Review: Pioneer XDJ-1000

Over the last few years, the ‘CDJ that doesn’t play CDs’ has taken on almost mythical status in the DJ world, spoken of in hushed tones by those claiming to be in-the-know, and those who claimed to know somebody else who was. What is perhaps surprising, though, is that the first CD-less player is not a top-end replacement for the Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus, but in fact a replacement for the more budget-minded CDJ-850. An interesting move on Pioneer’s part – but has it paid off?

Pioneer XDJ-1000 Breakdown

The Good

  • Features equivalent to the Nexus players
  • Good value (in CDJ terms)
  • Qwerty track search

The Bad

  • Still a hefty investment compared to a controller setup
  • Lack of CD drive could be a problem in many cases

The Bottom Line

  • The lack of CD playback may cause issues for some, but if you’re willing to join Pioneer in dropping optical media, the XDJ-1000 is the best low-end player they’re ever made, by some margin.

****UPDATE: Traktor Pro 2.8 now supports the Pioneer XDJ-1000 in HID mode

Availability: Limited stock available now in DJTT store for $999 each!

Pioneer XDJ-1000 Introduction

There is one fact which you, as a reader, must remind yourself of constantly as you read this review. The XDJ-1000 is NOT a CDJ-2000 Nexus replacement, in any respect. It’s half the price, for a start.  No, instead, the XDJ-1000 is a replacement for the CDJ-850. In my round-up of the CDJ range for DJ TechTools earlier in 2014, I identified the 850 as a model which was overdue for a refresh, as compared to the Nexus players it was looking woefully outdated and underpowered. It was hard to imagine that it’s successor would be such a dramatic upgrade, though.


Like all the recent CDJ models, Pioneer call the XDJ-1000 a ‘multi-player’. It’s somewhat less ‘multi’ than the rest, however, as the CD slot is noticeably absent. There are two ways of playing music with the XDJ-1000; from USB media, and by using it to control software via midi or HID (more on that later). Something which is totally new to the Pioneer DJ player range is a touchscreen. Such technology is not unprecedented on their DJ kit generally, as the likes of the DJM-2000 mixer have had them for a while. The addition of that touchscreen means that, despite a noticeable lack of physical buttons compared to a 2000, pretty much all of the features available in Rekordbox are there. You get the big and small waveforms. The sync and quantize. The beat/bar display and countdown. Beatgrid adjustment. Hot cues, slip mode, the list goes on. So what’s missing? Well, in physical control terms, you lose the jog wheel tension adjust. It’s preset to a fairly loose feel, like the 800 and 850 before it. It’s a reasonable compromise between pleasing the spinback merchants, and gentle pitch-benders. There’s only a single knob for adjusting the release and brake in vinyl mode, which is always a little annoying. It will do an instant start, even when set to a long parameter, if you press play from a cue point, but I suspect for most DJs, the release function is not needed, and a single knob to control the brake would be more useful; having the platter wind up slowly isn’t a commonly used effect (in my experience). In terms of sound quality, the XDJ-1000 doesn’t have the top-end Wolfson digital/analogue converter found on the Nexus, or the digital output, but on the systems I’ve used it on, with compressed audio files, I found no discernible difference in sound quality. If you’re playing AIFFs on a finely tuned, hugely expensive system, you may well notice something, but if that’s the case, you probably won’t be shopping for a low-end player.   The link functionality is all there; using LAN cables, you can link to other players, your laptop running Rekordbox, and the DJM-900 Nexus and DJM-2000. When linked with those mixers, the beatgrid info is sent through the link, so your FX will always be tightly quantized right on beat. Unlike the CDJ-2000s, there is no platter illumination, so you don’t get the on-air display where the jog changes colour, but again – this is a CDJ-850 replacement, not really designed to be used with the top-flight mixers. There’s no SD card slot onboard the XDJ-1000, of course. It’s a nice thing to have on the CDJ-2000s, but not a dealbreaker for most people, I’m sure. Decent USB sticks are just as affordable, and often provide faster write speeds (for loading tracks on from Rekordbox) for the same money.

