about this: you’ve crafted your own sound, chained effects and you use a one button mapping. You’re using Native Instruments hardware or perhaps a controller from another manufacturer. You decide to map your creative spark onto your controller and… Oy! Using Traktor’s MIDI mapping interface is no fun. No, really.

Solution: MIDI Mapping Graphical App!

  • Super Simple “Click and Assign”
  • Save and Share mapping online



Let’s be honest, there are a million little things we could ask for but it’s impossible for this site to know what you think is most important. So finish this article and tell us what YOU want in Traktor

  1. Add a single feature wish per comment (from this article or your own idea)
  2. Vote up the features you think are most important!



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  • Andrw Sux

    Ableton Link compatibility (for keeping other devices in sync)
    Non destructive mixtape recording (like Serato used to have with Bridge and ScratchLive)
    Flexible beatgrids (for multi tempo tracks)
    Stacked waveforms

  • Marty Fame

    the allocation of a different color as it is done with files on mac os

  • Marty Fame

    the selection of tracks with difthe selection of tracks with different colors as it is done with files on mac osferent colors as it is done with files on mac os

  • Michalis Roussounelos

    Please, include mappable flashing LEDs (not by beat-match)!

  • thisispete

    how about NI controller hardware wishes? Would love to see something the size of the S2 but replace the jog wheels with the touch strip and display screens from the S8 and some more remix deck controls, and that sweet built in usb hub from the z2..

  • Fernando Midi

    Freeze/Slice cue point

  • Fernando Midi

    separate quantize for Track Decks

  • Angelo W. Rassin

    As an allround DJ I would like to have Spotify integrated in Traktor

  • Pony Disco

    few colors of “stars” in tag. Simple:
    **** (in red) – you like this track
    ***** (blue) – best track for people

    ***** (in red) best deep house track
    **** (in blue) good vocal house

    etc. you choise color.


  • Stasis

    Better sync with itunes i.e star ratings!

  • Rico Vee

    beat gridding

  • BoldFaceType

    Here’s a quick rundown of the Traktor features we’d love from Native Instruments:

    This list is modified to show you how robust Mixvibes Cross compared to Traktor

    Smart Playlists – (check!) Wow, you people are *really* deprived.

    Auto Cloud Sync – nobody has this. Prolly b/c most collections are *huge*. A playlist cloud back-up would be much easier to implement and still be very useful to the user.

    Highlight Played Tracks – (check) again, you people are *really* deprived

    Automated Consistency Checks – nobody has this. Prolly b/c there are too many variables from system to system. Imagine trying to automate this process the way iTunes manages it’s DB. What a nightmare.

    Search for Tracks NOT in Playlists – (check!) you would think this was mandatory. It’s nice to by software from a company that actually listens to it’s customers isn’t it? Even Ean Golden can’t get Traktor to make some common sense changes.

    Easy & Graphical Midi Mapping – Nobody has this as described *here*, and there’s a reason. Although Cross midi mapping is very easy use albeit somewhat limited.

    Oh yeah, let’s not forget:
    -Easy importing of your library
    -HID support (try using as CDJ 400 with Traktor)
    -Best recording options, the most compatible formats

  • Blur

    Here’s my wishlist:

    – dynamic beat grid
    – Minimalist and customisable layout. Allow for personal branding.
    – Jump makers (possibly with sequenced jumping and looping (when marker 1a is hit, play head goes to 1b and loops four times, then off to 1c)
    – Track databases stored on drives similar to serato. I would love to have a fellow Traktor DJ plug in there external and have their tracks loaded automagically from the database stored on his drive.
    – A video add-on. I wouldn’t use it, but I can see where it would be beneficial.
    – Free catalog of video training when registration of a product. If I register Traktor, I should then have access to training videos on Traktor. If I register an S8, I get access to S8 videos. I think this would be a huge benefit and sell product.
    – A separate product or system for beat gridding.

    And my wishlist for NI marketing:
    – When coming out with new features, have demos using music that is played in the mainstream club along with some non mainstream tracks. So often I hear and read on blogs that the demo videos are great, but they don’t know what song was mixed with what and. Real world demos would be nice to illustrate new features.
    – The Carl cox video is nice, but how about DJs who aren’t famous telling others how/why they use Traktor every day.I don’t think famous DJs impress other DJs like people think.

  • Phil

    Traktor-display-mirror app.

    A great feature would be to mirror the laptop screen to the iPad/Tablet especially the waveforms. With a tablet there would be no need to look at the laptop anymore and you can focus on your mixer/controller without a laptop between you and the floor. I tried it with several display apps, but nothing syncs intime perfectly.

  • kevk

    Stackalbe waveforms
    better visual for macbooks screen

  • dj setaquehabla

    1 – Sorting tracks by key and bpm at the same time, like the “compatible tracks” option you find in TraktorDJ for iOS.

    2 – A “show the tracks you played the most after the actual one”. If you ever worked in software like aftereffects i imagine this one very similar to the function that shows a tree diagram of the composition. In traktor you would be able to activate/disable easily this function by pressing a key like “ctrl” or “alt” over one track to see a tree scheme of the tracks you play most after that one, and the tree could show maybe 2 or 3 levels of tracks you play the most. It would be great to make a “visual map” of the paths you could follow, as well as a comfortable way to get the next track for the routines.

    3 – A “track preparation” mode for griding, cueing and database maintenance with batch ID3 tag management capabilities.

  • Jay Mo

    Cloud sync could sync two separate Traktor installations on different machine owned by the same user. i.e. Home and away machines

    • K-DUST

      This item is on my personal wishlist, too! I’m working on this one and hope to post a viable solution soon. Any tips, ideas, please share!

  • Mixa

    HID support for the Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus would be nice =[

  • Blake Felice

    If they’d just vectorize the UI so it scaled well with retina and/or other high-res displays I’d be totally fine with no other changes.

  • ThePhanatik116

    Spotify integration?

  • Jay Mo

    Dual Traktor system – hardware/software plug and play compatibility.
    2 computers – 2 x S2/S4/S8 controllers
    linked master tempo, library, and sync function
    Basically 2 DJs 2 systems linked and synced plug and play.

  • Jay Mo

    New hardware control surface- Dedicated deck duplicator – for S4 and S8 – simple exact duplicate of the channel control surface and sell it as a plug and play USB add on like the F1 or X1.
    I use 3- 4 decks regularly and call me old fashion but I need dedicated controls or inevitable make errors due to switching decks. Simple is as simple does. 😉

  • filippo

    Traktor internal step sequencer into Remix Decks, with integrated mapping for NI’s controllers like Maschine series, F1 , and/or Maschine software into one deck of traktor.

  • Ezmyrelda

    Effects send/return on all new hardware and a new “channel” for it in software. This could be easily done if they saw the need for it.. It is THE killer feature on most mixers that have it and is direly needed if the traktor software/hardware paradigm is to flourish.

  • Ezmyrelda

    Ean Golden style beat gridding awareness: When I grid on the computer I use Ean’s beatgridding technique of setting the grid marker on the snare.. When playing tracks on Traktor DJ this creates problems as Traktor DJ thinks sync should start on the snare instead of the kick.

  • Ezmyrelda

    Always on Key colors in track list and track header info (in the deck). Key colors do me absolutely no good if I have to sort by them to turn them on and scroll down through the list to find something that is relevant bpm wise.. A simple option to have key colors always would be very welcome.

  • Smitzer

    Okay maybe I’ve been missing something in the settings but am I right in saying I can’t select multiple tracks? I can only select all or 1. I have to use iTunes to organise my music because of this. It would speed up my workflow a lot!

  • freddy

    Just sell traktor to cockos and let justin do the magic 😉

  • calkutta

    Easy right Click MIDI Mapping like ‘Torq’ had……’Frequency Manipulation’ to only ‘Highlighted’ areas for Kutting off old records resampled.-But Honestly….To us older Kats….I dont think,even with all the crazy features and filters we currently have….Only about 10 kats are doing any kind of truly beautiful new music….shit,we made Complete Records with Cool-Edit only….anyway,fuck the bells and whistles,its still what you play and when you know to play it-

  • DJ Bravo

    A video plugin.

  • dowla

    Customized parameters for FX so when it’s in group setting it’s set to your preference as acheivable in Single group mode.

  • Darken

    I think the midi mapping solution mentioned in this article is an excellent ‘want’ feature.

