Serato DJ 1.7.4 Beta Now Available

Serato in the past year has continually developed the software to include a multitude of features from HID support with the XDJ-100os to Serato Flip. With the new beta version, 1.7.4, there is support for industry-standard mixers from Pioneer and Allen & Heath, along with a handful of new features.

Club Kit License for Serato DJ Now Supported

Serato DJ 1.7.4. will now support club equipment that is commonly found in clubs around the world. The new update includes support for the Pioneer DJM-900NXS, DJM-850, and Allen & Heath Xone: DB2 and DB4 mixers. DJs can unlock the functionality by purchasing a “Club Kit” license as announced at NAMM 2015.

This software add-on will also come with Serato DJ and DVS Expansion Pack licenses. DJs who already own both of those license will be able to connect Serato to the newly supported gear and use DVS. DJs who just own Serato DJ can still use Club Kit hardware and the CDJs in HID mode or MIDI map them to the software.

There’s also a trial – you can use the Club Kit for free for 14 days before purchasing the license.

Check out Ryan’s Tutorial on Using CDJs in HID mode.

New Features in Serato DJ

Serato DJ will also host a mix of new features that will advance the way DJs can mix music and video. These features include improvements to scratch response for CDJs in HID mode along with added master video effects for Serato Video DJs. Along with software improvements, Serato has also added hardware support for Club Kit hardware, the Numark Mixtrack Pro III, and the Allen & Heath Xone: K1. The highlighted new features include:

  • MP3+G File Support (these are karaoke files)
  • EQ Colored Waveforms
  • Disable Needle Search During Playback Option
  • Language Support for German/French/Spanish/Chinese/Japanese/Portuguese

Important Bug Fixes

Serato DJ 1.7.4 has also performed some house cleaning and fixed several bugs from previous versions of the software. A few of the big ones include improved CDJ support, library data management, and controls for the software. CDJs are more responsive to Windows 8 machines when in HID mode and the CDJ HID platter LED position is no longer glitchy. Also, the reverse feature on the Pioneer CDJ-2000/CDJ-2000 Nexus is now mapped to censor.

Library now appears in Serato DJ along with the ability to sort library columns. There has also been an improvement to how tracks and their metadata is displayed. Serato DJ 1.7.4 is more stable with many other fixes regarding the usability of software features such as loops and MIDI mappings which now allows for pitch sliders to be MIDI mapped for controllers.

You can read more about the update and sign up for the Serato DJ 1.7.4 beta here.

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  • Eddie

    DISABLE NEEDLE SEARCH!!! Scan around Serato forums from DDJ-SX owners and you’ll see why this has been a hot button issue for many a disgruntled posts.

  • sinesthetix

    Testing with the Pioneer DJM-850 and DVS and so far so good!

  • Mauri Moore

    serato dj with dvs is not stable at all – 4 shuts down in one month , not good at all !!!

  • TruthHurts

    Since these blogs are now earning money for their owners it’s safe to say that djtt/djworx are not objective anymore (besides the lack of skills)

    • Meta at em

      lol start a blog, I double dog dare you.

      • YouMad

        Why should I? That would be a waste of my time (compared to what I earn in my job/company). I actually do the craft and not report about it, instead of coming across as somebody who seems to be super-dope in the craft and then earning money by writing about it and not being objective anyways (plus still being wack on the cut and with no record-releasing palmares). But opinions are like a..holes

        • Truth hurts

          By deleting the comment above you just confirm the saying “truth hurts”
          Bwahahaha…but what to expect from someone who doesn’t have a spine when it comes to show and prove (avoiding craze and stuff…)

  • kebzer

    Guys, you’re obviously biased towards Traktor and there’s nothing wrong with that, but since you bothered putting up an article about SDJ updates, you better mention the whole list of features/fixes, especially the 2 most important things about 1.7.4 (after the ClubKit):

    1. Beat jump functionality
    2. Improvement in scratching with Pitch N Time enabled.

    Missing those 2 makes you look irrelevant to SDJ or incompetent for SDJ reviews. Either way, that’s almost half of the market you’re missing/ignoring.

  • l0rdr0ck

    Been testing DJM900NXS with Serato, after some hiccups, check the Serato forum for the workaround for a new OSX trial. But yes it works, some weirdness but I can confirm it works. Got both Traktor and Serato, So glad I have the 900NXS!

  • Von Royale

    This is a game changer!

  • killmedj

    Oh god! No Serato Box!
    The holy Grail!
    I feel a switch from Traktor is imminent!

  • Filippo

    Beat Jump is a welcome addition too…

    • Mr Wilks

      I had to read it twice to make sure I’d not missed one of the biggest features in this announcement!

      • Serkan Kocak

        Same here.
        I think it’s on purpose. There were times when I came to the DJTT website as I liked the articles. Nowadays I’m just checking how they desperately try to bad-mouth Serato.