The Touchscreen

Having touch technology in a club environment can be a little worrying. We’ve all used our smartphones in light rain, and found phantom presses occurring, right? Thankfully, no such issues seem to be found with the XDJ-1000. Even in very sweaty venues, the touchscreen behaved impeccably without fail. The screen is bright, clear, and very high resolution, much more so than on the CDJ-2000 Nexus, with much smoother fonts and an all-round cleaner look. Some of the button targets are a little small for my fat fingers, but that’s an understandable consequence of fitting so much functionality into a fairly small space. Having the hot cues on a second control layer (the ‘Perform’ mode) is a little frustrating, until you remind yourself about the ‘850 replacement’ thing; that had no hot cues at all, so having them on here at all is a real bonus. Even the pricier CDJ-900 Nexus doesn’t have them. As you can set hot cues to pre-load when you load a track, it’s then reasonably fast to jump into performance mode and get busy. To sum up the touchscreen; there is a reason that hardcore first-person-shooter game players will never choose an iPad for their control method. No touchscreen will ever be quite as nice to use for performance as physical controls. But as touchscreens go, the one on the XDJ-1000 does the job it is intended to do very well, even in the kind of harsh environments this bedroom player is not really designed for.

The Search Goes On…

Finding tracks in a large library has always been an area where Rekordbox has not excelled. Their older players have offered two methods for ‘typing’ in data; selecting one letter at a time via the small touchstrip on the 2000s (slow), and rotating the control knob to select letters on other models (downright painful). All that has changed, as the XDJ-1000 utilizes the touchscreen to provide a full QWERTY keyboard search. It’s so much faster to find tracks than it was before, and is really a killer selling-point if you are a mobile, or open-format DJ who deals with a lot of requests and large libraries. Each key is a little small (fat fingers strike again), but even typing gingerly, it’s way, way faster than the older methods of search.

Processing Power

Let’s be honest; what made searching slow on the older generation of players wasn’t just the input method. The speed with which the players could draw data from your media was pretty underwhelming too. Even trying to just re-order a 1000 track playlist on a first-gen CDJ-2000 would mean a good few seconds staring at a ‘wait’ screen. The XDJ-1000 is much, much snappier all round on that front. At each gig I’ve played with an XDJ-1000 in tow, I made sure to use it as the music source for all 3 decks, connecting the others via link. Rest assured, these things process data very quickly indeed, on a par with, if not faster than, the Nexuses. You’ll want fast USB media, of course (Sandisk Cruzer Extreme are my ONLY recommendation), but with that in place, every process you will do with the XDJ-1000 is fast and snappy.

HID Control

Disappointingly, although the XDJ-1000 is already on sale in some territories, the promised HID support for Serato DJ is not ready at the time of review. Both the player firmware, and the software, will need updating before it is. That’s real shame, as without it, the XDJ-1000 is missing a full one third of it’s playback options (USB, Link, HID). So I can’t comment on the performance of it, having not used it. Hopefully the recently close relationship between Serato and Pioneer will pay dividends here, but that’s pure speculation at this point. What is a big shame is the lack of any sign that Traktor HID support is on the cards. When it comes to HID, Traktor is actually the better option, as you can utilize the audio interfaces within the decks. Having to use a Rane SL box, or Serato certified mixer with Serato DJ is a big hassle by comparison. But unless Native Instruments start playing nice with others again soon, don’t hold your breath for Traktor support. ****UPDATE: Traktor Pro 2.8 now supports the Pioneer XDJ-1000 in HID mode


$2000 for a pair of players (without a mixer) is still a hefty investment for anybody. But the XDJ-1000 is the first ‘low-end’ Pioneer deck that really has all the features to compete with the big boys. If you play at (or aspire to play at) venues which have a Rekordbox system, then the XDJ-1000’s are the perfect tool for practicing at home. You’ll be completely at home switching between XDJ-1000s in the bedroom, and CDJ 2000 Nexuses in the club. For mobile DJs, the search function is so much better than on other models, you’ll need to think very hard about whether the superior build and sound of the Nexus is worth losing that QWERTY keyboard for. It really is a massive deal for that kind of DJing. Ultimately, despite my reservations about Pioneer dropping the CD drive on this low-end player first, the XDJ-1000 really will be the perfect choice in the Pioneer range for a lot of DJs. Whilst I think a controller setup remains the more sensible option for real beginners, any intermediate to advanced DJ who wants Rekordbox functionality at home will be served superbly well by the XDJ. Indeed I was so impressed, that having played with Pioneer’s review loan units for a while, that I ordered one of my own to add to my setup. Can’t offer a product any higher recommendation than that.

Availability: Limited stock available now in DJTT store for $999 each!

