Richie Hawtin Announces 2015 CNTRL Tour

Richie Hawtin proudly presents for 2015 CNTRL: Individuality & Creativity In Technology-Based Music, a college campus tour. Beginning April 15 in Boston, MA at Berklee College of Music, this innovative and immersive experience will touch down at colleges and hot spots in eight major college markets across North America before finishing up in Los Angeles April 2 at UCLA and The Palladium. DJ TechTools fans in those markets should get quite a treat with free daytime lectures and masterclasses.

In 2012, CNTRL: Beyond EDM established a groundbreaking model of daytime lectures on music, technology, and nighttime performances with leading DJs from around the world. Now, that template evolves for 2015, hitting markets across the country and adding educational day time events for music fans.

At the centerpiece of CNTRL: Individuality & Creativity In Technology-Based Music, there is an hour-long masterclass produced and hosted by Point Blank Music School. The day culminates on a discussion with Richie Hawtin, Ean Golden, and the guest DJs at each respective date as well as special guest speakers. For example, Grimes will join the tour for a discussion in Los Angeles.  At night, attendees get to witness everything come to life during a fiery gig by CNTRL’s namesake and a myriad of top artists and revolving line-up depending on the city.

About the tour, Ean adds,

CNTRL is a collection of inspiring artists who have taken control of their career and forged original paths through the music industry. By going out on the road and directly speaking to fans, this tour will encourage aspiring artists to find their own voice, and believe in the possibility of success, even if it doesn’t fit the typical music molds of today.”

Since launching in 2012 as the CNTRL: Beyond EDM tour, the outing has embarked on a cultural engagement, bringing together fans of electronic dance music and those interested in it into deeper forms of the genre by educational daytime lectures on music technology. Lectures focus on the techno and technology aspects of modern-day electronic music, presenting the more futuristic and underground side of the genre, as championed by Richie Hawtin and his peers for the last two decades.

Central to the CNTRL concept are daytime seminars in the colleges to inform and inspire people about technology, music production, live performance, and the business of electronic music. CNTRL will be a future thinking session, but will also ensure the students leave with a deeper understanding of how the genre developed to where it is today. The event then ends with a club gig in the evening, giving the students a chance to experience the artists in action.

Here are the confirmed tour dates & lineups:

Wednesday Apr-15
Boston // Berklee College of Music // Middle East Downstairs

  • Richie Hawtin
  • Matthew Dear
  • Matador
  • Ean Golden
  • Guest Speaker: Michael Bierylo, Chair, Electronic Production and Design – Berklee College of Music

Thursday Apr-16
Penn State // Penn State University // Levels

  • Richie Hawtin
  • Matthew Dear
  • Matador
  • Ean Golden

Friday Apr-17
New York // NYU // Webster Hall

  • Richie Hawtin
  • Francois Kevorkian
  • Ean Golden
  • Dantiez Saunderson

Saturday Apr-18
Montreal // Concordia // New City Gas

  • Richie Hawtin
  • Marc Houle (Live)
  • Ean Golden
  • Mateo Murphy
  • Guest Speaker: Blue Hawaii

Sunday Apr-19
Toronto // Reyerson University // Coda

  • Richie Hawtin
  • Marc Houle (Live)
  • Ean Golden
  • Justin James

Wednesday Apr-22
Seattle // University of Washington // Neptune Theatre

  • Richie Hawtin
  • Dubfire
  • Chris Liebing
  • Ean Golden

Friday Apr-24
San Francisco //San Francisco State University – Music/Recording Industry Program/ DNA

  • Richie Hawtin
  • Chris Liebng
  • Ean Golden
  • Matrixxman

Saturday Apr-25
Los Angeles // UCLA // Palladium

  • Richie Hawtin
  • Chris Liebing
  • Victor Calderone
  • Ean Golden
  • Lee K
  • Guest speaker: Grimes

For more info on the CNTRL tour check out, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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  • Balmore

    It would be nice if you come to Belgium/ Europe

  • Big Spender

    I wish we had something like this in the UK/Europe!

  • Von Royale

    anybody know how to buy tix for the lecture portion???!!!

  • Tristan Casadei

    Badass! Ill see y’all april 25th at UCLA!!

  • Bryce Vercruysse

    Come to Full Sail University in Orlando!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mert

    I wish i could be there … 🙁

  • Mack Roger Kiraga

    I see what u did there Ean 😀

  • Lakatta

    Ean, would you be willing to do something at UCLA, lecture/seminar about a topic, any topic. I work at your last date for the Library and we have conference room space.

  • CUSP

    Woo hoo! Marked the date, and will invite friends.