New Traktor Kontrol D2 Deck Controller Spotted at WMC

Native Instruments has given the world a sneak peek at the new Kontrol D2 deck controller live in action at WMC. DJs Uner, MK, and Dubfire are performing on a live stream using what appears to be the deck portion of the S8. Is it a replacement for the X1 Mk2? Keep reading for more information on the latest hardware from Berlin.

What We Know About The New Kontrol Unit

The graphic above is a theoretical mockup of how we imagine the controller might be set up given what can be seen from the live stream (watch the stream below). This is a switchable deck controller that has taken one side of the Traktor Kontrol S8 and isolated it from the mixer. Here is a shot posted on Uner’s Facebook page yesterday with a better look at the actual units:

  • We are basically looking at the S8 deck section with an extra 4 small buttons in the upper right hand corner.
  • Full 4 channel remix deck control
  • Touch strip replaces the jog wheel
  • Control over remix cells, flux, 8 cue points, and loops from the pads.

D2 is targeting everyone who liked the screens, and layout of the S8, but has no interest in packing a giant controller on the plane or in their backpack. Here are the facts so far…

  • There is no sound card, this is only a controller
  • There are 2 extra USB ports for chaining sound cards, controllers ect…
  • It’s large! Almost double the width of a X1 controller and quite a bit thicker as well.
  • The deck is switchable and is designed to control two songs in Traktor.
  • Based on the screens, and size this will probably be fairly expensive and certainly more than the X1 series, which sit in the $199 range today.
  • There appear to be some kind of new expandable feet which have angled the unit forward and brought it closer to mixer height
  • The unit will probably require a power supply (as used in the live stream which is viewable bellow)

This controller cements the future workflow Traktor envisions for their users: Remix Deck-oriented, touch strip-centric controllers that match the S8 model. A new jog wheel controller or CDJ alternative now seem unlikely.

What We’re Still Wondering 

The workflow on this is likely the same as the Kontrol S8 but details under the hood remain elusive.

  • Can it be customized like the Kontrol X1 – specifically with MIDI mappings?
  • Is this intended to replace the X1 series of controllers (we hope not)?
  • What will the price be?
  • When’s it coming out?
  • What will it be called? (S2 is already taken – S1?) According to Uner’s Facebook page it’s the Kontrol D2

The mapping question is a big unknown and our sources have been mum on a response. If this controller is locked down like the S8, and we suspect it will be due to the screens, then many pro users might not adopt it. The screens and integrated remix deck controls are very convenient but probably not worth losing a customized workflow. At one point in the stream during Uner’s set we got a look at something interesting, and will leave it up to you to speculate on what this means in the comments…

Initial Thoughts On The Kontrol D2

Depending on the price, this could be the controller that gets many newer DJs off the S4/S2 fence and moves them over to a modern workflow without having to shell out $1.1k on a full S8.

We are somewhat concerned about the size, and heft of such a unit, but the level of feedback and control is significantly greater than the existing portable options. I suspect many of the touring, controller focused DJs will continue to prefer the X1 series for their compact size, while the CDJ contingent will stick with USB sticks until Native gives them a really good reason to bring out the laptop. Let’s see what NI has up their sleeves though, a little birdy told us there is more to come..

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  • 989 Records

    Can’t wait to try it but until now the F1 is still a nice piece of plastic.

    Technology goes ahead but sometime too fastly to be absorbed by people and sometimes too expensive for a digital tool.
    Even for its price, the F1 does the job. It could be easily used also as a good old X1 with a free mapping here:

    From the mastering environment, let’s go ahead with stem mixing.

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  • Oscar C

    Fatal flaw of the S8 – no dual USB. Plus its mixer offers very little additional value.

  • Oscar C

    How could I daisy-chain and hookup Numark 4Trak, Pioneer DJM T1, or DJM 900 with 2 Kontrol D2?

  • Hibou Blaster

    Touchstrips look maaad cool. Really eager to be some 5 years ahead from now when this will be old and we will be able to get this real cheap <3

  • cbot

    any reason for having an X1 now?

  • tr4gik

    $499 for this? NI I think you missed the mark once again.

  • A


  • DarkHz

    Why not to build on an already awesome Kontrol x1? I think NI could sit back, feet up on desk, and watch the money just roll in if they implemented a screen like the one found on the D2 to a slightly modded x1. I think the x1 has already established a strong place in the DJ community, and adding a small viewable screen of a single deck would be an excellent option.

    This D2 feels like NI is trying to give potential buyers a taste of the S8 so that they can hopefully like the product and then transition into purchasing the S8. Not me though, Ill pass and stick to my x1, I never liked the idea nor the looks of the S8.

