New Traktor Product To Be Announced At WMC; Dubfire, MK Livestream

We’ve been tipped off by Native Instruments that they’re prepping the announcement of a brand new piece of DJ gear at this years Winter Music Conference, already underway in Miami. Right now details are pretty vague – but it seems like Traktor enthusiasts Dubfire and MK will both be involved in the launch of the product somehow, perhaps even using it during a livestream set to take place Thursday March 26th at 9:00PM EDT (01:00 AM London / 09:00 PM New York / 06:00 PM Los Angeles / 02:00 AM Berlin / 10:00 AM Tokyo). 

We’ll be watching the stream live and sharing our insights and observations on what is revealed, along with any speculation and plenty of screenshots!

Lock into the stream right here when it kicks off:

Watch our How I Play with Dubfire to learn how he takes Traktor to a whole new level in his live setup:

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  • DJ Kristof Belgium

    Just saw the recorded live-stream.


    Wow, mixing steady 126 BPM drumloops AND adding reverb, filter and delay fx on the fly. Impressive …

    And the S8 divided in two separate parts. Wow.

    (end of sarcasm)

    Glad I didn’t loose any sleep over this by watching it live …

  • orge

    Surprised to see CDJ’s going in for final setup? Am I hoping for too much to wonder if they are gonna show off some new Traktor integration? They look like 2000’s rather than 900’s, so I presume it can’t be the hint regarding new HID compatibility?

  • orge

    From Uner’s FB page.

  • pixelbreak

    Is just the sides of the S8…nice one but hope that come with more stable software. I’ve been thinking on going Serato due to the latest stability issues.

    I wonder if the have an integrated soundcard and can be daisy-chained

  • killmedj

    Yay more hardware =/ .
    How about a decent browser? Smart play lists? I can hear Serato calling my name.

  • orge

    S8 deck controllers without the mixer… A fairly obvious product for them to bring out. Undecided whether this would work for me though? Comparatively, the X1 is a lot more compact and I feel it is also more ergonomic. I’m not convinced the screens are enough to compensate for these points.

  • dereyck2005

    i’ve seen the new gear and i’m disappointed

  • Nick

    Traktor and machine intergration and maybe kontrol s8 mk2

  • tony corless

    To avoid disappointment I’m not expecting much to be honest.

  • Torsten Baur

    Whatever it is, who cares? NI bugs! Everyone plays nice on NI gear so no one calls them out for basically being $#!%. They only target the most lucrative of customer demands. They don’t show interest to entertain 3rd party partnerships with many these days…..can’t even get a simple Scratch Certification process to publicly transparent so why bother.

    They have power in the DJ community because big-named old-aged men are becoming poster boys for their company. Let’s make it known how much they paid Carl Cox, MK, Dubfire, Felix Da Housekat to abandon their original standards in favor of sponsored usage?

    Serato is on it’s way to appeal to the masses. Whatever path NI thinks it’s paving, it’s going off a cliff.

    Think I’m biased…yep, don’t care about their S8, 95% of their videos after Maschine Studio featured Maschine 2. Their keyboards are not interesting outside of Komplete. Komplete ## is always way too much for anyone to use seriously. Their controllers for Traktor are big boy toys that simply help people cheat at DJ’ing and…. they’ve scorned countless users with their other stuff no one remembers right now.

    I can’t name any other company that has manipulated their users the way NI has so…the only thing they could come out today with a bang would be NI Traktor for iPhone 6. Not.

    • Egg Foo Yxng

      I think it’s more that they’ve lost focus in the Traktor side of NI and are focusing more on Maschine and Komplete’s lineup, seeing that the unveiling of the S8 was a “big deal”. The D2’s are probably just a release to stay somewhat relevant in the DJ world.

  • Tony Mitchell

    Whatever it is, it wont have anything to do with turntable’ism.

  • Gavin Varitech

    Would be really dope if it was their own version of an XDJ-1000. Single deck per unit, with a screen and single effects control as well. Same form factor as the X1/F1 though. If they did it right I would probably buy two on day one.

  • Chris Wunder

    prolly a z4

  • Rob Ticho,Club mU

    Anyone else notice that the BE At TV ticker is set to go off 2 hours before 9 pm EDT which is when the press release states the announcement will be?

  • Rob Ticho,Club mU

    I’m expecting a modular controller with some sort of screen. Screens are on the Maschine Studio and S8, so you know NI has that lined up from a software side as well as the sourcing side. I’m seeing small screens as becoming the norm.