  • Vibot

    My dream would be a smaller s8 (c’mon, it’s too big!!) with integrated Traktor software and a USB Hub. In addition the possibility to add modules (Maschine, Komplete) and connect controllers directly via USB Hub. So you prepare your tracks, Maschine set or what ever at home on your mac/pc, and then take only the controllers with you, no notebook. Similar to the plug-out concept on Rolands System-1…

    • CUSP

      It sounds like you want a Novation Twitch, minus the no laptop part.

  • tetrix

    Simplier midi mapping and consistency check and relocation is the stuff of dreams…

  • Steven Pfeffer

    Cut and paste for the midi mapping section

  • Ryan Treto

    I wish there was a way to synchronice all the cue points to Ableton. That could be a HUGE time saver.

  • Jerr1233

    It probably won’t happen, but I would love to see them add Video playback. So many people are starting to ask for this and that means going to Serato or VDJ. It kind of sucks.

  • Bart Misiewicz

    Live iTunes playlist integration. Should be an easy option.

  • noxxi

    it would be nice if they implemented sysex somehow, i hate using max to control my push lcd

  • Duncan Cliff

    Exclusion points.

    Serato flip equivalent function for quick re-edits.

    Scripting language.

    that last one is probably going to require a pretty significant overhaul of the code running the midi mapper…. take your time NI….

  • Midi Rules


  • Midi Rules


  • Drenkrom

    Show all the metadata while browsing in Explorer mode rather than through Playlists. Not really a feature, more like a bug that should’ve been fixed long ago.

  • Robert080

    Possibility of setting a DIFFERENT COLOR for (i.o. apple filesystem)
    every track. So I will have the possibility of set (for example) green
    for house tracks, red for techno one. Or set a color for my favourite
    track and another for second choice. Set a color for the track I read
    and i think i will use during the Set. Anothe little one, the
    possibility of disable the keybord control with a click ed rearm the
    control with another click. Just for avoid mistake while selecting
    tracks with keyboard.


    A vst track inside of traktor, so you can load vsti from Komplete Kontrol and Komplete 10, that way you can jam out to some scales ontop of a tracks

  • stuff

    use of 2 screens and an upgrade for retina screens would be nice. Actually wish they would upgrade for retina in all their products.

  • John Durbin

    Unquantized or Quantized loop recording 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 bar loops, straight to a spinning deck.


    RETINA SUPPORT! Traktor 2 looks like shh on a MacBook Pro…

  • FluffyCL9

    Using Maschine plugins as effects in Traktor

  • FluffyCL9

    Integration with a second iTunes file directory, such as Beatport or another bridge…

  • FluffyCL9

    Reverse playing like a CDJ (Forward, Reverse)

  • lesterhein

    Track Markers. I don’t mean cue points, I mean Marker. Something I can add a comment to like “vocal drop is here” with a countdown to the marker. I have cue points doing this now, but it lacks the info, and also – I often delete cue points by mistake, or change them. I would still want my markers in place no matter what happened to the cue points

  • Big Spender

    The mapping system isn’t that bad but the window is so bloody small!!!! Please update the GUI! Or better yet, hire me to do it. Please :p

  • floozyspeak

    I’d like to see..

    1, Traktor gets full use of or whatnot, Reaktor Engine so we can use all the reaktor plugins etc as effects etc. Like the The Mouth, Finger, etc can be used internally inside traktor on decks/remixdecks/inputs.

    2, DJtechtools comes out with its own modular iOS app soundpacks/player, why not!!

  • Candyman

    VIDEO, for the love of god please get them to do video, I like Traktor, when I went digital it’s the one I chose but without the option of mixing video I may have to jump ship and go with Serato

  • Andrew Air

    What about retina ready ????!!!

  • Ndee b

    The browser should also highlight tracks in the same key / bpm.

  • tony corless

    option to load from first cue point without having to set a load marker.

  • Vitus Benson

    Support of larger Cover Pics….

  • D4k

    Hey Guys,
    i’m trying to describe some ideas i had, cause my english is not so good,
    i hope you can imagine what i mean. 😉

    – Loop Size Select + Set ( LED Output for each Loop-Size ) Midi-Mapping.

    – Remixdeck Output-Signal to Master or Deckfocus
    ( when u using Remixdecks as oneshots for example “airhorn” and
    you have 2 Channels you can only select CH1 or CH2 output, but when you make a transition with a sample shot you want to hear it all the time without the influence of ch1 or ch2. The only solution is to split the outputsignal like (left to ch1 and right to ch2), but the problem is that you only hear the half of the sampleshot when you shut down one channel. In Serato you can choose Left, Right and Master-Out for Sampleoutput,
    but it don’t have a Deckfocus/MasterDeck!

    Maybe it’s possible to fix the outputsignal to theDeckfocus or Masterdeck 😉 )

    – Pitch with TT in Relative Mode Traktor Scratch
    ( Turntable has only 8% Pitch, maybe in relative mode it is possible
    to adjust the 8% from the TT with the Software to transform the Temporange
    to 50%..100%.. etc. like in the software. Might be good for Transitions.)

    – Shortcut ( DirectThru -> Deck Flavor Selector )

    – Remember opened Folders in BrowserTree

    – Save your own Effect
    ( Select and adjust some FX in GroupMode and save them to a Single FX,
    like creating your own FX-Combos like Ultraknobs in Serato Scratch live)

    – Hide Trackname/Title with Shortcut ( Like AM Mode Serato Scratch live)

    – Remember loaded Remix Decks

    – Played Tracks will automaticaly delete from Preparation-List

    – Video and Highlighting played Track is a good idea i think too 😉

  • D4k

    Hey Guys,
    i’m trying to describe some ideas i had, cause my english is not so good,
    i hope you can imagine what i mean. 😉

    – Loop Size Select + Set ( LED Output for each Loop-Size ) Midi-Mapping.

    – Remixdeck Output-Signal to Master or Deckfocus
    ( when u using Remixdecks as oneshots for example “airhorn” and
    you have 2 Channels you can only select CH1 or CH2 output, but when you make a transition with a sample shot you want to hear it all the time without the influence of ch1 or ch2. The only solution is to split the outputsignal like (left to ch1 and right to ch2), but the problem is that you only hear the half of the sampleshot when you shut down one channel. In Serato you can choose Left, Right and Master-Out for Sampleoutput,
    but it don’t have a Deckfocus/MasterDeck!

    Maybe it’s possible to fix the outputsignal to theDeckfocus or Masterdeck 😉 )

    – Pitch with TT in Relative Mode Traktor Scratch
    ( Turntable has only 8% Pitch, maybe in relative mode it is possible
    to adjust the 8% from the TT with the Software to transform the Temporange
    to 50%..100%.. etc. like in the software. Might be good for Transitions.)

    – Shortcut ( DirectThru -> Deck Flavor Selector )

    – Remember opened Folders in BrowserTree

    – Save your own Effect
    ( Select and adjust some FX in GroupMode and save them to a Single FX,
    like creating your own FX-Combos like Ultraknobs in Serato Scratch live)

    – Hide Trackname/Title with Shortcut ( Like AM Mode Serato Scratch live)

    – Remember loaded Remix Decks

    – Video

  • Maurits Kautz

    The only feature I want is the possibility to create your own recommended tracks, just like the Traktor DJ, but rather that it looks automatically to KEY, BPM, you can make your own.

    Rekordbox has already this feature.

    • Mechanical Vein

      YES. I would love this, and it seems like a relatively simple addition.

  • Phil

    Beatport Pro support!!! Please! Those two could be the ultimate combination if traktor could represent all BPP tags separately!!

  • Banana Split

    A smart automix, that’s to say tempo mix on predefined cues. When I have to pee in a packed club I always have to put a very long track or a pre recorded mix…

  • kaskone

    nice list, don’t see the need of these 2:

    Auto Cloud Sync – back up Traktor collection to cloud
    => don’t see the use, you can do this if you syncronise your folder with Dropbox or othec cloud service.

    Search for Tracks NOT in Playlists – Show tracks not located in playlist

    => this can be done via smartplaylists

    this is a MUST!

    Smart Playlists – Automatically create playlists from specified rules
    Highlight Played Tracks – Easily identify played tracks
    Automated Consistency Checks – Easily manage missing tracks
    (specially to give interlligence to find moved files.)

    • Jay Dizzle

      How do i get Dropbox to sync with collection like u mentioned?