  • Christopher Allen

    i saw it at WMC in unison with an S8. All of the buttons can be midi mapped. it is to be released in the summer. and the main use is to promote their mp4 stem conversion the demo i got, the pads were used for cues/samples/freeze mode as usual and the faders were used to control each of the stems of a song that had been converted with their software. i’m sure that results may vary per converted song but in the example it was cool to have a song loaded on both channels and isolate the drums or acapella. definitely will make remixing on the fly easier

  • Neil

    I wish there was a Kontrol Z4 but I assume it will be soon, but I also agree with Michael K where is Traktor Pro 3

    • Notanon

      Probably one of the next cabs of the rank, product wise. Enough people have been crying out for it, so hopefully the D2 is the catalyst for the Z4 to materialise. Z4 + 4 D2s = Ermergerd

  • James Brian Thomaston

    PERFECT! Add this with my Denon SC3900, and x1600 and I have fully integrated traktor DVS with spinning platter and access to the remix decks and freeze mode! To all of those saying, just get an S8, this is the solution for those of us who like to DJ the old fashioned way as well.

  • yucaDURAN

    The multiple waveforms on the screen probably indicate the new audio format that NI is spearheading. In which it kind you can can adjust levels of different tracks like a daw. Drop out vocals, raise drum track volume etc.

    • scamo

      Agreed. That was also my first thought.

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  • Igor Foster

    How about the 4 channel mixer will they ever listen to the custumers ever for the love of god!!!

    • scamo

      I was thinking the same thing. I’d buy the (not yet built) 4 channel mixer and the D2’s just because they’d be easier to transport and easier to replace, should something go wrong.

  • Metrostein

    I hope each of those D2 will come with power adapter because due to the screens I’m pretty sure it will stress the laptop with just using an USB. That last picture looks like the song had been broken up into stems.

  • RE

    What we need is an update for the S8! Need to see the bars count in the screen for the track and NOT the Time remaining of a track… hope you know what i mean. Support this and tell it to NI Ok. Thanks

  • Matt D

    “this could be the controller that gets many newer DJs off the S4/S2 fence and moves them over to a modern workflow”

    That could be me. I was loathe to ditch the jog wheels on my S4 quite yet, plus I got right before the S8 came out, so investing in a new full-size controller isn’t an option right now. I have been using an old APC-40 for full control of the remix decks, but this seems like an much better option (although I do think >16 pads is a lot more fun than a mere 8 that require shifting – was considering moving to a Livid controller for that reason). I am surprised I haven’t seen more comments on using this new gear with a S4 setup. It seems to be the best of all worlds in that you get to keep your jog wheels and have full control over 4 decks without a need to ever switch control surfaces. I still rock an analog mixer with my full vinyl rig, and think the S8 has a big advantage in working as a standalone mixer absent a laptop, but would still love to work these into my mobile setup. If the S4 could function as a standalone mixer, it seems to me that such a setup would excel the S8 in every way (yes, I know you can route turntables as live sources, but that still requires a laptop). I would love to hear peoples’ thoughts on using two of these with an S4. . . .

  • Lakatta

    So forget the controller, what did they do to the software!

  • RossH

    Native: I want a modular, single deck controller that has a high quality screen (that displays pretty much a copy of a deck in the software) I don’t want buttons that fire off single shot fart sounds or whatever, I just want to play music. Pioneer has introduced something similar but with limitations and high price point. The market is screaming for it, just do it!

  • Melvin Brown

    NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, sorry NI it still uses a laptop. Lets move forward. NI you’re stuck.

  • Samuel Agius

    The pleasure of djing is just getting screwed up!!!

  • Aken

    What’s going on NI…

  • jefu

    “At one point in the stream during Uner’s set we got a look at something interesting, and will leave it up to you to speculate on what this means in the comments…”

    What’s that comment mean? Did I miss something?

  • MellonHead

    i think every major company is holding out on us until midi 2.0 happens, especially in regards to midi mapping

  • Thomas Krohn

    More redundant stuff from Native. They are making me sick. X1, X2, F1, D2

  • Riley Cronin

    I’d be a little pissed if I had just bought an S8. 2 of these would be way cooler. I’m using Serato DJ now and would totally run traktor as my 3rd deck with one of these. Remix deck power.

    • Charles

      Only you felt it, even thou you’re not a S8 user. I can’t express how pissed I am after I saw the D2 and it even offers exactly the same as what S8 has!

  • Damien Sirkis

    It looks like they had 3 separate setups for the 3 DJs (at least two Xone Mixers that I could see). To me that’s still the biggest hurdle they have to overcome. If even NI finds it hard to switch between DJs with their own gear, regular joes have no chance.

  • nem0nic

    Nice ninja edit, guys. No need for attribution, it’s just nice to see you can play follow the leader.

