Kontrol S8 Bags, Backpacks, Cases – Community Design Project!

It’s been a few months since the Traktor Kontrol S8 came out, and with a lot of them now floating around many owners noticed – there are not many good carrying options! With the Kontrol S8 being considerably larger than your average controller, it does not fit in any common backpacks and will require it’s own special protection. In today’s article we cover a couple of the options you have now, and start up a community discussion where YOU get to help us design the perfect mobile solution.


The pickings are slim, and nothing fits perfectly but there are a couple commercial products in the market that will do the job of protecting or carrying your investment.


  • Available here 
  • Price: $79
  • Weight: 2.27 kg / 4.994 lbs
  • Outer Dimensions: 72.7 x 42.7 x 14 cm | 28.6 x 16.8 x 5.5 inch
  • Inner Dimensions: 71.5 x 41.5 x 10 cm | 28.2 x 16.3 x 3.9 inch
  • Material: Durashock molded EVA foam
  • Protection: Water repellent laminated nylon exterior. Egg Crate interior protects jog wheels, faders, buttons
  • Extra’s: Easy grip zipper pulls. Convenient carry handle
  • Fits: NI Traktor Kontrol S8, Pioneer DDJ-SX2, XDJ R1, DDJ S1/T1, Numark N4, NS6

This case will do in a pinch but it’s oversized, and the controller may shift around a bit since it’s not a very snug fit. It also does not look the best in our opinion.

UDG Urbanite MIDI Controller FlightBag Large 

  • Available Here
  • Weight:  3.80 kg/8.36 lbs
  • Outer Dimensions:  73 x 43 x 20 cm | 28.7 x 16.9 x 7.9inch
  • Inner Dimensions:  70 x 40 x 11 cm | 27.6 x 15.7 x 4.3 inch
  • Material:  Water repellent laminated 600D Polyester exterior
  • Protection:  Egg Crate interior protects jog wheels, faders & buttons. Adjustable foam inserts to customize main compartment to your gear
  • Extra’s: 3 compartments: main for controller, rear for 2 laptops up to 19”, front for headphone, hard drives, cables, control vinyl & accessories. Easy grip zipper pulls. Convenient carry handle & padded shoulder strap
  • Fits:  NI Traktor Kontrol S8, Pioneer DDJ-SX2/SX/SR/S1/T1/Ergo, XDJ-R1/Aero, Numark NS6/N4/4 Trak

This is the better looking of the two with a more snug fit and more compartments for storing laptops, headphones etc.. It’s twice the weight though, so your total carry load will be fairly heavy.


  • Available Here 
  • Price: $279
  • Weight: 5.7 Pounds
  • Material: Sturdy and 100% waterproof Tarpaulin and PVC-coated (waterproof zippers)
  • Extra’s: Sturdy carrying handles, Detachable trolley sling, Corner protectors and rubber feet, Three large accessory pockets with numerous mesh pouches
  • Outer Dimensions: (H/W/D): 72 x 38 x 20 cm /28″ x 15″ x 8″ /
  • Internal Dimensions: 68 x 33 x 8 cm / 26,7″ x 13″ x 3,2″ (controller compartment)
  • Fits:  DDJ-SX, Kontrol S8, DDJ-SR, DDJ-S1/T1, XDJ-R1, NS6, Mixdeck Quad/Express etc.

A hybrid backpack, carry case – this offers the most carrying room but comes at a hefty cost: nearly 6 pounds. We like that it’s actually designed for the larger controllers and appears to fit the S8 quite well. There are a lot of compartments for your laptop stand, headphones, cables and just about anything needed for a gig. Full loaded however, this might well tip into roller bag territory.


As many of you know, DJ TechTools has made a few bags of our own over the past few years. We made the first Kontrol S4 backpack, and now have a really popular controllerist backpack – which I am proud to say: totally rocks. Instead of designing a new bag for the Kontrol S8, and hope we get it right, I want to bring you the choices and let this community take part in the development process. We have 3 questions for you:

  1. Which of the following design styles do you prefer?
  2. What do you want in a Kontrol S8 Carrying bag? (laptop, headphones, rollers etc.)
  3. What would you change about the detail of designs? (materials, color, size) etc.



This backpack would be very similar to our Controllerist Backpack V1, except taller, slimmer, and in black/grey. Like our other backpacks it would accommodate the laptop in the rear of the bag, leaving room for other controllers up front. The objective would be a very light bag that is comfortable to cary.


