Carl Cox Playing Live with Traktor Kontrol S8

According to a brand new Native Instruments video released today, the widely respected techno/house DJ Carl Cox is now touring with the Traktor Kontrol S8 at the center of his rig. He uses the new controller as a central mixer and deck controller along side two Pioneer CDJ-2000’s. Watch the video after the break to learn why the switch up.

Many in the blog-sphere speculated (myself included) that there would not be many dj’s carting around Kontrol S8’s to major gigs. Sure the 2 screens, 12 faders, and endless buttons make it the ultimate dedicated Traktor controller – but it’s size and weight are hardly carry on friendly.  Well, I was wrong, at least one (pretty serious) touring dj is making it the center of his new rig. As to why Carl is incorporating new styles of dj technology into his live show?

“I know I can mix two records together very well, that’s what I grew up doing. I want to know what I can create outside of that box”

As to how exactly Carl is balancing the CDJ and Traktor worlds, he mentions the following in the video.

“I have 2 players at least and 2 players internally”

A closer look at the mixer it self reveals the details of his setup:

  • The Kontrol S8 is clearly being used as the mixer, with master and booth outputs connected.
  • He has a mic running into the S8
  • Two RCA’s are running into two channels (most likely the CDJs)

I suspect he is using the CDJ’s traditionally with a thumb drive, manually beatmatching some songs and mixing their direct outputs with 2 internal decks from Traktor.  In one shot we can see his laptop screen which has no music loaded in decks A/B, and 2 songs loaded in decks C/D (no remix decks appear to be enabled). In another shot the Kontrol S8 mixer is labelled Deck C/D and A/B IN. It appears that he has found a happy balance between the worlds of platters and digital decks, by mixing between both.

“I still want to work, I still want to be sweating it out and riding the groove by the seat of my pants, that’s the feeling that makes me who I am, I need to be challenged still”

How are you using the Kontrol S8 on the road? 

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  • Albert

    “I still want to work, I still want to be sweating it out and riding the groove by the seat of my pants, that’s the feeling that makes me who I am, I need to be challenged still”
    I love this. I remember watching YouTube videos of Carl Cox years (over a decade) ago and he was always bouncing around and really working his gear.

  • Dustin Hurford

    Weather he is paid to use it or not, that doesn’t take away the fact that he’s been the leader in dance music since its beginnings. He is the master of 3 turntables witch i doubt most have used.

  • djzzzzzz

    This guy gives off a good vibe

  • Gemini Boi

    Sponsored heavy

  • Admiralty

    Coxy is a living DJ legend!
    Having worked with him on the same lineup twenty years ago, I can honestly say that he could work with a pair of 1960’s belt drive gramophones and a bit of sponge rubber.
    When I saw he was using Traktor, I wasn’t surprised.

  • Andrew Wowk

    I dunno, I feel like this is actually a really clumsy set up. Why not just use 4 CDJs and a mixer via an Audio 8/Audio 10 and a smaller controller for effects? It’s more compact and (to me anyway) seems less confusing.

    • Charles

      if anyone claims this is edited to make it look like it is being used live please go hide under a rock

  • Loco

    I think we are all missing the main point here, the S8 is an awesome piece of gear, wether Cox uses it or not, and he’s right, the coolest thing are the remix decks, which CDJs just can’t do, sorry. So if he really was interested in making something more live and on the fly, the S8 seems like a good option, specially because it has an analogue mixer and traktor at the same time, Meaning he can centrally control everything he needs. I don’t see any BS there. Let’s be objective.

    • Loco

      It is unfortunate though to see how edited the video is. It’s not clear that he is at a real gig, so makes me think it was just a mix and match of clips. If NI wants to gain credibility they should not overlook these important details. The machine actually does accomplish what he’s claims so why not make it clear in the video? I personally love the gear and as video and graphics artist, hate to see these details slip, only damaging their image, but then again the controversy just makes them more popular in a way, not always a good one. 😛