    • puhshaw

      They had stacks of those behringer conyrollers at gc for $20. Yea i doubt youre real big on attribution

      • nem0nic

        Thanks, Ean. Don’t you have a yoga class to get to or something?

        • Ean Golden

          Dear Craig Reeve, please come with me to yoga some time, and after 20 minutes of mediation, perhaps some of your anger towards the world will melt away. Then we can begin to have a constructive conversation.

          • CUSP

            Heck, I’d go to get over whatever strife there is between us, but I’d need a longer session.

          • Bothyallratchetmorons

            I won’t use this site any longer because instead of dealing with that like an adult, you just sound like a condescending dick.

            F**k DJTT and DJWorx. DJ scene fulla babies and they feelings all up in this ish. Make music, not messes in ya diapies.

            Both y’all need ya dicks out each others moufs!
            Ean and nem0nic are losers.

            Spin records, not dicks you tards.

          • Steve Shapero

            Ean he might need something more like a handjob first to be able to chill out enough to do some yoga. I mean a handjob from someone else that is, not himself.

          • Lee Wardlaw

            they pride themselves on their software, don’t see why really traktor and serato still have a lot to do b4 they can really sit back and reap the benefits so If i minimise the remix decks on screen I can see them on here will that save space on my screen yeah it will but 4 that ad only get 8 samples in per side dj tech tools why oh why are u raving about this, really why buy 2 x f1 djmt1 fix the fucking layout traktor do these sites get paid to give traktor and co good reviews I mean seriously comeon peeps r djs really that daft to believe such hype what a joke

          • Lee Wardlaw

            I will begin in pointing one thing out that o1 else has, 8 remix deck slots, tbh the only reason these are being lauched is cos of the crap layout traktor has so they are asking 4 more money yet again cos they cannot be arsed fixing a problem f1 r better tbh traktor need to fix hid support on cdjs like reverse and brake b4 they bombrush us with more products here’s the scoop at the end of the day when serato decides to let users sample on the fly like traktor traktor will be dead

        • Guest

          you sound like an angry 5th grader…

        • Toontown

          I’ve never disliked your contributions to the scene….until now. You showed some true colors with that comment, which wasn’t even from Ean. Just exposed yourself as the pretentious tool you’ve always been.

    • your mom

      cool story bro

    • Ean Golden

      Craig, why do you insist on trolling me and this site? Surely you have something better to do? We welcome your participation and contribution, and look forward to it being a little more constructive in the future.

      Mark Settle, and everyone else that voted up this post. Get over the petty this site vs that site BS and just create great art – that is ALL that matters. we didn’t follow any leaders, or copy anyone’s content. The event sent us new photos and we updated the post with new information and views as it became available.

      P.S. – that Puhshaw comment bellow is not mine. I only say things in public that I am happy to stand behind.

      • nem0nic

        I give credit when credit is due – always have. And when I see someone post incorrect information (or adopt different viewpoints) and then change it to the correct information when that correct information appears on a different website, I might comment on that – especially when those edits are made without any attribution or acknowledgement that there was an edit. Peter Kirn properly attributed DJTT (and linked to you) for just a passing reference. Is that so hard?

        The post I made was mine and not anyone else’s – which is why I made it with my own account and didn’t hide behind some pseudonym. It was me that implied you copied content, but I didn’t say from where. I think it’s really funny to find out that my up votes came from the wronged party.

        This isn’t about one website or another. I don’t have a dog in this fight. But if you don’t like people commenting about shady edits or posting factually incorrect content, maybe it makes sense to deal with those gaffes a little more professionally.

        • Dan White

          Craig, I’m not sure that intentionally creating a rift and claiming to be pointing out misappropriated content is actually anything close to “giving credit where credit is due”. That’s called flamebaiting – intentionally causing turmoil where there really isn’t any of significance. Stop imagining you’re some kind of knight in shining armor.

          As Ean mentioned, we got photos and details straight from Native Instruments and discovered the same thing – a USB hub clearly shown in this photo. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, and it absolutely doesn’t take us looking at another site’s content to figure it out.

          Stop trying to identify some kind of malicious action against DJ Worx on the part of DJTT, it simply isn’t the case.

          • anonnymous

            Dubfire got some moobs goin on! 🙂 haha respect just noticed this was funny 🙂

        • deejae snafu


        • Steve Shapero

          Dude. No one cares! DJTT is an amazing community which has given back so much to its members and the community. Geeks like you are just a waste of everyone’s time. Get some skills and play some music, then get back to us. You and your 15 year old friends are welcome to go play Call of Duty and listen to whatever crappy music you’re into all you like, without us. Those of us that have rocked serious parties using ideas and techniques we’ve learned from Ean et al, don’t need to waste our time on jackassery like this. Caveat: I just wasted my time responding to you with some jackassery of my own.