      • kaskone

        i haven’t setup it with dropbox, i use sugarsync, but i think it shall be very similar.

        – you put your traktor folder to dropbox and it wil be synced.

  • Guest

    Smart Playlists – Automatically create playlists from specified rules

    Auto Cloud Sync – back up Traktor collection to cloud

    => don’t see the use, you can do this if you syncronise your folder with Dropbox or othec cloud service.

    Highlight Played Tracks – Easily identify played tracks


    Automated Consistency Checks – Easily manage missing tracks

    +100 specially to give interlligence to find moved files.

    Search for Tracks NOT in Playlists – Show tracks not located in playlist
    => this can be done via smartplaylists

  • Jane

    Mixvibes Cross already has smartlists, plus can run and mix video and DVS (works with any soundcard), multiple beat grids, parallel beat grids if wanted and can stream from Soundcloud and a really good price. Well worth checking out

  • JhZ

    – Smart BPM-analyzer of Dumbed down version (like rekordbox has)
    – If new driver or program-update fails, automated rollback without re-installing. Or opiton to use different versions. (updater removes old installation automatically)
    -Better tool to monitor connection quality/ latency between controller and computer (with warnings)

  • Joran

    Would love to be able to adjust the range of a midi mapping like you can in Ableton. for example if a midi fader is at value 127, a dry/wet would only be at 50%.

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    A kernal that needs less overhead or proper utilization of multi-core CPU’s and the inclusion of 64 beat loops, pls. Proper integration of Maschine and elements of Komplete need no mention.

  • 130db

    Possibility to map state off for buttons in custom mappings.
    For example: If I map Hot Cues 5-8 to buttons 1-4 via Shift-Flux there is no way to “tell” button 3 to stay off (be blank, black, whatever just without turned on led), if I don’t have Hot Cue 7 mapped.

  • 130db

    Recursive searching for folders containing multiple playlists. For example: I have folder Production (prepared tracks for djing) wich contains: acapellas playlist, instrumentals playlist, minimixes folder and main library

  • 130db

    Shift+Alt+Left/Right, Shift+CMD/Ctrl+Left/Right support for text field editing

  • 130db

    Non-latin character support for tags.

  • 130db

    Cue point comments in waveform view. Togglable

    • Luiz Zen

      Great one!

  • ?????? ????????

    – flexible collection sorting options instead of smart generated playlist

    – more key detection options and “formats”

    • CUSP

      ALAC is the real bitch right now… no one seems to have access to it but Apple.

  • Notanon

    Step sequencing for the remix decks using the F1 or Maschine. If the MIDI Fighter Twister can do it, shouldn’t be too much of a stretch using a revised software patch and perhaps a F1 Mk2 if need be.

    • CUSP

      That’d definitely be making the Remix Decks “Maschine Jr.” If you’re going this far, you might as well get a proper drum machine.

  • Dan

    Sequencer for the remix deck !

  • Downside

    Better Maschine integration (heading towards VST support) and if not, definetly a better filter effect. The xone92 filter emulation is just wrong compared to the filter on the hardware…

  • justinbasile

    Seen on always more apps on ipad, it would be powerfull to get a music-service integration like spotify (pacemaker DJ) or soundcloud (Cross Dj – but it doesn’t work that good). In Traktor pro this would certainly work great and would allow us to access track we don’t have on the computer. Plus, this could save life of many wedding djs 😀

  • justinbasile

    It would be great if Traktor could get some Maschine integration. I wish i could work with a “maschine deck”, allowing me to have a simplified access to master tempo and quantize/sync. Then we need a visual feedback, in the user Interface, showing us what is going on between the two software.

  • justinbasile

    @neo_dimi has a good idea (3rd of his list) and i’ll make it more “traktor DJ”-fied : having access to a bunch of recommended tracks (BPM vs Key) working with the current playing track, with the ability to customize this list of recommendations by letting us add / remove tracks of our own choice. You’ll then have kind of a “link” between tracks that work together – really handy !

  • donbuz

    Having the ability to insert blanks to fill-in loop

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Remix decks?

      • donbuz

        In the remix decks or the standard decks, yes. You seem to point out that it is already the case though, right ? If yes, how can you do that ?

        • Mutis Mayfield

          Well breaking the song into scenes ala ableton and left some with blank sample to trigger these blank clips. The missing thing I see is automation for fx, maybe?

          • donbuz

            Thanks for your reply Mutis! Is it possible to do this right into Traktor directly or do I have to prepare everything in advance ?

          • Mutis Mayfield

            well, if I understand right your necessity the workaround will be loading a track into deck track and start truncating the parts you want into remix deck. Then if you want to add a blank “scene”, loop one scene with the basic duration and record from mic or from volume off channel into live recorder. Move the record “silence clip” into empty remix deck cell and use it as you described. Try fx and loop juggles with it (and the other remix deck cells in the same file to check if this is which you wanted. If not come back with your new request (at djtt forum or fb groups…)

          • donbuz

            I will experiment with your these very good pieces of advices ! Thanks again Mutis !

          • Mutis Mayfield

            share you achievements mate. Others will benefit from your research. Merry xmas!

          • Mutis Mayfield

            And this is doable realtime but if you could prepare it before… well, experiment!

          • Mutis Mayfield

            It is doable but needs some work. You will need in one side the song/samples you want to chop/remix.

            If you loop some part in a song it could be “droppable” inside remix deck slot. Grab some cue points in each part you want to loopize and start playing (in the game sense of course)

            Then use live recorder (I didn’t explore the internal chopping possibilities myself yet but you could check the traxus video at the end of the post) for remixing parts and/or grabbing the silence “clip” and drop it into remix deck slot.

            It should work…

            Check when it slices for sequencing. The automated script is coded inside the lemur template but sends commands for traktor (more or less midi and keyboard strokes) so the magic is automation of the process, not limitation on the traktor software side (sequencing is performed from lemur template so)

          • Mutis Mayfield

            if realtime chopping isn’t in this video, take a look in the related… I didn’t remember what was but it is in someone.

  • Mayrant

    Plugin options for effects.

  • fourther

    love this wishlist! I also think if the genre is Drum & Bass or Jungle, then it should realise that its not 80BPM!

  • CUSP

    Geez, that’s all you could come up with? What about:

    * User-Defined skins/layouts?
    * Drag-n-Drop placement in the layout ?
    * Advanced MIDI/HID scripting ? (heck, even well documented support with examples would be welcome here)
    * Integration with Maschine inside the Traktor interface?
    * Integration with Video (or at least effects through Syphon) ?
    * Hot Cue triggers for specific events ? (at this hot cue, play this loop, this many times, use this effect and change these parameters over time… etc.)
    * Support for Multiple Audio outputs (Spatial Sound)?… nah, leave that to Maschine.
    * Integration of VSTs in Traktor… or Maschine?

    This is what I’m looking forward to (although I do like the Smart Crates like they have in Serato DJ).

    Anyway, all of these would be great Santa, please work on them for me 🙂

  • Peter Gits

    1) Auto-sync with iTunes
    2) Album artwork visible in iTunes folders
    3) Quick, easy fader curve adjustment

  • LoopCat

    Sound card/mixer with 2 usb inputs.

  • No Qualms

    There are only 2 changes I really want:

    1. A decent browser like Serato/iTunes
    2. The option to have stacked waveforms

    Plus a variable beatgrid would be nice, but rarely needed. (Who actually cross mixes older styles of music)

  • tompilot

    how about a midi sequencer deck for interfacing with external (analogue) hardware??

    so you could play your custom melody/drumbeats on external gear and route it back into traktor.
    sequencer deck -> “sends midi” -> external gear -> “audio” -> back into traktor
    at least a possibility to integrate external effects would be really awesome i guess. imagine integrating traktor into an analogue environment!

    • Mutis Mayfield

      If you configure remix decks to send midi notes you could do more or less this with traxus. Take a look on possibilities…

  • Duros

    I would love to see Send/Return effects in Traktor for external effect units. Can’t believe I have to use Ableton for just that.

    • tompilot

      !! yes !!

      + a midi sequencer deck for playing synth lines or drums on external gear!

      • CUSP

        Your best bet would be Maschine then.

