NAMM 2015: Reloop RP-8000 Straight Turntable, RMX-60 Mixer

The NAMM Show kicks off here in Anaheim, California tomorrow morning, but already there’s been plenty of news being dropped ahead of time. Germany-based Reloop DJ has annouced two new products – a new variation of their RP-8000 turntable and a new four channel DJ mixer, the RMX-60. Watch them in action in the below video with DJ Fong Fong:

RP-8000 Straight Turntable

With integrated MIDI controls right into the deck, the RP-8000 (read/watch our review here) was an obvious next step for turntablists, eliminating the need for a set of Novation Dicers. Now Reloop appears to be launching a variant of the turntable with a straight tonearm. Stanton also offers a similar straight tonearm table, the STR8.150, which has a tonearm that some DJs claim eliminates skipping while increasing record wear and tear. The RP-8000 is already priced at $799 – we expect this variation will run the same price.

Reloop RMX-60 Mixer

This mixer is a trimmed-down version of the RMX-80 mixer that Reloop had previously released, bringing a basic 4 channel mixer and a simple effects section. There aren’t any published specs yet on tthe mixer, but it clearly has a robust set of I/O, dedicated filters on each channel, and BPM-synced effects. It’s also compatible with Innofaders – and Reloop seems to also be launching their own branded version of the traditional Innofader, likely put together especially for these mixers.

At the same time, there’s no digital soundcard or USB port, so it’s not going to be taking the place of the DJM-900 or similar plug-and-play mixers for digital DJs. We suspect it’ll be priced to compete with similar products from Denon or maybe even Behringer!

Watch it in the hero video below:

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  • Martin Avramov

    Hi people I need your help!! Reloop RMX-80-Digital 4+1 Channel Professional Performance Club Mixer Can i go with tractor pro 2 ???

  • Onno Kaell

    Here’s the link to the fader

    It says at the top: ”
    Dies ist ein ausgelaufenes Produkt und nicht mehr im Shop erhältlich”
    Which means – “This is a discontinued product and no longer available in the store – which weird being that Reloop is “Elevators Housebrand”!

    But then again perhaps they only wrote it because it’s available yet! 😉

    I also read thru the rest of the german text and yes it “seems” to be a special innofader,
    althou, from the look of it is it more likely to be a mini-innofader “designed and calibrated to perfectly fit the RMX-80 and 60”.
    But as it furthermore states “that with the included adapters and cable it will fit most other mixers”….sooooo….basicly It is just a regular mini innofader PNP – But with a blue “performance cap”!? ^^

    Oh and hopefully the 8000 Straight no longer has that awful “Slow down-sound effect” the regular 8000 has!