New Purple Chroma Cables Added To DJTT Store

We’ve got our own quick NAMM 2015 announcement – the introduction of a new much-requested color to the Chroma Cables line, Purple! Coming in both right angle and straight varieties, the new color looks great under all conditions and is an ideal way to continue color-coding a DJ setup in the booth or in the studio.

In case you missed it, we also introduced two new colors over the winter – Red and Neon Orange, the latter of which shines extremely brightly in low-level club lighting.

Grab your own Chroma Cables in the DJTT webstore here. 

Help Choose The Next Chroma Cables

Aside from simply announcing the introduction of a new color, we also want to open the product request line back to the DJTT readers. We’ve always incorporated community-sourced feedback into our products – from Chroma colors to the design of the Midi Fighter Twister. Share your feedback on the following concepts in the comments, and upvote the comments that you agree with!

  • What new colors would you like to see Chroma Cables come in?
  • What types of cables would you like to see DJTT produce next (RCA, 1/4″, XLR, Micro USB, etc)?
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  • Rees Morgan

    Yo XLR and RCA cables would be AWSOME!

  • Spencer

    We need to be able to choose the orientation of the angle

  • EZE

    Glow in the dark cables please (or at least with glow in the dark endings) : )

  • Matt

    Personally I would love to see XLR and 1/4 flavors, as far as the colors they are great however, I would love to see some glow in the dark, but in different glow in the dark flavors. As we all know some clubs are super dark, and some like myself love to enjoy the darkness of our favorite dungeon where we shut the world and most of the time light as well, to make our grooves. Just imagine your getting busy with your midi fighter 3D middle of the night, straight spider monkey style and pop something comes loose, first I have to trip over everything to turn the light on (happens to be on the other side of the room) then I have to weed through the rats nest of wire trying to figure out what came unplug, this is where chroma “glow in the dark” wires come in and save the day. I simply look down color coordinated wires glowing,…….. no beckoning me to them, yellow, blue, orange,…………nope there it is, that purple guy came loose……..BAAAMMMMMMM back in business, super fast troubleshooting and no cross room excursion to trip over something, or some animal in my room while desperately trying to the flip light switch. Picture if you will the lives chroma “glow in the dark” cables could save (blue would be mind numbing). Ladies and gentleman for my last trick I give you GLOMA CABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. same for the chroma caps but with that same rubbery goodness of the non glow in the dark caps.

  • Dj DV8

    RCA and XLR with the same color scheme as the Chroma Cables and Chroma Caps.

  • Zippy

    Haha. I guess I could have read what’s written about chroma cables above. Whoops.

  • Zippy

    90 angled USB A (like attached pic), but with 3 ft long cord to regular USB B.

  • TamOcello

    100% RCAs.

  • Charles

    is the purple chroma cable purple or does it only look that way online.. these are the purple knobs I purchased and arent purple.. I want consistency when purchasing coloured equip. otherwise hard to colour coordinate. I think techtools should also have gear mockups possible where you could mix and match knobs on equip and see the results, I would buy more knobs for my gear

    • Dj DV8

      I agree with Charles. I have the same purple Chroma Caps and would like a Chroma Cable that matches the same Chroma Cap.

  • RiLØ

    micro usb, for all of those of us out there with a launchpad mini or QuNeo. I think that the 1/4 inch and xlr cables would be a great idea also.

  • strotifiler

    I’d definitely buy 1/4″ TRS cables and XLR cables.

  • Comme Erçial

    USB A to Three USB B via inline hub. Plug one cable into your laptop, and the other ends to mixer and CDJS, or to X1+F1+Soundcard for example.

    One usb port still free for other gear or your X1 if you would lite to add it to your HID CDJ setup.

    I have searched high and low for a one piece version of this as i amrunning the hub below with 4 cables in it.

  • Oli Laban

    XLRs definitely! I want my wall box to look like a rainbow!

  • x

    fuck ya purple!

    • Dan White


  • David Smith

    I need that deep purple in chroma caps too!

    • Charles

      BINGO, sent mine back thinking they made a mistake on colour, sent me the same pinkish knobs

      • Dan White

        Hey David and Charles –
        We’re working on cleaning up our pink / purple / magneta colors to be easier to understand. Right now they are a bit confusing 🙂

  • Tom Dietl

    …Super Knobs without marker! Not only for elektrons (-,

  • Mark Goertzen

    I would love if you did a Chroma Cable with a mini usb. I have a Mixtrack Edge, LPD8, and a DJ2GO which all use it. I misplaced a cable and am having a hard time finding a quality replacement.

  • Titan721

    RCA-RCA would be sweet. Don’t get me wrong, the RCA cables I’ve bought from Guitar Center work just fine. But I’d like to hear what you would come up with.

  • doclvly

    Dj tech tools usb hub? Also wtf happened to the other controllers that aren’t the twister?

  • Maddox

    Is that bad if I think this post is more exciting than the one about the new Pioneer controller? Haha!

    • Dan White

      Nope, whatever floats your boat!

  • Sergio Alvarez

    Navy Blue would be cool, or cables with the opposite right angle?

    • Dan White

      Opposite angle would be interesting. Should we call it Left Angle? 😉

  • Joe

    USB type B to 30 pin! Got a bum cable for my Z1 and don’t feel like buying another black one haha

    • Dan White

      Hey Joe – unfortunately since 30 pin is being phased out it’s unlikely we’ll go after that one, but thanks for your idea 🙂

  • Let’s see a DJTechTools USB hub in the future! think you guys would kill it on design & portability

    • Dan White

      We’re going to resurrect an old project idea related to this soon : )

  • Tiago Andrade

    rca with different colorways! i’m always loosing my black rca cables..

  • Parris

    I’d vote for some RCA cables or a cool RCA snake

  • Brian Clemons

    I vote for both RCA & 1/4″ cables as well as open up the idea of two other possible products.

    1. Chroma USB Hub. Should be square shape and have 2 ports on both sides.
    2. Chroma Cap Remover. Sort of like what NI gives for the custom plates for maschine.

    Chroma Cables wise…. I say a GITD Chroma Cable. I think that would be so dope if the you had a cable that GITD!

    P.S PLEASE!!!!! make a White MF 3D already! I been waiting to order one! I want a White MF Twister and a White MF 3D.

    Thanks. You guys are great!

  • Joseph Paterson

    +1 for an RCA option (maybe even a flat RCA cable??)

  • Prof_Strangeman

    I’d go for some good quality RCA-RCA, RCA-TRS & TRS-TRS! In 3′ & 6′ lengths.

    • Patch

      I’d like to see RCA>TRS too.

  • Ken Sheldon

    I’d vote for some RCA cables or a cool RCA snake for easily connecting soundcards. Maybe you could include glow in the dark ends for the cables so you can see them in dark places.

    • sinesthetix

      6×6 RCA snakes would be amazing

    • Dan White

      Hey Ken, thanks for the feedback. We are working on RCA cables for sure – and glow in the dark is a great idea! We’ll see what we can make happen.

  • Maddox

    Definitely should make either RCA or 1/4″ Chroma Cables, I feel like those are the two most commonly used. And as far as Chroma Caps go, you should work on ones that work on Denon mixers and touch sensitive encoders for the X1 Mk2.