  • neo_dimi

    1) different speed beatgrids in one track (dynamic)

    2) highlight different tracks with color of your choice within collection/playlist – to lighten-up certain tracks even more (rating and comments, genres are sometimes not enough)

    3) link tracks – sometimes you come across two tracks that goes together very well, but you cant remember them all. link function would help you mark these tracks so traktor remembers them and next time you play one of these linked trax, you can easily “remember” which one fits perfectly next
    4) know issue discussed a lot on NI forum – faster loading of big collections
    5) easy midi mapping like ableton x automap (as your number 6 here)

    • CUSP

      You can kinda’ do #3 by recording your set and snipping the section you like in any audio editing tool. Rename it “track A into track B” and be done with it… I think a lot of people would consider this a no-no, but if you’re only using it for reference, it’s a good way to remember.

  • tony corless

    larger font size options for browser

  • tony corless

    Split browser 2 playlists open at the same time if you want.

  • tony corless

    A back button that you can map,three tracks ago you played a track from the funky house playlist,you want to go back to that playlist 3 clicks of the back button and your back

  • mike

    My wish is not about software directly. But innofaders and internal power suply in S8 would make it really great and professional controller.

  • killmedj

    Great List! And Great suggestions!

  • JOJO!

    sync tag information from the web!

  • Joseph Paterson

    Tag support in the library, like Rekordbox & Beatport Pro

    Improved support for retina displays

    UI needs a serious refresh

    Multi-core support when analysing tracks (this is WAY too slow at the moment)

  • loeffelandi

    Dynamic Beatgridding and VST Support! Not more not less!

  • Doobidoo

    Spotify integration with a licence to play it in public.. Maby a special DJ pro Spotify with all the Remixes achivable.

  • Mark Smith

    Warp style quantization of tracks. A flexible beatgrid essentially. Now reading I believe Phil K. might be talking about the same or similar thing.

  • Revd

    Pitch n time is the thing I think I’d miss if I moved from serato.

  • Ralf S

    An easy to use MIDI editor for the non-Nerds and non-Geeks. Maybe a kind of GUI where you can map the Traktor fuctions to your controler with a ribbon-based linking. Means you select a controler button e.g. and wire this button to a Traktor function. It’s only an idea but maybe better than the current method to map Traktor functions to a controller. This is really neardy.

  • DJ SixOne

    I just want the remix decks changed to M decks(Maschine Decks) and have cells as well as a step sequencer. Allow me to finally fully(to a point) produce new beats live, And not just launching clips. I want to be able to lay down a few tracks and drop a few samples from tracks in my library and a acapella and make my sets unique for that night.

  • daDJC

    Auto blink/toggle LED-Feature as Outputstates for Output Midi Commands + Sending first an Off-Note and afterwards an On-Note by using just one action/midi-command e.g. to change the color of a LED (ALLEN & HEATH XONE:K2)

  • Bidders

    A quantize option for decks as well as remix decks

  • Ethan Miller

    Expand on and improve the “Find Similar” tracks feature (currently the teeny tiny magnifying glass icon in certain columns (like Genre, BPM, Key, Artist) etc. Specifically:

    1) Make the feature much more visible and clickable, it’s awesome but barely noticeable and hard to interact with.

    2) Right now, clicking it blows away the context of your current playlist. There should be preference option for ‘Similar Within Playlist” or ‘Similar Within Collection”

    3) You should be able define what ‘Similar’ means in Preferences. RekordBox has UI for this (though the results are wacky). For example, I should be able to define similar (for Key) as being: [+/- 1 Hour] or [Major / Minor in Same Key] or [Minor to Major w/ Key Change (ie, – 3 steps) ] or [Major to Minor w/ Key Change (ie, + 3 steps) ], etc.

  • Ethan Miller

    Better support for Harmonic Mixing. For example:

    1) Add support (preference option) for Open Key or Camelot. (If Camelot is proprietary, etc. then add option for “Open Key Rotated” (which makes the 7 step adjustment between the two systems)).

    2) Pitch control is an important feature (and one Serato doesn’t have) but currently hard to use as the range of the knob is WAY too wide. The range of the pitch control knob should be based on the granularity setting, and “Fine” is the most likely setting (as moving one hour on the Camelot or Open Key wheel is a change of ~.14 semitones). The current range of 12 semitones up or down is silly (especially given the horrible quality of pitch changes beyond 2 semitones. I’d like to see a total range of +/- 2 semitones when the range is set to Fine.

    3) As pitch is changed (using the pitch knob) you should be able to see the resulting key in either Open Key or Camelot. Therefore, add a new field to the Track deck header for showing Native Key and Adjusted Key (just as you can see Native BPM and Adjusted BPM. Also, use they color of the Open Key or Camelot notation in the Track Deck header (ie the colors you see when sorting by Key).

    • Christopher Lange

      Agreed, a user-defined range for the key knob similar to the definable BPM range would be nice.

  • Joshua Nussbaum

    I’d love to be able to filter my tracks using Mixed In Key’s Camelot Key labeling instead of just using Traktor’s native key detection. Alternately, being able to sort via multiple columns would be a lifesaver. I don’t want to have to manually key-sort every new track I buy into its BPM range. I’d also parrot the desires for time-warped beatgridding.

    Overall, I’d just want more love for the non-House DJs and those of us who like playing outside of a single BPM range.

    • CUSP

      Yeah, advanced searches really are something Traktor needs.

  • cyberfunk77

    Bring back key features from Traktor DJ Studio 3 i.e. multiple column sorting, Phase Voc. Key Lock algorithm, convenient playlist management, leave id3 tags untouched, etc.

  • c0nsul

    more modifier conditions!

  • Mechanical Vein

    Also, an iPad Traktor DJ request…. I’d really like to be able to set cue points that aren’t precisely on a downbeat. Seems like it snaps cue points to the nearest downbeat.
    Or is there an option to change this behavior that I’m missing?

  • Mechanical Vein

    My #1 major wish list item for Traktor is synced video support. Ideally we could attach any external video to a track and have it synced (with time offset control). I’d rather not have the video rely on its embedded audio data, because it would be nice to be able to export new versions of tracks and spin them without re-rendering the accompanying video. Would be ideal to be able to mix/match video & audio tracks as well.

    I’d also really like to NOT need to buy a new controller to leverage full video capabilities. I’d like for Traktor to be able to just use my HDMI output on my laptop for the video stream. Or if an external device is necessary, I wouldn’t mind buying a Traktor video IO USB box to accompany my DJ controller. But don’t make me get rid of my sexy Kontrol S4 to take advantage of new video options.

    Honestly, I almost made the switch from Traktor to Serato due to video capabilities. But I really do love Traktor, and I’m guessing video support will be added at some point, so I’m sticking with it.

    • CUSP

      Why switch? Do you give up on one language to speak another? Do you give away your clothes to wear your clean clothes? I say you’re good enough to learn both and use both programs for their strengths, I know I do.

      • Mechanical Vein

        Well, video support aside, Serato and Traktor essentially fulfill the same purpose. I don’t see the point in investing time/money in both.
        – I enjoy using Traktor
        – Its remix decks are a great solution for performing my tracks live
        – I like that I can use the same controller hardware with Trakotor DJ on the iPad on the go
        – I would like to keep that workflow & be able to run synced video as well.
        Pretty reasonable I think.

        • CUSP

          It’s reasonable, but the only people able to do something about it haven’t even announced that they’re interested in it. Never let the tools you like influence the art you make.

  • Koen

    Keylock with less distortion.

  • Geert Rombouts

    Maschine as a vst in a deck, you’re welcome.

  • Peak

    -Plugin integration
    -Ipad software with timecode function

  • Peak

    Video Function!

  • Em

    FULL Maschine integration. The ability to swap out one of the Remix Decks with a ‘Maschine’ Deck.

  • Dennis Olivieira

    I want:
    -CDJ900Nexus and XDJ1000 support.
    -Better Machine Intregration.
    -Detection of duplicate tracks in Library.
    -Serato style controller app.

  • Daniel Ventura

    felxible grids/warp markers and parallel waveforms

  • Andrea HighBreed Lomba

    Since i am part of a duo i often feel the need to manually set the played flag on some tracks that my mate already dropped, especially during long gigs

    • CUSP

      Well, that already exists, but what isn’t easy to see is when the track was last played.

      • Andrea HighBreed Lomba

        How do you manually set the played flag??

        • CUSP

          It’s sorta’ backwards, but you load a track, play a little bit of it and it becomes flagged as played (but only for that session). If you close Traktor out and relaunch, it won’t show that flag, which is why I wanted the “last played” field. This isn’t a function of something actually going to mains, it’s just a matter of playing a track in a player.

