djay 2 Now On Android, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo Support

Algoriddim recently published their latest Mac OSX version of djay software, which is one of the first desktop applications to integrate Spotify into the DJ environment on the desktop. The company has been working more behind the scenes and now is announcing a new development with Pioneer. 

The djay 2 and djay free app for Android now supports advanced performance features including low latency, multi-channel audio output and full support for Pioneer’s DDJ-WeGO3. Read more below how Algoriddim is giving Android users the chance to start DJing with their device.

DJing with Android

Android is one of the most popular smart phone operating systems on the market but not many people count on it as being a viable platform for DJing. Only recently did the iPad become a more acceptable way to DJ but now Algoriddim’s djay 2 app gives Android the chance to shine.

With devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop, DJs can now use djay 2 or djay free with USB audio devices with dual separate dual stereo outputs. DJs can now get a virtual soundcard out of their device within the app and DJs who possess the DDJ-WeGO3 get even more capabilities. The djay 2 app is one of the first Android apps to have a dedicated USB MIDI controller which means users gain full hardware control over the app. This is means that a DJ could consolidate their setup to an Android tablet and small controller.

“We’re very excited to bring djay FREE to Android. It will allow any Android user to download our award-winning app and experience the joy of mixing music.” -Karim Morsy C.E.O.

The djay 2 app will also feature full Spotify access (w/ premium membership), music library integration, and improved DJ controls such as looping, hot cues, effects, and more. This update to the Android software may open some doors for DJs using the system and looking for a new way to DJ. For absolutely free, the djay free app is a great tool to download if not a functional backup to a DJ’s current set-up.

Download the free djay 2 Android app on the Play Store.

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  • Zonaro

    The First DDJ WeGO is compatible too? Or only Wego 2 and up?

  • matias cevallos (hackpod)

    Can someone tell me if it’s possible to map any dj controller on djay

  • hammie rayel

    can u teach me how to connect ddj wego3 with nexus 7?

  • Dimitris Psyrras

    this is crazy! i bought a splitter cable to be able to cue my tracks and i enable the feature in the settings menu but i don’t see a cue button in the main screen of the app! is this a bug? does anyone have this problem?

    • Ramil Roa

      I’m having the same problem.

  • Aapo Saaristo

    This is a joke compared to the iOS version, yeah it’s half the price, but it’s a dumbed-down, feature-stripped version of djay 2 on iOS…

  • stephen

    How is audio latency up till now?

  • Dimitris Psyrras

    i was wondering if this app works wih ANY dj controller such as the kontrol s4 mk1…

    • Rob Ticho,Club mU

      I don’t think so. The MK1’s audio card is not class compliant like the mk2.