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  • Deejay Kallejero

    hi guys need a little help getting my xdj-1000 to work in hid with serato live I’ve updated the firmware on the player I’m using a macbook pro with a rane 62 any help is highly appreciated thanks

  • Dave

    Called Pioneer and was told for the FASTEST response for reading VIA USB, the maximum is 64GB.
    Anything higher, you WILL see major latency!
    I’m using 128GB, which I normally use on the CDJ2000s, as it scrolls and uploads ALL my files on the fly.
    But using the XDJ1000s, I’m experiencing mass amounts of latency using my 128GB flash drives…
    Maybe I can keep the 128GB but update it to a faster USB media?
    It’s either having (2) 128GB or (4) 64GB drives..

    • dibb

      I’m very curious to know a bit more about this latency with larger capacity media. Have you tried faster USB media (e.g. Sandisk Cruzer Extreme)? External HDD or maybe SSD? I want to be able to access my entire library (around 300GB) but without any noticeable latency. Is this possible with this player?

  • AlexB

    My and a buddy who’s new to DJing were looking at this guy, and we can’t figure it out which is a better buy? XDJ-1000 or CDJ-900 Nexus? There’s a lot of comparison between XDJ1000 and CDJ2000 but not compared to 900 Nexus?
    He does have some CDs and likes to play them, but IF XDJ offers a lot more functionality with touchscreen, he could compromise on CDs… any idea?

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  • Brian Mitchell

    And now it can control Traktor via HID 😀

  • dereyck2005

    traktor 2.7.5 beta supports the xdj 1000 hid mode, cdj 900 nexus also

  • alexandermon

    Can someone please tell me if there’s a way to display the RGB waveform that Rekordbox 3 has on the XDJ-1000 screen??

    Being forced to use the blue waveform was one of the reasons I returned my Kontrol S8.

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  • russ cochran

    the HID developments with these decks are immense, using serato sl2 and my mac with them means i have double the capacity and creativity, go away haters. this is the future

  • Dante

    I received 2 of those a week ago. At first I was extremely disappointed with how cheap they feel (plastic fantastic) but after using them I can say that the functionality and stability is awesome. Oh and you don’t get that cool Pioneer premium USB stick with it :/ Good players but a bit overpriced…

  • nano

    but what if you were to use timecode signal?

    I know that may sound dumb, but I have heard of many touring acts doing that. I just dont know if that would work with the XDJ…?

    • Scott Brio

      Pretty sure you could make a 60 minute mp3 of timecode just like you would on CD’s, or you could make a 1 minute mp3 of timecode and loop it. Both should work just like CD’s. They’re both data ‘hard drives’ so to speak- just different forms.

  • Tim Zarychta

    I just received 2 of them today to add more decks to my 2000nexus setup and they kick ass. You can tell its a lower priced product in appearence but as far as productivity and effectiveness go theyre flawless. People were concerned about the touchscreen being less effective then physical buttons but ive noticed no issues on the front. Looking forward to using them more

  • The Great DJ Swindle

    Still better to get 900 Nexus for a couple of hundreds more?

  • RogueDJ

    add Traktor HID support and I’ll get a pair

  • DJ Chris

    IMHO, there are two problems with this article.
    The author says there are two negatives with the XDJ: No Traktor HID and No CD drive.

    First, concerning the no Traktor HID. So what? When I saw and heard about the XDJ, I was ecstatic. I thought to myself “I can finally leave the laptop at home!”. The last thing that would have come to my mind, and still hasn’t, was if I could use them as controllers.

    Second, “No CD drive”….. What the? Are you kidding me? I really can’t even put into words how dumb that “con” sounds. How do you complain about missing functionality, when the manufacturer purposely built it without that functionality as a selling point! It’s like saying “Hamburgers are great, but they don’t have cheese, they would be better if they had cheese”. Buy a cheeseburger if you want cheese!

    Doesn’t anybody proof-read these articles for content?

    My problem with this XDJ is that there is no SD card functionality, this would have truly made it a “multi-media” player. Much more so than missing HID for Traktor or Serato. Second, higher quality DAC would have been great. Third, a USB A slot in the back for flash drives would have been good. And lastly, SPDIF or digital out would have been a good idea, IMHO.

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Pioneer is shifting its own market target towards controllers (trying to keep their actual user base)
      They will keep some standalone players at high prices meanwhile drop more controllers in the low end. Booth focused in Digital Djing (even the plx1000 is focused towards dvs users)

      So… Take the comments as a market study.