          I think i misunderstood what you were asking for, because this behavior is automatic, but it’s not persistent.

          Wouldn’t it be nice to see a color coded “last played” field where red would be under an hour ago, yellow would be less than 3 hours ago, and green anything over that?

          Right now, a solution for you might be not closing out Traktor.

        • CUSP

          Well, you *can* do this by loading the track into a deck, playing it for any length of time.

          • Andrea HighBreed Lomba

            I tried but if you don’t raise the volume of the channel (if mixing internally like I do with s4mk2) it never set the played flag. You must play it for real. So not a viable solution. Maybe it works if mixing externally but a command in the context menu would be way easier

          • CUSP

            I will investigate this. I know my play flags are set when I try to cue up a song pre-listen to it, and decide not to use it at that time.

    • TomSchmitz

      And have Shazam Mode that listens to the other DJ’s sets and marks them as “Played but not by you.”

  • robjac

    A proper “bridge” to DAW (namely Ableton Live) / native REWIRE capabilities !

    • Mutis Mayfield

      the original Bridge had it and even more deep connection than rewire but I think this is not the way NI wants to implement the inherent workflow to this feature.
      Even Serato seems understand the crappy scenario drawn by 2 apps working at same time (one in pseudo background) to live performance environments.
      Said so, the solution should be integrating these features inside the right application in elegant way. I have some post talking about it at serato forums but as a resume:

      If you need mixtape features: Something like old NHL record including vinyl vector position, speed and direction in the form of “automation” for post editing could be easy and light to implement. No need for extra soft or gui.

      if you need the clip launching part of the bridge: Use remix decks. These are limited but they have scratch control of audio content which was the lack in the bridge and the most useful feature from the POV of dj/producer user.

      If you need rewire: use soundflower or 2 laptops. I know is discouraging statement but it is possible the most useful advice than no one could give. Check Ableton history about integrating the bridge, maxforlive, share… it finished with part of the team leaving the boat to start bitwig. wow.

      what else you are missing? Maybe there is a workaround until NI implement something in this field…

  • Christopher Lange

    Oh, and a Z4. This just seems like common sense.

  • iLL Gazillion

    I would like to see Rewire & Auto Routing for a channel added to the deck select (where the Remix Deck, Standard Deck, Live input section is)

    This way you can route Reason, Ableton, and any other audio device through rewire, and possibly the ability to use a keyboard to play live instruments or even to implement the power of Maschine directly in the DJ environment. I feel there is need to manipulate live instruments, Maschine, or individual instruments a single software and use them like any other Traktor device would be amazing.

    Things like record from Thor directly in to a remix deck and use the onboard effects with out using Jack Pilot or any third party software using too much RAM.

    I think if any DJ software were to do this and to do it correctly it would be Native-Instruments …

    This would truly be the future of DJing

      • iLL Gazillion

        maybe, but I really like Traktor, as I said I really like the effects Traktor has as well as using all of this in the Traktor environment. To natively use my pre-mapped S8 and not have to entirely map it myself.

        As I read many of these suggestions I see common themes as Rewire, VST, DAW, Seamless Maschine integration. You know the future of NI DJing, not just using a different software to kind of do what you want……

        • CUSP

          Sure, but most of what you’re looking for can be done within Maschine, which definitely has it’s own (different) interface (I know this because I use Maschine with Traktor, and it’s not seemless). There are many ways to approach solutions to this problem, I’ve only suggested two of them.

          • Mutis Mayfield

            Even the Scratch track + Ableton Live combo could be another one. Why to implement maschine into Traktor? Why not to do the oppossite? Implementing some kind of the inside Maschine environment.
            We love to think that the future of djing is merge with producing but maybe the future is giving the right tools to do it properly. F1 and S8 are focused towards this paradigm but neither have velocity pads…
            Didn’t anyone else feel this fact strange?

  • Christopher Lange

    – A “Has User Cue-points”, or “#of cue points column” in the browser…would be very useful for sorting through tracks in the preparation list, to see if you have tracks that you haven’t finished prepping yet.

    – As previously mentioned, “Jump” cue points, so that you can easily skip a breakdown/set up reversals, etc.

    – A resonance knob on the mixing panel for the filters…sucks having to occupy FX decks with the Filter:92 to have this sort of capability.

    – Customizable EQ, should have ability to choose your own +/-db range, or have an isolator, have “USER A/B/C” setting so that you can keep a couple presets. 4 band eq with kills on all bands would be great…

    – FX -> FILTER link button. Of course this can be done with mapping, but would be a neat default option. Enable/disable which effects are tied to the filter knob with a small “dot” button beneath each effect knob.

    – When using the “beats to cue” counter, have check boxes to tell the software which cue point types to count down to. Would be very helpful when you have a long break down with a number of performance loops…ie. a 64 beat break down with 4 loop cues and a flag at the beginning of the breakdown and the end, the counter would ignore the loop cue points and read -2.8.4 instead of the arbitrary count-down to each successive loop. This would make phrase matching more than two tracks much more efficient, especially when running 4 track decks.

  • John Panagiwtopoulos

    I wish Traktor had search engine like Virtual DJ. Multiple languages in search not only in English. We ain’t all Americans… In Greece we tone system that is used in tagging

  • Justin

    I would like to see Auto-Start recording like the Mixed In Key’s “Flow” Dj Software. I personally always forget to hit the Record button before starting a set. Which has left me with out a copy of some of my best work.

  • DJ TyDoZ

    Auto jump markers. Yes, FLIP does that. Damn, NI could have implemented it first.
    More customizable layout. Love to play with my 13″ MBA.

    • CUSP

      Yeah, that’d be like a sooper-looper! I’d like to see cue markers trigger effects too.

  • simoniddol

    master signal form the AUDIO2 on iOS8 would be awesome

  • Jusin Case

    -A timeline to make quick edits or correct mistakes for a podcast
    – tagging

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Check my comment about full ttm/mixtape function. I have even a “dirty” solution to do it nowadays…

  • Brian C

    “If, then” and other coding options for midi mapping, potentially like virtual dj. At the same time though, this could reduce the reliability of Traktor (if user written code creates an error), so perhaps not. I know some of the if then stuff can kind of be done with modifiers, but it’s not completely there yet.

  • BrikCity

    Beat grid and cue point sync between Traktor and Serato Dj. So all the work i did in Traktor setting cue points and beat grids could be used in Serato!

  • Charles Cushman

    I would like to see an all in one controller with separate play and stop buttons for all four tracks and knobs for all 4-eqs.

    An ability to set the midi range on none NI gear.

    Ability to edit the EQs so I can have custom EQ settings.

  • PurpleCat

    VIDEO !!! (qnd reverse and Variable grid (for tracks vith variable BPM)

  • Doubleoseven Hinds

    Stacked waveforms


    DVS USERS !!
    I would like 2 have the abilty to drop to difernt cue point by lifting up the needle & placing it on differnt spots on the record like in serato…… i use both platform & that is the main feature i miss on when i use traktor & it throws my routine off a lil

  • Mike Kraze

    When I first got on Traktor I was pissed about the manual midi mapping, it created headaches for me left and right, until one day, finally, the learning curve was over!

    Now I am actually extremely happy Traktor kept the mapping this way, it teaches you a lot about midi, it also expanded my horizons when it came to music production/DJing.

    I am a hardcore Scratch Live (Serato) and Ableton user (which uses click & assign mapping), but I thank NI for not moving over to this feature…it’s one of those things that will make or break a person, sometimes it even separates the people who actually have a passion for the DJ art or just following the trend.

    Traktor got me so into midi technology (such an old technology) that I ended up making my own home studio —>

    • noxxi

      thats awesome, traktor is awesome for mapping, but i sure wish they would make it easier, batch editing commands is a screamer that i’m sure they left out on purpose just to troll us!

      • Mike Kraze

        lol funny

    • Ricky

      My first controller 🙂 : Hercules MK2

      • Mike Kraze

        Ah yes, that was my first controller as well, VDJ/Traktor and I had some good times with that bad boy, the sound card being built in (4in/4out) was astounding. It taught me lots about mapping and timecoding, that thing is a tank. The hercules dj console RMX (silver controller) is used mostly for external sound and live instrument routing and does a damn good job considering I spent $50 on it lol.

  • Guest

    When I first got on Traktor I was pissed about the manual midi mapping, it created headaches for me left and right, until one day, finally, the learning curve was over!