          • deejae snafu

            im the first one to shout praise for DJTT from every mountaintop, however nemonic deserves his respect as well , and if you dont know who youre ranting on, you should do your homework. its not some kid trolling in his moms basement but a grown man that is deeply involved in the industry.

      • Chris Wunder

        Common Ean, the haters are gonna hate. Dont let it get to you 😉 at the end of the day who has the kick ass blog with the staff of awesome DJ people

      • Professorbx

        Ean, calling out Craig is your prerogative, just as him calling out your site is his. It is sorta pointless as the news isn’t the important part so much as the commentary. (that is a supporting statement toward you, btw). Having said all that, calling out Mark for upvoting a post is not helping your stance of trying to act like you are above the petty stuff.

        You and I have spoken on the phone before, about this exact subject (do the people at DJWORX have something against you). I’m not on the staff of DJWORX, nor have I been for a long time. I have however been incredibly close friends for long enough with Mark to know the answer is still no, beyond the very friendly competition of trying to one-up the other site. The same competition you have with DJW, DDJT, and anyone else that runs a site reporting about the DJ world.

        I love Craig, and I chuckled at the comment in the same way I chuckle at a lot of troll comments. Its funny. Its also a way less big deal than it has been made out to be, and it isn’t speaking for DJWORX or Mark. You have a community going that is a damned-near cult, and no joke jab is going to sway anyone. Getting bent out of shape in public doesn’t make you look the way you want people to see and know you.

    • Dan White

      Is it some kind of secret requirement to be a DJ Worx contributor to dislike DJ Techtools or Ean? I still don’t get this negativity. You guys are good at what you do. So are we.

      • nem0nic

        “You guys”? Again, this is me you’re talking to – not anyone else. And I don’t represent any website. I’ve contributed to DJWorx. I’ve also contributed to DJTT. You’re the one turning this into some kind of war between websites.

        Also, my little post was a harmless jab at something no one else seemed to notice, and it’s wording was chosen to be generic enough that only you guys would even know what I was talking about. You’re the ones turning this into anything bigger than that.

    • Hugh Lucrott

      don’t DJtechtools deserve attribution for everything on your site since it changed its name from Scratchworx?

  • CUSP

    I like it! This device leads me to believe we’re only a device or two shy of a completely on-board Traktor device, so they should really start working on something like Rekordbox.

    • Digitalovrload

      I always respect your posts here Cusp. Can you tell me if I can hook up my Z1 to this or does it require a z2 or quality mixer?

      • CUSP

        Thanks for that.

        Not a lot is known about these “decks”, and I certainly haven’t seen or used them yet, but I’d honestly have to say you probably cannot plug your F1 or X1 directly into the D2 because this looks to only have RCA outputs (and a USB port), but you might be able to use them together (through Traktor).

        The way I see it, these are equivalent to (…well with more features than) CD decks, which would still require a DJ mixer. I presume the D2 will need to be attached to a computer (which might then require a USB powered hub) because it still uses Traktor for data.

        • Digitalovrload

          Ok, thanks for the information. I will hit you up for more questions when they arise.

          • CUSP

            After more research, it appears the Kontrol D2 does not have an audio output, so it must rely on another digital audio output.

            I presumed NI would have made the smart decision to have an internal audio card, but this is not the case as of right now. Hopefully, they’ll change that before they produce these devices.

      • CUSP

        Thanks, for the respect. I haven’t actually looked at one of these yet to know. My guess is that the Kontrol D2 has an internal sound card (because it has RCA outs). So it should work with any mixer that has RCA ins.

      • CUSP

        Upon further review, the Kintrol D2 *Does not* have RCA outs, and therefore will require a sound card. As long as you’re hooked up to a computer with Traktor, you can use internal mixing to output sound from these decks. I’ve used my Audio 2 DJ and my production mixing board (with a USB sound card) as tests (not with a D2, but other gear) so you’d treat these decks more like a controller control than a physical CDJ.

        • brentgreeff

          How does this compare to using CDJ with traktor in HID? Why do u need to output from the D2 at all? Cant u just plug the D2 and the mixer via usb to ur laptop? Why do u need to go to the soundcard? Is that so u can use the mixer as a normal mixer and not a controller in Traktor?

          • CUSP

            Yes, but this gets tricky. If you have a USB soundcard inside your mixer, you can use that to aggregate the sound, typically this bypasses everything but the mains. You won’t have a traditional routing process, instead (if your mixing board is midi capable), you’ll be using the fader position to control the Traktor volume control inside Traktor (digitally) not as it would the traditional analog (external) way. Since the Kontrol D2 does not have a sound card, it’s basically a very complicated controller, which means sound is actually generated somewhere else (not inside the D2). If this were more like a CDJ, the sound would come out of an audio out, off the back side of the device, and be analog routed to the mixer, and the audio would be managed in the traditional way.