    • Ruklaw

      Er… plug in a USB SD card reader?

  • frenkee

    I’m still waiting for a CDJ -(midi)- deck, based on the DDJ-SX2 or -SZ

    Now I’m using a DJM900Nexus and a DDJ-SR only for deck control in Traktor. (it’s cheaper then 2 CDJ’s)
    I personally love to use the performance pads, don’t like touch screens, I want to feel the buttons and knobs.
    I was thinking to buy the SX-2 as an upgrade but I don’t like the mixer part.

  • balErik

    I bought 2 of these the other week, and I am waiting for third deck. I think they are great. I connected them with a switch to my home network and it is easy to search for tunes from my whole library in rekordbox on my pc. I have been using Traktor and 2 x1 kontrollers for the last few months, which is great too, but I think it is more fun to use the Pioneer decks, and I also gig out on the cdj 2000s. I would gladly play a gig on 3 Xdj-1000 players that works, I doubt they will take a beating like the 2000s do, but they are great for home use. The touch screen is great and very responsive, I think certain functions are better on the xdj 1000 than on the 2000 players.

    Anyway I will recommend them to anyone who likes to play on cdj 2000 players but can’t afford them. When I played a gig on Friday on the cdj 2000 players I missed the search function from the xdjs.

  • Joe

    Let’s wait for the next version of this unit with few buttons extra mostly those dj’s use constantly (hot cues for example). Because I still don’t see how is the xdj-1000 with this price tag a bedroom thing and for lack of buttons a club thing.. my only worry is it won’t be below £1200 well maybe £1199.. If I wouldn’t have the good old CDJs-1000 I would consider these as an option.

    • chris

      £770 on thomann or woodbrass mate

  • Erick Flores

    A DJM-900nxs with a pair of X1’s like Ean uses is the better and cheaper option now. Laptop is not a problem, All of us have any so save your money and use a X1 with a high quality mixer!

  • Jane

    please do these in white like the cdj 850 Ws – in fact any of your recent CDJs in White would be very welcome (900/2000)

    • Aaron McCarthy

      Or… You might not want to. It’s Gemini. I have 2 CDJ 700’s. Trust me, steer clear.

  • CUSP

    This is really cool, and it looks like a great controller, but for those people with an iPhone (or iPad) wanting just the core functionality of scratching a turntable, I’d suggest Tonetable It’s $8 on the App Store. Also, it works really well with Scratch Track for people wanting to scratch in their DAW (like Ableton Live).

    What I like about this controller is that it is very much like a CDJ-850 with touch screens. Few controllers have touch screens right now, which makes this actually an alternative to playing with a laptop or a tablet.

  • Korneel Delaere

    Mojaxx, what if i want to use the rekordbox software on my mac, the latest generation without an Ethernet connection port? Do i really need to buy a thunderbolt-gigabit ethernet connection cable to use it.

    I don’t want to quit using the HID but i am losing confidence in NI, so i need a backup plan.

    (currently using Traktor, always worked via HID connection)

    • Steve Francesco

      I theory it should work fine over a wi-fi network rather than ethernet.

      • Korneel Delaere

        Yeah, in theory.
        Not all the places where i dj are equipped with wifi.
        I hope NI, changes their opininion to collab with pioneer in the futur. I’m already heaving trouble when i see a 900nxs.

        • Steve Francesco

          I wouldn’t even consider running in-house wifi anyhow, but you could throw a small, decent quality wifi router in with your bag of tricks which is pre-configured e.g. correctly ip-addressed, SSID turned off, Mac address filtering etc.

          • Mojaxx

            I’ve actually got that exact router as a network extender in my house Steve; it’s nice and reliable, but I wouldn’t recommend it for RB just because for most setups you’ll want at least 3 Ethernet ports; 2 decks and mixer, maybe, or more decks.

            So something with more ports is preferable, or an extra switch will be needed too.

            Don’t forget that the players and mixers do always require a wired connection, only the computer and mobile apps can hook up wirelessly.

          • Steve Francesco

            Of course 🙂 , I (maybe wrongly) assumed he was just playing on two decks and was not going to hook the mixer into the loop.

            Just not needing to pull around power brick the same size as a router would make me buy one :p But yeah, he would probably be better served with a “grown up” router.

          • Mojaxx

            To be honest, it’s all rather a faff-on anyway; unless you absolutely must have all your collection available, there aren’t really any benefits to booking up a laptop.

