Ableton Live 9.2 Public Beta: 64 Drum Pads for Push + Improved Warping

Things have been a little quiet in Berlin but today the silence is broken. Ableton has just announced a public beta for Live 9.2, the next major update to Live 9 since November 2013.

There are some exciting new features that Live and more specifically Push users have been waiting for: use all 64 pads for drum racks, improved aftertouch implementation, and using the touch strip for modulation. Keep reading for more details and a Push performance from Mad Zach.

There are a lot of improvements and changes that have been made in Live 9.2. The audio warping engine has been refined. Complex and Complex Pro modes now have punchier transients. Auto-Warp and downbeat detection have been improved to better recognize when audio has a fixed tempo (electronic/dance music) and warp it accurately. This should help Ableton users warp full tracks faster for use in live performances.

The new Push features such as 64 drums and mod touch strip can be toggled from the Push hardware. When a drum rack is loaded, pushing “Note” on the Push hardware will toggle between the 64 pad mode and the 16 pad with sequencer mode. The touch strip can toggle between pitch bend or mod wheel functionality by holding “Select” and tapping the touch strip. Push users can also fine tune parameters by holding “shift” and moving the encoders. It’s definitely great to see Ableton adding more functionality to the Push hardware.

Check out the full feature and changelist for Ableton Live 9.2 and download the software on Ableton’s site. 


The Midi Fighter 64

Need a proper 64 button finger drumming machine? We know many of you have been waiting patiently to see if we were going to make Midi Fighter 64 available to everyone – not just a custom one off controller for a single artist.

Here’s a real update: the 64 is coming in the next few months. You can be one of the first people to get one by signing up on the official list here on

Details on pricing, timeline, and all that other information is still being finalized, but if you’re on that list you will be the first to know, first able to preorder, etc. Stay tuned!

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  • Greg

    Can all 64 pads be used as a step sequencer?

    • CUSP

      Yeah this had bothered me for a while. If all of the buttons are velocity sensitive, then why aren’t they all capable of being drum pads at the same time (or at least usable for step sequencing)?

  • Bakwurd

    I didn’t hear any excitement about the last beta!

    9.1.8b1 Release Notes

    Improvements and feature changes:

    Added control surface support for Alesis V and VI keyboards.”

    I Think I need to try this immediately.

  • FizOi

    Novation eat your heart out

  • noxxi

    this is pretty cool, i always felt like the pushes funtionality wasnt finished. especially arrangement recording (such a simple feature).

    Also, it would have been nice to control the lcd in user mode.

    And WHEN will ableton see fit to do something about browsing plugin presets?!! its so shit that you have to load each preset into an instrument rack and save it, just to use it on the push, with the bonus of all your macros not updating with the preset, and the other amazing bonus of having to browse through tons of screens on the push just to open a preset.

    anyways, minor, if infuriating oversights!

    The extra drum pads might be pretty cool though, for controllerists, for everyone else though, its pretty much meh.

    I guess what i’m saying here is, Ableton have basically done fuck all this year. and like always, we get a very unexciting update with added useless features, all the while refusing to give users the features they actually want or need. such as exporting clips, exporting mp3, a working project browser, vst preset browser, etc.

    and dont even get me started on the totally retarded upload to soundcloud feature!

    I still love it though.

  • deejae snafu


  • whoami

    Face melter

    I’m going to go lay down