V-MODA x DJTT Design Contest – Win A Pair of Custom V-MODA M100 Headphones

DJ TechTools has teamed up with V-MODA, creators of the award winning M100 and LP2 headphones, to give the DJTT community a chance to win a pair of custom V-MODA M100 headphones. V-MODA headphones are famous for their incredible build quality and unique hexagon shape that maximizes comfort. The M100’s feature a removable metal shield which can be laser engraved with custom designs. That’s where you come in. Create a unique design to be engraved on the metal shield and the winning design will claim the V-MODA M100 headphones.


  1. Download the shield template files from V-MODA (Photoshop and Illustrator: CS4, CS5 files available)
  2. Export your image as JPEG and share it in the comment section (1 entry per person, make it count!)
  3. Submissions will be accepted until April 8th 2015 at midnight PST.


  1. Images/logos are preferred to be in black and white (correct image artwork shown to the right)
  2. For the best engraving results, images should be uploaded in high resolution (300dpi or above)
  3. Image formats accepted: jpg, gif, png, bmp, pdf, tiff, eps, ai, psd, svg, doc(x), cdr
  4. Please note that images/logos cannot be engraved onto chrome or matte silver shields

The entries will be judged by the DJTT staff. Comments and upvotes will be taken into consideration so feel free to share it and ask for support on your social channels. Keep in mind the winner won’t be based on the most upvotes, so you should be supportive of your fellow competitors and recognize their efforts. Although existing assets and images can be used, original designs from scratch will be the best way to stand out. 

Inspiring V-MODA Plate Designs

To help get the creative wheels spinning, we though it’d be good to share some cool V-MODA plate designs that we’ve found online. The designs don’t have to be limited to music inspired designs as you’ll see in the images below, so let your imagination run wild.


Whoever created this custom plate really wanted to make a statement against a certain brand of headphones.


This design features the technologically advanced villain from the 1987 classic action movie “Predator”. Unfortunately wearing these will not give you cloaking powers.

 The Legend of Zelda

DJs that are also into video games will appreciate the Royal Crests taken from the classic Nintendo series “Legend of Zelda”. Maybe Link will use a Midi Fighter as his instrument of choice instead of an Ocarina in the next game.

Contest Winner: Left Brain, Right Brain

After looking at all the various submissions a winner has been declared. The winner of the V-MODA M100 design contest is Hameed Ansari. We liked his creative take on the left and right brain thinking and the intricate attention to detail in the shield design. Congratulations Hameed on your winning design and thank you to everyone who submitted a design, you all make it extremely hard to choose the winner.

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  • Hameed Ansari

    Thanks for the opportunity …. cant wait to see how the headphones turn out 😀

    • Guillermo Adolfo

      congrats man

      • Hameed Ansari

        Thanks, appreciate it 🙂

  • dubplatsa

    Today is May 8th 2015 – exactly one month later and NONE. Impressive.

    • Guillermo Adolfo

      yeah i dont understand i mean even if it got cancelled it would be nice to know

  • Rokas Kurtinaitis

    Would be nice to know if someone won 🙂 At least we need to congratulate the winner… or just be sad that we didn’t won 😀

    • Guillermo Adolfo

      Please at least say something related to this in the comments

  • Guillermo Adolfo

    is there any update about this?

  • Guillermo Adolfo

    Did someone won?

    • dubplatsa

      That’s the question…

      • Guillermo Adolfo

        i think at this point is not even about who wins but just to know if someone actually did

  • Chris Evens

    C’mon guys, seriously… quit with the shameful fake upvotes and comments on your own stuff… its embarrassing to read… hopefully that crap isn’t even taken into consideration…

  • dubplatsa

    And the winner is…

  • Guillermo

    This is an artwork inspired of the joy division album cover but with a mash up of daft punk one of my fav bands y check and v moda allows different design for each cup so here it goes the artwork is totally made by me im sorry for my poor english im not native speaker

    • Sara

      Wow much amazement. 11/10 i like

      • Guillermo Adolfo

        im glad you liked it

    • Dubstepbro6873

      Wow!!! I love this one!!! Its really nice!! Good job!!

      • Guillermo Adolfo


    • Lalo Zaragoza

      Wow, this is great!
      I love it, it totally blends with the headphones 😀

      • Guillermo Adolfo

        i tried my best

    • Alberto Ramos

      wow you are a genious, please make me a beautifull soon.