    • Loco

      NUFF said! 😀 They shoould of used these clips instead

  • Rickle Moon

    Truly he is using it at big stage… check this vid from Awakenings NYE…

  • Will Divide

    I don’t get it. The technology that has been implemented into DJing has made it possible to do amazing things. I’ve anxiously awaited these kinds of upgrades for YEARS. Even dreamt of them. Is everyone still learning how to beat match??? Is that still Impressive??? …just, playing records??? Most of these so called purists aren’t really even skilled enough to be labeled turntablists so why the beef??? I applaud Carl Cox and all the other world renown DJs of all genres who embrace the future and the possibilities that technology has given us. Cus In the end, soon enough, this too shall just be another thing of the past. “…I already know I can match bpms, …I want to do see what else I can do”- Carl Cox

  • SG Rooshdy

    this site used to really interest me, then all these over night DJs started telling people how things are and having an opinion on everything, it has ruined this site for me. Whenever a new article is released people snipe and diss Ean and the site. I love to DJ and I loved a site that was useful and informative, but I hate these comments, get back to doing the good stuff Ean, and disable these fools. If you dont like DJTT then maybe look elsewhere guys. Its pretty lame sitting at home talking shit to people you think you know. Your opinions are just like a fart in an elevator. It ruins the ride!

  • Neil Parnell

    weird logic carl….your still staring at a screen…just a shitty smaller one….and down not across and up where the crowd are?

  • joaquin

    as someone who has seen Cox dj many many times, I have seen him go from 3 turntables to multiple cdjs. Cox is known for doing things most djs dont even consider doing becuase they arent on his level of experience. he is most likely the best turntable style dj in techno. he is oldschool at the very best level. that being said I guarantee, he has the cdjs their for his scratching tricks and doubling up two songs with added scratching. His use of these tricks make for wicked builds that few djs even understand now a days. i remember hearing his use these tricks with faithless’s insomnia, and stuff like Spirit Catcher – The Mod Wheel…. he most definately doing things with the s8, that draws from his creative experience… remember no more jog wheels on the s8, a key tool for him…

  • tony corless

    Whether he got paid or not is kind of irrelevent,the bit I find interesting is NI going to a top quality dj like Carl who is known for his dj skills in the tradition manner from 3 deck mixing with records to cdjs and over recent years with traktor,

    He has the manual mixing skills and very much works the decks,unlike some of the other producer type djs who may struggle unless using modern technology.

    I suspect NI are possibly struggling to shift these units especially to djs from a more traditional background the same ones who have a lot of respect for Carl Cox, so its a bit of a no brainer Ni probably think if Carl Cox is using it then the interest of more traditional style djs will be raised which is a good move.

    I too am curious to see if he will be using it at live gigs in a month or two,but then again he may just use it as and when he wants to nobody’s forcing him!

    Question for Ean is the s8 selling well in the djtt shop?

  • Ztronical

    Some saying the video was edited, yes that’s obvious. It even shows the tracks that were played over it at the end. To me it looks like the clean shots of the s8 are most likely done before a gig, but there are some grainy shots with lighting happening mixed in. That’s what I saw.

  • Rick Manz

    Hope you guys noticed but, it’s an edited video of a real Carl’s gig and a fake gig where he’s using the S8, so, if he really gotta play with it, then why isn’t a real event?

    Just saying.

    • warpigeon

      look at the Awakenings video, at about 1:25. He’s using the S8 at a HUGE event. I don’t understand the big conspiracy theorists. He’s using the S8 out, get over it!

  • RossH

    Honestly, do NI think people are zipped up the back?? Carl Cox ditching his DJM2000 for a Kontrol S8? LOL!

  • mch

    and than on his next gig he dosent use it.. thats how it works you get paid to use it once and thats it… anyway why does the mixer on s8 crash together with traktor… thats the first stand alone mixer i had that manages to crash….. i guess as long as traktor hardware arent reliable none of the top artist seem to use it…

    • newnumbertwo

      My S8 mixer doesn’t “crash”. When it’s not connected to the computer, it works like a mixer. When it’s connected to my MBP, it works just fine.

      Also, I give zero fucks as to whether or not “top artists” use gear or not. Whether or not it works for me is how I judge gear, and in my experience, the S8 works quite well.

