Serato DJ Club Kit for Pioneer + Allen and Heath Mixers

This morning Serato DJ is making an appearance in a lot of new pieces of gear at NAMM 2015 like the Mixtrack Pro 3, NS7III, Denon DS1 interface, and of course the updated Rane TTM57MKII. But Serato has been working behind the scenes to bring support for their software to many of the mainstay club mixers and is unveiling support for them on the NAMM convention floor.

It’s called the Serato DJ Club Kit and yes, it’s a new purchasable plug-in for Serato DJ (they’ve been unveiling so many they built a bundle earlier this month). The kit allows DJs to use Serato DJ without a traditional external soundcard or Serato-branded controller with built-in soundcard. The kit will unlock full support (including DVS) for the following mixers:

  • Pioneer DJM-850
  • Pioneer DJM-900NXS (according to Serato, this is not a phaseout of the DJM-900SRT)
  • Allen & Heath Xone:DB2
  • Allen & Heath Xone:DB4

The Serato DJ Club Kit will also unlock Official Serato Accessory support for the Xone:K1 controller. The Kit will run $169, but no firm date has been specified for when users will be able to snatch this download and unlock club mixers.

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  • La prima volta | djcerla

    […] sulle playlist e la velocità di ricerca che si hanno col computer. Ma, forse, Serato ha trovato un modo per trattenermi in extremis sulla loro (splendida) […]

  • chris

    as a serato bitch, i have to put some record in your ears: listen to the lyrics of the anthem of europe “ode to joy”

  • Miozz

    Native Instruments vs. rest of the world
    and result is 10:6 for native lol 🙂

  • DJHighline

    So does that mean that if you get this club expansion pack and show up at a club that has a DJM-900NXS, you then have your choice of Serato or Traktor DVS? That is huge. Like many others, I am considering at least trying out Serato DJ. I am more of a deck to deck type DJ and haven’t really gotten too far into the Remix Decks thing. Serato is looking more and more interesting

  • Raphael

    Is it available for the DJM-850 k, too?

  • Archivon

    Random virtualdj user passing through..

    • Patch

      Best post ever!

  • Onno Kaell

    I really hope that N.I. are kicking themselves right now! I understand them wanting to form their own eco-system á la Apple….but I really think that it is coming back like a boomerang and biting them in the ass! Don’t get me wrong I have always loved Native Instruments products (DJ & Production) but Serato is definitely pushing out more and imho better products and / or product support / certifications of late!

    One of traktors strengths in the past used to be that the software played nice with all midi-controllers (this was before HID / NHL Plattercontrol) and lots of Mixers: Mackie d2 pro / d4 pro, Korg Zero 4 / Zero 8, Denon DN-X1600 / DN-X1700 – (Never understood why not the DN-X600 but that’s a different story) and the Pioneer DJM-T1 – which sadly pioneer stopped producing/selling/supporting after the Z2 takeover!

    Now all we have left are Natives own products and the Pioneer DJM 900/Nexus, Pioneer DJM 850! 🙁
    Makes me really consider switching to Serato…Especially since all Hip-Hop clubs I spin at now seem to have some kind of Serato certified mixers and me being the last Traktor DJ in town – I always have to struggle through switchovers!

    • Asu

      that’s why i switched years ago…plus started doing video and NI won’t support it

  • killmedj

    Does this mean HID with no Serato hardware? Oh god I hope so. That Serato box is a pain in the ass!

    • Asu

      yup means exactly that

      • killmedj

        Wow! I feel a switch back to Serato coming on =/

        • Asu

          yeah all those inconveniences for such a good mixer…Serato is on fire…now DJM 850/900Nexus will be good to go with that Club Kit…Goodtimes i tell you

  • radikarl77

    The Club Kit is only a bundle of the regular Serato DJ license with a DVS Expansion pack license at a reduced price.
    If you have those two, you are already set, as soon as support for those mixers is available.

