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Every month the DJTT editorial team works hard to bring you helpful tutorials, the latest reviews, and interesting culture pieces. Our mission is to help you, so many ideas are pulled directly from the forums and uservoice section. Today we want to give you a more direct way of contributing to our editorial process by voting on our planned articles this month and adding your own ideas to the mix.

Gear Reviews

Here are a few of the products reviews we have in the pipeline

  • Ean Golden will be doing a review of the new no compromise rotary mixer, the Rane MP2015.
  • We’re also looking to review the Rane TTM57mkII, the successor to the famous TTM 57SL.
  • The new Teenage Engineering Pocket Synths are ripe for deep testing.
  • Everyone wants to know if the new Launchpad Pro is worth the upgrade price and a serious Ableton Push competitor.
  • Will the Pioneer XDJ-RX replace your computer?

Which products would you like to see reviewed? Tell us in the comments and up-vote your favorite.


In depth tutorials remain our most popular content, but we can’t guess what you need – so help us write the best ones first:

  • Following up on the Plug and Play CDJs with Traktor, we plan on making a tutorial showing how to plug and play CDJs in HID mode with Serato.
  • The essentials of sound packs. What are they, how are they made, and where can you get the best ones.
  • Building off last months Make Your Own Edits with Serato Flip, we’re working with the good guys at Serato to show you more ways that you can use Flip.
  • Creative ways to use sequencing in Traktor  – There are a lot of reasons, and ways to program your own beats.
  • What DAW is the right one for me? – A comparison of the various platforms for different styles of producers.
  • How to use a hardware sequencer (like the 808) next to your Traktor sets. Bring in the live element, while keeping everything in sync.
  • Best Speakers for Mobile DJing – Active or Passive stacks?
  • 3 Sidechain plugins compared – Which are the best for creative mixing?
  • Choosing monitors for your bedroom/home studio
  • Serato Output mapping – How to use the new feature to map functions to LED’s from Serato.

Business of DJing + Culture

DJ culture and business articles round up the content mix this month, and here are a few articles we are considering:

  • Supercharging your Soundcloud account! Clear ways that producers and DJs can maximize their channel for promotion, reach and retention of fans.
  • We are considering a 2nd round of  “What your favorite producers use” – Similar to our “What Unique Gear Do Touring DJs/Producers Use
  • What are Agents thinking? How to land an agent and help them get you booked.
  • Getting small town gigs – How to land a show in your local market even when options are slim.
  • The best tools for building your own DJ website today – Which system makes it easier?

Every Thursday we will be publishing new editions of our “Artist’s Setup” series. Past weeks included Loco Dice, Whyt Noyz and Crystal Method. What artist’s set-ups do you want to see?


 Tell us your article ideas in the comments below!

Upvote the articles you want to see first!

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  • Oscar C

    First requested option or tutorial:
    1. How to upgrade your old mixer’s crossfader and line faders to “Rane-like” or Pioneer DJM 900 SRT-like magvel cross fader.

    2. Provide the parts at DJ tech tools store and possibly have the option of sending them in to be updated at DJ tech tools.

    Second requested tutorial:
    Tutorials on using Ableton with Serato or Traktor for enhanced remix decks and advanced effects.

  • sunfell

    I’d enjoy seeing some articles about the explosion of high-quality iOS apps for DJ and music production, and some reviews. There are some upcoming apps that will integrate iOS devices with PCs and Macs which will come in very handy.

  • Owebama Marley

    more and more serato tutorials too many traktor ones imo

  • bkjphilly

    How would an up and coming DJ go about getting a night at a club these days?!? Local DJs only get better if the club gives them a shot, no? Us local DJs need love too. I’d love to see some guidelines on how to get something solid that can be presented to club owners/managers that they would take seriously. We can’t always guarantee headcount, or that their insane alcohol bill will be paid by those that do decide to show up. I think this would be informative too.

  • bkjphilly

    I would like to see a tutorial on properly recording a DJ mix for podcasting (for posting on Mixcloud to be exact). Do podcasts need to be mastered or EQ’ed like single songs do? Getting the recording from AIFF/WAV to MP3 ready for iTunes/Mixcloud/Soundcloud, and maybe best techniques for promoting your podcast. That’d be awesome.