  • Immon

    I rarely use the same setup when I play out, whether it’s a live set or dj set. The S8 is a solid piece of kit and definitely worth experimenting with. Carl Should be free to try whatever he fancies!

  • gordon_strange

    Coxy has been doing the multiple deck thing since I was a young teen (I turned 38 on Tuesday). I would say, as he alludes to, is he is looking to expand upon his impressive skills, by adding new and exciting toys, to his set up. And there’s nowt wrong with that- I would rather a dj did something like that, and stay excited and interested, than someone that is going through the motions.

  • TaRudeOne

    Is it only me or does nobody else see that he is not using the controller at that event? There is not one Scene were you can see him and the controller with the crowd together. There are just scenes put together, so it looks like it.

    • Simmaar

      That’s also what I thought. Nice try.

    • Ben

      BINGO! It was very nicely edited.

    • Conspiratist

      I just watched it again, and you absolutely right. Any shot of him from a distance with the crowd’s perspective is too far out to distinguish anything, while the booth shots never show the crowd and the S8 in the same frame. Pretty disappointing. Is it that difficult to do an authentic show with it?

      • warpigeon

        Look at the Awakenings video, at about 1:25. He’s definitely using the S8 at a HUGE event. I don’t understand all the conspiracy theorists. He’s using the S8 out, get over it! He also explains why he is using it out in the video. What is so hard to believe?

  • Dancefloor

    I would be surprise if he played on it without to be paid…
    He doesn’t need NI but NI need him!

  • killmedj

    I’m surprised Porter Robinson hasn’t been their “go to” guy. Does he still DJ with an S4?

    • koller

      Porter Robinson doesn’t have the same credentials.

  • snapper

    What is the advantage of this set up over a djm 900, x1 and f1. All he would have to add is an f1 it two. He already uses x1’s.

    • loco

      for once, not as many usb cables and the number of small pieces of gear. to me it makes sense, I would think wherever he is going to play he gets anything he wants set up anyway.

  • killmedj

    It will be interesting to see if the S8 is still part of his setup in the next Ibiza season.

  • Sevenkami

    I am actually on the brink of moving to a new setup. Thinking either the DJM-750 + X1 + Maschine MK2 (already have that one) or the S8. For possible future gigging it might be better to just do the DJM, cause those mixers are everywhere and i am not mr Cox so no one is hauling my gear. 🙂

  • Gavin Varitech

    He’s using the CDJs as Traktor controllers too, not with USB/Rekordbox. Not sure if A/B or C/D are the CDJs or the virtual decks on the S8 though.

    What he’s done here is replace his X1/F1/DJM2000 setup with one S8. I’d be surprised if he actually does this at his gigs for any period of time though. Probably like the time Dubfire did that video for NI when the S4 was first announced and promptly stopped using it at gigs after that.

    • Guy Williams

      Dubfire stopped using the S4 mainly because of the disconnect problems that were occurring at the time with the controllers.

    • danny

      he use’s traktor anyway i think all dj gear now should have send return, that as why sold my db2

  • CUSP

    Loving all of this while downloading and installing the Maschine Cloud 9 (9 expansions for $99) bundle deal (today is the last day for it December 12th, 2014). Quite fitting,

  • Charles Cushman

    He is only running one pair of RCAs in. From left to right he has Main out (RCA), Main out (XLR), Booth out (1/4″), input (RCA), Mic (XLR).

    I would say that he is using the CDJs as additional controls. In the video he mentions beat matching and backspins. It seems like the S8 is to give him more control over the remix decks.

  • The Great DJ Swindle!

    It doesn’t sell as we predicted and NI hired him to try to avoid the disaster? Will we see Carl using it (at least as a mixer) 🙂 in a regular basis? Or just the tipical photo set paid for and move to another thing? Everything can happens! It’s The Great DJ Swindle!

  • DJmac

    Obviously he’s using it cause he’s getting paid lol

    • No Qualms

      Yeah, that wasn’t obviously a sponsored video or anything 😉

      • Gavin Varitech

        I’m sure they gave him an S8 and maybe paid him to do the video but companies like Native Instruments don’t have the cash to throw around to get a guy with $1,000,000 annual earning potential (just off of deejaying) switch their entire setup.

