Midi Fighter Twist-Off: Contest Winner Announced!

Last November DJ TechTools challenged members of the community with the Midi Fighter Twist-Off Contest. Whoever could produce the best video routine showcasing the Midi Fighter Twister would be the recipient of $500 in store credit and would have their video featured on the DJTT Blog and social media networks. We received several entries and have finally chosen a winner. Read on to find out who the Twist-Off champion is.

Thank You from DJTT

Before we get into the submissions and the Twist Off winner, the DJTT team wants to say thank you to everyone that sent an entry in. Every performance had something unique to showcase such as complex mappings, composition, and using the Twister with different gear/software. This shows the diversity of the DJ community – even though the tools may be the same the approach is different for each person.

Lastly, it takes guts to put yourself out there online. So even though there can only be one winner, we wanted to acknowledge everyone for having the courage to put themselves out there. Jump ahead to the winning video here, or read Ean Golden’s feedback on all of the entries

Micro Dub

Amazing music – we simply loved listening to this one for hours. It also wins best controller video setting of the year award hands down! It was hard to tell what the knobs were doing to the music all the time, which could have been one area of improvement. 


Clever use of head mounted GoPro was novel and also a little wobbly at times. Love this studio – tiny all concrete room with no windows, you must get lost in there for hours! Some off beat parts lost a few points towards the end. 

Tomash Ghz Live

Tomash, the original Remix Deck sequencer genius enters the fray with an all sequenced composition. We liked that it’s really obvious what he is doing and the musical progression is easy to follow through the technology.

Only Animals – GD Music

He cooked up some juicy beats in our second most original setting for a controller video yet. Nice combo on this one of pre-programed sequencing with some obviously live control elements.


Filming the computer monitor is so avant garde! I really like the lo-fi style. Big points for playing all the drums by hand. They start off a little loose but tighten up nicely in the end.

James Little

Nice use of the Twister sequencer and LEDs for feedback from the Max for Live device. We would definitely love to hear more about how this the device works.

Carter Maher

Big ups for shooting in your school gym Carter. Rad song! I wish the audio was a little bit better – because you need to release this track!

DJ Gilbot

Midi Fighter Twister mapping madness. Everyone needs to get on this guy in the forum and ask him for mapping tips!

Switch – Jason Fahl

Jason has been reading our marketing videos and is not afraid to self promote! Another great track – I would love to download and use this in our videos.

The Bohemian – Grabiner

This video really shows how far the iPad has come as a tool for DJs/producers. The Twister is actually controlling a combination of iOS apps: Loopy, Dub, and Turnado. Great job getting all these apps to play together nicely and getting lost in a state of flow.

And the winner is…. IamSahab

Congratulations to IamSahab, the Midi Fighter Twist Off Champion. IamSahab is the grand prize winner of $500 in DJTT Store credit or $300 cash. This video wins the composition award. He uses a wide range of gear and styles very effectively to build a really pleasant sounding track. IamSahab also gets bonus points for laying down his own vocals and using the Twister for vocal processing. We want this track!

Runner Up Winners

As mentioned in the original Twist Off contest announcement, we are acknowledging two runner up winners who will receive a Midi Fighter T-Shirt and $30 in DJTT store credit. The runner up winners are:

  • Micro Dub
  • Only Animals – GD Music

Congratulations to all the contestants for submitting their entries. Putting together a routine is not easy and requires serious creative effort. We hope that the DJTT community can draw inspiration and learn something from these unique performances. 

Interested in a picking up a Midi Fighter Twister? You can find one in the DJTT Store

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  • K Jovan

    Supreme-O on the Machine is my fave

    • Supreme-O

      Thanks man!!!! I will be putting more videos on my YouTube channel soon! Your comment is like winning for me! 🙂 everyone killed it!!!

  • iAmSahab

    Wow all the videos were so awesome. Thank you for the opportunity and the kind words everyone at DJ tech tools.

  • Lauro Martins

    Congrats to my good friend Sahab! You killed it man! and so did everyone else!!!

  • jefu

    Winning entry was great, as were the others. I agree that i didn’t know the full capabilities of the twister until seeing this. Excellent competition, I’d like to see more. Good stuff all around. Way to go everyone

  • jeffy boi

    really awesome stuff. hadn’t understood all the capabilities of the Twister up until this point. props to all the inventors, innovators, and performers that made this possible.

  • Mike Deltree

    Im completly blown away by the Winning video. So amazing…

    • chris

      well, but
      for his back, he has to change his position

      btw: to speak in the micro, is – for me – no concept. it looks ….. have no words

      • James


    • iAmSahab

      Thank you much!

  • deejae snafu

    so much talent! huge crazy gold dipped proppers to all these cats!!! every video was the best one… wow so siked for this kind of content on DJTT!!!! im bout to watch them all again! seriously guys…. hats off!!!!