Vestax Update: Rebuilding The Brand + Company in 2015

We wrote earlier this week about the official declaration of bankruptcy that Vestax is going through in Japan, but now there’s reason to believe that the brand won’t fizzle out or even get sold. The US distributor for Vestax, Mixware, sent over a new update from the Vestax team in Japan.

“The bankruptcy procedure was a necessary first step into the rebuilding of Vestax Japan and Vestax brand. Measures, engineering team, new product designs and financial support are already in place to support the rebuilding process and more information will be published by Vestax Japan during the course of the first semester 2015.”

This is great news for fans of the company’s mixers, turntables, and controllers – but going bankrupt is often a long and consuming process for companies, as acknowledged in the second half of the update:

“This process will definitely take some time before the first new Vestax products reach the worldwide markets but we’re confident that once again under the leadership of its original founders, Vestax will soon reemerge as a strong innovative brand as it has always been.”

Note the mention of “leadership of its original founders” – this would indicate that a sale or complete change in ownership is not in the plans.

Keep your eyes on DJTT – we’ll keep you updated as the Vestax bankruptcy story continues to slowly unfold. 

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  • Jake

    Great, hopefully they’ll release updates for the VCI 400 having issue with the cue buttons on decks 3 and 4 when using Serato DJ

    • Maxime Mary

      If you own the vci 400, do you have an issue (like me) on Serato DJ with the Standalone mode ? When you switch on Thru mode, do you hear popping sound, clickling noise ? ‘Cause audio (2.1) and midi (2.03) firmware up’ collide with Serato. I really want to know if somebody found a solution …

      By the way, I’ve no issue with cue buttons. Can I help ?


      • Jake

        No issue with poppin’ when using as a stand alone mixer, but truthfully I don’t use it that offend for that maybe 4 times with a turntable. I did upgrade the crossfader to Vestax CF-X2 well worth the price of the xfader. Sorry it’s not a issue with any cue buttons, but when using Serato I have to hold down the headphones PFL buttons for deck 3&4 to have the audio play through them it’s won’t toggle on to stay on using Serato but it works fine using it standalone.

        • Maxime Mary

          Okay. What a strange issue with your PFL buttons. I think you can remap now on Serato with the new version (1.8.1). About my issue, I bought my Vestax one year ago. I set up 1.5.1 drivers first, and then updated with 1.6.1 drivers, with _0203_midi file and _v21_audio.bin file.
          It is the same for you ?

          As a standalone mixer only, works well, but with serato, sounds appear .
          Let me know.


  • VEstax Fan

    as i heard Vestax went bankrupt , i quickly bought 2 PDX 3000 and a Vestax 05 RED BEAT , i always wanted these products but my decision got speed up knowing they are the last of its kind … im happy to hear they plan a come back , i wish all the best to vestax and hope for new dope mixers in future , i dont like rane or anything else thats out there today

  • Platinius

    After the f**k-up with the firmware for the VCI-380 I’m just not interested in buying any of their products again, totally over them.

  • CUSP

    OK, this makes more sense why they didn’t liquidate the supply chain and manufacturing plant(s) now. I’m curious how they will restructure and what part of the market they will focus on, should they emerge from bankruptcy (there is never a guarantee) for both internal and external reasons.

    I wonder how they’re going to honor existing customer needs, and what products they’ll make going forward.

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  • Jaysen Martinez

    Now they just need to reproduce the Controller One Turntable so I can buy one dang it!

  • Vanholsaet Chris

    Good news! Just bought me a brand new TR-1 for 50€… stock clearance… 🙂

  • SiobhanG

    Good news. Just hope it stays good news.

  • DeejayALX

    This absolutely is great news!!

  • deejae snafu


  • cyberfunk77

    SO happy to read this:-) I just picked up a VCI-300. Any tips on where to get product support, drivers, firmware updates etc.?

    • deejdave

      My guess is their focus would be on their future products to come NOT the last and legacy products. their unloading of all current stock (to the current resellers of Vestax parts) would only further support this as well as clearly indicate that future support on past products is not probable. As a company looking to restart and rebuild the last thing they would probably want to do is revisit any past ventures that led them directly to the state they are currently in. There is simply nothing in it for them at this point combined with the protection that bankruptcy beings along I would not get my hopes up…………………. then again this is just my opinion.

      BTW you would normally get the current firmware updates & drivers from the website but being is down you could try the forums for the software you intend to use. If you intend on using with the proper software then the driver is probably included in the respective DJ app. If you are opting to go with an alternate DJ app then

      • G Wan

        Seriously? Well, I’ve bought a VCI-400 three months ago. If they will not support it any longer or at least open source the firmware so that we can get it to work on the next edition of windows (coming in a few months) they can rot in hell for all I care. I will move from Win7 to Win10 when it comes out. If there are no drivers for it and It becomes a paper weight I will shoot myself before supporting anything Vestax ever again. And I will make sure I’ll go to every DJ forum and warn everyone about the scammers and how they leave their clients hanging. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…
        I won’t even mention the fact that corporations these days think we are living in a Planet with infinite resources. I mean, build something to use a few months and throw out before buying the new shiny thing all over again. It won’t end well and you don’t need any prophet to see that.

        • deejdave

          Keep in mind there is the business-minded thing to do here and the RIGHT thing. Vestax is a brand known for doing the right thing so I almst would not be surprised if they did offer full support for legacy products.

          At the VERY least I agree they should offer the firmware as open source. Time will tell. I didn’t mean to come across as all knowing or anything. I am just sitting here guessing like everyone else. All I can do is use logic & reasoning along with some resources & history to make the best hypothesis possible……………….. BUT remember a hypothesis is a fancy word for GUESS!!

  • Scott Frost

    Or they will be bought by in music.

  • sam

    I love this, this made my day