  • Notanon

    I’m actually looking forward to this. To me, it’s more or less the big brother of the X1 Mk2 and could also mean the start of a new series of bigger modules that are a step above the X1/F1/Z1 series. Having the inbuilt RCA outputs will make a portable modular setup much more easier to manage.

  • here_comes_the_sheik

    I think they should make a version that has 2 of these and a nice 4 channel mixer in between!

    • Dan Morse

      OMG!!one That would be awesome!

      • Prof_Strangeman

        It’s called the S8…

        • Isis Lynn McCafferty


    • Chris Wunder

      whaaaaaa???? I wonder what they would call it lol

      • Prof_Strangeman

        The Kontrol S8. That’s what.

    • Prof_Strangeman


      • Andrew Taylor

        West end du showed it last week with a Guy Called Gerald
        Two d2s either side of a Xone d4

  • Toastmonster

    Honest opinion of how i think this went down.
    Awesome DJ’s who Traktor relies on for public appearance said the S8 doesn’t sound like my mixer (A&H, Pioneer, whatever). So they chopped the S8 in 3 and made the standalone modular beast.
    Solid move for them. It’ll also bring the price down for people that want those sexy screens and already have a mixer.

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      Less about the sound, more about the portability I guess.

  • DJ Yagga™

    You can’t be serious Native Instruments.

  • Göran Svensson

    Nice piece of gear I want two Traktor Kontrol D2 if the price is 1/3 of the S8 each….sub400$

  • engin

    finally That would be great along with DJM2000 that would be my set up for sure NI’s echo effects are not good as what pioneer and allen and heat has on standalone mixers

  • Lu Ynoji

    think it would have been cooler if they made the S8 without the mixer sections
    ( so two D2’s in one controller)
    put a stereo4out/in soundcard in there so you could have hooked that up straight to an analog mixer..

    • Matías J. Padilla

      In my opinion it makes more sense to have a pair of these with 2 stereo outputs so you can have one at each side of the mixer. Most people use the X1 and similar add-on controllers in this fashion.

  • Anteater

    This makes the S8 workflow more accessible, all NI need to do now is get us to understand the F1 better, expand that to the D2 and put usb’s on the D2 to accept tunes straight into on-board traktor firmware on the unit. If Pioneer can do it why cant NI.

    • CUSP

      Yeah, I was thinking “would Native Instruments now support USB thumb drives now that they have two USB ports free in the back of this device? I guess we’ll find out.

      • deejae snafu

        it will be a cold day in hell when NI creates a hardware that isnt tied to traktor software..


        • CUSP

          Oh, that’s true, but what I was thinking was another Traktor interface that integrated with Traktor Pro.

          • Chris Wunder

            The hub might be a true hub and have the ability to accept a USB stick even though its still running through traktor on the laptop.

            As far as ni placing traktor inside the hardware I think it has to do with product cost more than anything. Everyone has a laptop already, why would they increase the product cost when they can make it software based and allow that cost to be negated due to everyone already owning a laptop.

          • CUSP

            Traktor DJ is available for iPhones, and N.I. sells the app for under $10, and project computers (Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Arduino) are pretty inexpensive now, it shouldn’t be long until one company releases inboard software that handshakes with computer software, for modular integration.

            We know Rekordbox is moderately successful, and we’re also seeing monitors on more comtrollers. The next step seems logical: inboard computing for Traktor. I don’t think any monitor-laden controller is fully accessible by Traktor DJ yet… am I right?

            My guess is that there will be more under-the-hood changes in Traktor 3; more compatiblity with more controllers, and less “sexy bells and whistles”, but I could be wrong… wishful thinking and all.

  • brb

    this looks like it could control the deathstar

  • Desmond

    What benefits would existing S8 users get? For such a big investment that users pumped into the S8 and NI came up with this modular controller (D2, which looks exactly like S8 deck section) months after the release of S8. I believe that S8 should have more features? If not, definitely there is something that S8 has and D2 doesnt offer (Other than working as standalone). I just feel that S8 should be given more as compared to D2.

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      Well guess what genius… this product is not made for existing S8 users, but for DJs who like the S8 workflow but prefer using a club mixer

      • Bo

        Yes genius, it is pretty obvious that it is nt targeted for existing S8 users and for those who wants to use it with club mixers.

        What he is trying to say was, shouldnt S8 be offered with something exclusive? As now users can get the same workflow as S8 with a smaller investment.

    • CUSP

      Well, I guess you could hook up two of these for even more screens.

      • Desmond

        Yeah, It seems like so but it is a bit redundent thou coz it can toggle between decks for the D2 which is similar. Unless someone prefers dedicated controls and screens over per deck.