  • psionicz

    Please make an article about the TKTF IPad’s traktor effects midi controller, coz looks really, but really cool !!!.


  • psionicz

    Please make an article about the TKFX IPad’s traktor effects controller, coz looks really, really cool !!!.

    Thanx !!!

  • JOT

    Would like to see an article on the best ways to rip vinyl

  • Dj Richi AC

    i will love to see an article / tutorial about how to manage midi. I’m not only talking about tracktor and having 3 or 4 controllers connected but something more like in a studio enviroment. In my particular case i have maschine, 2 keyboards and a b control fader from beringehr … the problem is that some plug ins and some commands doesn’t work properly because sometimes the midi signals get mess up and i say to a pad in maschine play one sound and a volume moves in other part of the proyect. I will love to see something about it please. If there is a software for seeing wich channels are beeing currently used or something like that. Not only the midi configuration from mac… that doesn’t show that much information or at least i don’t know how to see it

  • JumpBeats

    As a starting mobile DJ, I definitely would like to know more about Speakers. Like what are some good brand of speakers that I can take on the road? How can i read the specs and say hey this is a good speaker for xx amount of people? Is bluetooth speakers worth the extra $$$ How do get the best sound quality from your speakers? Thanks.

  • David

    How to use a hardware sequencer (like the 808) next to your Traktor sets

    Best Speakers for Mobile DJing

    3 Sidechain plugins compared – and how to apply them and other effects to traktor (without external mixers)

    Choosing monitors for your bedroom/home studio

    What your favorite producers use – make it cross genre

    also could you talk about external mixers that don’t require a sound-interface to hook them up with traktor (like the djm-900nxs)

    cheers for being an awesome website 🙂

  • Samuel Agius

    I suggest to make a blog where everyone can upload his/her video doing a tutorial about something.

  • Eduardo

    Any producing, editing and recording tips and trick will do.

  • Dj Richi AC

    i will like to know if you can make this macro effects but yourself… i’m not talking about having 3 effects working at once but the macroeffects that traktor made some time ago (space worm or something like that)

  • Pimmel

    And my second vote: How to use a hardware sequencer (like the 808) next to your Traktor sets.

  • Pimmel

    My vote: Creative ways to use sequencing in Traktor

  • Starks

    Chris Liebing DJ set up oooooooooooooooooou weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • The Rosskonian

    I would like to see more articles geared towards some type of “live” playing while DJing. That video you guys posted/shared of KiNK has really inspired me to look into doing something similar, I’d love to see a full interview of him. The “How I play” series have been very nice in giving me ideas, please keep these coming. I also loved CUSP’s suggestions.

    My opinion when it comes to DAW choice, it’s a little like a religious thing: No one can really tell you what DAW is right for you. Aside from that, they are all made to do the same thing at the end of the day: Make music. I believe with our current offerings in DJ software, this choice matters even less with how similar they really are when you think about it. It is much more about the artist and the skills applied than the tools used. Griping about Ean using Traktor as his tool of choice, thus, more Traktor focused content is a bit much. I say this as a Reaper and Serato user: I still learn something watching a DJTT tutorial on Traktor, not by being able to do the exact same thing, but translating it to the tools I use.

    That being said, it’s still fun to geek out on the tools and even though I’ll never drop that kind of cash on a mixer, I’m looking forward to watching the Rane MP2015 review.

  • Evan Wentzel

    I would love to see more articles on edm culture, maybe on reviews of live shows/festivals and such. If you’re looking for a writer i’d love that job.

  • Pablo nuñes Spot

    HOW MUCH FOR ME SHOW????? is a big question always, sometime lest sometimes more…

  • Axel Chavez

    Do that second part of the setups and include Flume and SBTRKT even Cashmere Cat, please

  • Patrik Bengtsson

    I like Ean to go through traktors effects & when to best use them in a mix

  • Specter

    How about reviews/tutorials/tips/anything about Akai MPC software and Studio/Renaissance controllers? I’m interested in the possibilites and various ways to incorporate those with usual DVS setups, especially after latest updates (1.7 and 1.8).

    There are tons of articles about Maschine, but still pretty much nothing about MPC Software – which is a shame, because from what I heard all the major issues are already fixed and it’s becoming a great alternative with lots of unique features that there’s literally no coverage on at all.