    Now I am actually extremely happy Traktor kept the mapping this way, it teaches you a lot about midi, it also expanded my horizons when it came to music production/DJing.

    I am a hardcore Scratch Live (Serato) and Ableton user, but I thank NI for not changing this feature…it’s one of those things that will make or break a person, sometimes it even separates the people who actually have a passion for the DJ art or just following the trend.

    Traktor got me so into midi technology (such an old technology) that I ended up making my own home studio (see attached photo or click –> When I first got on Traktor I was pissed about the manual midi mapping, it created headaches for me left and right, until one day, finally, the learning curve was over!

    Now I am actually extremely happy Traktor kept the mapping this way, it teaches you a lot about midi, it also expanded my horizons when it came to music production/DJing.

    I am a hardcore Scratch Live (Serato) and Ableton user, but I thank NI for not changing this feature…it’s one of those things that will make or break a person, sometimes it even separates the people who actually have a passion for the DJ art or just following the trend.

    Traktor got me so into midi technology (such an old technology) that I ended up making my own home studio —>

  • Mike Kraze

    When I first got on Traktor I was pissed about the manual midi mapping, it created headaches for me left and right, until one day, finally, the learning curve was over!

    Now I am actually extremely happy Traktor kept the mapping this way, it teaches you a lot about midi, it also expanded my horizons when it came to music production/DJing.

    I am a hardcore Scratch Live (Serato) and Ableton user, but I thank NI for not changing this feature…it’s one of those things that will make or break a person, sometimes it even separates the people who actually have a passion for the DJ art or just following the trend.

    Traktor got me so into midi technology (such an old technology) that I ended up making my own home studio (Check out the attached photo) –> When I first got on Traktor I was pissed about the manual midi mapping, it created headaches for me left and right, until one day, finally, the learning curve was over!

    Now I am actually extremely happy Traktor kept the mapping this way, it teaches you a lot about midi, it also expanded my horizons when it came to music production/DJing.

    I am a hardcore Scratch Live (Serato) and Ableton user, but I thank NI for not changing this feature…it’s one of those things that will make or break a person, sometimes it even separates the people who actually have a passion for the DJ art or just following the trend.

    Traktor got me so into midi technology (such an old technology) that I ended up making my own home studio —>

  • FXSW

    Midi mapping graphical app !!! Definitely on top of my wishlist !

  • AAFP

    Able to play video files also can be cool!

  • Morf

    BEATGRIDS. Please, no more gimmicks until we get better detection algorithms, warp markers.

  • JG

    Like you guys mentioned, click and assign mapping would be AMAZING!! Its extremely easy in Serato DJ, i wish it was the same for traktor. I dont even bother trying. -__-

  • Rogerio Da Costa Djroger

    Video Mixing!

  • Filip

    Rekordbox style:

    – intelligent playlist
    – fully customisable “comment id3” TAG system – Rekorrbox has it totaly great
    – half waveforms in not Serato but Pioneer style
    – more actual (flat, darker) UI design

  • DJ Kicksled

    A feature I would like to see in Traktor is a feature similar to Seratos Flip feature.

  • Filip

    Sofisticated USB playlists export (one-click) and standardised playlist file. At this time playlist on flashdisc works only in the same number version! Useless

    Also would be more than fine to have included in export folder metadata – waveforms, hotcues, etc. Nothing difficult

    • Filip

      also would be fine to have possibility to check “export to one folder” / “use source folder structure”

  • Bini

    Yes Yes. I am a writer, producer and D.J. I have lost a ton of playlists and had numerous crashes, I export all playlists into a master folder now. Maschine, synth and Vst intergration along with instant midi mapping would be Great. I am getting my fellow D.J.s on the right coast interested in Tractor. Native Instruments Needs to come out Swinging like Rocky V!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Barbini

    Yes Yes. I write, produce and D.J. I love Tractor but……… I have had numerous crashes and lost tons of playlists. I export all playlists to a master folder now to save the headache. Maschine synth vst intergration would be real nice. Im getting word out on tractor d.j. On the east coast. My D.J. Partners are leaning towards tractor. Native Inst. Dont let us down, Come out swinging like Rocky V!!!!

  • RemedyRabbit

    One for those of us who switch between digital and vinyl, although I’ve read many times that it’s not possible:

    Please make Direct Thru midi mappable.

    Live Input mode doesn’t quite cut it due to a small but noticeable amount of lag, using multicore cables is a pain.

    It’d be awesome to be able to seamlessly switch any of the 4 decks to direct though, leaving the other 3 playing.

    I realise that I’m probably in the minority on this one, but still. Go on go on go on.

  • Phil Gaitan

    The smart playlist would make it for me! Also Pitch N’ Time as well as leave the Midi Alone! Don’t change it as it is the most initiative and most flexible in the industry! If you start fooling with mapping you might as well go to Serato DJ.

    • noxxi

      a lot of the mapping features dont even work, mapping hotcue type selector is broken, mapping hotcue type out is laborious and uses far to many modifiers (because its broken) in fact mapping out any modifiers is a major pain in the ass, mapping out simple things can be a chore with traktor. Theres no batch mapping editing. Its good, but its also extremely flawed.

      By the way, we dont need pitch n time, traktors keylock is actually good, unlike serato. serato released pitch n time as a “feature” and charged for it, when actually it was a fix, because their keylock is so terrible.

  • deejae snafu

    Hot que markers you can color code and name.

    • noxxi


      • Eric Allen

        Or at least a list of the Que points on one menu like serato, I don’t like selecting a drop down menu to see the list.

        • noxxi

          yeah, plus, that menu sucks anyway, i dont even know how to use the extra cue points except the 8 hotcues

    • CUSP

      … and add behaviors to. If a hot cue marker acted like a third hand, you could do some really interesting stuff.

    • kerray

      Yes please! This is really important, I want to be able to see my cue names/comments right away

  • tricade

    cdj900NXS support 😉

  • anonymous

    “phrase sync” function.

  • Mike

    Midi mapable reverse play button and start stop ti e adjust on playback.

  • bishyb

    I’d pay for a cloud/online sync service from NI, I used Traktor on different systems so auto sync feature would make that so much easier… And yes, Maschine integration as well please 🙂

  • an3

    midi clips remix deck

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Explain a bit more. Maybe I have some suggestion meanwhile…

  • Salmon Solly-p Potgieter

    More Modifiers, & VST Plugins

  • Fred


    When the nedle comes to jump marker 1A, it automaticly jumps to jump marker 1B.

    • Jerr1233

      That would be amazingly awesome..

    • Jay Dizzle

      That a great idea, dude 🙂

    • Jay Mo


    • Andrw Sux

      I’ve started doing that a lot recently in Serato (It’s called Flip)

  • Zé MigL

    1- Pattern Mode for Remix Decks, where you have the ability to play back sequences of pad pushes (with diferent Quantise). Imagine recording a sequence of button pushed (where these buttons would be pads on a remix deck) and have this as a pattern always available. Much like an Ableton Midi Clip. With two remix decks you could make music/ drums on the fly on top of what ever is playing on decks A and B… or have a Dj + performers all live!

    Sure you could record to audio of such a performance and do a key mapping to have that recorded to an audio Loop and then add it back as a sample to a remix deck pad but this requires advanced knowledge.

    3 – Stem recording where by choosing this method would get:

    Deck A post fader/ eq/ filter and post efxs
    Deck A Pre fader/ eq/ filter and post efxs
    ** Same for the other decks
    + Master out
    And Midi automation tracks to each Channel + Crossfade

    2 – Easier/ faster Maping like, click funtion on tracktor and move Knob/ Button/Fader on the controller. Right click to edit that assignement if needed.

    3 – Possibility to use NI Audio soundcard to input, hense unlocking DVS mode, but any other soundcard to output. I would rather have my RME DA converter as Output but still retain the possibility to use my 1200’s

    5 – Being able to totally hide the browse/ track list in the layout configs, allowing for a real “only decks/ Mixer/ efects View”.

    4 – Multiband Sidechain… if a touch A deck bass then all the others channel’s bass (or maybe use the crossfader assigment to do a sort of master and Pumped/ ducked Decks) gets pumped or ducked … A sort of more detailled way of using it that the the standard DJM900’s similar efect

    • Mutis Mayfield

      For Remix decks sequencing Traxus or Trigger Finger Pro could be a solution.