        • No Qualms

          Yeah your probably right.

          But if you are touring alot your rider will normally consist of gear that’s readily available everywhere you go. That’s why people usually use pioneer gear and just bring their laptop.

          Expecting festivals and clubs to be able to organise specialist controllers is a bit much. Their organizational skills are usually shoddy at the best of times.

          • Stas Gusev

            “As the guy who trained Carl on the s8, and on his previous rig (CDjs with Traktor in HID mode & x1s)”

            Do you mean, that he couldn’t understand how it works?

          • No Qualms

            I assume this is a response to Rufus not to me?

            My question was based on the fact that I don’t think he will be carrying an S8 with him on every flight to every gig around the world.

          • Charles

            do you mean, you dont understand how NI product specialists train dj’s..

          • Stas Gusev

            LOL. I think, that the djs like Carl Cox, with a such big experience, can train all the NI team)

        • Rufus white

          As the guy who trained Carl on the s8, and on his previous rig (CDjs with Traktor in HID mode & x1s), I can assure you that he is not being paid to use NI gear, he uses it for the same reason I do, and I’m sure many other people use Traktor: it allows him to play music how he wants to. Carl was genuinely excited by the prototype of the s8 when I initially demod it to him back in July, and couldn’t wait to start using it.

          For clarification, the 2 CDJs are connected with HID mode, I suspect the rca inputs are connected in case he wants to play tracks directly off a usb in a backup situation.

          • kebzer

            Product endorsement is not a bad thing, nor any DJ who gets paid to do a demo video is not “keepin’ it real’. So, any apologizing or explaining for this video is really not that necessary.

            BTW, I wouldn’t be surprised if Carl Cox did this video just for the sake of it, he looks like a genuinely good guy all times. But on the other hand, it looks like a sponsored video, like others already out.

            I don’t see any problem in either case.

          • Stas Gusev

            “As the guy who trained Carl on the s8, and on his previous rig (CDjs with Traktor in HID mode & x1s)”

            Do you mean, that he couldn’t understand how it works?

          • Rufus White

            Carl’s had a lot of experience with Traktor, so using the s8 came very naturally to him. Having said that, Carl could probably DJ on a pair of toasters and still make it sound amazing.

            Whilst NI never pays money to artists for using their equipment, they do provide in-depth training sessions (via myself and the other product specialists) to prominent artists who are serious about using their gear (the same as any other DJ manufacturer, I’m sure).

          • Charles

            every single “international” dj gets training on NI gear if they request it and some get gear for free.. do you understand how this works?

          • JBear

            Heavens above, regardless of this being a dressed up advertisement or otherwise, to say you trained Carl to use the kit and his previous kit is a bit like saying you taught your granny how to knit wooly jumpers! …….I think to be fair most Dj’s like to play around with different toys as they get bored and want to give something a go, I’d imagine they get sick of carrying a bit of kit around all the time and so resort to industry standard for convenience factor.

      • Charles

        who are you douchebags? they sell the equipment at the store therefore are going to produce product demos.. I love the fact that you guys know nothing about sponsorship

        • No Qualms

          No shit!

          We all know brands make ads to support their products. It’s not about that. This article was written like he was caught using an S8 in a club and then we were shown an ad.

          If it was footage from an iphone from someone in the crowd showing him using an S8 it would have been different.

          It was an advertisement disguised as an article and that gets under people’s skin.

          • Charles

            under people’s skin, because a dj is excited about dj technology like us and someone made a video.. yeah, that should get under our skin, that they actually want to sell their gear and have ppl excited about dj technology.. most dj’s play across many platforms.. I just find the lack of actual dj knowledge fascinating by so called “djs”

          • No Qualms

            Ok, top trumps it is.
            I’ll throw my DJ/music industry credentials against yours. Post a link to your website and linkedin profile and I’ll do the same.

          • Charles

            dj since 99, there is no money in djing unless youre a Paris Hilton or Carl.. your creds mean nothing to me because I dont already know who you are.. filmed djs professionally for three years, worked at some of the best clubs and venues in the world.. no one is hoodwinking anyone, it is marketing.. get over it..