  • EEN

    Mastering in Ableton live

  • Viciouss Hoffmann

    PLEASE show us more artists out the techno, house and minimal scenes!

    There is life out the club!

    Checkout this Live Band performance of LOUD!

    • Viciouss Hoffmann

      • Viciouss Hoffmann

        Rinkadink is a live performance with traktor and 4 decks

    • Viciouss Hoffmann

      • Viciouss Hoffmann

        bliss is a live performance in ableton (i think) with high doses of guitar solos

    • Viciouss Hoffmann

      • Viciouss Hoffmann

        Techyon is a live performance with two notebooks, korg kaossilator, ipads, and keys

  • Point Blank

    I would like to see an article on how to land small time gigs. As I am from a small town and am an a teenager who wants to produce/DJ and my town is really boring.

  • Calub

    Getting small town gigs

    Choosing monitors for your bedroom/home studio
    How to use a hardware sequencer (like the 808) next to your Traktor sets

    those were the ones that really caught my eye

  • Elijah Logan

    Maybe see the gear that diplo uses

  • Jeroen Krieger

    I’ve been a house dj for several years now, but i would like to see an tutorial on scratching in house music and how to use it your dj set.
    Something what dj Craze and dj Shiftee do with Hiphop and Dubstep, so basically a tutorial on making house music with scratching and using house samples.

  • Hanzhebie

    I’d really like an article on integrating outboard and rackmount gear into a digital, DAW-centered production model. There are a lot of young producers who cut their teeth by producing in the box, but are now maturing to the point that the publications they grew up with are no longer relevant. Sound On Sound is aimed at a more professional audio-engineer audience, and other web resources seem to be similarly dedicated to either DAW-centric production or non-electronic audio-engineering. We’ve all seen the studio tours of our favorite artists. We’ve all seen the huge tascam mixers and walls of rackmount gear providing juice for DAWs. How about a breakdown of the modern PRO home studio?

    • Hanzhebie

      To elaborate, the recent video on building a hardware setup was really cool. It was really basic, but it demonstrated some of the more basic concepts involved in a hardware setup, eg. sends, returns, analog mixing etc. Those less-than-sexy tutorials are so useful to the intermediate producer looking to upgrade or enter a new realm of production. There is nothing more frustrating than buying new gear only to realize that you need more cables/inputs/sends/powered usb slots to make things work!

  • shawn

    Traktor sequencing for sure… and please don’t make it all about the Twister. Maschine, tr-78 , other seqyencers etc… content is cool too.

  • Elijah Logan

    What your favorite producers use. Please try to get Datsik or Zeds Dead

  • Elijah Logan

    I would like the video about what saw to use…I’m a logic guy but I’m thinking about trying ableton. I also want to see all of the business of DJing+Culture articles

  • Robu Andrei

    Share with us more of your creativity, more tricks, how to improve, i quess that is what everyone wants.

  • OlGi

    I always wondered how can two (or more) DJs mix together ? Are they tips and tricks to split the tasks ? What are the best ways in terms of hardware (one or more mixer-controller ? one or two laptops ?) Could be great ! 😀

  • Nik Howard

    Hi guys, firstly thanks for all your amazing work. I’m liking the more regular emails and I don’t mind any store plugs, you get the balance right! I would love to see something on DAW file management and especially sample management. I’ve been DJing for a while and have been getting into production recently (I use Live, but something for any DAW could be relevant). All the best, Nik

  • Stavros Georgiou

    I would like to teach us the complete philosophy of a DJ. Is it beat matching – key mixing – building the night-finding unique tracks – promote your self – maybe produce tracks, all you need or there is something more that world famous DJs does, that make them so famous ?

  • Fatlimey

    Beardyman is touring the US right now. Get him in!

  • Garrett Cox

    I was about to say “Teenage Engineering Pocket Synths”. so excited

  • Meta at em

    Comparative analysis of mixing specific tracks. Why does this blend work better than that blend? How does this 6 song progression move a crowd? Why does that buildup and breakdown work better than that one, that sort of thing. Novel and effective ways of producing an emotional impact. I bet mad zach could write a few posts about the relative emotional impact of different drum patterns. Be deep. =)

    John K does a lot of those sorts of posts in the animation world, and they’re terribly educational, even if he does get a bit pedantic sometimes.