      For Audio sound card… Are you on mac? There is a tricky solution…
      For flexible GUI check traxus again, It has not waveform (yet) but you could use the waveforms in the screen and focus for the rest in the ipad feedback.
      For Multiband and other creative FX, I think it could be doable if some kind of Reaktor player where implemented like Maxforlive is in Ableton.

  • Mert

    +1 to Maschine integration
    For S8 users – Mapping in NHL would be awesome!

  • Too Many Names

    One feature that is missing is the ability to use every single midi command as a modifier.Not just a few.

  • Didier Franc

    Maschine x Traktor :’)

  • maaraneasi

    …and tags…

  • maaraneasi

    …and DVS ability for the Traktor iPad app… The ipad is more powerful enough to handle two simple incoming timecode signals (proven by other apps) and stronger than some laptops I have seen running traktor desktop version..

  • Marco Hooghuis

    I only have one item on my wishlist:
    1. Traktor listening to feedback from its users.

    Right now you get the impression after contacting them that it is impossible for them to do anything wrong. If you point out a bug, they’ll simply stop responding.

    • noxxi

      THIS should be feature number one!
      maybe they should implement the stuff their customers want, rather than holding out on it just to be different

      • Marco Hooghuis

        I’m not saying they should implement everything the consumers want, but they have to at least listen. If you have a good reason to implement a different feature from what the community wants I’m fine with that.
        But I am astounded that when I try to help them fix their shit (for free as well!) I’m not even being acknowledged. They just assume it’s my fault, give the standard “reinstall your entire life” solutions and don’t even listen to my responses.

        • noxxi

          Ive noticed that this is pretty typical behaviour from NI

  • maaraneasi

    For me its only about smart playlists and the maschine integration- I’d like to do playlists on my own and my biggest wish is that I can use regexp while creating them. The maschine deck should be there since the Maschine release – there is no excuse… I can live with the UI looking like in early 2000’s, I can live with no easy midi mapping etc.

  • Sevenkami

    Fully integrated Maschine functionality (step-sequencing, etc) or at least flawless communication between both programs instead of ducktaping them together with 3rd party tools.

  • maaraneasi

    My biggest wish is that NI pulls their heads out of their arses, realize that leap before their competitors is not as big as they think and finally start working on the software and not only on the trendy but pointless hardware. The hardware is only the smaller half of it all – the magic happens in the software and the software is getting aged….

    • alfredo otero

      marketing people never pull their heads out of their asses, that’s exactly why they work in marketing

      • maaraneasi

        But really – its a desperate situation… I remember times when NI were really good and if they released something, it was a really great working, optimized and reliable piece of software. They were listening to their customers and everyone was fine. Now they are taking the “not so much buggy but lets release it” policy what is a way to the hell. Simply can’t understand what happened so the things changed do much but their “inovations” goes in the different (wrong) direction as in the past years and no need to mention the terrible quality of their work.
        We are only being fed by marketing crap – they are building their name on how many “revolutionary” devices they release instead of raising their profile simply because they do a great stuff as it was in the past years.
        You know – who chooses some product based on how many other gear is the company releasing?- you want the best for you in all the aspects 🙂

  • Mutis Mayfield

    Z1 mk2 like Akai AMX.
    LAN/Internet license sharing for multiple users at once (like promising bitwig feature)
    NHL/mixtape feature with full ttm recording.
    Reaktor devices host for fx (sidechains, multiple loopers, beat repeaters, smartmixing…)
    Traktor dj app SDK for implementation of waveforms inside lemur canvas feature.

  • VLF

    A send level to an FX instead of an On/Off.

  • Igal

    VST plugin support with sync quantize to track playing

    • CUSP

      Not trying to highjack, but have you tried Livetronica Studio? I know we have some bugs right now, but we can do exactly what you’re asking for. No other program seems to quantize their VST effects to the beat.

  • Ivo

    Benefits for long time traktor users… (I bought my stuff always for the regular price…)

  • Ivo

    An App (for android, iPhone and win) to tag edit all the music on the go and sync the tags with the traktor library.

    • Nastick

      There was a try with the Traktor DJ App but they shut down the library sync due to problems…

  • Raycotek

    Add a spinning record graphic to Traktor Pro.

  • Ivo

    Two screen function (one screen with the 4 decks, one with the track browser)

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Again ipad+traxxus could be a solution…

  • Raycotek

    Beat juggle assist: Option to colour code the beat grid lines (1 = white, 2 = red, 3 = yellow… 8 = blue) to make it easier to beat juggle on the fly with controller jog wheels.

  • Onno Kaell

    Traktor Kontrol Z2 mk2 with:
    All innofaders, upfader curve adjust, more metal – less plastic, two USB-Ports for easier switchovers between traktor DJs, FX send return ins and outs, louder output!

  • Chris Davis

    Action recording. Basically a way to record the way you play a set. You could record it then let traktor replay it.

    But more than that, dynamic beat grids!

    • chronicvader

      Traktor Studio 3 has this feature and its awesome. I still use it on an older laptop.

  • Raffe Bergwall

    Separate the genres. If I write “deep house; soulful house” the song would be added to both the deep house and soulful house list.

  • Raffe Bergwall

    Shortcuts to jump to the different columns in the browser.

  • Raffe Bergwall

    Several “views” or “work spaces” in the browser that you could switch between.

  • Raffe Bergwall

    A column that reads Mixed In Keys (or a Traktor own) Energy level.

  • Raffe Bergwall

    The ability to make your own new columns or rename existing that I don’t use. “Producer” is one that I don’t use and put other info in.

  • Raffe Bergwall

    More smart playlists. The ability to manage what words, comments etc to a smart playlist like the one “genre” that’s already in the main list.

    Example: I live in south of Sweden and we are pretty good at making club music even in our native tongue. So are the Danish just 20 minutes away. It’s very common to play tracks sung in both Swedish and Danish. If there was a column (or the column where added by user, or renamed and old one) for language I could easily sort out a Swedish song when someone requests one. Add with a Smart playlist that automatically sorted out the information in the new column “Language”.

  • Leetenant

    MIDI loops and MIDI channels for the remix decks so I can trigger notes and control to a drum machine or synth and use Traktor as a user friendly live performance interface or layer drums over a DJ set.

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Traxxus or trigger finger pro 😉

  • oquela

    -full HID support for more brands/models (all Denon, Pioneer, numark, American Audio, stanton, etc.) Lots of ppl still using CD players w/midi control.

    -beat gridding that allows flexibility for imperfect drumming (doing multiple grids isn’t the best solution)
    – recording like on Traktor Studio 3 (could continue a mix at a later time-great for practice, or interruptions)
    -allowing for “Skins”or at least selectable views—the GUI isn’t the best feature on Traktor. Never has been.

    • Loco

      Definitely a more modular GUI with drag and drop, Also to be able to make waveforms vertical,horizontal or on top of each other. This helps for certain workflows I’ve seen from other software.

    • lesterhein

      -beat gridding that allows flexibility for imperfect drumming (doing multiple grids isn’t the best solution)

      This. I spent hours gridding old disco records. What a pain.


      Proper integration for all the Pioneer CDJ/XDJ gear would be very welcome!

  • oquela

    A “dump” fx (like on Denon CD players) for reversing explicit lyrics on the fly. When you release the button, song continues at the point where it would have been had you not used the effect.

    • rovingrover

      What about using flux mode in some way? might give you a partial workaround

  • lupzdut

    VST/AU integration in Traktor.

  • TomSchmitz

    I’d like to turn play tracking (Last Played date) on and off. I’d turn it on during live sets and off when I’m not playing out.

    • CUSP

      That and add time to the last played.

  • Eric Allen

    Maschine Integration.. Obviously

      • mikefunk

        One fecking milion times!

    • Ryan S. McDonald

      if machine can be integrated into a module like the remix/sample decks that would be awesome. something more than it needing to be synced to the master clock in the background.

    • Notanon

      Yes! How could you miss this in the article DJ Tech Tools? It has been asked for constantly!

    • 130db

      Useless for Traktor setups with iTunes. You gonna hate the hearable difference between loseless format and MP3.

    • Luiz Zen

      I would vote for a good and definitive SYNC engine/implementation between Traktor and Maschine.
      After a few minutes of sending MIDI clock to Maschine for synching them, the sync gets drifted/delayed so a new sync process must be performed or Maschine MIDI latency must be changed again. 🙁 This is very anoying.