            I carry multiple USB sticks, SD cards and even a 1tb HDD with everything on it, but at the majority of gigs I just play off a single 64gb USB stick.

            Ditching the laptop was the main reason I started using RB in the first place!

          • Steve Francesco

            True, ipad over wireless however is very cool and would make searching for tracks a lil more pleasurable than the on-screen navigation.

          • dibb

            How are the boot up and access / search speeds when you hook up a 1TB HDD with the XDJ? And is there a difference in speed between the XDJ 1000 and 700?

    • Mojaxx

      I have 2 network switches I use with all my RB kit, and they are both 10/100.

      That’s also a 2009 Macbook in the video.

      And I’m pretty sure the decks themselves don’t have gigabit Ethernet anyway. It’s just not needed for the amount of data being shifted.

      Fear not!

      • Mojaxx

        Oh, wait… I totally misread your question. Doh!

        Yeah, as Steve says below, you could use a wireless router… Although personally I’d be happier with the Ethernet adaptor.

  • Dave Slater

    Suitable for home use only for those DJ’s who only use USB sticks when they’re out

    No valid reason for anyone to use them in clubs when other DJ’s might require CD’s

    No promoter in their right mind would spend twice the money to hire these AND cdj’s as well when they can get the same functionality in a CDJ2000/850 nexus

    So it makes sense for Pioneer to release the cheaper version first. There are always fanboys who will upgrade in a years time to the latest model but right now they are appealing to a certain set of people who don’t need CD’s at home

  • killmedj

    If Serato got rid of the ridiculous need to have a an SL box connected even for HID use I would switch over from Traktor in a heart beat. What a stupid stipulation!.
    I do think that Pioneer is on the right track though, I essentially use CDJ 2000 nexus as controllers already, so pushing them in that direction is fine by me!

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  • Leslie Brohm

    Can’t remember if I had asked already, but can you use single XDJ for multiple decks?

  • Phil Worrell

    Since I first saw these announced I want to see a review of them. Looks like they came up to my expectations. Reasonable player with not quite all the bells and whistles but not far off. Traktor HID missing is what puts me off investing in a pair at the moment. Still cannot have everything for the price.

  • Mutis Mayfield

    Touch surfaces are toys.
    Controllers are toys.
    Vinyl is crap.

    These were more or less the rant from pioneer to competitors over years.
    Now they release turntables, controllers and a cdj with touch surface and without cd.

    The only thing they keep intact are prices. :rolleyes:

    • Casin Noah

      Considering the dollar is worth about half of what it was 15 years ago, I’d say their prices are very fair. You can get the excellent intro level DDJ-SB for 200-250$ if cheap is your thing.

      • Mutis Mayfield

        Sure but incoherent with themselves more or less… Did you see the old ad ranting over the m-audio xponent kind controllers? Yes the same that they are selling out now like never happened… the same kind. Weird.

        • Casin Noah

          Why should I care?

          • Mutis Mayfield

            It is not about the price (which is still expensive even for controllers due to its quality against competitors). It is about being coherent with your consumers.
            The problem? They were focused over certain type of ranting over others… (Neoclassic dj vs Controllerist djs) in a hyperbolic “piruette” they were “pioneer” innovators (the same movie when they released the cdj1000 against turntables uh oh) ranting agaoinst newcoming technology (duh!) so…
            You don’t need to care, in few years they will do the same with wereables or wathever new tech come.

            Weird, very weird…

          • Casin Noah

            There is no quality competitor. Until there is they’re gonna charge whatever they want.

            Nobody gives two fucks what their focus is. Is English your 4th language or something? You sound like a mental patient.

          • Mutis Mayfield

            And then comes the best argument from the most polite and educated etnocentric person in the world.

            Let give him and applause and say good bye!

            Merry Xmas to you and your deeper arguments. Check the upvotes in my first comment and think about it and empathy. If you can’t understand arguments and others feelings then continue dropping hate on a screen. I will continue improving my english skills, I hope other do the same with spanish (and typo errors caused by disqus and ipad)

          • Casin Noah

            You make no sense. It’s like talking to Google Translate.

          • Mutis Mayfield

            23 person has upvoted my first commeNt. Give thanks to google translate for that. Give thanks to Lord that free spech (and internet) give chances to discuss even to the ethnocentric childs over the world.


            Ps: ironic mode off.