          • No Qualms

            That must mean that you were a shit DJ. I don’t need to work a day job. I earn enough through music to have a beautiful apartment overlooking the ocean near bondi beach.

            I run a record label and recording studio, get paid to do production work, resident DJ work & a radio show. It takes hard work and persistence to build your network.

            But it is worth it, cos I don’t have to sell my soul and become a bitter armchair warrior like yourself.

            And I’m sure your making Paris Hilton money making coffee’s or whatever soul sapping job you do now.

          • Charles

   I make videos like these, filming dj’s.. That is what I do, I was just at Tech tools in San Fran picking up a controller while I was filming for Cirque Du Soleil.. If dj videos get under your skin because they are covert advertisements, well get over yourself, I did..

          • No Qualms

            That is actually a well shot video, well done.

            Filming Dj’s is still not being one though is it, and to say there is no money in DJing just makes you sound bitter. It sounds as if you couldn’t be one so the next best thing you could do was hang around them.

            The app that you advertise in your video shows there is a lot of money in parties, festivals and clubs. All of which would be nothing without the DJ’s who get paid quite well to play there. What other profession do you know where you don’t need a Phd to earn $75-$150/hr and not even be bigtime famous, just everyday club gigs.

            I never said there was anything wrong with promotional videos check my posts. It’s the fact that the article boasted that Carl was caught using an S8 at his gig. And then showed an ad where they edited him using an S8 in front of a non existent crowd and then cut in shots of an actual gig. One that is false advertising, and two it was a fake show.

            Carl can use whatever equipment he wants, he’s a fucking legend with more pedigree than you or I could dream of. So get off your insecure high horse. Yes advertising videos are a perfectly legitimate artform, have a tissue.

            And for your pleasure here’s my website.

          • Charles

            Its not about that, did you see how excited A Guy Called Gerald was when he was playing with his new S8, DJ’s like gear, and they try different things.. would he use it all the time, maybe not, yeah he got one for free.. but the excitement about new gear is real. Who cares what Carl uses anyway, are you going to use gear just because another dj uses it..

            Filming dj’s you know their riders vary and that they mostly can work with any platform because when we started, vinyl was difficult to master, Carl has done that.

            Let’s be honest though that there is very little money for labels and artists, sales of tracks are pathetic, artist friends of mine chart often and sales are so low it makes you want to cry, even filming dj’s pays no where near other corporate work and sometimes I make more than the ppl I’m filming.

            I dont illegally download because I was buying records 15 years ago that you could only maybe have 250 copies for the entire planet.. 75/150 hr is chump change, and dj’ing is nothing to get to uppity about because it is ‘playback’.. Youre still going to be doing this in your 40’s, good luck with that

            Marketing is what makes a DJ standout, I produce that marketing material.. no one is hoodwinked, you think you have a sharp eye for spotting a fake gig and a product review disguised as an ad, it just means this forum is for a bunch of “bitter” ppl looking for shit to gripe about.

            I wish the best for Inloop, but again, a small app trying to make it’s way into a game where there is a lot of money for the ppl at the top and a lot of struggle all the way down from there.. You got your shit together, good for you, enjoy the view.

            do you own a techtools controller, what is in your setup?

          • No Qualms

            $150/hr is chump change, pull your head out your arse!

            Most people work for minimum wage and have to work an entire week for what I earn in one night. I am very blessed and don’t take this for granted. Seeing as once I was homeless living in the streets and I worked my way up. You sound like a silver spooned wanker.

            There is plenty of DJ work out there if you put in the effort to find it.

            On another note, I’m a turntablist so Dicers are my only controller (I also add an F1 for my original material gigs). And for my radio show I use an X1 and the in house CDJ’s.

          • No _ No Qualms

            Hey No Qulams: STFU . Toolbag.

          • No Qualms

            Being anonymous means you’re a nobody!

          • Charles

            you do 40 hrs/week at $150.. wow, you dj a whole lot.. or you “work” one night a week..

            I guarantee I came from a modest family, blue collar and barely middle class

            You sound like a street guy that is made his way this far only to realize in a few years that your hard work and effort has been wasted at a 1 day a week job..