      • Guillermo Adolfo

        hahaha im ready when you are

    • gamaliel rodriguez

      wow a really like this headphones the design it´s wonderful and

  • Afromel


  • Afromel

    Here’s my little gem. Good day!

  • Fuzulu

    Hey 🙂 These Headphones Look Great, Hope U Like My Design, Cheers!!!

  • Hameed Ansari

    My design is inspired by the concept of Left-Brain and Right-Brain , which is why i have submitted a design for the Left Shield and the Right shield as my Single Entry.

    This is my original work , that i’ve designed in a way that would inspire and remind me to be creative and to think outside the box every time i looked at them.

    Hope you guys like my work 🙂

    Thank you DJTT and V-MODA for giving us this oppurtunity . Good Luck to everyone 🙂

    P.S i just have to mention , i was greatly inspired by some entries .. great work everyone !!!!!!

    • Zuheb Ahmed

      awesome design.. thumbs up

      • Safa

        Interesting design. Unique and creative.

    • 'Hussain Ahmed


    • mishal hussain

      Very creative design! Keep up the good work! My favorite design so far

    • Moe It

      Love the concept !!! Very creative

    • Ali I. Hussain

      The more I look the more I understand. Mind = blown!

    • Ozman Kr

      creativity at its best! keep up the good work!!

    • Tanushree Sharma Mathur

      There is more than the eye can see….Complex but pure !

    • Ali Hasan

      Lots of great designs on here 🙂 im loving how much character this shows. The contrast and hidden references are awesome! goodluck!

    • Melvy

      Amazingggggggggg!!!!!!! Love the Concept 🙂

    • Hameed Ansari

      Thanks for all the support guys 🙂 Really Appreciate it 😀

    • Stoyel Dcruz

      Amazing detailing to the concept 🙂

    • Nilesh R Kulkarni

      Nice work! Love the concept!

    • Hameed Ansari

      Left Shield JPEG Export

    • Hameed Ansari

      Right Shield JPEG Export

    • Farwa Mohammed

      Beautiful piece of art. The further you look into the design the more details you see. Great work!

    • Ebrahim A.R

      Great work! I waaanttt!!!

    • Colin Mascarenhas

      Looks amazing!! Keep the balance..

  • Vermet

    Here my work as a big fan of Breaking bad.

  • Natalia

    Hi everybody! Here is what I came up with – it’s like ON EAR CDJ – hope you like it 😀

    • Natalia

      …and of course here is my design 🙂

  • Nick Perry

    Hey guys, just saw the contest 15 minutes ago, tried to make it as go through as possible. My stage/performer name is Sparty, so the helmet i’ve used alot in logos would come in really handy on a new pair of headphones :D. Let me know what you think

  • Ransom Ackerman

    My original logo converted to black and white combined image.

  • Nicole Tantony


  • EChe Sarpa

    I tried to make my design really multi-layered — there’s so many things you can find in it that represents me and the headphones too (multiple V’s and M’s). Also, i tried to make sure that my design is visible from a distance too. Hope you like it:) And good luck to the rest of the guys too!

  • noorb

    Hi DjTechTools Fans! Here’s some of my ‘Anyone remembers cassettes tapes?’ oldschool impressions.

  • Wim Gombeer

    My entry…back to the old days…

  • Pim Gombeer

    Here’s my design. Hope you guys like it!

    • Hameed Ansari

      Furrr Suree … Nice one 🙂

  • Joshua Bennett

    Here’s my design, others are looking great. (Please tell me if there are any issues with my template format).

  • Essio

    Hello guys, here is my entry, hope u like it and all the best to everyone 🙂

  • Parker K

    Here’s mine, it’s mainly typographic and, I think, pretty fun! The blank background one is just to show the artwork, and the one with the brushed black background is showing it in white. Thanks for the consideration 🙂

  • Jasper Lancaster

    I call this little guy DJ Treble clef for obvious reasons. Hope you guys like. Some amazing work out there, keep em coming!

    • Paul

      Love the detail in this one, looks like a engraving or something like that. Nice work bro

  • squorax

    I need some RUPEES on my ears! A bug of them! And Link should have those along with Midi Fighter

    • squorax

      And some fun for Lost lovers

      • squorax


  • Yaneth M

    Here’s my design, its Pizza Pac Man!!

      • Joshua Bennett

        nyeesssss!!!!! (pizza)………..

