djay Pro: Advanced DJ Software + Spotify Intergration

Algoriddim is a household name when it comes to DJ applications. Their djay app for iOS and Android has been downloaded millions of times by users all across the globe who were looking for a way to get their feet wet in DJing. djay is also the name of Algoriddim’s Mac dedicated software that has recently been given a total over-haul and redesign. Today, Algoriddim announced the release of djay Pro, the latest desktop DJ software for Mac OSX. I had the pleasure of talking to Algoriddim’s CEO, Karim Morsy, who walked me through the software which has everything from automatic iTunes playlists to MIDI capabilities and even full Spotify integration.

A New Look

Any users of djay will quickly recognize that djay Pro is a complete redesign of the old software. Everything is much more spaced out and clear to see which makes the software easy to read whether one is in their studio or the club. The software combines the flexibility of the user interface alongside a powerful music library. On major point of design that can be appreciated is Algoriddim’s designs on the virtual vinyl that renders actual grooves of the waveforms on the virtual vinyl.

A Powerful Library (Spotify + iTunes)

A major selling point of djay Pro is the fact the this is the first software that has full Spotify integration built into it. Algoriddim teamed up with Spotify to catalog the entire music library by key and BPM. A user with a solid internet connection can no seamlessly combine their Spotify tracks from the cloud into their mix. djay Pro even recommends tracks based on tracks that the user plays from Spotify.The feature does require a Spotify premium account which, for $10 a month, gives the user the ultimate DJ pool at their finger tips. A seven-day free trial of Spotify Premium is available to all djay Pro users.

“djay Pro opens a new chapter for DJs, bringing Spotify to the desktop and offering the simplicity and stability of our platform to millions of professional and aspiring DJs alike.” – Karim Morsy (CEO)

Also, given the fact that djay Pro was written with the Apple environment in mind, the software was made to work in sync with iTunes. Other DJ softwares lack the ability to automatically update iTunes playlist and libraries as tracks are changed in iTunes. With djay Pro, users’ playlists and tracks are instantly adjusted when updated outside the software. The library also improves a DJ’s workflow by including persistent history and queue, inline search, instant preview, an innovative song recommendation engine powered by The Echo Nest, and versatile track sorting features.

Mac OS X Power Capabilities

djay Pro was programmed with the Mac ecosystem in mind. Taking advantage of 64-bit processing, the software’s response time and track playback is fast and on point. Also, the power behind the software allows for multi-core track analysis, support for Retina and 5k displays, and better sound quality. Seeing the software first hand I can vouch for the extreme responsiveness!

The djay Pro software will also be fully MIDI compatible with any controller that can be mapped to software. The software already supports over 50 controllers and for controllers that need to be mapped, the software has one of the easiest solutions for mapping. Mappings can get very convoluted with the lingo that comes with mapping a controller but djay Pro makes it easy to map a controller for people who have little experience. Everything is labeled clearly within the software. djay Pro also has support for multi-channel USB audio interfaces and external audio input.

Other key features of djay Pro include:

  • Extensive Music Library
  • Four Deck Mixing
  • Waveform Layouts
  • Live Sampler
  • Over 30 state-of-the-art audio effects powered by Sugar Bytes
  • Up to three chain-able audio effects per deck
  • Audio Limiter

djay Pro Making Waves

Algoriddim seems to have created a new level of their software that is worthy of being a reliable platform for advanced DJs and beginners looking to advance their available tools. The point of djay is to open up DJing to everyone through their consumer simple app on iOS – but eventually upgrade to the Pro software to take their skills to the next level.

djay Pro is now available via Algoriddim’s website for $49.99 for a limited time.

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  • Stan Gauthier

    does djay pro support wav files

    i m having a very hard time . as a pro djay, i have all sort of ties but no way to play them on hear.

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  • dudeness7

    This is probably more
    useful as a programming/planning tool than a performance software. I could see
    how this could be really useful as for some digging and doing programming for your
    mix. I usually find music on youtube and end up looking for it on Spotify as well…
    there I can sketch playlists with the crossfade option setting to maximum to
    help with see what’s roughly in the same tempo and key. When I have a playlist that’s
    sound solid I usually end up buying the flac/aifs or vinyl anyways. This would
    make the whole thing just so much more fun!


    no compatibility for anything else but a mac. it doesnt look as versatile as traktor or serato anyway and is probably not compatible with my native instruments kontrol s2 mk2 its a shame because traktor and serato dont have integration with spotify as i hate spending thousands of pound just for music, i have already got a premium account with spotify and it would be great to transfer my playlist so that i am able to mix them all. it bugs me how they put pro on it to make it sound more advanced and though it is an improvement, i couldnt really consider it as pro software, i think i will just stick to traktor

  • Daniel Blacklock

    Downloaded the trial. The interface is beautiful, it makes Traktor look archaic. Having waveforms on-top of one another is nice (I haven’t used Serato) and it set the grid correctly for the whole of Michael Jackson – Billy Jean; Traktor drifts in and out. But this software is still in its infancy:
    – No way to save loops
    – There is a button to manually tap out the beat grid but it doesn’t seem to do anything
    – Grids don’t line up for some tracks and there doesn’t seem to be a way to manually move the grid
    – There is no way to set the initial beat marker to ensure all other makers (only three save slots) and loops (zero save slots) are in phrase
    – There is no indicator as to what beat you are on. Helps when creating loops and keeping in phrase
    – There doesn’t seem to be a way to quantise the one shots.
    – There are tiny dots for panning left right and setting the gain on each deck. I didn’t even realise they could be moved until I accidentally grabbed one. There is no indicator to show if they are centred so now I am not sure if one of the decks is slightly panned off centre.
    – No warpable/flexible beatgrids – the only feature I was really hoping for. If the next Traktor update doesn’t have it I am switching to Serato.

  • Arpuusi

    I tried this sw with pioneer ddj-sx. Response to jog wheel movements is quite bad ???? With traktor it is tolerable but with this it is almost useless…

    • Frederik from Algoriddim

      You can adjust the “speed” and “reaction” parameters of the jog wheel in the “advanced” section at the bottom of djay’s MIDI mapping window to fit the jog wheel behavior you’re used to.

      • deejdave

        I wouldn’t think it would be all that great being it is not one of the native options. Actually I didn’t see ANY pro hardware as an option for djay. THIS is actually what is stopping me. I own a TON of gear (64, 900SRT, 2000NXS, NS7II, SX, SZ, S8, etc) but the SX is my lowest device other than the AMX which is just too new and I have no confidence in the midi map capabilities nor does the “generic” mid map protocol interest me.

        Any chance of professional level gear being supported anytime soon?

  • Greg Muir

    Is there any point though ? Spotify simply doesn’t have the sonic clout to make anything sound good . If this streams from source . Forget it. Mixed in a bath .

    • Yves Smolders

      That is crazy talk. Properly encoded 320kbit Ogg Vorbis is pretty much transparent compared to WAV

  • Zucchinialliansen

    The Spotify integration is a huge deal. The most boring part of deejaying has always been procuring and managing tracks.

    I’m keen to find out how it works in practice. How will it handle dropped connections? Does it cache the entire song? Are the grids stored locally and what happens with them if you disconnect form Spotify?

    Ideally, beat grids would be stored on Spotify with some kind of voting system in place so that all individual DJs could stop wasting time perfecting them. Baby steps, I guess.

    • Frederik from Algoriddim

      djay’s Spotify integration was optimized for mobile use and works well even with 3G connections. Over normal WiFi you can easily play 4 songs from Spotify simultaneously. Once a song is loaded and analyzed (which works almost just as quickly as local songs) you won’t see any dropouts even with a shaky Internet connection. Beat grids are cached locally.

      • Steve Francesco

        Frederik, If I read right “optimized for mobile use” means only 96kbps streams which is barely good enough to audition tracks at home before buying them via alternative stores prior to a gig ? Can you confirm.

        Love the idea, Love the interface, however not so fond of the way spotify was integrated and lack of native support for higher end controllers e.g. SX/SR/S4 etc.

        Guys, if you are going to put a “pro” label on something, aim it at the pros and provide pro features.

        • Nicholas Polydor

          To add to this, @frederikalgoriddim:disqus , could you please push Spotify to increase their bitrate from 320kbps lossy right up to 24-bit/192kHz (i.e. no re-encoding from studio masters)? TIDAL, Deezer Elite and Qobuz already offer 16-bit/44.1kHz and there are rumours that Apple will follow suit with a relaunched Beats Music.

          • Steve Francesco

            Somehow I don’t think thats going to happen, its aimed as a streaming service and I doubt Algoriddhim have much more input to Spotify than using their API – even @ 320kbps its slow for streaming, but any less is than that useless for playing live.

            24 bit would be a tiny, tiny market segment, and then require re-mastering to make it sound decent at lower bitrates.

    • Dean Zulueta

      It should considering the CDJs (2000s specifically) are MIDI compatible.

      • Charles Cushman

        That is what I thought. It would be nice if that functionality was native.

        • deejdave

          Exactly what I was just trying to get at myself. Not ONE native device for Djay is something I would purchase.

  • Peter Henry

    64-bit gives lower response time? Give me a break. It gives larger pointers and more maximum addressable memory; that’s it. Looks cool, though.

    • Cameron Willer

      **Which reduces input and output lag in turn.*** Have you ever tried working with 32 bit software?? Its BS

  • tricade

    not bad not bad… i hope to see soon the answer from NI 😉 Its about time!

    • deejdave

      To me N.I. is going more towards production, remixing etc The traditional DJ scene is pretty much in Serato’s hand ATM. I know if you prefer N.I. this will be met with MUCH debate (especially here at DJTT) but after purchasing the S8 I can’t imagine the actual DJing being a priority of N.I.’s.