            I work 7 bro, because I do what I love and DJ at home for fun.

          • No Qualms


            I just work 1 day a week. Do you not remember any of our conversation. I run a studio and label as well as DJ. I have a residency plus do extra gigs in between. I’m the director of entertainment for the Chamber of Commerce and the Double Bay Street Festival where we have multiple stages, we had 100,000+ this year, 80,000+ last year. Just that one festival is 6 months worth of hard work.

            I’m a working DJ, that also gets gigs for my fellow local musicians. I help support my local scene.

            No I don’t work 7 days a week like you because I purposely strive for a good work life balance so I work 5 day and make sure I always roster 2 days off in my week.

            “I just find the lack of actual dj knowledge fascinating by so called “djs””, this is your diss. And then later you reveal this “DJ at home for fun”. I think this says it all.

          • Charles

            dude, you must really be “somebody” trolling on a forum for dj enthusiasts, I am here because I purchase their equip. to have fun. I have no idea how you could be so busy with label work, I saw your website… I never claimed to be a big shot dj, it’s a passion

          • No Qualms

            How come your the one that’s dissing multiple people in this same thread. Saying they don’t know shit and you know how the industry works.

            I’m going back and forth with you for fun. I love bedroom DJ’s that talk smack to people who actually do this for a living.

            And don’t act like you are here cos your a DJ enthusiast, you are here cos you film ads and people were pointing out that this NI ad was disguised as an article. And you got your back up cos it hit a nerve.

            Then you went on a rant about how you know how sponsorship works and attacked anyone on this forum that said otherwise. And that’s what lead us here.

          • Charles

            what label?

          • Mr Wilks

            “It was an advertisement disguised as an article and that gets under people’s skin”

            New UK rules now have to make this clear we are served ads in vlogs/blogs etc so if we find ads that don’t appear to be ads we can raise hell.


            If we are being advertised to we have to be told we’re being advertised too.

            I thought this was an ad before I clicked it but not sure what others thought?

          • No Qualms

            Hi Mr Wilks,

            You can tell the video was an ad, it has the same production as all NI ads (so no legalities necessary). It’s the fact that the article claims Carl is now touring with the S8 as the centre of his rig and then shows a sponsored video. If it said that Carl Cox endorses the new direction in which NI is heading or something, none of us would have dissed it.

            There is nothing wrong with trying to sell a product and DJTT sell it in their store. It’s just the hoodwinking that pisses people off nowadays.

        • PointBlankZA

          I think the only douche-bag here is Charles, thinks he’s god. Sit down, you like that annoying “know-it-all” that no one invites to their parties.

    • Ean Golden

      That’s the obvious reaction to a video like this, but honestly, I would be very surprised if he was paid to use the controller/mixer. Aside from headphones, I almost never see “sponsored” dj gear – most guys at the top use what they want to use because there is not enough money in Dj gear to truly make it worth their while. IMO

      • Toontown

        I guess we’ll see how long he sticks with this setup. He’s always been a Pio mixer guy.

        • kebabtoy

          Wrong! His brand of choice is Vestax.

          • danny

            i remember dub fire using a s4 but thats mainly for bedroom dj’s which i once was

          • mch

            dubfire used it on a video too but that was it .. he uses pioneer else

          • PointBlankZA

            Wrong, Dubfire uses NI X1’s, Traktor Scratch 2 Pro and a Allen and Heath Xone 92 as a prefered setup.

          • Charles

            youre all so wrong because you are arguing instead of doing something productive.. grow up and shut up. you all act like youre all personal friends with these dj’s when you know jack shit and your knowledge comes from a couple youtube vids.. paleeese

          • PointBlankZA

            Yawn… Don’t be an asshole Charles, no one likes an asshole.

          • Romi Rockstar

            FYI S4 is not only for bedroom djs I travel around the world with my s4 setup you can listen to my live mixes here:

          • Pete

            I’m wondering. just checked out your website. You claim to play at Womb tomorrow, But there is no Alpha Romeo on the list for 3-4-15. You also claim to play multiple European festivals and mayor clubs this summer (Gashouder, Robert Johnson, Zig Zag). But none of them have a Dj Alpha Romeo booked in the future…

          • Will B

            LOL Pete, pretty sure that guy is just making up those “events” he’s supposedly playing. No way he’s playing RJ, Gashouder, etc..

