Routine: E.A.S.Y. (Shiftee + Enferno) – “Coming Around Again”

The DJ duo E.A.S.Y. is continuing to redefine what a live DJ set  looks like with an integration of live instrumentation and traditional track playback. Today, DJ Shiftee and DJ Enferno dropped a new video which debuts their latest single “Coming Around”. The video features shots of the duo performing parts of the song live while also cutting up the song using Traktor Scratch Pro. Watch the video below and learn more about how E.A.S.Y. created the routine.

DJing with Keys, Pads, and Turntables

While the video is more for flair than it is to be taken as an actual break down of the performance, it is still apparent that E.A.S.Y. takes DJing to a whole new level with their live instrumentation. Since the first E.A.S.Y. video, the duo have been adding new ways to make the process more innovative and creative. In “Coming Around”, DJ Enferno hops on a M-Audio Oxygen 61 keyboard to add live chords and melodies to the track while DJ Shiftee use his finger drumming skills to create rhythm using the Maschine MK2. In conjunction with their live set-ups, the duo incorporates turntables and timecode running into Traktor Scratch Pro. This integration allows for samples to be chopped and scratched as seen around 2:01 in the video. DJ Enferno also uses an MK2 to launch samples and the Kontrol Z2 is used as the primary mixer giving E.A.S.Y. the added ability of juggling cue points.

DJ Shiftee and DJ Enferno continue to redefine DJing with their unique and artsy performances. The debate of what is real DJing is on-going and seems to be spawning videos from DJs all around the world creating new ways to play.

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    One bad A$$ routine such amazing skillz

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    I love to see guys mixing the old with the new. Cheers!