  • Cosmobot

    After playing around with a few design ideas, I simply came up with my own original design of my producer/DJ logo. It would be so awesome to win this and have my logo be etched into a pair of headphones. I’m seeing a lot of great designs below, best of luck to all of you. Let me know what you think of this design =)

    • Jackson Fountain

      Looks great! Don’t forget to post your design in the template as well though.

      • Cosmobot

        Thanks for the warning! I almost forgot =)

    • Cosmobot

      I almost forgot to post my template image. Hope you guys enjoy and good luck to everyone, I’m liking what i’m seeing so far with everyones designs =)

      • Jane

        excellent design Cosmobot and guessing it would engrave well

  • frankiefilth

    M-100 = King of Clubs. I also have a white version of the graphic.

    • frankiefilth

      I hope people are getting the “King of Clubs” pun!
      Also, I think the instructions for submission here are rather vague. I hope this low resolution jpg is sufficient for entry!

      Great designs everyone, glad to be a part of this with y’all!

  • frankiefilth

    M-100 = King of Clubs. I also have a white version.

    • frankiefilth

      Mods, please delete this guest comment if possible. Don’t know what went wrong with my initial upload.

  • Rokas Kurtinaitis

    Wow lot’s of really beautiful and original entries!!! 🙂 So I also decided to try my luck. The reason behind my logo it’s that all of us are in love music so in some way our ears are our hearts 🙂

  • Jackson Fountain

    Couldn’t resist entering! I wanted to do something that looked as powerful and sharp as the M100’s, and this is the result. There have been some other really fantastic entries! Good luck!

  • Tom Bye

    Will go great with my new mf3d!

    • frankiefilth

      Simple, yet effective. I like the perspective.

  • djvalmo

    cheers, this is my logo and some minimalist design with the play pause logo , nice contest, dj techtools always with the best info and products for djs and producers.

  • dubplatsa

    M100 with invisible shield 😉

  • Daniel Drg

    Originally created as a gag, i actually decided it was to good to not use.. It’s my Logo and Avatar on many sites and when DJing

  • ult1

    Hi, here is my concept of the shield. I’m a real beginner in Photoshop so I tried to do my best. I know that it’s really blocky, so any feedback on the design is appreciated ;3

  • Jose Luquez

    Hi Guys!! here my original work, greetings from Venezuela South America peace and love!

    Instagram @djluquez
    Twitter @DJ_Luquez
    Snapchat @djluquez
    Phone: +58(424)535-9025
    Mail: jjluquez@gmail.com

  • Syncosity

    Took a while to design, hope y’all like it.

  • KBOT

    My concept is that the shield is a “window” into the person wearing the headphones ears. I saw some very nice results on v moda shields with detailed textures designs and thought this would play well to the laser medium.

    I photoshopped together about 18 photos in over 50 layers to get the desired effects, including a photo I took of a skull model.

  • KBOT

    My idea is that the shield is a “window” into the person wearing the headphones ears. I saw some very nice detailed textures design over on head-fi.org and thought this would play well to the laser medium, so I worked extremely high res to get all the juicy details.

    I photoshopped together about 18 photos in over 50 layers to get the desired effects

    • KBOT

      Mods can you delete this duplicate, not sure what happend with the guest thing?

  • Russell Cory

    Here’s my original artwork entry both as the V-MODA template and as a design visualization. I’ve included a brief description of how I came to the final artwork via a 3D sculpt.

    My concept is for a subtle but visually striking engraving on the headphones. Something that at 20 feet wouldn’t really show up other than as an odd reflection. But when approached the unique intricate design would show up encouraging closer inspection by the viewer.

    There are some great designs in the contest. Good luck to everyone!

      • Russell Cory

        Here’s the full rezolution version of the V-MODA Template.

      • frankiefilth

        That’s dope Russell, nice work.

  • Kyle Douglas

    Here is what my M-100’s have

  • Maikel van Orsouw

    would this be nice, like evryone who has joined the competition: Goodluck

  • DevilCyber

    even if i know that they cant do this shield with colour

  • MoNo3030

    My entry is dedicated to the disciplined warriors at DJTechTools.

  • Eggy

    I figured what better time than now to make my design debut. I’m all about making an understatement.

  • Ash C

    Here is my cheeky entry, I thought I’d keep is smart, bold and simple.

