Video: Rheyne Midi Fighter 3D, Twister, Launchpad Performance + Explanation

A common theme in recent years in the production world are producers who who want to not only make incredible music, but also strive to find a way to create their productions in real time, live performances. One of our favorites is Rheyne, who we’ve featured on the site many times before and who even wrote a fantastic roundup review of iOS production tools.

Today we’re sharing two new videos from Rheyne:

  • a performance in his usual ambient style using Ableton, a Midi Fighter Twister, a Launchpad, and a Midi Fighter 3D
  • and a full explanation of his Ableton controller mappings – including how he uses the 3D’s motion control and how the entire performance is synced to his studio lighting – it’s an awesome behind-the-scenes.

Want to see more of Rheyne? Check out his other performances we’ve featured.

Learn more about the Midi Fighters or get your very own on their pages – the Twister is here, the 3D is over here.

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  • mispel

    Top notch. It is rare for any controllerism video to be both listenable and compelling to watch. Rheyne has accomplished both with this one, and the behind the scenes is a very welcome bonus. Keep it up!

  • deejae snafu

    very cool . its always the most inspirational things that make me want to give up…