          • Casin Noah

            ?? ??? ?????? ??? ???? ??

          • Casin Noah

            nobody is clicking that kid, try harder

          • Casin Noah

            your sense of humor is as bad as your english. rick astley hasn’t been a meme since 2003 kid.

          • Casin Noah

            ?????? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ???? ??

          • Casin Noah

            this isnt 2003 kid

          • the dude

            yeah homie is tripping, using big words in a grammatical cluster fuck approximating a coherent string of sentences.

    • alexandermon

      Pioneer DJ was bought by a private equity company, they have no obligation to be consistent

      • Mutis Mayfield

        Sure but it is curious how the message changes over the time when you didn’t focus on see the truth more than try to “be” the only truth (the standard)

  • Steve Francesco

    No one seems to mention the fact that you can use an ipad running rekordbox wirelessly (or wired) as your … well …record box, and do all your searching there, which IMHO is a kickass feature.

    • Mojaxx

      It’s a cool feature in some ways, but as Pioneer have still yet to make the iOS version of Rekordbox a universal app, it seems even they don’t think people are that bothered.

      If the Remotebox app worked with CDJs, and you could browse the contents of your USB devices with it, that would be killer.

    • midiman

      recordbox is crap. if you want to use a external screen why dont use a laptop instead of a shity i pad?

      • Steve Francesco

        So I can wander around the booth with my setlist in hand and not be crouched over fiddling with a laptop or looking at tiny CDJ screens.

  • Casin Noah

    a gigantic step in the right direction. basically a 2000 for half the price. the lack of a cd player is a pro not a con. usb sticks are 10$ theres no excuse anymore.

    pioneer poised to destroy ni going forward. the 2000 version of this will be club standard for 5+ years.

    • Rob Ticho,Club mU

      Destroy NI? I’m not seeing any evidence of that. Besides, consumers should never hope that one company dominates a market. Market dominance leaves a company with little motivation to innovate. We saw this with Pioneer, who for years were happy to sit on their asses. It wasn’t until the controller market heated up, that they began to come out with interesting new gear.

      • Casin Noah

        If the competition is BS like NI, I say good riddance. Healthy competition promotes innovation, yearly unnecessary upgrades to overpriced midi controllers don’t do anything. Pioneer/Rane/Allen&Heath/people like djtechtools/teenage engineering are the real innovators/”competition”.

        If you don’t see any evidence of Pioneers market dominance, perhaps you haven’t been to a club in the past 5 years?

        • Rob Ticho,Club mU

          Don’t confuse a company’s placement in DJ booths with overall market share.

          • Mojaxx

            That would normally be a sensible stance to take, except according to Reuters, Pioneer has a 60% marketshare in the DJ equipment industry. That’s 60% for them, and 40% left for EVERY other company.

            I won’t debate how healthy or unhealthy that is, but their dominance is unquestionable.

          • Casin Noah

            Because every other company NI, Numark, w/e, are complete tinker toy garbage. Pioneers dominance is justified and due to nothing other than the consistent, reliable quality of their product.

          • midiman

            damn never read such a bullshit post…ni is alive and well. laptop setups work great, i like a x1 much more than a pioneer cdj with its outdated layout. one x1 can do more than 2 overpriced and unnecessarily bulky nexus 2000. pioneer mixer, affordable laptop and a native instruments = perfect tools for professional dj work.

          • maaraneasi

            To be honest, NI is a dickhead company which is stuck 3 years back still thinking that they have a huge leap before their competition. I am using many their products (Traktor, Maschine, Komplete) but their biggest innovation in the past years was adding a rgb leds on their current products. They had so much potential taking the whole djing on another level but instead of that, their are just stuck in the corner, living from their past products (and thinking that crap like S8 is something that everyone is waiting for). Where is laptop-less djing? Where is dvs on ipad when they already have the application? Where is the library management which is newer than 5 years? Where is the invention? It took them 8 months to release the most recent traktor update bringing no new features and screwing the rest… Disappointing…
            On the other hand, the Pioneer price policy is really ridiculous but at least you see some progress in their products and you really see the whole thing evolving…

          • Casin Noah

            seems like a good opportunity for another company to come in with a better quality, cheaper, xdj type device. rane…a&h…looking at you…

          • Casin Noah

            You’re a relic, laptops are obsolete, you just don’t know it yet.