            Why do people make that stuff up?

          • JessieJ

            still better DJ though even its make up he has some cool DJ sets don’t jealous 😉

      • siclove

        That´s why shiftee only uses NI equipment. i used towork for a shitty house music magazin 10 years ago and i got everything i wanted from Vestax, Pioneer and even Allen & Heath for free. I´m sure there is a lot of sponsoring in the Dj scene. but Mr. Cox probably doesn´t do a video like that just to get an S8

      • truth

        obligated Ean, being obligatory again. NI had enough money to change this website and Ean forever…. just saying.

        • Ean Golden

          If that’s fact – then prove it. I wish that NI had helped support this website with some $. then we could pay our employees better and I would actually get a salary. The reality is this: the only people who pay to keep this site running are you the members of the community, who help support us through sales in the store.

          Also – stop hiding behind anonymous identities and hearsay. Come out and speak the truth with our own voice and have the facts to back it up.

          • truth

            nah brah, it was easier for you to retail NI shit then true djtechtools like the vci firmware kits, arcade mods, etc. So you stopped with the interesting shit and went full retail. Good job?

          • RBX3

            Honestly dude it’s such an easy finger point and brand anyone as a “sellout”. How much money do you really think there are in firmware kits and arcade mods??? A Vci mod kit costs $25, lets assume $20 profit and they sell around 1000 units a year (which is MORE than they actually do) =$20,000. Now split that between four employees = $5,000 each a year. This is HALF the annual minimum wage in the USA! I have no issue with them running a store and are happy that they don’t do banner adds. DJTT give me the feeling that they want to be your local DJ store which sells products they believe in as well as offering valuable and well-informed advice. How about you start your own website offering nothing but mod kits for very niche products before pointing the finger…

          • No Qualms

            The truth is Ean Golden is a fucking legend! He designed the Novation Dicers, the only ‘necessary’ DJ controller invented. What have you done besides hide under your bridge?

          • truth

            Legends dont choke when Craze shows up to improv and revert back to old played out material, then throw the “i forgot that was today” crap…

            Legends DJ and produce to make their millions – not package content to sell controllers for overlords.

            He is a Legend to DJ’ing like Casey Anthony is to her daughter.

          • No Qualms

            If your gonna take the time to troll at least make sense.

          • Roy Claessen

            If u dont support DJTT or Ean Golden, why are u here? shouldnt u be writing random hate comments on YouTube? Have some respect, Ean is the king here

          • Casin Noah

            Dude, I am one of the biggest haters around, but if you’ve got hate for Ean Golden, a true fucking pioneer in the dj industry (dicer, midifighter, mappings, this site, etc, etc), then you’re just a fuckin stupid twat.

            Running a store, providing it’s readers with solid deals on shit they were going to BUY ANYWAY, whilst directly supporting the site, is an amazing way to support a content-rich website such as this. Fuck off, seriously.

          • iamgeneral

            it is important to note that Ean Golden although he is the front person of DJTT he does not account for 100% of DJTT materials being pushed nor all the innovations you just mentioned. The behind the scene team is quite a Tuff Gong and more of a nerd, than Ean Golden.

            I don’t think you should use words such as “twat” and “fuck off”, “hater” just because u disagree with a fellow opinion. You probably don’t know this but Opinions are like birthday, we all got one and are entitle to voice it, more so if other disagree, that’s what makes us humans.

            Going back to Ean Comment regarding this video produced by NI showcasing Carl Cox using an NI S8 Mixer/Controller. I find it bias and kind of unfunded for Ean to admit his guilt just because of a new shining video from NI using one of the most touring/respected House DJ for decades. It goes without saying EG is a big fan of Carl Cox. Big enough to admit his wrong initial conception of the S8.

            I will prove my point with the following arguments and do believe I am not one to be light with Derogatory words, I love cursing all day. I am quite a big fan it sets the tone and my personality from the gate: I usually do not give a flying f%#$.

            Back to subject at hand.