Since the Kontrol S8 is so big, you may want a design style that accommodates the controller, laptop, headphones and saves as much size as possible. That is the shoulder bag, which would come out smaller and have a nice tight fit for the S8. It would be very similar to our very first Kontrol S4 shoulder bag, but without as much extra room in front to conserve weight and size. The front flap would be large enough to fit a laptop, and headphones but little else.

Those are our ideas, please tell us in the comments what you would like from a Kontrol S8 bag or case! 

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  • Paul Andrew

    A Hard Case with WHEELS, and With Laptop storage underneath the S8.

  • Djchad72

    Not a fan of backpacks. I don’t feel like I can protect something exposed on my back. Also backpacks aren’t great for DJs who are also lugging gear. Bad on the back. The shoulder bag is nice but once you start adding more gear the bulk and weight gets to be a lot for 1 shoulder. I think a sports bag with lots of cushion and rollers works great if your doing all in one storage (laptop, headphones, controller, cables.)

    I am also a case guy. I like having an open, plug, play flow. The case protects while you gig. I tie up and lock cables so they can’t be pulled free as well. Way better for me than bags.

  • Hafdef

    Backpack would be awesome ????

  • zack__1987

    I finally decided to but the Magma Backpack XXL and it’s perfect!
    You have plenty space for everyting, all is waterproof and fits well.
    I aldo added a decksaver for a better preservation for the knobs and faders. Here you have some photos, hope it helps 😉

    • Sebu? ?arnowski

      It is Magma ROOT Dj Backpack XXL, right?

  • Johnny Sifuentes

    IDK…I am 6’1 and my back is perfectly ok with having an S8 on it.

  • MightyMorfin

    A rigid backpack option WITH a extendable handle and weels would be awesome. I use a 17 inch laptop and my maschine with a sound card and headphones and a laptop stand in a mono backpack and as much as they fit sometimes my back suffers with the weight. Ow would be awesome to be able to drag it around as an option.

  • Antithexist

    For the S8 DJ on the go…

  • Jake

    How about the shoulder bag, but design it so it opens right up so the controller could possibly be used still in the bag. So maybe the top could unzip all the way around, like in your first option and fold right under so the rear panel is accessible. Then it would almost double as a kind of stand… And if you were playing between a bunch of other people, you could just flip the lid back over, zip it up and it would be safe from drinks etc while you go mingle.

  • Dave Slater


    This is a really hefty controller. When you add in the weight of a laptop and stand a shoulder bag will simply destroy your spine!.

    Form should follow function!

    There’s a reason outdoor pursuits enthusiasts/military don’t use shoulder bags…

  • Quenepas

    I put my equipment on a stained pillow case. Looks like crackhead’s belongings. Best way to deter thieves.

  • Dirty Secretz

    Having needing to take it out to gigs pretty much instantly since getting the S8 I went straight out and got the UDG Urbanite bag and for the most part it’s excellent. There’s no getting around the controller being big so unless the bag is actually a tardis, it’s always going to be a pain to carry around. Having used the UDG bag for a few gigs now, I’ve found getting through crowds with a shoulder bag quite tricky just because it’s so large – I feel I should have some warning ‘wide load’ light flashing on my head.

    With this in mind I wondered if I’d have been better getting a backpack version but with the controller, laptop, crane stand, f1 and leads, its damn heavy too – you certainly wouldn’t want to be carrying it too far. But that would probably be the best option for me although it would be great if there were some small wheels on the bottom, just to rest your poor weary back!

    Having the laptop nearer your back is definitely a great idea, possibly stand too? Just so most of the weight is nearer to your body for balance.

    Definitely interested to see what you guys come up with!

  • Loco

    Important design note: the first backpack design wont work because of the height of the s8, the straps need to come out from lower on the back of the bag, a bit like the UDG http://turntablelab.com/products/udg-pioneer-ddj-sx-sr-s1-t1-backpack-black-orange-u9104bl-or —Please try out, they had good reasons for this. I’m saying this because I would love the perfect backpack.