  • Native Instruments teases new Traktor controller at WMC

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  • Dirty Secretz

    Looks like a great bit of kit but I’m not sure the phono mockup above could ever be right. It looks to have the same deck switching button as the S8 so theoretically it could control 2 decks (if not 4), so having a single phono out would not make sense. It would either have no phono out (hope not) or 2 pairs of phono outs for deck A/C or B/D. It does make a lot of sense though & I’d probably be tempted to switch from my S8 to this, just for travelling sense but it would need the inbuilt card and please to god it has the link cable & not a USB to each. See that spaghetti junction in the top photo? There’s no way I want to be setting up all that stuff before a gig.

  • killmedj

    I would get this over an S8 any day of the week. Well played NI.

    • killmedj

      oops sorry didn’t mean to shout 😉

      • Thomas Møller Djdanmark

        But think it’s ok you did! Need a software update! 🙂

  • Masta Blasta

    Big question is does it have abuilt in soundcard ? I guess not as we see in picture above from WMC that audio 10 dj is hooked to the mixer , so without soundcard is big fail for me , not step forward in mobility , we ‘ll see …

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      I’d rather use a audio 2 (size of a matchbox) and have the controller smaller, cheaper and more flexible

  • Mert

    Beautiful! I hope they will add a browser for each deck. it’s a little confusing to browse in one browser on any display … it would be nice to see different playlists in different decks (Remix Deck Channel / Track Deck playlist)

  • Thomas Møller Djdanmark

    It’s 2015, everybody got camera phones and it’s the WMC and has to be visited by a lot of people… and NOONE got to take some good pictures of the unreleased gadget????

  • Paul Saxton

    My prayers have been answerd….I`m a fan of the External Mixer this is ideal for me..having said that i`ve just bought 2 X1 mk2`s…

    • Mike

      I’d return your X1 mk2’s if possible and order a pair of these instead. When the S8 was released I was enamored with the amount of control (longer touch strip for example) that the S8 had over my X1 mk2’s but ther was no way in hell I was going to give up my Xone DB4 to have that functionality. On the day the S8 was announced I predicted that NI would eventually chop off the sides and offer them for external mixer users. It seems that day has come and I couldn’t be happier!

  • Harry Black

    where do you put the record???

  • Irvin Cee

    Clearly ther is no soundcard in this D2 looking at the cables and the additional soundcard.
    Ofcourse not because that in the middle part of the S8…

  • Diyei Pituto

    Look at the laptop screen in the photo! There isn’t browser view! It’s that already the new Traktor 3 ?

    • kebabtoy

      Look closer and you will see the browser view in the bottom left 😉 He still uses Traktor 2.7.3 or 2.7.4 beta 🙂

      • diyei pituto

        you’re right

  • Lucifer


    I’m happy with 2, of my x1 and my Xone 92 with Audio 10 sound card

  • DJ Yagga™

    The #FutureOfDJing shoved down #DJs throats lol – they took apart a Kontrol S8 and felt the need to make a livestream about it, how innovative is that? Ahh what a great day for macros programmers, knob twisters, button mashers, and “Jesus posers” PUN WELL INTENDED..ooops I meant “DJs” – Planet Ibiza fanboys will once again see this event as ground breaking. Thanks, but no thanks for the snake oil Native Instruments – – You might be hearing DJs, but you’re clearly not listening.

    • jefu

      You are awarded 20 internets and 10 troll points. Excellent.

    • Jon

      I dont think you understand the true definition of a pun.

  • Ben McCarthy

    looking good NI, Do you think the box with the NI logo is the Box for the controllers i.e. you have to buy two?

    I’m happy with 2, of these and my Xone 92 with Audio 10 sound card, as the software stands at this point. I just don’t think i’ll get any $$$ for my old x1 controllers now. Maybe $50 each?

    • Matías J. Padilla

      You could use one but that would mean jumping around with deck focus while you mix since it’s layout looks pretty much identical to the S8. If the price is right I think a lot of people will be happy with a pair of these.

  • Mario Ponce

    NI, can we please have an updated mixer? 4ch please

  • ksandvik

    I’ve always been curious how much it would take to port pieces of Traktor SW itself into an embedded OS system with a decent to good small LCD touch screen…

  • Doug Berry

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the idea of buying two D2s to go along with an S8 so you would have 4 deck control that way.

    • EL3MENT

      With an S8 you’ve already 4 decks control

      • Doug Berry

        I’m aware, but not 4 screens and 4 banks of buttons and 4 separate play/pause buttons etc etc. Plus then you have even more knobs and stuff for control.