    • Fatlimey

      I proposed an article on “Mix Archeology” . Take a classic mix, find the original tracks on YouTube, rip them and try to recreate the mix. You learn a lot about technique and also engineering – some old Sasha and Degree mixes have mad processing on the output so that raw original sources don’t sound like they could reconstruct the mix. Correct EQ and heavy compression bring it right back. All those impossibly hard to find white labels are now freely available and we can finally see how the Masters did their most famous mixes.

    • CUSP

      I think we should team up. I’m diving into this as well… oh, and I’m an animator too.

  • rwoody81

    When I first started DJ’ing, I didn’t have a lot of money to put forth for equipment. Come to think of it, 12 years later, I still don’t. I would like to see an article for beginners who might be exploring the idea of getting into DJ’ing. I would like it to summarize the various common types of DJ setups (vinyl, CDJ’s, all-digital) and what the major components are. Also, I would like to see examples of setups in the low-budget (<$500), mid-budget (<$1,000), and high-budget (<$5,000) ranges, with specific models. When I first started out, I never had a guide that got me started, so I can imagine it would be a big help to the newbies who are too afraid to just ask.

  • Smooth

    I’d like to see some “music theory” type articles for producers…like creating reggae style beats, rnb beats, creating melodies and the theory of using notes/chords in a scale to create melodies….the basic stuff. I love djing but i’d like to increase my knowledge more on the producer side of things, and i always have difficulty creating melodies that sound good and are harmonically sound.

  • DJ Hells Yeah

    Multitrack Mixtape video tut. I know you guys did an article on mix tapes back in 2011 and it wasn’t too bad. However I’d like to see exactly how tracktor can really be used creatively to tell a story with your mix. I hate listening to my music track for track on my phone. Secondly, now a days the Mix tape game isn’t what it use to be as far as being able to make it ones side hustle. How can creative DJ’s like myself with an eclectic taste in music use my passion for making mix tapes get my rep up?

  • RogueDJ

    I would love to learn how to build my own midi controller!

    • rwoody81

      Agreed. I would love to see a video miniseries on the basic principles of building a custom controller. I’ve always wanted to try it for myself, but had no idea where to even begin. Things like where to get materials (and what type), what basic tools are needed, how to assemble the parts, and how to get the whole thing to interact with the midi interface.

      • Fatlimey

        How much programming are you prepared to do? There’s not much you can fit into a 3 minute video that’s going to get you up and running without a ton of background in flashing embedded devices, serial communications, USB endpoints and USB-MIDI. The programming is simple enough but the reference reading is… dry.

        • rwoody81

          You’re right, a 3 minute video wouldn’t do much good. I was thinking more like a series of 30 minutes videos, but then again, I didn’t mention a video length in my first comment, so I’m not sure where you got 3 minutes from.

          That being said, I also mentioned wanting help with the whole process, not just the dry reference reading about programming.

  • Bryce Vercruysse

    I would like to see more on how to sync Traktor and Ableton. Also performances from DJs that use Traktor and Ableton together in a live setting and how they incorporate Ableton in their live sets.

  • ione

    Can you guys interview Mr. Laidback Luke. And ask him about how he setup his in ear monitor on his live set, etc. As well as production tips. Thanks

  • Chris Silver

    I would like to see more MIDI Mappings/Tutorials for Serato DJ for non native suppport controllers e.g. the Midi Fighter

  • Anteater

    “Best Speakers for Mobile DJing – Active or Passive stacks?”

    Can you incorporate a speaker set-up-for-dummies into this article? Would be beneficial to know more about speaker tech.
    I’ve go the basics sorted – point the mids and trebles into the dance floor and the subs can do whatever they do but would like to know a lot more than I do. E.g. benefits of separate subs/poles/top units compared to large all in one cabinets, what maximises return on investment with speakers, amps, passive or active etc.

    Thanks 🙂

  • MyKey Is Not Yours!

    Actually i’d like to get some advice, how should i setup my home studio, if it’s possible to use my Traktor S4 controller as basic mixer. I’m starting producing in Logic Pro X and i’m using it just with my headphones yet. My gear is Macbook Pro, Traktor Kontrol S4, Akai MPK49 and 2xKRK Rokit 6 speakers. How could i set it up together, any advice please? I’d like to hear my music through speakers finally 🙂

    • jprime

      Set the S4’s soundcard as the input/output device for Logic, then midi map your faders / knobs etc to Logic I should think.

      Then of course, map your other MIDI controllers as you see fit.

  • TamOcello

    Id totally like to read about the basics of fm synthesis.

  • GLL

    More about Serato flip. I would like to se some flip beatmaking.

  • Bryce Potts

    I’d love to see more about hardware production and outside-of-the-computer stuff

  • Younes Fezzazi

    Multiple DAWs? Ableton & Logic in Rewire? Midi Mapping both? Midi channels? + Mapping VST plugins?

    • Meta at em

      I’ve found exactly one mixer, the Midas Venice F-series, that allows you to use it simultaneously with Maschine and Ableton without using any wonky virtual audio device software. It’s even got 4 stereo ins to be fed from an Audio10! It’s enormous and heavy as hell, but it does work reliably, and has solid professional build quality. You can even do clever shit like route 2 separate FX sends into ableton from the stereo channels for proper VST FX love on top of Traktor.

  • DubW

    I’d like to see a genre focus and tips on mixing them.

  • Frequent Reader

    Creative ways to use sequencer in traktor
    Using maschine mikro with traktor
    Maschine tips n tricks
    Which DAW is best for me?
    3 side chain compressors compared

    I love reading and learning on this website. I wish posts were more frequent. Looking forward to what’s to come!!!

  • jprime

    Hammer on seratos door and find out if they’re still working on a Bridge2 for seratoDJ please 🙂

  • mr.415

    Ableton MIDI mapping/scripting. This is the last frontier of worflow customization for me, and the step down from Traktor’s mapping engine is hurting. I’m missing my shift functions and MIDI range options, and I feel like i could do a whole lot more with Ableton for love performances with some help getting the most out of the limited mapping/scripting in Ableton.

  • Damien Paul

    MIDI mapping in Serato DJ

  • Viciouss Hoffmann

    How to practice beatmatch without sync, without controllers (only notebook’s keyboard) without visual feedback would be awesome and helpful to our community…
    Maybe a TSI and deck layout preset to download

    • Viciouss Hoffmann

      Pitch bend keys or mouse pad, maybe?

    • rwoody81

      I learned to beatmatch without sync or help from software by DJ’ing with two vinyl decks (and a mixer) only. It also taught me to learn my music inside and out, so you know exactly where and when you can manipulate your mix without killing the mood. I guess my point is you need to do it repeatedly using only your ears for input. The vinyl part isnt necessary, just use the keys on your notebook without watching the screen.

  • Sinan Koca

    More focus on followings would be great…
    The essentials of sound packs.
    Maschine tutorials
    Music theory

  • BoomDraw

    I would like to see a tutorial on doing live production using Ableton, midi mapping, clips and a midi controller.

  • Jay Ross

    Love to see an article really outlining a great workflow for utilizing remix decks in performance. I have a dream about making several full decks with kicks, hi-hats, ambiance, vocals and such to kick my dj sets up a notch, but it seems like a huge deal to make this a project, as certain sounds work great with certain songs, but not others. Do I need to tailor a remix set for each night I play? Looking for an opinion on what others would think would be the most effective and efficient way to tackle this!


    I would like to see a more social aspect @ the DJTT site. Maybe every month a interview with a user. Who are the people behind the gear and where are the from? Questions like; how is the local music scene, (personal/technical) dj challenges, road to succes, motivation, goals, (local)music tips/music of choice and why, inspiration, gear of choice, etc etc. Thanks!

  • J. Cano

    Some Ableton tutorials and poduction gear reviews such as the Novation or Akai line would be great!

  • Deldough

    I love the “how I play series of videos”, but it would be awesome to get a little deeper than the setup and into some technical tricks from the artist(s). Granted this would be down the individual or group and what they’re willing to share. I’m thinking things like SW specific or controller specific tricks they use for live performance, things like that. And get some dudes like ill.Gates and G Jones on that!!!! They’re in your area!

  • Jami Reynolds

    DJ with Ableton Live (including quantize non-mechanical music)

  • Renasso

    All these tutorials sound good. Would like to see some EQ mixing examples along with mixing geared more towards clubs and festivals.

    As for the setup series. Joris Voorn would be my first pick

  • lanceblaise

    an in depth look at using modifiers in traktor mappings and how to use them….

  • Brian Teal

    How to scratch samples in Live w/o Serato Bridge, using an endless encoder.

  • Complete93

    Maschine tutorials
    Review / info. On the latest Mpc software
    +1 on the ‘what your favorite producer uses’

  • steve brown

    How to build a frisk fader. With an exact parts list and links to purchase.

  • CUSP

    I’d like to see an article on each of the following subjects: The Psychology of song selection, and (more articles on) How to read a room.

    I know there have been some articles about both, but whether we’re spinning analogue, or digital, we’re still doing 85% of our best work simply choosing songs. I’d think with that much emphasis on any topic that more energy would be put into the infrastructure of being a better DJ. I’d also think that helping people to become better DJs would be a very safe place to sell gear… be better, get more work, buy more gear, repeat.

    • Douglas Budde

      I think CUSP is right…I would like to see more on song selection and set building….but to add my two-pences I would like to see more trick and tips with serato specially with the beat pad….

    • Ean Golden

      Could you explain more about the 2nd part? How could we help the DIY community?

      • CUSP

        I’m sorry I wasn’t as clear as needed. You stated (in this article) that you were considering writing some articles covering a few topics, but much like setups of DJ gear, setting up a night on your own has more wrong ways to do it than right ones.

        I think if people are interested in playing music, there are others who would come to listen, but those who would want to listen don’t usually know that something new exists. General guidelines and structures of small business are needed to help DJs do it themselves for more than one event, and if that one event is to avoid a tragic under-populated time, much groundwork must be laid.

        • Axel Chavez

          Agree with the DIY part, it will help teens a lot

          • CUSP

            Not just teens, anyone wanting to “go it on their own.” As a Contractor, Artist, DJ, and Business Professional, one of the hardest things to do is to knowing what you need to know and do. Working within a network of people requires communication and negotiation skills, scheduling tools, contingencies, contracts, and the actual skills to do the job. I’m far from perfect, but I am reasonably good at managing these topics. It takes a while to get your bearings, but when you do, it’s liberating. Make no mistake, working for yourself requires more of your time, not less than working for someone else…because everything is up to you.

  • klikker

    i would like to learn beathmatch without sync!
    Video tutorial would be helpful Ean!

  • Unreallystic

    Less of an article thing and more of a formatting thing – you guys should consider re-organizing howto article and tutorials into a book/class format. I don’t know if that makes sense, but for example, I’m just getting into DJing (been producing), and this site is largely to blame (har!), but trying to put the various pieces together from various articles and video on the site will take you EVERYWHERE. So while I’m not saying make a DJTT University, at least ‘thinking’ like that for showing articles will help folks such as myself AND help with understanding/knowing what articles to approach next, as you find ‘holes’.

    As for actual recommendations, there seems to be a lot of movement between production and DJing (again I come from the production world), perhaps more articles not on producing, but on various pieces of equipment, from reviews to recommendations, to flat out comparisons. When I was trying to figure out S2 or S4, NONE of my research or googling took me to DJTT despite having a review for the S4. I think your article on the USB flash drives was a GREAT example of opening the door for discussions on types, what’s good and bad, etc. Ultimately it is up to us to be creative, but wit hthe cost of equipment, any help is awesome.

    Also, I come from a fighting game community (Shoryuken), and while it’s not popular right now, one of the BEST things they ever did article wise was a post match analysis/breakdown, the same could be applied here, when someone does a “Equipment check” or a set, have a video of them going through their gear, a video of a set (if they allow it of course) and then almost a directors cut of their thought process as they deliver their set. I’m sure not all DJs think the same, count the same, make on the fly adjustments the same, as a newb, I “just see” already picked songs with no reason as to how that song was picked, why it was picked, if it was on the fly, what details were used for blending, and why the knobs get touched so much.

    But essentially more explanation of the thought process/creative process, more gear reviews, and more gear comparisons.

  • deejae snafu

    personally id like to see advanced routing options covered, such as using soundflower to route each deck in traktor to its own audio channel in ableton.