  • dstep

  • Darrien

    State of the art collection management is the only thing I’m really missing. The one in Traktor is still the same since Traktor Scratch 1.0, being as outdated as dinosaurs are…

  • tricade

    I would say there will be nothing … they are playing music and you can listen… thats it

    • Dan White

      It’s a video live stream. There will be something, trust.

      • tricade

        i really hope you are right !

  • Lu Ynoji

    a maschine/traktor integration is already possible ( djtt has posted a vid ones about how to do it)
    so i don’t see why there should be something like that

    i do agree that they promote mainly EDM,techno, house mixing, wich is a bit .. meh…

    the mashing buttons argument by dj yagga is indeed not that good, since that is indeed what a digital dj does..( scratching etc comes with all that).; i you don’t do that, you are a person that plays a non digital instrument, like guitar or drums,harp, violin, etc..
    if you just fade from one track to the other, than traktor will allow you to do just that, so no updates needed..

    i would like to see something similar to the z1 but with more control.. promoting ipads stage.. essentially the s8 but in a smaller package( the z1+x1+f1 iin one box, so the s8 but smaller)

  • Max

    Traktor Kontrol X2?

    • deejae snafu

      pretty much hit the nail on the head, but a little more f1 than x1

  • Paul Saxton

    Hopefully something the like the S8 without the Mixer section, kind of X1, F1 combo..

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    Based on the fact that they’re including MK and Dubfire, I’ma put my money on a Maschine/Traktor controller. They’ve both been conspicuous users of NI software and hardware for a long time, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Not that it’d make much sense to launch something so huge so soon after the S8, but one can dream.

  • Teague Miles YoRo Carton

    I am expecting a new mid range controller, something like the Kontrol XZF controllers all in one, maybe with a single screen like pioneer put out.

    Or something to do with mashine/push/ableton related program or new collaborated hardware.

  • TomSchmitz

    Guessing an S2 replacement or update since it was on rebate at some retailers this month.

  • DJ Yagga™

    I’m wondering what this elitist DJ software company has up their sleeves lol How about working out the current kinks with your current products prior to releasing new ones? Let’s start with the software, make the hardware play nice with other manufacturers, and LISTEN to DJs who SPIN other GENRES other than EDM, there are DJs out there who do more than twist knobs, mash buttons, and trigger effects on 8 decks smh … I can’t wait until the Denon DJ DS1 & exercise a little power called CHOICE. 😀 DANKE!!!

    • Teague Miles YoRo Carton

      A. theres more than one company involved, meaning one is the hardware and one is the software, obviously, so just because one thing doesnt work properly doesnt mean the other product should be slandered along with it.

      B. theres more than one team within a company, meaning certain teams tackle certain issues. Unless you know how to fix the issues youre at no place to be complaining about it.

      C. Im sorry that you dont like twisting knobs, mashing buttons, or triggering effects… Wait, thats what DJ’s do, if you dont do that, youre not a DJ, so wait! What are you doing complaining about DJ gear and software if youre not a DJ?

      • stefanhapper

        I do think DJ Yagga has a point: how long have we been waiting for a major new version of Traktor? Elastic beatgrids and Maschine integration have been requested by many for so long now and nothing happens. It’s also how your organise your teams internally and on where you put your human resources.

      • Rob Ticho,Club mU

        I’ll admit that I’m a NI fanboy but I’m annoyed that Version 2.5 (Released in May 2012) is almost 3 years old! There were some smaller releases since then but they were mostly fixes.

  • Notanon

    X2 or Z4, though probably a F1 Mk2

  • EDC


    • Teague Miles YoRo Carton

      google it….. its honestly one of the most basic things on the controller.. and in traktor…..

      • AMY

    • Chris Wunder

      hit the sync button lol

  • deejae snafu

    i hope its an 8 track beta max laser disc player with a corduroy faceplate and velvet buttons.

    • David De Garie-Lamanque

      oooh that would be some most fancy swag and it would make all the hipsters want to dj as well! bloody brilliant we’ll take 5 000 000!

  • Gish

    Update to the S2 with touch strips and screens!

    • Mark Smith

      And dedicated filter knobs in their proper place instead of being shared with the gain knob. For this alone I would trade my S2 Mk2 for a Mk3.

  • Ricky Trivedi

    Maybe its a z4 (4 channel mixer), but im hoping for a small controller.

    • deejae snafu

      id settle for a Z3 with an f1 built in.

      • Ricky Trivedi

        Even though its a very specific design, I could see that working.

        • deejae snafu

          three… its the magic number!

  • Dj Nitrane

    I’m hoping its a spinoff of something that’s a cross between and X1 and an S8.