Routine: Binkbeats Performing Live With Midi Fighter Twister

We’ve been a continual fan of Netherlands-based live performance artist Binkbeats, who crafts incredible songs out of digital and traditional instruments. His performances gained hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and in a new video shot at the Le Guess Who festival last November, we get to see a new set up that features the Midi Fighter Twister as the central hub of control for effects, volume, and more. Watch below: 

Watch more of our favorite Binkbeats performances in this article from last year.

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  • Michael Krause

    Germans are not able to see it -.-
    I hate my country xD

  • Eins

    How I wish that I would have chosen differently in the past to have had the opportunity to learn how to do something like this…. I do wonder how such an artist keeps track of phrasing, if at all. Is he just playing stuff whenever he feels like, or is there more structure? I didn’t bother to count bars

    • Mike Ash

      Eins! it’s never too late to start. if you practiced weekly for a few years you could reproduce this. music is really all about layered minimalism. nothing Bink did was necessarily impossible that couldnt be accomplished by breaking it down into incremental steps, practicing such said steps for however long it takes, and then reassembling the bits. what excels at is keeping track of timing–def!–dudes a genius–Ive been keeping tracking of his stuff for a few years–check his (dis)assembly of Badu & Dilla. unreal: beats unraveled.–>your response perfectly illustrates why he was able to achieve the arc of emotion that he did: you didnt keep track of the bars, but you *felt* it, right? so did we all. i didnt keep track of his measures to see if they were 16 bars or 12 or irregular etc–that would be ruining the magic of the act. its like focusing on an author’s vocab, instead of appreciating the overall macro-message. Bink didn’t think of this song and buy all the gear necessary to produce it; he messed around with stuff over the years, accumulated gear, pared away things that weren’t essential to his workflow, and played the music that the instruments *told* him to play. you shouldnt force it, you know. anyway, I dont know why Im ranting, but if BinkBeats happens to read this, please respond, and if youd like to jam sometime, man, Id love to make the roadtrip to wherever you are. huge fan! I play a bunch of string instruments and percussion too and genuinely admire your style. keep at it! and Eins, man, pick it up! you can do it! timing will come with tapping your feet and feeling it out, etc. I recommend open-tuned guitar (open D is something spiritual!) happy creating :_)

      • grammar man

        what *he* excels at is…

  • Jake

    Thats awwesome!!!!

  • Clayton Chaney

    This is a great setup for fun live sets!!! So simple yet has so much!

    • Joe


      • Jake

        Simple tune, tech set up!

  • Maddox

    Watched this earlier today in the forums! He is one heck of a multi-tasker!