    • Dean

      And to add to this…. Syncing maschine to traktor, route maschine into a traktor channel, routing with external soundcards, other routing options .. and doing this with either 1 and or 2 laptops .. but PC not Mac Please!! .. There is already a few tutorials on the web for soundflower / or Mac but no detailed stuff for Windows

  • Ruben T. Martinez

    Really love to see what other D.J.’s are using. The article on Loco is just touching the type of the Ice berg. Maybe a history on how there equipment has changed through the years? I.E. Carl Cox has changed his setup drastically in the past 5 years maybe give us some details as to how also a set up time for each? Think that would be cool info. Cheers!

  • king zoot

    These sound good, but less Traktor articles please

  • Audun Notevarp Sandvold

    Less Traktor praise, less sales pitches for own equipment. Bring back reviewers of Mojaxx calibre. More indepth Serato and Rekordbox material. More indepth reviews. Throwback reviews, ie reviews after a year of use. Wider selection of units for reviews, ie more stuff that is not carried in your store.

    • Chaser720

      At the end of the day this is a business and selling equipment is what funds that business. While the sales pitches in articles are annoying, they are necessary to keep sites like this running.

      • Audun Notevarp Sandvold

        I can appreciate that. I do respect the Traktor experience Ean has, and I do understand the business model. Still my point is that I think customers will appreciate non biased reviews. And more indepth stuff on other software/hardware. All gear have their stronger and weaker points, and that should be reflected in reviews. Sometimes reviews can feel more like a sales pitch/walkthrough than anything else. This is not unique to DJTechTools, but happening all over. Almost as if reviewers are afraid they would be future boicotted from the vendors if giving bad reviews. Might be the reality for all I know…

        I also wanna add that i DO find a lot of nice articles on DJTT, the last one on the pioneer aggregate CDJ soundcards is a good example, The ableton articles too, as is Ean’s tips on mixing. I was just giving my opinion on how I think DJTT could improve even more 🙂

    • deejae snafu

      i have no problem with them pitching their own gear a little, for the trade off in content they supply and the community they fuel at DJTT id practically pay a subscription. i have gone out of my way to buy things from the site i could get a little faster and cheaper at amazon , strictly to support. out of all the places i buy dj/producer gear… i get far more bang for my buck at DJTT. i get any tech support much faster from the community at DJTT than from most of the manufacturers themselves, and the blog is a constant source of information and inspiration.
      who else offers as much?

      and considering ean earned a lot of recognition using traktor , and helped design some NI gear (among others ) its not surprising or offensive to me that a lot of the content features traktor, but i feel they go out of their way to bring many non NI products and reviews into scope. they also feature many reviews for items they dont stock…

      my .02

        • deejae snafu

          and thank YOU for the knowledge and inspiration.

          • Dj Richi AC

            deejae snafu , you just said what i was up to write.

    • Ean Golden

      We are working very hard to bring in a new cast of experts in a variety of new fields including Serato and Rekordbox. Look for many diverse subjects this month. The main reason I personally publish info on Traktor is because that is my expertise and where I can help people the most.

  • Jane

    can we have some Mixvibes Cross tuts ?

  • Mike Steed

    I would like to see more of the DJM 900 effects/tricks tutorials please.

      • Prof_Strangeman

        Can you record and post it?

      • Mike Steed

        +1 on the upload. I’m about 8000 miles away!

  • Franky

    I really LOVE articles that are about the Business side of DJing, the philosophy, the connection with the crowd and people, financials + contracts, marketing of your music + mixes, involving the fans etc.

    Thanks! 😀

  • JasperZelf

    I believe there might already be an article on this, but I still have problems everytime I hookup my laptop (runing either traktor or Live) to my friends computer running Maschine.

    which one should be master? what are the steps to make sure you are in sync and STAY in sync?

  • Toshiki Kiruma

    all of these articles plz

  • Max Buchalik

    Last week I had the following idea: What’s about live Recordings and the use of them in the remix decks or a standard input deck (routing from Ableton channel). For example: You record a short vinyl scratch (while you are playing your set) in Ableton or elsewhere, maybe put some effects on it and then you import it in your remix deck. Now you can use the Midi Fighter Spectra for Step Sequencing, for example.

  • nick

    plus the proper way to EQ your mix

  • nick

    whats the right way to use the master levels and the gain levels on your mixer