    For shorter people it would be almost impossible to carry if it they make it as on the mockup. Other huge thing to consider is mega reinforced and super high quality straps, since these have broken on most of my bags after a few years of use. It could have been better. Also, please more pockets (and different sizes), it’s great to be able to sort smaller cables, adapters and other crazy things djs/producers might carry to not have them all jumbled into one big pocket to have access to what you want quickly. Also make sure headphones will fit nicely. The top handle also gets used quite often, I know I do to make small movements in a tight booth situation, so also super reinforced, good idea to put it on the edge vs middle of lid, that may tear the zipper. The lid should be padded and rigid IMO in case it gets banged with something. A hybrid option also sounds cool. My two cents! 🙂

    • Loco

      The magma riot seems like most of what I mean, except it’s not so esthetically pleasing, the pioneer looks cool but it’s lacking functionality. This is where you guys can shine DJTT! 😉

  • Sean Cvtter

    “We made the first Kontrol S4 backpack, and now have a really popular controllerist backpack” S2************ I wish you would’ve made the S2 bag an S4 bag. My s2 was perfect for that bag but my s4 is left in the dust, literally.

  • Jülz

    I tend to carry a lot of extra cables because it is apparently impossible around here to have a DJ booth that is already perfectly set up. As much as I love backpacks, the shoulder bag would probably be the best option so I can carry all those little extras.

  • Tim

    I wonder why it has to be one of the options. I used to own thise bag
    ( http://turntablelab.com/products/udg-pioneer-ddj-sx-sr-s1-t1-backpack-black-orange-u9104bl-or ) for my Pioneer DDJ-T1 Traktor controler, untill I sold the whole pack. It was a bag with all of the options mentioned in the article.

    You could use it as a backpack, aswel as a shoulderbag and handbag… Sort of hybrid 😛 and have plenty of room for a laptop, cables, headphones, usb drives, etc…

    • Joziel Baez Arjón

      you’re totally right!
      you can have an hybrid that fits any tastes 😀

  • Elijah Logan

    I would prefer the backpack option. I personally loved the controllerist backpack v1 and it would be great to have a product that could accomodate the s8

  • Jonny Howard

    For my last few controllers I have gone from big heavy flight cases to laptop bag and magma ctrl car for my ddj-sx. I liked my setup as I ride a motorcycle to gigs I have just ordered an s8 and for me it had to be the magma riot backpack. I love the idea of keeping all my bits in one place in its own little area. solid and waterproof


    I like the hard case that NI made for the S4 and would wait till someone comes out with something like that only cuz it was the best case scenario and had it all.

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      “best case scenario”
      I see what you did there!

  • Beat Mueller

    The Backpack Idea is pretty good! Would there also be some Room for the Laptop like in your other Backpack?


    The perfect S8 bag would be a shoulder bag identical to the Mono bag for the S4. The quality is outstanding. The look is professional. There’s plenty of extra pockets for other controllers, laptop, headphones, extra cables, etc. I’ve been using the Mono bag for over 2 years and its a very reliable product. Rain or snow, it always does its job. And its so great having to only carry around 1 bag with all your gear. You should make two versions. One a backpack and one a shoulder. That way people have variety and option. The Mono bag line already has loyal support. So you know you wouldn’t be off target when designing the bag based off a successful line.

  • chris

    my carrie-bag is a trolley, and has small carpets around the machine.


    Got me the UDG urbanite. Best bag ever.

  • CUSP

    For something this big and expensive, I’d suggest a Pelican case. They’re expensive, but they’re made out of a road-worthy plastic, lockable with multiple clasps, made with high-density foam inside, and if you break it, they fix it free. Cases this size typically come with their own wheels, and retracting handles, and they’re environmentally sealed (with an air release valve).

  • Jason Pancho

    I like the backpack idea. I was a big fan of the controller is V.1 backpack. I think having room for a laptop, headphones, cables, and a extra controller (like a midifighter)

  • DJ RumRunn3r

    One thing with the backpack design that would concern me is the material on the inside. If there is eggshell foam or netting I wouldn’t want the material to snag on the faders or knobs when moving the controller in and out of the bag.

    I personally own a APC40mkI and before I got a flight case I used my shoulder bag from mission workshop. I love the materials they use in their bag and my APC fit inside it while also holding my laptop and sound card in the smaller slots. I still use the bag today and after a year of abuse the bag has no rips or tears in it.

  • Sinan Koca

    I recently bought an S8 AND a MASCHINE from your site Ean. And believe me S8 bag is what I have been thinking since my purchase. Plus, my toys are sitting at my friends house now in USA and he will bring them to me end of Jan. So, why not bring them in S8 bag…

    I think the new design should have a size that can also have maschine products in addition to laptop, hadphone, cables. I think I am not the only one who has both because if the S8 being a sone sort of production type of controller. Am I right ?