            EG seems to forget that it is a golden rule that no DJ especially one with such a big name like Carl Cox will choose to endorse NI S8 for free. especially when the company is still young and the product itself is not even at the time of the video production

            4 months old. It is a Business Rule to contract their need for Carl Cox. (Usually behind doors) lol It is not a got damn infomercial on National TV with fine print
            “this is not an actor but a paid portraying actor” / with the fast talking gibberish guy reading all the negative side effect at the speed of light, to distract you from the glory of the advertisement.

            Ean Golden, this is my advice to you, stick to your guns. unless you are absolutely persuaded and proven you were wrong.

            Carl Cox we all love him, but just like you get a certain margin, and discount to be a reseller for various products, but still ask for donations.

            The almighty DJ in this NI S8 introductory video for a club setting, got compensated knowing the ins and outs of many industry and Business Development and strategic management i can bet one Dollar. CC got something in return for that video performance, in terms of Monetary value or Products value which it always comes down to it.

            NI rather keep and hold on to Ca$h reserve as much as they can/The endorser in this case CC usually rather take a Check home. WHY? it is simple this is how he makes a living and his management team don’t make money if he doesn’t make money, and somewhere along the circle of life, ones is not (keep it simple not taking a significant other to the usual Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons) .

            Why do I keep talking, I can help it, I’m passionate. It interests me to find the truth on my own. and it something that I have been very good at, I was thought by the best, my dad RIP.

            He did the same thing for a living, he was a company fixer, crisis, and lots of classified entities hired him.
            I haven’t always been successful in life, Nobody has.

            They are lying to you if they say otherwise. I am a business developer, creator/seller of many areas, The negotiation key is “respect” but Leverage as much as possible. What I have been doing for the past 13+ years climbing up a very non-straight up and cripple ladder.

            Sorry, if I annoy, but I must go on.I know its hard to follow me it’s very hard, to get where my point. Just like jumpy kids every time they see a straight shooting star and must make a wish 🙂 LOLER AHAH we are humans.

            After a while, doing something you love, even if you bounce from one industry to the other, you start to notice changes in people you first. All because when you open your eyes and start seeing from another point of view, You get the ultimate wisdom.

            People change! once you open your eyes you will no longer be the same….

            In all interactive things around us, the core principle remains the same. just gets a few tweaks, here and there..

            Take a Look at DAWs. For instance every producer/DJ needs one to visualize its workflow.

            It doesn’t really matter if it’s Ableton, Reason, Maschine, Logic Pro, Fruity Loops, Pro Tools or some $10,000 one we had no idea existed, yes they do.

            At the end of the day, they all serve their purpose It is up to your creative mind to formulate a magic formula like Quincy and MJ. Do you remember the revolutionary 8 tracks. which is what they used and the result timeless records.
            In your journey through crooks and tramps, as you start to open your eyes eventually you will transcend others and enlightenment will welcome you. Unless you still believe that unleaded gasoline 87,91,93 are really worth the exorbitant price gas station put up. your Fancy car you were told only put 93, its the best so said your salesman at the dealership. the same guy who made a shit load of money off of you. Based on your snobbish ignorance, and your insatiable love to be romanced, and served a warm Dom Perignon, instead a Dom Perignon Oenotheque very glacier.

            Grow up or Die!.
            Do you get my point now regarding your Lord Ean Golden and its contribution to the DJ Industry? compare to the FUCK OFF hater boy .
            You have not the slightest idea about who he is behind these empty heads we shall put a Favicon at least.
            I’d like to thing the people being insulted on the forums around the world because of their opiniated comments, are all Broadway failures, BUT Billionaires a la Jean-Marc Clement who makes love to an embarrassed Marylin Monroe in their private elevator while doing the “cock doodle dance” Life is better lived this way I believe.

            In case you got lost as to what happen to Carl Cox and Ean Golden, ah who cares, theyll stay relevant thanx to … and you will forget this tale of a crazy DJ/Producer/Who just wants to make love

      • Ik

        come on!

  • cidthekid

    my s8 never leaves the studio but thats only due to the fact that no one has made a case for it yet cmon get on it ppl!

    • Ian Shepard

      Sure they did: