The Mixfader: A Bluetooth-Enabled Crossfader

While DJ apps continue to spill into the app stores there has been only a trickling of hardware devices for these DJ apps. Hardware built to be used with a phone or tablet is tricky as the computing power each one has however there are still companies, like DJIT, who look past the technical limitations. The company who made the Edjing DJ app (available on Windows, Android, and iOS) is preparing to release the Mixfader which is, you guessed it, a crossfader for the app.

Mixfader: The Bluetooh Crossfader

The Mixfader will debut on the market as the first connected crossfader that will be functional with the Edjing DJ app. This crossfader is the concept of a joint effort between engineers and professional turntablists. The crossfader connects via bluetooth which makes it compatible with any smartphone or tablet that can support the app. Even though the crossfader is bluetooth the company claims that there should be no concern regarding latency. Below is a video demonstration of the app and the Mixfader.

The Mixfader is a simple device that will surely compliment the DJ app. It is set to be released this Fall –  but there is no price as of yet. Considering the fact that it is a Bluetooth device it probably won’t be that costly. We admit – it’s a bit hard to imagine a DJ rocking the party with just an iPad and the Mixfader – but the crossfader and app are at the least a cool combo for DJs to play around with.

The Edjing DJ app is available for free for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices.

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  • Dirtylooks

    Gimmicky and pointless. Maybe I’m crazy but I don’t ever imagine a day when any scratch DJ uses anything other than vinyl or timecode. Especially not an iPad there’s simply not enough control in a touch screen to be comparable. I don’t see where this fits in the market.

    • Mixfader


      Actually we didn’t create Mixfader to replace DJ tools, we just wanted to give professional and rookie DJs a portable and affordable crossfader. In other words, with nothing more but a Mixfader and a device in your pocket, you’ll be able to express your talent everywhere you go 🙂

      Check out our Kickstarter project page for more information:

      Yours musically,
      The Mixfader team

  • Isaac Dugdale

    Throw in some Tuna Knobs and I can see this going beyond a gimmick

  • mikefunk


    • !


    • Dean Zulueta

      Personally I would buy it just because. Am I going to DJ with it in a club? Nah. However, it is a cool thing to play with at my desk when I should be doing something more productive. ¯_(?)_/¯

  • Jeff Ramos

    and their website has no email capture, no links to social media or any other way for you to know when this product actually drops. also, why launch a product you know everyone will talk about, without having an email capture on your website to establish the customer base before it launches? tsk tsk. at least I know you folks will carry it and will announce when it’s in stock. ¯_(?)_/¯

  • deejae snafu

    now that was promising…unlike the tonetable demo, they decided to to use someone that could scratch to do the demo.