  • SilentNoize

    Since I fly a lot, I need something that can be check in, since it’s dimensions are larger than the carry on allowance. Preferably lockable and also non-descript so as to not attract too much attention

    • CUSP

      Try the Pelican case I refer to in my comment. These cases are used for high-end pro video gear (which is arguably more delicate), but it carries a high pricerag ($215).

  • Sha Dow

    Wo ist der Platz für ein Notebook bis 17 zoll ?

    Es Sollte beides sein Backpack und Shoulder Bag, wie bei UDG inklu Platz für ein Notebook bis 17″

  • p33w4k

    I would put it in the base of a metal flight case with holes cut in the sides and back for the leads to go through and in the lid of the case I would have a micro pc and 17 inch monitor all hooked up so you could turn up to a gig and plug in and play. You could also build the pc to your own specs and even put 2 smaller monitors in the lid. If there is enough room in the lid then maybe even some speakers so it’s completely ready to bounce ( as long as you have a power supply)

  • zack__1987

    I’m totally agree with the backpack option (and waterproof) because I go by motorbike to everywhere!
    And I was waiting for a very BIG controller when I read Ean’s review for the S8, but you know, I don’t think is THAT big… In a bagpack would fit well and would be great if you can add a computer sleeve and place for the headphones and stand too. I think it’s possible! =)

    Another option I think is the Pioneer bag:



  • Bence Illés

    I think a larger wheeled bag would be a great 3rd option! Something like on the picture, but more stylish 🙂

    • Joziel Baez Arjón

      yup, like the Traktor Trolley that NI sold for the S4 😀

  • Dean Zulueta

    I really like the backpack concept. It would be easier to get around with instead of getting through crowded, public places with a shoulder bag. Either way, there should be waterproof lining because the San Francisco rain can be a cruel being.

  • Thiago

    shoulder / s8,Laptop,cables / different colors


    How about a custom foam insert that could be used inside of any existing standard luggage? Pick the best, most average dimensions, include some foam “shims” to make up for any height and width differences so that it could be used with many different manufacturers. I think something like this would give more protection and value than a case that simply holds the S8 and then maybe a laptop and a toothbrush. A full size carry on luggage should be able to accommodate the controller, headphones, clothes for the gig and any other accessories or additional items. Just a thought 🙂

  • Joseph Wilk

    As with all controller bags, I prefer a backpack because I bike to most of my DJ gigs (ideally, the case would also include attachable clips so it could double as a mobile DJ pannier). Also, I find that backpacks help distribute the weight better in general and have less of a “hey, there’s something expensive in this specialized case I’m carrying!” factor for people carrying their stuff in public. By the same token, I prefer an all-in-one bag that allows me to fit headphones, laptop, stand, AC adapters, and replacement cables, separated to reduce potential damage. I’d also love if the bag had inserts to adjust the fit inside so that you could still use it for smaller controllers. And finally, a waterproof liner is a must!

  • Recoil101

    I would prefer a shoulder bag. Backpack is nice but the S8 is too big to carry on your back in my opinion. A shoulder bag would be perfect. Light, easy to carry and perhaps if there is an option to put a laptop inside without making it too bulky then go for it. 🙂
    At least a small compartment for the adapter and some cable would be priority.

    • ynoji

      although we obviously all have our preferences but

      i really don’t see why a shoulder bag is easier to carry, in any situation.. i just don’t understand why dj’s use them, nor in any other non dj related situation

      if your dealing with bulky gear => backpack

      In a backpack everything is on your back/shoulders, hands are free and you walk in a stable way..
      with a shoulder bag( and this thing is bulky+ a laptop.. it is substantial weight) you just wobble all over the place..and all the weight is on one joint..

      i’ve used a shoulder bag once, and never again.. if you need to walk some distance…

      i’m not an owner of an s8

      i use the magma riot xl for touring/ all my luggage goes in there to( only travel with hand luggage)

      • Rob Ticho,Club mU

        I have the s4 shoulder bag and it’s really not great. It gets the job done but it’s way too much for one shoulder. The s8 is bigger and would be even worse.

      • Loco

        I agree, two friends have the gator bag for the s4, and they both broke 2 times! This mainly from walking a lot with it and all the wobbling. Sometimes DJs get into sticky situations/afterparties and for me the best has been a backpack similar to the first style…

    • Casin Noah

      The best bag for your S8.

      • here_comes_the_sheik

        Pioneers Guerilla Marketing Team is getting worse and worse…

        • Casin Noah

          PGMT for life

    • noelflava

      I think a shoulder bag with a front that unzips all the way, and that you could plug and play right out of would be awesome.