        • Chris Wunder

          Still seems redundant and the space it would take up would be crazy. I personally have an s8 and in my opinion the s8 is laid out in a way you really dont want for anything. It literally can do everything in traktor

          • Commenter

            “the space it would take up would be crazy”

            have you ever seen someone DJ with two turntables and an S4/S8? Or four CDJs? (extremely common) – that would still be less

          • Chris Wunder

            Lol touche.

          • Doug Berry

            Ultimate control, and conpletely redundant, would be having a Z4 (assuming they ever make one) four D2s and four XDJ-1000s/CDJ-2000NXSs. If placed side by side, it would end up being 8ft long hahaha. You could use cdj stands though and get them elevated above the control stuff.

            Plus not only does that provide the most possible control over traitor, but then the Z4 and CDJs (or XDJs) would literally be a 100% standalone backup in case traktor crashes or whatever.

            …it would also be insanely expensive. But awesome.

    • Prof_Strangeman

      Oh yo! Doug you’re on DJTT??

    • Dirty Secretz

      That would be a crazy good setup although you’d need a football pitch of a dj booth to set up in. Definitely the ultimate setup though 🙂

  • Nick

    The four waveforms are from the remix decks

  • Michael K

    wish there was some news about Traktor Pro 3 or something more interesting the 1/3 of an S8 lol

    • Tim Maughan

      ‘the 1/3 of an S8’


    • Rainbowchild

      S 2.667

    • Martin Wilson

      “1/3 of an S8” should be the official name.

    • Chris Wunder

      HA! so true

    • Oscar C

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Native Instruments fell asleep on the best DJ software (Traktor) and the best controllers then went to Serato.

  • tony corless

    ))Is this intended to replace the X1 series of controllers (we hope not)?

    I hope not too,if this replaces the x1 I will have to change to a different software these are too big and bulky for me sorry NI

    • Jon

      Or just continue using your existing X1’s!!

  • Adam Seckel

    I’m still holding out for a 1 screen browser + 2x fx controller to put above a mixer and close my laptop entirely.

    • Tony Mitchell

      Numark NS7 3, Poineer XDJ-RX

      • Adam Seckel

        I was thinking of a controller to use with a dvs system. Not a huge all in one fan!

  • Von Royale

    also im an aesthetics guy…reeeaaalllyy wish they would make a right and a left model, so they look symmetrical beside the mixer, with buttons on opposing sides, but its only a dream.

    • Jon

      This makes absolutely ZERO business sense though.

    • Geert Rombouts

      like those left and right technics and cdjs right? oh wait…

  • Von Royale

    throw these on the sides of an S8, and you will be unstoppable

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    This is weird, I had a dream the other night that I saw someone mixing on NI single deck controllers. My version had Maschine studio-style jogs oddly enough, guess I was hoping for an integrated Maschine+Traktor controller.

  • joko

    Nah. I’ll still pass.

  • Paul Meneshian

    looks dope but im hoping they come out with a 4 ch mixer z4? pleeease

    • Toontown

      For real though. Why haven’t they??

      • James Brian Thomaston

        They did, it’s called the Denon x1600.

        • Toontown

          Ah yes. The old Native Instruments Denon DN-X1600. You know what I meant, James.

          • James Brian Thomaston

            Yeah, it’s just such an overlooked piece of kit. Use that with techs and a pair of dicers, and there isnt too much you can’t do.

  • Rohan Yellore

    this is exactly what i was looking forward to when they released the S8! 🙂

  • Jason Weaver Baker

    I don’t follow the need for each unit to have RCA out. The only reason I could think for it would be to put a sound card in the device. But assuming a basic setup is two of these then wouldn’t we just be paying for an extra sound card that would never get used? I like idea of reducing the number of devices that need hubs but many of getting this would already be using something like a Z2, Rane 64/68, Pioneer or something anyhow. I can’t see myself choosing the sound card inside this device over the one in the nice mixer. Seems like the RCA out/sound card in the new device is a bit useless, at least for me. On the other hand, I guess it guarantees you can play on any mixer out there an not have another device to plugin.

    • Jake Bergeson

      I’m guessing the onboard sound card would be for people using an all analog mixer.

      Like the popular Xone 92

      • Matías J. Padilla

        NI uses the same components in all their interfaces so it would sound pretty much like a Z2, I/O is all that changes between them. Having a built in interface could prove handy if the clubs in your area lack mixers that have them so you wouldn’t have to bring in an extra piece of kit. On the other hand, not having an interface on it should make it more accessible.

    • Kosta X

      I don’t think there’s an audio interface built in. The majority of new mixers have audio interfaces built in.

      What I’m ultimately hoping for some day, is Traktor to be embedded into the controllers so there won’t be a need for a laptop. That’s when it might make more sense to integrate a built in audio interface so that it would be more standalone like a CDJ unit.