    • extralooping

      yep, waiting for this since day one. i would love to to step-sequence cuepoints or remix deck slots on the fly with maschine
      come on NI!

    • echopapa

      -MASCHINE integration as 4th or even 5th deck with all the features of the other decks. I mean it’s your own product – why should we have to buy an extra interface and do tricky midi sync stuff just to put something there that belongs there anyway.

  • Phil K

    dynamic beat gridding…

    • Leijo

      Yes! Would love this for those not-so-perfect (usually older) house tracks and for multiple-BPM tracks.

    • Paco Loco


    • Salmon Solly-p Potgieter

      Ya also multiple beatgrids so you can set those hiphop transition mixes that drop from 128-100 bpm

    • Stan Graves

      This. There are two ways I’d like to see this work:
      1) Ableton style warping to keep a track at a constant BPM. This would be great for tracks with a live drummer, or tracks recorded from vinyl where the timing drifts just a bit.
      2) Multiple beat-grids on tracks with deliberately large transitions in tempo.

    • Ralf S

      Absolutly THIS feature. I’ve got crazy with some tracks. Multiple beatmarkers without the lost of 8 cue points would be great. Did you ever tried to beatgrid “Five Hours” from Deorro?

      • Zé MigL

        You can use a work-a-round…
        Do a sort of dummy 8 hot cues thus by taking the regular 8 cue spaces. Then when ever and where ever you need a Beatgrid marker just hit Loop In and then the save button, all there is left is to change the cue type to grid, just keep adding into you got all the timing/ beats of the track down … not sure if there is actually a limit to the amount of cue points a track can have.
        After having your track all lock down to the right beat(grids), just hit the hot cue you want to use (say hot cue 3) and do a new hot cue on the right place. (remember the 8 “dummy” hot cues, this is where and how you get to fill them just the way you want)

        That should solve the problem even if not an elegant solution.

        Hope this helps in anyway.


        • Nolan Walker

          There is an option in preferences where you can set Beatmarkers without them defaulting to being hotcues. Problem solved without any changes needing to be made.

    • Deksel

      This, only not gridding, warping.

      midi mapping needs to be reworked PLEASE
      Modular GUI would be nice

      • Luiz Zen

        Modular GUI would be nice! 🙂

      • Henock G

        What is Modular GUI? Does it mean context menus work independently of each other?

    • Richard SubZero Vilabrera Jr.

      I think it’s simple to add more hot cues? More than 8 would be nice.

    • Oz

      I would actually start using Traktor if this was implemented

    • Nolan Walker

      There is no greater want than this in my mind. Some kind of elastic/dynamic beat gridding is tops on the list.

    • The_KLH

      I’d give up everything on the article’s list to get flexible beat grids.

      • noxxi

        to be honest, i think this list sucks. smart playlists aside. also i couldnt give a crap about graphical mapping, id much prefer batch editing midi commands, and tidying up of the commands so that duplicate can be used more often.

    • Ian De Vos


    • Jay Mo

      This would be great, I definitely shy away from certain tracks because of this issue.

    • BoldFaceType

      Gee, MixVibes Cross already has this feature. Best best-gridding in the industry as a matter of fact. Your welcome RekordBox.

  • Eric Allen

    Velocity Sensitive Remix Decks with Aftertouch Control

  • Eric Allen

    Two-way Tag Communication Between Traktor and iTunes

    • thisispete


  • Ken Sheldon

    Let’s see better integration with Maschine or some kind of step-sequencer deck.

  • Eric Allen

    Sidechain Compression Effect
    Imagine the mixing/mashup possibilities if you were able to sidechain compress a any track deck or remix deck with similar controls as Ableton’s Glue Compressor.

    • David De Garie-Lamanque

      options to enhance transitions between tracks such as smart mixing, filter roll, having a variety of effects that can be added to a crossfade, etc.

      • Too Many Names

        You can do filter volume faders with midi mapping.It’s very easy.

    • Ean Golden

      yes yes – I would love to see a few DAW like effects in Traktor. Especially a compressor and a basic synth!

      • mikefunk

        I don’t know if this is what you are discussing, but some tools to correct room acoustics and EQ.


        Mixing with filters (3 band) – oldschool 🙂

        • CUSP

          Yeah, but the problem with 3 band mixers (and a stereo output) is that you can only mix for one zone (or average the sound across the room). You WILL have discrepencies from left to right in a room, and there’s not a lot you can do about this with a traditional (3 band) mixer.

          • mikefunk

            Probably. BUT I own Xone DB2 and it has built in Spatial crossover (or whatever it is) and some other tools for room compensation and believe me it makes wonders. From shitty room with some patience you can get great sound (without lots of reverb). So there is something there. Overall anything at the end of the sound chain would be nice to have. Even dynamic EQ and any basic compressor.

      • CUSP

        Maschine doesn’t do that already?

        Also, Livetronica Studio has both.

      • Disorganized

        What I think really needs to happen here, is for Traktor to support MTC instead of just midi clock syncing. If we can get Ableton and Traktor to actually sync up properly with a proper time protocol like MTC, instead of the ancient Midi Clock that it uses now, we could let Traktor focus on being the best DJ software that it can be, and leave the heavy DAW work to an actual DAW like Ableton which already has the expandability and features we’d want in Traktor.

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Reaktor integration ala maxforlive…

    • Dan Morse

      Rather than compress your tunes, they could just add an option to reverse the gater so it dips at the opposite point?

    • lesterhein

      Personally, I would love to see any sort of VST integration. I had some sick filter plugins that would be great additions to a live set without having to route Traktor through Logic

      • Mechanical Vein

        VST integration would be AMAZING. I can only imagine the creative possibilities that would unlock.

      • Eduardojvivas

        Vst integration would be huuuuge!!! I would use tons of my waves plug ins

      • CUSP

        I would imagine you’d prefer to do this in Maschine instead of Traktor… it’s a different tool and it’s actually built for doing this kind of thing with effects.

        • lesterhein

          Not necessarily, I don’t have a Maschine for my setup, but I would still like to use VST. For example, there is no simple way to manage gain with the X1, a decent limiter strapped across the main out would help with super quiet tracks (as I found out last weekend with Disco Cubism by I:Cube. Sooo quiet) and also manage blow outs better (I’m looking at you OFF Recordings…)

          In addition, I would love to be able to swap in my favourite filters on an effects channel. I imagine that were this implemented, there would need to be a limit to the number of VSTs one could run, maybe 5 – 1 per fx bank and 1 across the main, or 5 across the main (master EQ, compression, limiter – hello!).

          Either way, it would make a big difference

          • CUSP

            Perhaps you’d like to give Livetronica Studio a try? This is fully scratchable DJ software (with anyone’s timecode) with VST plug-in hosting (and really easy MIDI mapping), so you can include your favorite limiter, effects, or even instruments.

            I’m eager to hear your feedback.

          • lesterhein

            Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll give it a try, I see they have a demo available 🙂

      • BoldFaceType

        VST integration with any DJ software that didn’t begin as such is VERY difficult to program. This is a pipe dream mostly b/c of all the variables introduced when plugging-in VSTs from different manufactures. It might be possible if limited to only Novation VSTs. That way they could better control those variables, but it’s still very difficult to implement. In general, it would make an otherwise stable platform VERY *unstable*.

    • Tobi&NBP

      Actually you can use the Gater as a kind of sidechain effect! 😉

      • noxxi

        excuse my ignorance, but how does that work?

    • mellonhead

      yeah this is one of the main reasons i wanted to use traktor into ableton! sc comping a track to finger drumming please!

    • Andrw Sux

      Yes! Side chain compression on stems would be fantastic!

  • synapticflow

    I carry two laptops now. No need to worry about backing up to the cloud. I would recommend it if you can. You’ll be running much faster if one goes down during a set.

  • PCunha

    Another ‘Comment’ column on mappings
    Printable mappings
    Copy, Paste, Bulk actions, etc, on commands of mappings..
    “Xtreme Mapping” basically lol, for us PC guys

  • noxxi

    more modifier conditions
    edit multiple mapping lines at once
    fix mapping bugs
    better control over layout elements and sizes

    • PCunha

      Yes, more modifier conditions for the win!

    • CUSP

      I’d be happy with some support for HID, because a blinking state is something I’m interested in… also control over that blink, as well as improved resolution and touchstrip commands (for controllers like the Twitch).