    Also, I think the A&H Xone:K1 does not require any license purchase to be used as an “Official Serato Accessory” with any primary gear. Thats how all OSA’s work in Serato DJ

  • Patch

    I wonder if this means the security of Serato software has been loosened up? Could this mean hackers could potentially crack the software (for the first time) so that any mixer with an audio interface could be used with Serato???

    I’m not advocating cracks – but Serato has ALWAYS been super tight on security. Has there been a change of hearrt? Out of necessity, maybe?

  • Patch

    Serato on a DJM-950???

    That’s pretty damn exciting to me…

  • dj manos

    so make it for djm-2000 nxs with serato dj will be the best !!!

  • Chris Silver

    Sad thing is that I myself bought the Rane SL4
    If I play at a club with one of those mixers I still need to plug all the cables into my soundcard and from the soundcard to the mixer to use Serato DJ
    Don’t get me wrong I still like the idea but it doesn’t benefit people like me who invested 900€ to have the 4 channel Serato DJ going.

    • Andrew Peek

      You think that’s bad… I just sold my nexus so I can get an SRT

      • Chris Silver

        I feel you brother 🙁

  • pixelbreak

    I’m a Traktor user and I hope NI follows Serato steps on this one. Will happily pay an additional fee to unlock other USB capable mixer to add scratch but if NI does it for me I wouldn’t get mad…NI’s DVS scratch certified list is quite limited.

  • mikefunk

    That’s it. I am switching from Traktor to Serato now.

    • midiman

      anyone who know traktor well and really has worked with it would never switch to serato! serato has nothing what makes me want to leave traktor.

      • LoopCat

        Anyone who’s interested in DVS and support for more mixers including dual usb mixers and sound cards understands how good this is. Serato has really been aggressive in taking on Traktor in the traditional decks and mixer department. Traktor has become more closed off and experimental within it’s own environment where Serato has become more functional, accessible and practical. For me the later is more appealing.

        • mikefunk

          What he said. I have DB2 and it took me days (hacked) to make it work with Traktor and it still crashes. There is completely NO support from neither of companies (NI or A&H) and if you ask on forum nobody answers or their answers are deleted (because only way is to hack it). I use effects from DB2 as they are 10x better than any Tractor effects (quality) and I just need something robust to play my music. In this situation Serato wins. Traktor is evolving in itself, creating inbreds for smaller and smaller group of users. They closed politics could be their end as any other hardware manufacturer only works with Serato since NI showed them finger. So… yeah. That is that. Unless Traktor 3.0 shows up soon and it’s fecking amazing and works with my mixer or I will show them my finger and go simply with Serato. I just want to play, not to worry constantly that my mixer will stop playing music in the middle of the set (happens all the time). In this case it’s A&H faulty drivers (and NI lack of support). I think A&H and NI hate each other. I think everybody hates NI really. LOL. 🙂

          • DJ Gerard

            I have to agree with if there is no new Traktor Pro 3 real soon with something amazing and practical I am gone from Traktor indefinitely to Serato.

  • Phil

    So cool feature for an easy & fast set up in club environment.

  • Gavin Varitech

    Now have Traktor give us a plugin that will do the same on the Xone:92 and Rane mixers and we’re really getting close to a truly plug and play world. 🙂

    • LoopCat

      Xone 92 doesn’t have a sound card.

      • Spectator

        That why I never listen to somebodies advice online, lol…

  • MTLSinCity

    What NS7III? I just bought the NS7II just a few months ago.

    • blackavenger

      Numark are going to offer that gimmicky three panel monitor system as an add on too. So, if you want that atrocious thing, it will be available to all current NS7II owners. It’s ABSOLUTELY laughable that Numark added the “Mark III” title to what is only an add on.


      I’m DONE w’ Boomark.

      • MTLSinCity

        For real tho if this was an NS7III there would have to have new features like dual usb ports, dedicated hardware effects, dedicated sampler fader etc… This just gives us an NS7II with a screen add on. Fail. Should be called NS7II-S (hence the screen panels) or something. This seems more like a NS7 2.5 lol Numark can take this L.

  • Geert Rombouts

    namm 2015, not 2014 😉