Routine: Thavius Beck On The New Launchpad Pro

We’ve heard a lot of intrigue about the Launchpad Pro, launched just this week at NAMM 2015 – if you missed all of the details, you can read about the controller’s advanced functions in this article. We were lucky enough to have LA-based producer and educator Thavius Beck agree to do an on-the-fly routine on the Pro.

Watch it below:

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  • Doug Beney

    Damnit! Now I feel bad for buying the older Launchpad a few months before the release of the pro.. 🙁

  • Meta at em

    That’s pretty sick. He demonstrates recording a pattern on the fly, with auto-chords, and device parameter automation into that pattern. I liked the way he used the smooth fading fader assignments at the end to zero everything down. Velocity/pressure sensitive pads is a HUGE deal. That means I can actually use the LP to play notes that are expressive.

    I think the video could have done with overlay text about what features he’s using. Unless you already own a launchpad and know all the ways it sucks, it’d be easy to miss the jaw-drop moments in the video. Technically you can also do all of this with the QuNeo. But I’m partial to the launchpad because I’m a sucker for a big square grid of buttons. =)

    • Meta at em

      Oh, I guess he’s just doing a bend with the notes. Still, pretty great.

  • Fayek Helmi

    basically nativecontrol’s vision of the launchpad with their LPC-Live script but made into a device into its own. Plus sequencers. honestly, regular launchpad + nativekontrol’s script beats this (even if this looks a lot prettier with more dedicated function buttons that makes working less confusing. what was this red button the middle of the matrix for again!?! arrgghhh)

  • deejae snafu

    double rainbow oh my god!

    pretty nice!