      Kosta X

  • Kosta X

    Looks like one unit can be assigned to control any of the 4 decks (or a pair). take a look at the upper right corner (4x small buttons)

    • Kosta X

      or it could be FX assign buttons?

      • Stewe

        It could be Snap and Quantize as well.

        • Jacob Stadtfeld

          More interesting is the fact that, if I’m seeing it correctly, the screen is displaying 4 separate waveforms.

          • Stewe

            Yup, looks like there are 4 waveforms – good eye. So the unit can control up to four decks as expected.

          • Jon

            No I imagine the four waveforms are from the remix decks just as it is with the S8!! No reason this would be any different.

    • Matías J. Padilla

      I’ll put my money on deck selection, it has the same color coding as the S4/S8. Blue for A/B and white for C/D. FX assign buttons are normally orange to have consistency with the software.

  • orge

    From Uner’s FB page

    • Tim Maughan

      that’s an NI soundcard? (an A10?) It doesn’t have one built in?

      • kadomony

        I’m sure it does, but some DJs like to use external soundcards anyway.

        • NYC Resident

          mixers with built-in sound cards are becoming more and more popular and present in booths. pretty easy to just plug your usb into a DJM900 and forget the external card at home

          • lesterhein

            Very true, but when something goes wrong, it’s always good to have a backup. Had this happen at my last gig. DJM900 just wouldn’t play nice with Traktor, so had to switch to backup Audio2

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            Paired with turntables or CDJ? If CDJ, you could have just routed Deck A to CDJ 1 and Deck B to CDJ 2 and run it in external in Traktor. Just use the CDJ inputs on the DJM instead of switching it over to USB (no need to use the mixers’ soundcard. Quick fix for just a one and two solution, a bit screwed if you want to use 4 channels of controllerism.

          • lesterhein

            I was running two X1 units and the DJM900 for mixing. Hadn’t had anything hooked up to the CDJs. Honestly, I’ve never done it that way before, still need to check out how to do that

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            That explains it… controllerist. It’s the reason why my new acquisition is an 850. I wanted the 4 channels of hi/med/low for control on 2 track decks and 2 remix decks. The Z2 just wasn’t cutting it for me (shakes head at software rotaries for decks C/D). I find the Wolfson DACs to be a bit temperamental on backward conversion with USB 3.0. Doesn’t like to play well at all, if possible plug audio device into USB 2.0.
            CDJ config. is surprisingly easy. Mac OS needs you to aggregate via. the aggregation tool, but all Win needs is the driver install. Go into Traktor config. set Audio device to Pioneer CDJ, then configure the output routing of deck A to CDJ 1 and deck B to CDJ 2. Each CDJ needs the R and L assigned.
            I find that my latency can be set lower this way if I’m running 2 track decks through my 900’s. It might have something to do with the Wolfson DACs.
            Hope this helps.

        • NeilOughton

          The 92 doesnt the DB range does.

      • Jacob Stadtfeld

        Fingers crossed that a lack of one lets them price it lower.

        • Tim Maughan

          I guess…but it’s another thing to carry, set up, mess around with cables with…eh.

          • Harry Black

            its the xone 92 mixer that doesn’t have a built in soundcard.

          • deejae snafu

            yah .. with a denon or a pioneer mixer the soundcard would be a non issue.

      • Steve Francesco

        Guessing its for external mixing to all 4 channels with the devices only capable of stereo outputs.

      • noxxi

        i think that they would see the built in A10 as part of the mixer section, and would be realeased with (if they ever finally released one) the 4 channel mixer section.

        I think this unit would be more like the Z1 but probably without the headphone out, possibly instead with an RCA input instead?

  • Timur Celikyay

    I wish they would also make a decent usb hub, or include it on one of the controllers.

  • Brad LeClair

    D2 as per Uner’s FB page. He’s using it with Xone92

  • Ezmyrelda

    I called it.. exactly..

  • DJ Erik Thoresen

    ok, wanted to watch on ipad, now got it streaming on desktop

  • Guest

    I wanted to watch this, but the BE-AT.TV app wants me to subscribe. any other place?

  • Xio Fermin

    Goodbye traktor!

    • midiman

      is there a reason for your dumb comment?

      • Xio Fermin

        I’m just saying goodbye to Traktor, it’s not a dumb comment, it’s an educated personal fact.
        Now here’s why, Native Instruments has isolated Traktor to tech house and steady bpm genres… They have forgotten the open format / mobile dj market. Which is huge… Considering the dance / club market is completely dominated by Pioneer, Traktor is just sinking itself in a deeper and everyday, narrower hole.

        Serato for mobile gigs, Pioneer for clubs.
        At least for me, but to each its own.

        Good luck!

        • Jon

          You can’t play open format using this controller?? Maybe DJing isn’t for you!

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      Goodbye Xio Fermin!