Routine: E.A.S.Y. (Shiftee + Enferno) Rework A-Trak’s “Push”

E.A.S.Y., the DJ Shiftee and Enferno duo, took the internet by storm with their collaboration announcement and release of their first live performance. The two turntable-controllerist are at it again with the release of their latest remix of A-Trak’s single “Push”. The duo blends controllerism, turntablism, and live keyboard playing as the two cut up the track like DJs all while rewriting it. Watch the full performance below and see how E.A.S.Y. seamlessly blend the world of live production and DJing.

Colliding Two Worlds: Production + DJing

E.A.S.Y. adds to the whole movement of defining real DJing and I love how the duo chooses to showcase their skills. Through a flashy video with antics, the viewer can still witness the skill and precision that Shiftee and Enferno have to make this remix happen. Sure, the video was cut up in two numerous scenes but it’s pretty clear that E.A.S.Y. is actually capable of creating everything you hear live. From the Technic 1200 turntables to the Maschine MK2’s to the Oxygen keyboard routed into a Kontrol Z2 mixer, the E.A.S.Y. duo blends the worlds of live production and DJing which perpetuates the debate, is DJing about mixing or production? E.A.S.Y. is all about pushing the envelope of DJing and discovering how crazy their routines can get.

Like DJTT readers have said in the comments of many other articles, you won’t necessarily see a live performance from a DJ at a wedding. However, I still think that there is a vast amount of gigs where live performance can be implemented and DJs shouldn’t stray away from trying new things to challenge themselves as DJs. Don’t let your genre or venue discourage you to try new skills at home!

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  • QCube

    The vid is verry nice again. But i think this one is a little bit too overovereditet. I understand what they want to reach with overediting but still i would like to see a bit more of the performance itself (at least not a cut every half of a second).

    • Dean Zulueta

      I feel ya. Usually we want a little more demonstration in routines but this one still shows off some of that E.A.S.Y. technique.

  • Maddox

    No matter what kind of DJ you are, you should delve into live performance and production and really putting on a show for two reasons. A) It’s really freakin’ cool… and B) It’s really freakin’ fun! It makes everything so much more interesting for both the DJ and the audience. Expand your horizons, you may just like what you see.