  • Tristan Casadei

    This design offers a customizable template for anyone spinning! I have my DJ title up there, but any DJ could throw their name up there, with the colors they want to rep! I also think it would look better on a white or charcoal /grey shield color, but the gun metal here is also solid!

    Keep up the good work everybody!

  • Tristan Casadei

    This template provides personal customization options! I have my name up there but the template is broad and any DJ could throw his name up there, with the colors that he wants to rep! I also feel it would look a lot cooler on a white, or charcoal/grey shield, but the gun metal here is solid as well.

    Hope you all like it!

  • Bence Illés

    Thanks the opportunity DJTT! Here’s my entry for the contest!

  • Micah Cruver

    Here’s some original work for a pair of these guys. I’ve always wanted to see how the relationship DJs have with technology and the empowerment I feel when I’m performing would translate visually, and here’s what I came up with!

    Hope you guys like it, I’m loving everybody else’s designs!

    • Bence Illés

      nice rendered image at the top 🙂

      • Micah Cruver

        Thanks, Bence! Let me know if you want yours rendered out as well, it’s always fun to see how these things might look when finished. Cheers!

        • Bence Illés

          You can find my entry here at the comments! It would be awesome to see how might it look when finished! 🙂 Thanks!

          • Bence Illés

            Thanks! It look awesome, just as yours ;)!

    • L.A

      I was going to make one but after ive seen yours i don’t think there is much i can do.

      • Micah Cruver

        Nah, man – you’ve got this! Come up with something super unique, I’m sure they care more about concept than craft.

    • Tristan Casadei

      Legit man, impressive photoshop skills!

      • Micah Cruver

        Thanks, duder! The photoshop was the fast part, haha. It was really just cleaning up the original V-Moda image and copying the new design out of Illustrator onto it.

        • Eggy

          Hey Micah,

          I have no photoshop skills whatsoever (I used GIMP to create my crude design). It took me about 20 minutes just to center the text on mine. Think you might be able to render it in the same way as yours (if you are able to make the text white against a gunmental background that would be awesome). If it’s going to take longer than a couple of minutes, don’t worry about it!

          • Eggy

            DUDE! That looks amazing!!! You are my hero!!!!!!

    • Moonie

      Wow that’s really awesome!
      It reminds me of those gossip stones
      from the legend of zelda from some reason lol
      If its not any trouble, do you think you can make a render of my design also?

      • Micah Cruver

        Haha, it kinda does! That power-symbol eye is based off my DJ logo, but now that it’s all geometric, I totally see the resemblance.

        If you can make yours a single color, I’d be happy to! V-Moda can only etch white into their headphones (as far as I know), so the art you’ve got right now wouldn’t be possible without doing a decal or something.

        • Moonie

          Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t see a way to change the image in my original post but I made a reply to it with a fixed version. I hope that ones okay.

  • Casse

    Hey DJTT this is my entry (on matt black), I hope you enjoy your symbol on the 1210 inspired shield.

    (DJTT ACC: Casse)

    • Bence Illés

      nice clean minimalistic design! i like the “hidden” DJTT logo in there 😉

      • Casse

        Thank you! I like yours too, it looks like a fresh tetris-remix-design 🙂

  • Jane

    Hi DJTT – cheers for running this competition and here’s my entry – it’s for my DJ alter-ego The Imperatrixx

      • Jane

        Thanks very much Micah and digging yours too – all the best for the competition 🙂

  • Dimmis Boulas

    [On Brushed Black]

  • Moonie

    Custom tribute to the worlds most popular virtual singer. Its about time she graced some real high quality headphones instead of those cheap ones you see on amazon or ebay lol

    • Moonie

      This is the version in black on white using the shiny black shield since I don’t think the first version design will work.

  • XyloSesame

    I’ll bite…

  • Ariel Segatto

    This is my entry, its based on the flower of life pater from sacred geometry and incorporates the yin yang. I couldn’t post the psd, so I sent in just my design without all the other layers and what it looks like on the gunmetal plate

  • Daniel Flenmoren

    This is my entry, i count upload the PSD file, am i doing something wrong?

  • Guest

    This is my entry, i couldn’t upload the PSD file or am i doing something wrong?

  • Radu Just-Ice

    Hey guys,sorry if is something wrong but is the 1th time when i use Adobe Illustrator 🙂
    …im quite a newbie when is about design…. but if i want something on my headphones is this simple,and related to me logo !!!

  • Drev

    Originally created this for our crew gift on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Figured it would be fun to mix with Caesar