          • midiman

            and small displays on big bulky overpriced pioneer devices are the future? no thanks

          • Casin Noah

            says the guy who’s never even used one. the displays on the NI stuff are pathetic by comparison.

            i would love to see the same device for 500$ made by a&h or rane or hell even NI, but since that doesn’t exist, Pioneer will continue to charge a premium. and I would say that premium is probably only 20-30% above what they could/should charge, hardware/parts-wise.

          • J Crenshaw

            Go back to your bedroom Kid.. You have no idea what you are talking about

          • Casin Noah

            Go back to your shit NI hardware fuckface, leave the proper toys (Pioneer) to the big boys.

          • DJ Chris

            Preach it! +1
            So tired of Traktor, laptops, service center, crashes, updates…

          • pion_noooers

            By far the most stupid, senseless, unreflected and worst researched comment of the year! Congratulations you earned the award.

          • Casin Noah

            Truth hurts don’t it NI fuckboy?

          • Dave


          • Casin Noah

            nah El-P spells it right, you don’t

          • Casin Noah

            Every club on the planet says different.

          • Oli

            You can’t wait for NI to file to file for bankrupcy? And what would that do to advance the state of music? You seem to be completely overlooking the fact that NI make cutting edge production software used by absolutely every professional producer. Not interested in legacy products? Have you heard of Massive or Kontakt?

            I don’t think NI will lose too much sleep over the loss of you as a customer, plenty of other people see the quality in their products.

          • Casin Noah

            ni make dogshit. maschine v1 was good and it’s been down into the shitter ever since. same with traktor s4 for what its worth. the problem with ni has never really been the hardware (although it is quite toy like). the problem with ni is the guts and their nightmare of a service/support updater.

            and yes i like to see shit, opportunistic, greedy, asshole companies die. so, cya later NI!

          • Mutis Mayfield

            In 5 years Pioneer will have an S8 standalone and call it “true revolution” (sic)

          • Casin Noah

            no, they won’t.

          • Mutis Mayfield

            I supose your empathy and sense of irony are worst my english skills ( and that’s so low gnnnnnnnnnnnn)

            Ps: I will love to know how many money pays you NI to troll so good Pioneer…

          • Casin Noah

            i’ve done you the favor of translating my next statement into 5 different languages so you can better understand.

            Do not know the answers that speak no sense for one. The reason for this is due to the very low intelligence and sound

          • Casin Noah

            Lol what? Are you deaf/blind? Pioneer has 70% of the market. Post all the graphs you want tool.

          • Puneet

            They may own 70% of the club market, but that is a tiny market compared to the consumer market which is dominated by controllers by an enormous amount. I’m not biased by controllers, I DJ on tech 12s, but I’m not disillusioned by the “industry standard” either

          • Casin Noah

            no bro, it’s 70% of consumer as well. you’re an idiot.

          • Ed

            You do realise that Pioneer make controllers too?

          • Ed

            lol this graph shows literally 6 days… wtf? It doesn’t even show which brands, so how you can show this as proof of anything? jesus.

          • lolwut

            … realize thats not 6 days..that’s 6 years. Those spikes are Christmas and we are talking about CDJs which Pioneer controls, which is going down over all. If you’re going to try to be smart, at least learn how to read

      • Loco

        Well that’s just not going to happen, since not everyone can afford their gear, unless they come out with super cheap yet awesome stuff, which they won’t, the SB doesn’t count by the way. Also newer and easier methods of production will not cease to improve ( not to mention feedback) so other companies will only get better. Pioneer is definitely not the only quality product out there. Perhaps they have nicer/better quality designs, but not always the best ideas. Jeez I should become designer for some other company like Numark or something bet we could make something look even better. Unfortunately seems like they all have shitty product/industrial designers.

  • Grof

    And so the drunken spill down the stairs of music equipment greats begins for Pioneer…. And I see no end in sight….

    • Jacob Stadtfeld

      Right? They should release a vinyl turntable.

  • Chris Wunder

    Ehhhh I just dont see the value

  • FishBone

    just a thought. as a third deck you could qwerty search any track, tag list and instantly load to your main decks. I could see this being an obvious choice for a additional deck to compliment a 900/2000nxs set up…

    • Mojaxx

      Hit the nail on the head, FishBone, that’s one of the reasons I found the XDJ to be such a compelling purchase for me, as that third deck.

      I wanted a third deck anyway; it would be a real waste to spend all that money JUST for fast search, but it definitely helped sway my decision.